Geocaching Goodness πŸ˜€ with Kiwi Mail βœ‰

Geocaching Goodness πŸ˜€ with Kiwi Mail βœ‰

Oh! We got mail! What’s this? -Mail time. Mail time. -Mail time. -We’re opening
the mailbag. -This was in my mailbox. -Hey, what’s up everybody got some cool
stuff in the mail. -What is up everybody so it is another mail time. -Mail time! -It’s mail time. -There now, now we can
get this video thing started here. -What’s this? Oh, that looks neat. I think I know who this is from.
It’s mail time. [ loon calls ] We’re not gonna bore you with opening the box. It’s already good to go. This is something I received from a contest I entered. I had to answer a
couple of questions. I had to research some videos, just like you did on one of the
contest for Cache Canada. I answered them. and I got picked. On a live draw, that I
didn’t see but, I did pick it up later and it was pretty cool. Check them out.
Here it is a couple of seconds, five, maybe ten. It won’t take you a whole lot
of time. Here check it out. -And it kind of sits right there. There’s two of them. First
official DNF. It’s so unsafe. Made to scare people. Is it this? [ boing ] Uh, uh uh. Good morning. Our
final Mystery at the Museum video. -Yes. -Aren’t they crazy.
First thing is. Oh an Official Geocaching water bottle. You can turn that into a
cache container. Official Geocache. Or you could just drink. Always keep
hydrated on the trails. [ singing ]The importance of staying hydrated. [ rap ] Stay hydrated. [ singing ] Gotta’ stay hydrated. That’s what Lyriclass always tells me. That’s why I
keep her around. [ laughing] She keeps me in good health.
There we go, the Official Geocache water bottle. We have the Official Geocaching lanyard.
Great place to put the GPS. It has a safety breakaway in case it gets snagged
on a tree. Ahh! There’s more. Paper. They knew exactly what Londonwesty needed. Oh my gosh! It’s a lighted pen. Look at
that. [ sales person ] -It features a one handed click action plunger, and powerful light at the
tip. Click once to write, and click again to light. Wow! Look, look, look at that! There we go look at that.
It’s awesome. Wow, that is really cool! [ clicking pen sounds ] Awesome, I love it. Wow, and it says Geocaching on it. Look at that; you’ll never have to hear about Londonwesty
missing a pen again. There’s more! Holy Doodle! Geocaching pin. Look at that. Wahoo.
There we go. Oh, I think this is for, I think this is for lyriclass.
[ Geo-dog-Blake-barking ]Blake is after a squirrel. Trackable heart pendant. I don’t know, is it me?
Maybe we’ll give that to Royalberries for her birthday. She’s coming up to 80 years old.
That’s Geocaching mom. I mean Cache Canada’s mom. Gonna be 80
years old. That’s it. All done. -If you liked this video make
sure you hit the Subscribe Button. We hope you enjoyed it, we did. Also hit that Like button. It helps us a lot. Leave us a comment. -Hit the notification
bell if you want to be, if you want to get notified when we upload. Ding-a-ling-a-ling. -And Bear you better be doing it. Yes. -Ding-a-ling-a-ling.
-We’re watching you. -Bye. -Bye.


  1. The Curious Kiwis sent awesome goodies to Cache Canada ~ Congrats!! πŸ₯³
    Great Mail video Londonwesty & we love seeing Lyriclass laughing, gorgeous!! πŸ₯° And cue Squirrel… 🐿

  2. That heart pendant is totally you. You should absolutely keep it for yourself! Wear it in all your videos from now on. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Also, I'm with Geo Dan, I wasn't sure what channel this was through half the video. lol

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