Happily Ever After | Episode 6 | Begin Again | Original Series | The Zoom Studios

Happily Ever After | Episode 6 | Begin Again | Original Series | The Zoom Studios

Where is she? Dear, my ’empty’ has also gone down. -Immunity!
-Oh! like you’re an Englishwoman! If I knew they’ve separated, I wouldn’t
have put them in the same room. Aunty, how could you?
You broke the bed. You know my budget has gone haywire! How do you manage to do anything you
want, without giving it a second thought? Don’t listen to anyone,
just follow your heart. I can’t even dare to speak
in front of ”my father-in-law. Maybe he doesn’t care for me. That’s true, dear. You’re absolutely right. Avu, I’m sorry. See, I got this for you, take this. When we were leaving,
he said ‘Vada karo’. ‘Vada’, ‘medu vada’. He meant ‘promise me’. Just because we were eating
‘medu vada’, he connected it with that
and said, ‘vada karo’. -Are you serious?
-Yeah. -Avani, may I ask you something?
-Hmm. -This is our third dinner date.
-Yeah. And like every other time, you are
again only talking about Roneet with ‘EE’. Look, I don’t know
what your situation is. But I just feel that you look for
Roneet in every guy you meet. No, I mean… And if you really like him,
you guys should be together, right? What’s stopping you? Roneet would’ve said
exactly the same. And I’m man enough to admit that,
I’ve got a little man-crush on him. The other day, we made fun of
him at his restaurant and he took everything
so sportingly. I mean, he seems like
a really chilled out guy. He is very funny
and has a good sense of humour. -How’s the food?
-Nice. I was thinking… You want to go to my place after this and make that sweet love that
you were talking about? But no strings attached. No, I am sorry. What? I mean… No? Are you saying no? No, I’m just saying whenever
it feels right, we’ll take that step. Feels right? What is wrong… Right… Oh God! Okay, I get it. You belong to the category of men
who dream about marriage straight away. -Avani, I didn’t…
-What happened to that uninhibited sex
on the third date? I hope you haven’t change
your sexual orientation. You were just saying that you
have a crush on Ron. -Oh, come on, that’s not…
-Actually, it’s not working. Yeah, okay, bye. -Avani…
-Enjoy your dinner. -Thanks for ruining my mood.
-Avani… Waiter, cheque please. Thanks, man.
You’re a great guy. Not just a great guy. He is the greatest. He turned down no-string-attached
sex with a hot girl. She’s going to be your sister-in-law to you.
Stop calling her hot. -I was just saying…
-No! Guys, guys… Anything for this food.
You know I’m a genuine fan. -Thanks.
-You guys are made for each other. You’ll get married
sooner or later. -Right?
-Right. So I don’t want to be
a villain in your story. -Right?
-Bro… Free food for you
every Friday. Anytime on Friday. Hey, no one will… No one is here right now. -Never mind, I’ll definitely come.
-Cheers to that. -Cheers to that.
-Cheers to that. You will become
Mrs. Bagchi from tomorrow. -Excited?
-Hmm. But I won’t change my name,
I’ve told you already. Are you sure you won’t change your name? -Won’t you change your name?
-Riva. But listen, Roneet… Why is she going
to the staff quarters? It must be the damn waiter. I saw them talking to each
other yesterday. Waiter? Which waiter? That b*&^%$#.
She is only 15. -That a**-hole…
-Ron. -Ron wait!
-Riva! Open the damn door! He might not understand Hindi. -What do I do then?
-Just… Open the door, you freaking a**! Ron! -Wait, Riva, come out!
-What the hell were you doing with her? What the hell were you doing
with my sister? Please let go of him. What the hell were you doing
with my sister? – It’s not like that.
-Ron. He has done nothing wrong. What happened, Riva? Tell us. What happened? I’ve been struggling… To understand my feelings,
my sexuality for years now. But you know I can’t discuss this with
mom and dad. They’ll never understand. Back in Hubli, at college
they make fun of gay people. I didn’t know what to do. When I came here,
I met Ricardo and Paz. They were so open about
their sexuality. I mean, they wear it with pride. It was the first time
that I met someone who was like me. I had so many questions in my mind. But they were tough nuts to crack. Because even they were scared
that they’ll be misunderstood. Would they be fired? Please, don’t tell anyone Mr Bagchi. If I lose this job,
my career is ruined. -Please…
-Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Riva, are you saying… You are gay? It’s, it’s fine. Why didn’t you tell me?
I thought, we… We are close, thought you’d
tell me something like this. -Yes, that’s okay.
-It’s okay. I don’t know, it was just very
complicated and very sensitive. -Yeah, we get it.
-It’s okay. Listen, we are not
judging you, okay? And whenever you want to come out
to your parents, iIf you’d like,
I’ll be with you. Not just her, I’ll be there too. We have a joint account now. We do everything together. Don’t worry, it’s fine, okay? We’ll do everything together.
Don’t worry. Don’t need to worry about anything.
Hey! What are you doing? -Just trying to give you a hug.
-Ron. I’m sorry, it’s perfectly okay. It’s all good. We are all the same. I wish you were not gay though. Hey, just kidding. I hope Riva is
feeling better now. That heritage bed really
messed up our budget. -Right?
-Yes. -Your side.
-Hey… I see. What about divorced Uncle Prakash? Okay fine, my side. And drunk Surbhi
and baby Rishi. They are friends with both of us now. Fine… Our side. I hope everything
goes smoothly tomorrow. Don’t want any more hurdles. I am very excited to want to marry you. God willing, as we say in Bandra. What do they say on Madh Island? Actually, my Bluetooth speaker… I couldn’t find them at home,
so I thought I’ll check… -Hi.
-Hi. Oh come on,
they must be inside. It’s our house only. You’ve paid rent till July. -I’ll check in the room?
-Yeah, please. It must be inside. Okay, I’m in the kitchen.
I’ll just… -Did you find it?
-Yes. -Found it?
-Yeah. -Did you take the cord?
-Yes. All right. Will you have coffee? I’ve brewed some
Columbian dark roast. Yes… But…Actually, I’ve already
booked a cab. All right, okay. No problem. But cabs never come on time,
so I guess… So you have time?
How much time is it saying? It’s showing 11 minutes, -but I’m sure… Yeah.
-Then we can have coffee. Even if it comes, you can book it again,
you can cancel it. -I mean if you want to…
-Yeah, yeah… -Yeah, sure.
-I’ll get it? Okay cool, I’ll get it. Hey, your coffee. Okay. No, sugar. Okay? I’ll just come. -You need help?
-What? You need help? You’ll help me in the kitchen? Avani, are you okay? Pass me the carom seeds. -These are cumin seeds, Avu.
-Oh shit! I can still call you Avu, right? -Yeah, of course.
-I am sorry. What are you making? Man, this is… you know, I just… woke up with an idea
for a twist to a Paneer dish. So I just experimenting…
with a twist you know. Let’s see how it turns out. I was like, I’m experimenting with
a boring classical dish. It’s nice to see you like this. -Yeah?
-I mean, doing well. I don’t have any other option. Mope and drink away my life
Guru Dutt style? That’s not my style. What about you? Are you out there yet? Well, went on a couple of dates. -Didn’t go great.
-Yeah? Okay. Losers. Hmm? I mean… I mean, you’re so accommodating. You’re so sensitive,
so intelligent. I don’t think you have
any issues in life. Like you are okay with anything. We’d eat at roadside joints. You aren’t finicky about food,
You’re willing to watch any movie with me. We went to see
‘Student of the Year 2’, right? And you have a sense of humour. You get my jokes.
Nobody gets them. Nobody gets it. All my jokes
completely escape them. I genuinely think you’re the
most understanding person I know. I mean it. So, to blow a date
with someone like you… These guys have to be losers. Big losers. Those idiots think they can get
someone better than you. Actually,
I always wanted to do this. I have seen it many porn films. Let’s just focus on this? -Your cab?
-You want me to go? Of course not. What have we done? What we do every time. So, should I leave my bluetooth
speakers here? Hmm? Coming! What happened? My younger aunt… She had a stroke last night. She’s gone. -What?
-Yeah. I thought the older aunt was ill,
and the younger one was fit. -Shut up, Ron.
-Avu, I’m sorry. Sorry, babe… Everyone’s upstairs in her room. Hey. Calm down. Can’t we find
any other place? Uncle, we tried looking for it,
we didn’t find any options. So we’ll have to do it here. We never expected this
when we came here. But this is just completely… A prayer meet with
all this decoration? How? Uncle, the thing is that… We can’t remove this. There’s another wedding taking place
with this decoration tomorrow. So, you’ll have to hold a prayer meet
in this place. We’ll move it back a bit… And we’ll move these tables. -We can…
-We’ll lay a carpet… We can manage that. We’ll do it, don’t worry. None of us imagined that a tragedy would befall us on the
most joyous day for our kids. To have their wedding now
would be inauspicious… and also it won’t be right. Shankar, since when did you
become the senior most person here? Auspicious and inauspicious…
These are old concepts. The conspiracy of priests. It just keeps their business going. I understand your feelings and I appreciate them. But just think about it. Whatever happened, it’s not their fault. -Please lis…
-Shut up, Shankar. Old people die,
there’s nothing unusual here. No one knows when we will die. That doesn’t mean our families, people around us
should stop living. I just believe that this wedding should
take place today. I’ll leave the rest to the kids. What the hell is this? Are you out of your mind? You hate it when
I wear new clothes or jewellery. I know that. I’ve wasted so many years of my life
doing what you want. How dare you wear
this colourful attire? And today of all days? You’re not a young girl anymore.
Think about it. But, I was very young girl
when I came to your place. I was only 18. When my husband passed away… The accident…
I was only 19. I have always done
what you asked me to since then. But today after aunty’s sudden death, it hit me that life can be
so unpredictable. It’s like a cricket match. It’s bound to end. So I want to let my heart dictate
the rest of my innings. Not your stubbornness. This is not the right place for this. Not even the right time. You still don’t understand,
do you? Henceforth, I’ll decide
what’s right and wrong for me. Not you. No, dear.
I don’t care what my sister says. This is not possible. It’s time to mourn, but you… It’s their decision,
so let them decide, please. Sister, they are kids. They know nothing about
customs and traditions. Excuse me, they are getting married. They should know
what’s right and wrong. Ms Jaya, I understand your feelings, but we also have to be mindful
of the society we live in. You don’t need to listen to anyone. You have decided to get married. It’s your wedding Whether you want to get married or not,
it is totally up to you. Aunty, I don’t think society
has to do anything with this. After all, they’re getting married.
Let them decide. Way to go, Ragini!
Give it to them. Ragini, you are right.
You rock. Society! My a**! Please hear me out. Getting married is stupidity.
Forget about it. I agree with that but… We have to figure out
a balancing act. -Ron, you decide…
-Bro, you decide. -Decide guys.
-What will the society say? It’s their marriage, their life. Let them decide.
Just a second, guys. Dad… what do you want to do? Avani, come. Come, come. Come on, come, come. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We’ll figure out,
we’ll figure out. Guys, we had decided that you would all be
present at our wedding. That we would have a proper wedding
with all the rituals and with both the families. We won’t take any money from anyone
and do it ourselves. We decided this. So, I think it should be our decision if we want to get married now or not. So, Avu, what do you want? What do you want? We will get married. But not now. Cool then… The decision is made. Somebody tell them… It’s the right thing to do. Ron should… My child, it will always be your decision. But, first, take a look at this. Say whatever you want to,
I’m recording this. All right. If something happens to me,
please bless the children on my behalf. Jagjit, you’ll be fine. What if something happens to me? All right then.
Why don’t you leave a message for the kids? My lovely children! You guys are so cute! Both of you so remind me
of my younger days. So pretty… And you care for
each other so much. So respectable
and so understanding. I’m excited about your
wedding more than you are. Live long and prosper. Make a name for yourself,
work hard. Prove your mettle. And if something happens to me, please tag me when you upload
photos on social media. I’ll always be there with you. In spirit. I’m going to make sure this wedding happens, now! Now this package will cost extra and you’ll have to bear it
fifty-fifty. So it is an additional cost of 300,000. We wasted so much money over… I don’t think
we should get married. It’s been seven years. And his aunt! She roams
around naked. You’re trying to
hit at my character? You have no right to abuse
my family members like this. -Please behave…
-And you have all the right… How dare you use such words!
Shut up! Your family thinks you’re
too good for me. -That you are doing me a favour!
-Get away… -Don’t marry me. Why the hell are
you marrying me, then? Don’t scream!


  1. A tragedy and a wedding! What you think Avani and Roneet should do? Tell us in the comment section below!

    Episode 7 will be out on 14th March 2020!

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