FREE Funnel! “Dream Car” Clickfunnels Template for Affiliate Marketers

FREE Funnel! “Dream Car” Clickfunnels Template for Affiliate Marketers

yo what’s up Rachel Leslie here and in
this video I’m gonna show you how this dream car funnel works it’s really cool
you can promote this I have it in Instagram so I have a Instagram with
niche account about cars and like make money online and if this is a bridge
page it’s a bridge page it’s bridging the gap it’s preparing people to be
introduced to what the clickfunnels affiliate program is and why they should
want to use funnels so you opt in to get the dream car or to learn how to get the
dream car and this is the thank you page well it’s actually just like the second
step at the funnel its page 2 it says opt-in but it’s just the next page and
what it is step 1 hear from people that have earned their dream car this is the
click funnels built in cloud but it’s like the dream car video that Russell
made and then a little intro video I made explaining how it works you guys
can put your own video in here you don’t have to you could keep mine in I don’t
say like my name in it or anything I’d do my best acting I can so it just
explains like what the dream car contest is what affiliate marketing is why
someone would want to get into affiliate marketing and then access your free
training this goes to my affiliate business in a box so what you would want
to do is edit this page and up here change out the integration so it’s
connected to your autoresponder and the SEO metadata you don’t really actually
have to change this it’s pretty good my name is not in it and then if you want
any tracking codes and make sure to save you can also connect to your domain here
edit the path add some Google or Facebook tracking codes and then save


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  2. I am one of the many affiliates of Rachel's that have started online marketing. At first I thought I will not be able to earn right away but after all the free training, webinars and group discussions, I am now earning passive income like everyone else in this industry. I love the endless bonuses and commissions. Thank you for all your help!!!

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