Happy Together – [Summer Special] Seo Inyoung, Seo Haeyoung, Sin Seongrok & more! (2015.08.13)

Happy Together – [Summer Special] Seo Inyoung, Seo Haeyoung, Sin Seongrok & more! (2015.08.13)

Happy to be together on “Happy Together”! Hello, everyone, and welcome. Dropping by our late night cafeteria today are – That’s enough. / – very special. Today we have three celebrities and their brothers or sisters. – For real? / – Yes. – Are they really related? / – They are really. Are they not siblings from a drama? Not at all. They’re really related. We’ll give you some hints with some photos. We have photos? – Here it is. / – Oh? – Yoon Kyesang? / – These two brothers are very… – They look like models. / – They are. One is in 11th grade, the other is in 9th grade. – 9th grade? He’s that tall? / – I’ll give you a hint. Shinyoung might have become a member in their family. – What happened? / – Really? – Yes. / – It was with one of the brothers. They have something to do with Shinyoung. – I do? / – Yes. Selfishly tall and selfishly handsome, it’s Sin Seongrok and his chef brother. It’s Sin Seongrok. (The brothers that make women swoon) – Shinyoung and… / – Yes, yes. – The shortest “We Got Married” couple ever. / – Yes. – The shortest ever. / – “See you next week.” – Is he younger? / – Yes, he’s my younger brother. It’s his real brother. – He almost became your brother-in-law. / – Right. You’re both very tall. Exactly how tall are you. I think we’re the same height. We’re 188cm. 188? My brother and I are the same height. We’re 168. I see. That’s why most women dislike you. I can’t help it. I got unlucky. Let’s see the next photo. They’re sisters. – Who is the celebrity? / – I think I know her. – I think she’s the one. / – The other one is prettier. Because of – It’s the red stockings. / – the colors. – She looks tough. / – Yes, she does, The girl on the left could be in a girl group. They’re the hottest sisters. It’s Seo Inyoung and her sister Haeyoung. Hello. – Hello. / – Welcome. This is my sister. She’s the Jamsil Beauty. – Could you not recognize me? / – We couldn’t. You can tell by the clothes. – You were in the red stockings? / – Yes, that’s me. – I see. / – Okay. – Now I see. / – You look alike. It’s traffic light fashion. I see your face in her now. You looked so much alike when you were younger. Right now – you still look alike but… / – Not really. – Not at all. / – you look different now. We tell people we’re friends. I’d believe you if I didn’t know better. Your sister looks kinder. – It’s all a pretense. / – She looks shy. That’s not the image she goes for now. – It’s not? / – No, it isn’t. – Has she changed her image? / – Yes, she has. – Let’s see the last photo. / – Shall we? They’re brother and sister. Who’s the celebrity? – It has to be the sister. / – The Pretty Girl Pageant. She’s wearing too much makeup so her features… The sister is nine and the brother is ten. They’re a year apart. Let’s meet… – We messed up. / – How? It’s Oh Sangjin and his photographer sister Minjeong. I expected a celebrity and her older brother. Hello, come and have a seat. – Hello. / – Hello. You haven’t changed that much. – Genes don’t lie. / – You haven’t changed. I wouldn’t be able to tell you are related unless you told me. I look a lot like our dad. She looks like our mom. “Guess and Sam Comes”, it’s Sam Kim. (Saintly chef Sam Kim) (With cheese) (With a lot of cheese) (He will feed you) (In charge of the cafeteria today) (Full of elegance) – Sam, it smells of Italy. / – Italy? (See you shortly) – Seongrok, could you introduce your brother? / – Sure. This is my brother Sin Jerok. – He was a basketball player for a while. / – He was. Now he’s into cooking. He’s Chef Sin. He’s Chef Sin Jerok. – He’s an up-and-coming chef. / – He really is. I heard you cook Japanese style cold noodles. Yes, I’m the only one who does in Korea. – Is that so? / – The Japanese eat cold noodles too? Cold noodles are originally Korean dishes, but Koreans took the recipe when they moved there. Did you learn how to cook in Japan? – Yes, I… / – As a matter of fact, he was a pro basketball player on a Japanese team. – Let’s not talk simultaneously. / – Okay. – He was in Japan. / – I’m envious. We don’t mind it when you talk at the same time. He’s too… – It’s a no-no in dramas. / – Oh, that’s right. So he moved to Japan to play basketball and there he told me he had the best bowl of cold noodles ever. After he quit playing sports due to an injury, he said he wanted to learn how to cook those noodles. I heard that Jerok was so good that he qualified to play on the national team, but then you suddenly quit. – An injury? / – Yes, it was. I was a professional for about two years before joining the army basketball team. That’s where I got a serious back injury. – In the army? / – That’s why you went to Japan – and learned how to cook. / – Yes, I did. You might not know, but Seongrok played basketball too. – They were both famous. / – And they’re handsome. They were basketball playing brothers. She saw me play when we filmed our first meeting. – She fell in love. / – Did she? (Playing basketball in a tuxedo) (Shinyoung’s man Sin Seongrok) (He can play!) I pretended to look impressed. I’m a soccer fan. And you made those faces in a wedding dress? You know little about each other despite being married. We were window display couple. You were a very typical one. We introduced the two brothers. – Inyoung. / – Yes? Introduce your sister, Haeyoung the Jamsil Beauty. I was popular too, but… Skip that part. It’s up to me. – Introduce your sister. / – Let me talk. – She hasn’t changed. / – I thought wrong. – People can’t change. / – No, no. – I’ve changed. / – Have you? – Try again. / – I’ll start again. – Ready? / – Show us a different image. Look surprised. I was popular too, but… I said skip that. You said it again. – You haven’t changed. / – Not yet. She was just as popular. She’s the beautiful Seo Haeyoung. – Seo Haeyoung? / – Yes, Seo Haeyoung. Haeyoung, do you like to wear accessories? I made her wear that. Do you not wear necklaces? – What do you do? / – I’m into design marketing. – Design? / – What kind? – Are you a merchandiser? / – Clothes? – Speak up. / – No. How come you both… We can’t help it. Two of them are very audio-conscious. My friends always tell me to lose the mic on my throat. – But she… / – I have a small voice. She speaks so quietly and slowly. – It’s frustrating. / – Men like women who do this. Oh, this? We’re so different. I want to protect her. – For sisters… / – They’re so different. I think one of us was adopted. Are you writing a drama script? One with rollercoaster plots. The company you currently work at – is owned by your father? / – Yes, it is. You’re the CEO’s daughter? A design company? Inyoung, you have the same father. We have… We have the same father, but he doesn’t like me. – Why not? / – It’s like… He likes me, but only when I call sporadically. He likes to keep Haeyoung close. This is so like a crazy drama. Now that we’re on the topic tell us what kind of company it is. – Is it a design firm? / – No, it’s not. It’s a food company. – That’s mine. / – I’m on the design team. – In the food company? / – Yes, I am. Haeyoung said that someone here is her ideal type. – Who? / – Well… Saeho? – Saeho? / – Seriously? – Her face says no. / – Things like this do happen. – Things happen, Saeho. / – Who is it? I’ll give you a hint. He starred in “You Who Came From the Stars.” Saeho was in it, too. (Is it Saeho’s lucky day?) You’re included too. (The greatest hit of the year) (Charismatic villain Sin Seongrok) (Intellectual prosecutor Oh Sangjin) (Weirdo in tracksuit Cho Saeho) Saeho was in it, too. – That’s it. / – It’s one of these three. Cho Saeho, Oh Sangjin, Sin Seongrok. They’re three very different guys. They starred in “You Who Came From the Stars.” Wait. Cho Saeho. Inyoung, can you guess? From what I know, Haeyoung’s ideal guy should have a really long face. No. It seems to be Seongrok. The other two have pretty short faces. My face is wide, but it’s long, too. Is that so? It just doesn’t look like it. – I see. / – He has a long face. She loves horsey faces. – Horse faces. / – Not just a horsey face. I have a pretty round face, so I like men with longer, slimmer faces. – You don’t. / – But… – not just slim, with a strong chin. / – A strong chin. Inyoung, stop egging her on. Is it Sangjin or Seongrok? The horsey face… Oh, it’s Seongrok. Are you married? – No? / – He’s seeing someone. – Are you going to steal him away? / – No, it isn’t. You can’t say that. They look like such a sweet couple. Seongrok is good-looking. – Yes. / – But… the boyfriends that I met so far all had ridiculously long faces. Were they that long? Their chins ended here. That’s too much. No one’s face is that long. I’m slightly exaggerating. If that’s your type, I’ll set you up with Youngchul. He has a face that will beat most. She likes sexy guys. She has this demure look, but she likes sexy… Sexy guys? Your sister isn’t denying that. – When you said “demure”… / – I know her. (Aren’t I demure?) Sangjin, you’re here with your sister Minjeong. Compared to the other two siblings here, I think we’re too boring and normal. You’re not at all normal. You walked through… – I remember that. / – Through an advertisement. Why go that way when there’s an entrance? – The drama… / – It was an after party. I was there, too. – He got off so far away. / – You look so cool. – Were you startled? / – A minister? I was nervous. Where are you going? Why did he go that way? He’s underneath… Where are you trying to go? (“The road less traveled”) That was so funny. – I watched it many times. / – It was talk of the town. I’m concerned that we might be terribly boring. My sister is currently a photographer. Oh, you’re a photographer. Doesn’t she look like a carrier woman? – Yes. / – A “carrier” woman? Isn’t it “career woman”? (With celebrities) (Or traveling the globe) (She captures precious moments) (Sangjin’s sister Minjeong, the photographer) Sangjin is afraid you’ll be boring. What do you think, Minjeong? – Is this your first time on TV? / – Yes, it is. Do people say you’re funny or not? …you’re funny or not? My friends say I’m funny, but I don’t joke around when I’m with Sangjin. – Not with him? / – No. I heard that Sangjin can be very funny. – But? / – I’ve never seen that side of him. (He’s just as boring too.) Did Sangjin win many awards in school? He won so many that he didn’t treasure them. He just stacked them in a drawer. In my family, a certificate – was greatly treasured. / – Weren’t they framed? Did you win too many? Handsome, smart, I bet your school was never quiet. – Was he popular? / – He was very popular. When older girls I didn’t know were nice to me, – that was usually… / – About Sangjin. “When is his birthday?” “What does he like?” – They’d get me to pass gifts. / – He’s embarrassed. – Girls you didn’t know were nice to you. / – Yes. – Did you study in France? / – Really? She majored in Western art at Hongik University, then she studied photography in France. Which university? Sorbonne? – No. / – “Sorbonne”? Isn’t that what they bake? That’s “soboro”. Sorbonne is a national university. – Is it? / – Yes. I went to a private photography school. – Which one? / – Icart Photo. Icart… Icart Photo? – Icart Photo? / – Photo. She graduated with honors. You must have gone clubbing in France. I went once or twice, but the music they play is different from Korean clubs. They have a whole different sense of pleasure. – Do they? / – Yes, they do. So the Koreans I went clubbing with didn’t really understand when and how we had to dance. Did you slack off? He’s angry. – Bad timing. / – Sangjin must’ve paid her tuition. – I’d like to hear more. / – “Did you slack off?” “I did slack off. So what?” – She isn’t your sister. / – Fight, fight. – I’m confused. / – Were you not expecting this? – I bought her a camera. / – What’s bad about clubbing? All students go clubbing. You do, especially if you’re abroad. – Older brothers are like this. / – They are. Was it fun? – He’s still upset. / – It wasn’t my type of music. Can’t you play some music? So she can dance. How do French people dance in clubs? How do French people dance? What is it like? It’s okay to dance if you know how. I really don’t know how to dance. The brother is concerned about screen time. He wants his sister… – He saw the potential. / – Might as well go for it. You might as well. We touched on your education. How was yours? Don’t ask us about school. – Why not? / – Can you manage? – Ask us about beauty. / – Beauty? (Beauty queries welcome) We know nothing about beauty. – What can we ask? / – She’s an expert. Haeyoung, did you care much for your studies? Not really. What about Inyoung? – Her, too. / – Hey. What did you care about, then? – Men? / – We were interested in looks. – Looks? / – “Men”? – Then… / – We were interested in clothes. – You were into fashion. / – Yes, we were. I’d play children’s songs in front of my closet and put on each item as if I were a model. To children’s songs? Like how fashion shows play music? Haeyoung, did you think Inyoung become a celebrity? – Yes. / – Did you? – She debuted first. / – Did she? She was scouted when she was in middle school, and she became a model. It was for magazines. She was taller than I was. I debuted in 11th grade as Jewelry. You were the better singer. Inyoung, you begged your sister to come on the show? Shows these days focus on families because family members know what celebrities are really like, so producers want to have family members on their show. Our parents both want to keep their lives private, so they refuse to appear on TV. Do I not have a family, then? I want to be on TV and they don’t. Family members often appear on TV. I just needed one person, so I talked to her. “Don’t you feel sorry for me?” That’s when she turned the tables on me. – How? / – She said, “Don’t you fear what I’ll say?” “I’ll expose you for what you are.” – She doesn’t seem the type. / – Oh, no, no. Give her some time and she’ll warm up. – Will she? / – She can be vicious. She quietly says everything she wants to. Inyoung begged her sister to come with her, but Jerok begged Seongrok. – Why? / – Really? – I… / – Yes? – I was on not too long ago. / – That’s right. – It’s too soon for me to be back on. / – Okay. But he’s a huge fan of Jaeseok and Myungsoo, and he was fascinated, seeing me on TV. – He’d never been on himself. / – When he got a call, he wanted to say yes so badly. I said no at first but thought about it for a few days, and I decided it would be a fun memory. But once you appear on TV, there could be repercussion. All that extra attention from the public could become stressful. Jerok, is there a reason you’re risking all that? Well… I think he enjoys that. He enjoys the attention. He likes being noticed? He likes being in the public eye more than you do. – He’s talented. / – I think Jerok is ambitious. I know him already. One day he texted, “Saeho, we need to meet up.” “What for?” “I’m appearing on Happy Together.” “I require a meeting.” “What for? It’s just one episode.” The photo of us you showed earlier to introduce us. He’d gotten too excited about being on the show. He uploaded that on his SNS already. It’s supposed to appear on TV first, but he’d already posted that photo. – We… / – He enjoys all that. – Yes. / – He likes it. – Jerok, you’re quick. / – We’ll see more of you. My sister censors the photos I upload. – On your accounts? / – Yes, it’s not up to me. We go through a stack of them, and I only upload what she approves of. – When she’s in it, you mean? / – Yes. We took a family portrait. She’s worse than a celebrity. She’s worse than a celebrity on a photo shoot. It was out of a few dozen. – A few dozen shots? / – She doesn’t care about me. She ignores me and focuses on herself. She doesn’t care about Mom either. (I am the sole focus) Shall we see these family portraits? – This is a family portrait? / – Yes, it is. – This is? / – That’s it? – Yes. / – It’s a fashion spread. This was seriously… Those outfits. It took her 20 days to decide on an outfit. She wanted to decide on a theme. She goes for the demure, innocent look, so she wore a white tee and denim. I wore high-waist shorts and a black top. You’re beautiful. – This is a family portrait? / – Yes, it is. It’s a fashion spread. – No, it’s just a portrait. / – Really? It’s a family portrait. It’s fascinating. I’m a mom myself, – but can siblings be so different? / – We are. – You are. / – Yes. What’s the iron rod incident? – Is it a terrible story? / – I didn’t say anything. Who was it? Was it me? I didn’t mention this. – Tell us the story. / – You told them! It was Haeyoung. What’s the iron rod incident? It sounds like something terrible happened. I’m wishing we had commercial breaks. – What’s this iron rod incident? / – I’ll tell you. Inyoung left home saying she was going to school, but she didn’t go. Hey! We all do that. So… There was a time when I had a rebellious spirit. – What then? / – It was puberty. – And so? / – It was puberty. She talked back to our dad, so he brought out a wooden… He didn’t yell or shout. He’s a bit more hands-on, so he brought something out of the wardrobe. I didn’t think he’d reach for that. – What did he get? / – A family heirloom? It was a curtain rod. – That’s scary. / – Those really hurt. – He didn’t know it was iron. / – You see… It was wrapped up to make it look like wood, and my dad got that and tried to intimidate me. – One whack… / – He said, “Let’s see your shins.” Because I was so rebellious I said, “Hit me.” – “Do it.” / – That face… So I stood up. Any parent would want to hit you. – After seeing that face. / – It’s the puberty look. I passed out after three lashes. We checked it later and found out it was iron. – Did you really faint? / – Yes, I collapsed. These two are going, “What family is like that?” – It’s a culture shock. / – Are you recovering? I passed out after three lashes. We checked it later and found out it was iron. Did anything like this happen to you? – No. / – It’s good to experience a lot when young. – How come… / – You lost out. My sister and I… What our teachers and our parents said and what society dictates we should do, we always adhered to. (Model brother and sister) You just made these two look bad. What does that make us? But their stories are so funny. I think it pays to have more various experiences. You need various experiences. – Like yours? / – Yes, I do. Did you two go through anything like that? Is that where you’re ending my story? – Yes. / – No. – You fainted. / – It ends with you fainting. You later found out it was an iron rod. That’s it. – What about the rest? / – There’s more? Dad had no idea and was shocked when he found out. – Okay. / – She’s dead scared. She works at his company. – He’s her superior. / – It can’t be helped. How could a father… – He didn’t know it was iron, did he? / – He didn’t. Did anything like this happen to you? In our case I got beaten up, and he watched and learned not to do the same thing. – You showed him the way. / – You did what I did. Was he beaten a lot? For example, we both learned to play the piano. He’d get bored and quit after a month. I started taking lessons at the same time. He quit at Beyer. I got to Czerny 50. We had math classes after school. I continued until the program ended. Did you? – You’re persistent. / – You’re persistent. Seongrok is impatient. Married life with Shinyoung… Anything he doesn’t like… – Did he not like you? / – He didn’t like her? I really get into whatever I like but if it’s boring… How did you both end up playing basketball? I started first because I wanted to. – Did he copy you? / – He signed up with me. – Then I quit first. / – I see. He tagged along and ended up playing for years. He went pro and I quit in 10th grade. You didn’t get into acting, though. I’m married, so I have a wife and children. I needed a stable job to support them. – Having a family… / – Yes. Dreams are great, but reality catches up fast. That’s true. Seongrok made a comment in his pre-taping interview. – What? / – He said this. “I haven’t accomplished much,” “but I don’t want to lose it all at once.” (Concerned for his image) If Jerok says something dangerous or childish, Seongrok begged them to cut it out. “I don’t care if it looks like he’s silent.” “Just don’t ruin my image.” – He’s good. / – Expose your brother. What I want in a younger sibling is right there. She’s perfect. She’s so quiet. She sits so still. Although they’re incredibly boring, they’re quiet and don’t make a fuss. People will go, “Was she on?” That is what you want your brother to be like? – He’s a little excited. / – What do you say, Jerok? I want something else. I wanted to come on the show. I’ll talk all I want. (The brother fights back) You might have noticed Seongrok’s reaction. – He looks tense. / – He can barely laugh. Okay, Sangjin. Seongrok said he wishes his brother were like Minjeong. He might want something else. I met those two before we started taping. – Minjeong was wearing a scarf. / – She was. Sangjin saw it and stopped her. “I don’t think you should stand out.” – He made her take it off. / – Why? Why did you do that? – It’d have look nice on her. / – No one wore one. I didn’t think it would suit her. It could have suited her nicely. I thought you looked lovely. I’m surprised that you just did as you were told. – Are you obedient? / – Yes, I am. There are many stories to tell, but as you saw in our photo, my sister entered and won a lot of beauty pageants. She was also in the KBS Children’s Choir. – Was she? / – Yes, she was. She’s talented. She even modeled children’s clothes. – She’s… / – She could’ve been the biggest celebrity. – But? / – Does she change at night? – At night? / – At night? Does she turn into a foxy lady at night? Here the younger one reins in the older. Here the older one takes the reins. – They’re all different. / – They really are. But then one day she suddenly got into painting and turned into an artist. I think she’s too quiet and needs to be more social. – She’s too artistic. / – The big brother’s mentality. I wanted to bring her here so that she can experience and maybe make a great memory. – Experience what? / – He’s… – Isn’t that too academic? / – Seriously. – They’re so different. / – You’re all so different. One team wants the brother to keep quiet. – These two… / – The older sister. Inyoung is the problem. – Here… / – Experience and memories. – Yes. / – It’s like they came to school. If Inyoung were… – I’ll teach you the ropes. / – Okay. Inyoung, let’s say Sangjin was your older brother, and he said don’t wear a scarf because you stand out. What would you do? I’d wear it. “It’s my style.” My sister said, “This is too much. Can I take it off?” “Wear it.” “It suits you.” They’re so different. – I didn’t want to wear it. / – I can’t so you will. She didn’t want to wear it. You tore up your shirt. Did she make you do that? No, she wanted to do that. Because she knows that her collarbones are her strength. She wanted to show her collarbone, but the necklace got in the way of that. She’s entertaining. – Are you having fun? / – Take it off now. It’s time to show your collarbone. – You’re so pretty. / – She’s beautiful. Did you hear what she said when it came off? “It’s so heavy.” It’s so heavy. – Show us your collarbones. / – What? Would you let Minjeong wear the necklace? Lend it to her. Something to accessorize with. Would you mind? You objected to the scarf. – It won’t suit her shirt. / – It’s a bit much. – It’s not. / – It’s handmade. – It suits her. / – She looks elegant. – It suits you. / – It does. – Quiet people need these. / – That’s right. Minjeong, what do you think? – It’s the choker style. / – Okay. Isn’t it too tight? You look lovely. – It suits you. / – Do you like it? I like it. (Pleased) (Displeased) – It’s pretty. / – Did you see Sangjin? “Do you like it” means “I want you to take it off.” – No, don’t listen to him. / – Just now. Do you want her to take it off? Do you know what Minjeong’s nod means? “I’ll keep it on.” “Let me be.” Why not? It’s an experience. Pull your hair behind your ear. That’s it. I like that. She knows her stuff. Let her be. Seongrok said that you two were legends in middle and high school. – Did you go to the same schools? / – Yes, we did. – Two years apart. / – Then you must’ve been legends. What was that like? Being in the same school and same basketball team, was it inconvenient at all? – There wasn’t much of an inconvenience. / – Okay. The seniors did a lot of things to try and keep the juniors in line. They couldn’t do much to me because of Seongrok. I was just average, but he was an amazing player. Was he? He was captain in middle and high school, captain in university and the youth national team. He was even MVP when he was abroad. He’s handsome, too. He’s going for a swift attack. The ball is passed and at the perimeter. It’s with Im Huijong. He’s jumping and aiming for a three-pointer. It went in. The tables are turned. Korea is in the lead. It’s 75-74. Well done. Sin Jerok saved his team. – He’s an amazing player. / – He is. Didn’t fans follow you around? The whole university comes to cheer us on. Once the match is over, whether we won or lost, we have to get on the bus to go home. All those girls came to see you? It took 30, 40 minutes, even an hour to get on. To get on the bus? Was it parked far away? I was wondering what he’d say. Five minutes is more than enough. An hour? He means it felt like an hour. He had that many fans waiting to see him. It takes an hour to get to a bus parked 20m away? I’ve never seen Seongrok make this kind of motion. It took me longer than others to pass through. What happened in Taiwan? – I played in Taiwan. / – Did you play professionally? – Be very honest. / – I played in Taiwan. – Basketball is so popular in Taiwan. / – That’s true. Even high school matches are aired nationwide. I played in the final match and won something. I had many fans there, too. One day I was at a mall. My name is “Sen Dilu” in Taiwan. – “Sen Dilu”? / – Yes. – And… / – Did people crowd around you and chant? The mall announced it. It’s true. – That’s too much. / – Is he an incurable bluff? (Terminal bluffing disease?) Saeho just asked if they were announcing a sale on summer sandals. Perhaps you thought you heard your name? That could be possible. Did people chase after you on hearing that? They always followed me as if I were a Hallyu star. It was within the mall anyway. Our crew interviewed Jerok a while ago. At the time when you were a popular basketball star, your brother was an unknown actor. Did you look out for him? Did you comfort or support Seongrok? – You must’ve been proud. / – Just a moment. I don’t see why he thinks he was so popular. It happened to him only once or twice. Does that make him a national star? He suddenly feels very thirsty. Seongrok suddenly ruined it. He was just getting into the mood. Help him out, will you? He’s leaving. I think Seongrok is venting his jealousy on Jerok because he quit basketball. It happens to anyone. Jaeseok, you for example. – You could’ve been popular in clubs. / – I wasn’t. All my friends know that I wasn’t popular. I’d never seen someone this unpopular. It’s a relief no one beat him up for coming. It’s a relief the bouncers let him in. He’s saying that at one time he was the popular one. Sangjin, when you were young, did the moms – stop you in the streets? / – Why? Were you cute? I identified a lot with what Jerok said. With what? I had to walk through the apartment block to get home. As I said earlier, I did what the teachers or the adults told me to do without fail. I studied hard, did as I was told to and was polite. I guess that’s why the mothers… You looked cute and smart. – He’s the one moms like. / – If you bring him home, moms say, “Be good friends with him.” I’d visit friends and read books even they didn’t read. Now I’m getting the hateful vibe. It’d be from the friend’s point of view. Was there ever a time when you thought he was too much? This one time… Sangjin doesn’t spend time with me, so I’d practically given up. This happened in college. I was in a rotten mood, so I asked him to buy me a drink for the first time. He just said, “Buy your own alcohol.” So I had a few drinks and went to bed. You did as he said. I vaguely remember saying that to her. Now I feel bad. These two are seriously boring. Aren’t they? If he says something mean, get back at him. Make an excuse. He just has to build up on what she said. I’d play a song if this was a radio show. It’d be a commercial break or a song. When were you most grateful? Does he give you money to spend? He did give me money, yes. It must not have been much, though. No, I had his credit card. – Really? / – It was in his name. – That’s lovely. / – He bought my equipment. He bought me a computer and he still tells me to say – if I need something. / – How much did he spend? – Thousands? / – It was in the tens of thousands. It was in the five-digit area. Sangjin quit the stable career of a news anchor – and turned to acting. / – He’s freelancing. You must have watched his acting for the first time. – Wasn’t it “You Who Came From Another Star”? / – Yes. I think he did well, portraying a prosecutor. Family members aren’t always objective. They can be. – Can they? / – She’s harsh. – What did she say? / – “Your songs are noisy.” Most sisters would say, “I love it.” She said the part where I yell sounded too noisy, so I re-recorded it. – Really? / – Yes, she did. Other people just say, “It’s great.” They don’t actually think or care much. “Who else would give constructive advice?” – We’re family. / – She comments on my figure. – Your figure? / – Yes, she does. I can’t complain because then I’d look petty. She comments on your figure. Let’s say I gain some weight during my break. “You put on weight. Your armpits are fat.” (Armpit fat?) The flesh is right here. – It’s the armpit flab. / – It’s the armpit flab. I can’t give in. Do you ignore her? “Did your boobs take a hike?” (Mean sisters) You two… Only sisters can say that to each other. Minjeong. You took off the necklace without permission. Sangjin took it off for me. Just in case it’s heavy. It’s too childish for his taste. I think it’s too much. It’s one of the elegant necklaces I have. Is it? I got another tip from Jerok. If they walked down a road for a minute, – they got five business cards. / – For you both? Yes, and it wasn’t just any street. When we happened to go to Gangnam or Apgujeong, people suggested Seongrok become a model. Did you ever attend an audition? He got a lot of offers so if it wasn’t the basketball season, I’d ask if I could tag along. You were interested. I was more curious to see how things worked. He said to me, “You’re not supposed to bring someone along.” He’s basically concerned that I would… You know how sometimes the friend gets cast? What’s the conclusion? What happened? His point is that he might get the job instead. He might get chosen. He doesn’t want to steal his brother’s work. Everything he said so far was self-centered. That same mindset… He’s saying he made a sacrifice. The relative or friend is known to get cast instead. – But in real life… / – I was very concerned. That you’d be cast? It does happen a lot. (Guess and Sam Comes) It’s time for our popular corner. Yeonbok won’t be here today. It’s someone else. “Guess and Sam Comes”, it’s Sam Kim. (The owner of a huge garden) (The ideal of sweetness) (Chef of Italian cuisine) (Sam Kim) – Will we be eating Italian today? / – Yes, we are. I was getting sick of Chinese. – Earlier today, Myungsoo… / – Yes? I said Sam Kim would be here instead of Lee Yeonbok. “What? Who’s Seng Gim?” He was here two weeks ago. “Seng gim” is fresh dried seaweed. – That’s what I heard. / – Take a seat. – What’s the first dish? / – The first dish is something you can cook at home. You must have heard of it before. Arrabiata. – Arrabiata. / – Arrabiata! – It’s spicy. / – It’s slightly spicy. It’s slightly spicy spaghetti. It’s Italian for “angry”. Arrabiata. – Arrabiata. / – Arrabiata. (The zing of spicy peppers) (Hails from southern Italy) (Arrabiata) It’s a show where siblings can talk and vent. This should help heat things up. A spicy dish to equal your frustration. – It’s perfect for Inyoung. / – Hang on. There are things we can’t know. Things only a family living together can know. – That’s right. / – Here’s the first one. It’s a question based on a tip Jerok gave us. “When Seongrok lends this to Jerok,” “he makes him take a photo.” All right. – Me. / – Me. A suit? – No. / – Me. – His car? / – No. – The correct answer… / – Me. – Clothes? / – What? Clothes? It won’t be that obvious. (We know the answer) (Is it that obvious?) (Could be a trap?) – Clothes? / – It won’t be that obvious. Correct. It was that obvious. Correct. It was that obvious. – Really? / – Yes, it is. It’s clothes. Does Seongrok really make you take photos? I’m famous for my terrible sense of fashion. – Fashion terrorist. / – I don’t care much for fashion. I don’t have many outfits, either. It’s not like I can say no. They’re my clothes, so he sends photos to get permission. I played sports since I was in elementary school, so I rarely had to wear normal clothes. I was always in a tracksuit with very short hair. Sometimes when I’m on break or out to see friends, I need to wear something nice. So I borrowed Seongrok’s clothes, then he started demanding photos. Now I take a photo in front of the full-length mirror. “I’ll wear this.” He replies with an “okay” or “not that”. – Do you have to change, then? / – Yes, I do. It’s to keep track when you’re out? When he’s away does he cordon off a section? When I’m on break and at home, not him. I stay for about a week or so. He puts whatever he’ll wear in one corner. “Stick to this section.” He’s nice, though. Some brothers don’t lend clothes. They get very territorial. – What about you, Inyoung? / – I don’t… I help her pack when she goes traveling. “Wear this overseas when you go clubbing.” – I once… / – I didn’t like it, and she forced me to wear it. “You must wear this when you go clubbing.” I said it wasn’t my style, but she insisted. – It wasn’t demure enough. / – Hey. But she goes, “Wear it.” (The stern stylist sister) I lay out an outfit for her, then she goes, “Um…” “I don’t have shoes to go with this.” “You know I don’t.” Every now and then she calls me and asks me where I am. If I say I’m out shopping, she says, “Really? Shall I come over?” If I say yes, she suddenly changes her mind. “I have no money.” Then you have to pay for her. “I’ll just end up torturing myself.” “Good shopping.” “Good shopping.” – That’s what she says. / – Not “Good night”? “Good shopping.” Of course I say, “Come over and try something on.” She acts like I’m forcing her then says, “How pretty.” She marvels and then takes it off. Then I feel so sorry for her. She leaves as soon as I pay for it. You’re so different. It’s time to cook the first dish. – Arrabiata. / – Arrabiata. (To help the siblings vent) It’s Italian now that Sam took over the kitchen. It would be nice to rotate like this. It would be. Now go. Once the water boils, you have to remember to add salt before you cook the pasta. I put 13 grams per liter of water. It’s the only time you can season the pasta. The final aftertaste you’re left with is the saltiness, so it’s important. – Penne takes 13 minutes to cook. / – Okay. Is there a reason you’re using penne today? Penne pasta is hollow, so it goes well with the sauce and cheese. That’s why it’s a good choice. Thin and long pasta works better with olive oil based sauces. – Could you not answer while you cook? / – Okay. – Do you have to be somewhere? / – He’s impatient. – The garlic… / – Film this, Myungsoo. – Don’t just stand there. / – I set it up. It’s set up. It’s right here. – He was ready. / – Oh my goodness. It’s supposed to look interesting. I set it all up. Olive oil is very important. – Virgin? / – It’s extra virgin olive oil. Don’t touch it if you don’t have a license. I have a driver’s license. Since we’re cooking a spicy dish… – What’s that? / – I’ll add peppers. Peperoncini. – Peperoncini. / – It’s dried peppers. – It should start to smell now. / – It does. – I’ll add some parsley. / – Parsley. You’re adding that very early. It smells lovely. – The smell of garlic… / – It smells spicy. Give it a go. Sam, it smells of Italy. / – Italy? – What’s the gesture for? / – It means smell. – That’s great. / – It stings. That looks so cool. I’ll use a few tricks now. – It stings. / – Whoa. It’s spicy. The smell stings your nose. It’s the theme of the day. – Myungsoo is doing well. / – He’s great. Isn’t he? – Add the tomato sauce. / – This is it. – Myungsoo is doing well. / – He’s great. – Sam. / – Yes? I think Myungsoo did all the hard work. Since our producer is watching. Add the sauce. – Stir just a little bit. / – Add the cheese. It looks like it’s snowing. – It looks delicious. / – Now just let it melt. The mozzarella looks like chicken. It’s so pretty. Now if you just flip it, see the cheese melt? I can’t do that. It’s melting now. At last. Minjeong and Sangjin, the Oh siblings. – It’s not done yet. / – It looks great. No, the basil. Basil, basil… – You’re running out of time. / – Basil. – Sam. / – Five. – Basil, basil. / – Four. – Hurry up. / – Three. – Two. / – Basil, basil. – Stop cooking. / – One. – It’s done. / – Ding. The food is ready! How about the herbs? Use some herbs. – Add a little more. / – It’s straight from his garden. It’s Sam’s own herbs. – It smells great. / – It’s the smell of Italy. – It smells so good. / – Look at that. (The cheese on the ladle goes…) How dare you. We’re still filming. – Look. / – That’s just disgusting. I just had a little taste. You are abusing your position. (The saintly chef gives out parmesan with love) I’ll give just some cheese. It’s so good. Look at them. Can I have some more? It’s delicious. Congratulations. It’s good. – The cheese alone is so good. / – When can we eat? I’m sorry. You can’t eat. There are leftovers. It’s not for us. – Is there only one quiz? / – Give us a chance. How is it? Is it good? Say something to the camera. Make an impression. Do it in exchange for the tuition. – Say something. / – Speak up. It’s just… – We say “c’est bon.” / – “C’est bon”? – “C’est bon.” / – Say it properly. We need to be on TV. – It’s really good. / – Describe the taste. I could take a little more spice. Could you? Isn’t that hot enough? I wouldn’t mind more pepper. What do you say on your food shows? At first you get the aroma of the garlic, then you taste the tomato and the cheese wraps it up. That’s nice. – I’m sorry. / – It’s delicious. Sam deserves some applause. (The next one’s even better) I heard you shopped your way into a financial crisis. No, I didn’t. I just liked to buy too many clothes. – Are you all right now? / – Now, I am. My dad took my credit cards and gives me an allowance. How bad did things get? I had nightmares of people buying what I wanted. – You saw things? / – Yes, I did. – I broke out in cold sweats. / – Oh gosh. Women have this thing with limited editions. If it’s a limited edition or only one is left… The store managers would tell me that. I’d go and ask if there were any new releases. If they say, “This is the last one,” then I’d go home and dream of it that night. – I’d dream it was sold out. / – And the next day? I go back. – Right away? / – They always say it’s the last one. They say it all the time. – But… / – Were there about 400 in stock? I’ve changed. I don’t crave anything that much. Minjeong. Would you like to spill some of Sangjin’s secrets? – He… / – I doubt he spends much. He doesn’t spend much, but he travels often for work. On those trips, – he buys pretty plates. / – Plates? – Women do that. / – Or he buys kitchen utensils. I live alone, and I enjoy decorating and placing food on the plates. I like to cook as well, so I like to buy plates unique to each country. – Do you? / – So I call Japanese craftsmen ahead to place orders. – Those are expensive. / – They are, but… What’s the most you spent? I once bought a rice bowl worth 500, 600 dollars. – For one? / – Yes, but it was made of wood and very carefully lacquered. People who like plates like to show them. Sam, where do you spend your money? I buy knives, and I buy checkered shirts. Why checkered shirts? That’s usually what a fashion terrorist wears. He’s always in a checkered shirt. Do you not like plain shirts? If I wear something plain, I feel very – naked. / – Bare. You like checkered shirts too. Most of my shirts are checkered, too. I have over 100. – Checkered shirts? / – Really? Do you notice and buy checkered shirts? I do if I see it another color. Of the same checkered shirts? Aren’t they all the same? The younger siblings would like to say something. This is something Haeyoung told us. Does Inyoung have a special bathroom habit? – A bathroom habit? / – This sounds dangerous. I wasn’t sure about this in case she yells at me. Inyoung is shooting lasers out of her eyes. – What’s this habit? / – We chat a lot, so of course we need to take bathroom breaks. If she goes to the bathroom, I have to follow her. The problem is that she doesn’t close the door. (Culture shock) – Whatever the nature of business? / – Yes. – Even for number two? / – Yes. Why? – Should I not have said that? / – It’s fine. I’m sorry. Is it because you feel so lonely? I do feel lonely. – What about public bathrooms? / – Are you scared? She must lock the door then. Haeyoung puts up with her in case she feels lonely. I talked to her about it at first. – To lock the door… / – When she’s busy? But she never changed her habit. Can’t you talk on the phone instead? No, no. Minjeong, tell us something about Sangjin. He doesn’t have many secrets. Were you in middle school then? He used to be first or second in his class, but his grades suddenly just dropped. – How bad did it get? / – To what place? He dropped to about sixth or seventh place. – Come on, Minjeong. / – We got worried. That’s not a drop. That deserves a party. Sixth, seventh place deserves a celebration. It turned out he was crazy about basketball. What secret is that? How boring. – Share something else. / – Your stories are terrible. This was a huge deal to our family. – It’s nothing. / – It was a disaster. Sam, how about you spill something about yourself? – Me? / – About himself? Would he embarrass himself? There was a dish where the meat is put on a plate first and then it’s covered up with some bread. I prepared it in such a hurry that when the customer lifted the bread, there was no meat. – It was just bread? / – Yes, it was. I got yelled at. Didn’t you insist that was the dish? The meat was missing. You can’t insist if a meat dish is missing the meat. What will you cook for us this time? Do you know gorgonzola cheese? It’s the one that goes on pizzas. I like the weird smell. I’ll cook a risotto with gorgonzola cheese. (The smell of mushrooms) (The saltiness of gorgonzola cheese) (Gorgonzola risotto) Here’s the next question. This one is about the two sisters. “The strong-willed Seo sisters” “once got into a fight that ended with this.” – Me, a police report. / – No. Me. Is it poker? – No. / – Misun, Misun. No? – An agreement? / – No. – Me. / – Yes? – Alcohol? / – No. – Me. / – Sangjin? A nosebleed? Me, is it plastic surgery? Me, is it plastic surgery? Shush. It’s a nosebleed but… – Is it? / – A double nosebleed? Yell “Me.” first. – Me. / – Yes? A double nosebleed? A double nosebleed? (A fight ended with a double nosebleed?) A double nosebleed? It’s correct. (Jerok got the second one right!) The answer was a double nosebleed. A double nosebleed? A double nosebleed is different from a nosebleed. Girls fight until one bleeds from both nostrils? We were both young. “Seo Haeyoung, get some food.” Why do you boss her around? Were you that bossy? She hates it when I say our surname. If a family member keeps saying the surname… She’s the only one who does that. – “Seo Haeyoung,” like that? / – Yes. One day she said, “Stop bossing me around.” I yelled, “What did you say?” and my fist flew. I punched her, and blood streamed down. She didn’t punch me outright. It was just a glancing blow and I… If a glancing blow led to a double nosebleed… An actual punch would’ve dislocated your jaw. She’s trying to salvage her sister’s career. She’s afraid her double nosebleed will ruin her sister. I’ve been punched myself. A glancing blow can cause a nosebleed but a double… That doesn’t happen unless you’re hit right here. Nothing you said made sense. No glancing blow can cause a double nosebleed. When an older sibling is hitting you, there’s only one way the younger one can fight back. “I can’t see! Everything went black! What’s happening?” This always happened. My parents scolded me only, as an example. Even if it was her fault, they singled me out. I always my fault because I’m older. Once she told me… Do you really think that was just because you’re older? (Calmly vicious) It’s another glancing blow. Haeyoung told me her little trick. My parents always hit me and not her. She came to me and said, “Pretend you can’t breathe.” “Pretend you can’t breathe.” Pretend you can’t breathe? How do you do that, Haeyoung? I once went home late when I was in middle school. My father got so angry that he tried to beat me for the first time in my life. There was a trick my friend had taught me. I was to pretend I suddenly couldn’t breathe, act as if I were a little crazy and crawl under the table. So… I saw her pretend she couldn’t breathe and crawl under the dining table. She crouched like this and panted heavily. – To avoid your dad? / – She didn’t want to get hit. I guess our dad got really scared. After a while he said, “Go to bed,” – and he left. / – He didn’t hit her. I saw that and thought, “It worked?” “It worked?” That’s it. I bet Inyoung thought, “She’s dead now.” “That looks so fake.” I was cringing. Her acting was so bad. The younger siblings… What about you two? Seongrok teased me before we started school. How did he tease you? It’s really childish. I cried when he said, “Jerok has a farty butt.” (Squeal) He kept saying that like a chant. – Did we get swapped around? / – Maybe. He kept chanting “Jerok has a farty butt.” – All day? / – Yes, he chanted it all day. That’s so childish. Were you ever like that? This could be boring, but we always talk it out with reason. So you never argued? – Did your parents hit you? / – Excuse me. Please don’t associate us with them. (The nosebleed incident had finally worked but…) Sam, how about you get cooking? Gorgonzola! I bet it’ll be good. I want to go to a resort. Sam’s assistant… He fell down. (Moved the chair to make room) Sam’s assistant… He fell down. (Embarrassed) Did you know he just fell down? Did he really? – Where’s the chair? / – His legs got weak? – Is garlic used in everything? / – It’s not always. I like to use garlic. I add it when I can. Add whatever mushrooms you like. I’m adding the mushrooms. – Salt? / – I added some already, and now I’ll add some butter. Mushrooms and butter go well together. – Just what I like. / – In Italy… I like anything with butter. (Mushrooms and butter) Why do you keep making him work? I was going to do it, but he just took over. Just when the garlic is about to burn, you add the rice. Now add some parsley, then you pour in the broth. – Anchovies? / – It’s vegetable broth. Just boil some onions, carrots and celery. – Doesn’t it smell good? / – Yes, it does. – Can you smell it? / – The rice might stick. Doesn’t it smell like Napori? – “Napori”… / – “Napori”? – Isn’t it “Napoli” or “Naples”? / – Napo-ri, Gwangju. Where is Napo-ri? – Don’t you say “Napori”? / – It sounds Korean. It’s like Nampo-dong, Busan. Now this is it. – I’ll add the cheese. / – It’s Misun’s favorite one. (Salty gorgonzola and flavorful mushrooms) Add more cheese. – Parmesan? / – And then pour some fresh cream. Stir that up. – “Stir that up.” / – He’s a part-time assistant. You’re really putting him to work today. What are you doing? Just cook. I’ll do it myself. Taking your time is so old-school. Now we go right in. Lee Yeonbok 3, Myungsoo 0. Don’t touch it if you don’t have a license. You can do what you want. – Myungsoo is doing well. / – He’s great. (Sam Kim’s blessing) (The saintly chef) (I’ll work even harder) Chef, do you have siblings? I have a brother, who is one year younger. – Didn’t you fight a lot? / – We did all the time. I was in our room when I heard him come home, but he didn’t come in, so I peeked outside. He was eating a hamburger alone in the dark. I asked for a bite, he said no and we fought. Back then there were these famous sneakers with air. I poked a hole in his with a needle. – No! / – That’s so mean. If you poke a hole in the air cushion… That’s so bad. You were mean. What’s weird is you can hear the air escape. The very next day, there’s a hole in mine, too. He knew right away. That’s revenge. I’ll turn off the heat. Crush some walnuts, pistachios, almonds and add them. You can clap now. You can clap now. That was perfect. It looks so good. Rok brothers, this is for you. Thank you. This is just… Can I have this? Jaeseok, don’t you do that anymore? – How is it? / – Is it good? Say something. It’s just… The fragrance of the mushrooms just fills your mouth. – The texture is good. / – It’s fantastic. It has everything, soft mushrooms, rice, then the crushed nuts. – It’s like fireworks in my mouth. / – Fireworks? I eat this dish a lot. – It’s the best so far. / – Often? – He’s showing off. / – Are you sure? – I often drink Americano. / – He’ll develop a menu. “Food for parvenus.” He’s going to write one up. It’ll be a dish for each day of the week. Inyoung, did you make your father cry? – Were you a bad girl? / – It’s all rods and crying – for me today. / – What happened? Your father cried? – It was when she was young. / – Of course. – You were going through puberty. / – It wasn’t then. This story is more recent. – How recent? / – Sorry. Sorry. Our dad is very conservative. He doesn’t understand why women pierce their ears, and he doesn’t understand nail polish, either. I like to get tattoos, and I got a huge one. – Where? / – It’s on my arm. At first, he thought it was a sticker. He asked, “That isn’t real, is it?” The thing is that I can’t lie. I ended up saying, “What if it’s real?” That’s when it got really bad. “You’ll never get married with that.” I said, “Then I’ll marry a foreigner.” “I’ll move abroad. Don’t worry about me.” He said, “Get the tattoos after you move abroad.” After a while of that, he burst into tears. I said, “Why are you crying?” “This isn’t the end of my life.” I showed him photos of celebrities like Lee Hyori, with tattoos that were enlarged in the photos. – Large tattoos? / – Larger than yours? Why did you show him that? Later on, he found fault with this tattoo. I love the Mickey Mouse character. When I came home with this he said, “Guess what. I know a thing or two about drawings.” This is what I’ll say. “Your Mickey Mouse stinks.” Your dad said that? – This is news to me. / – This family… – The things they say… / – They’re so direct. They say things that leave a scar. “Do you know how silly that looks?” “You lack any sense of fashion.” I think I know a lot about fashion. – I’m known for it. / – You are. He started to taunt and mock my sense of fashion. I said, “Don’t try to mold me to your standards.” “I am not your woman.” That’s your mom, not you. I’m scared my daughter will be like her. (Want a glance of my fist?) (Glancing fist alert) You almost got a double nosebleed. What would you do if Minjeong got a tattoo? We’re very conservative, too. – She might get Chinese characters. / – Go Chinese. Get the basic characters. She needs to hang out with me and get exposed. Ask for some help. You need to break through. – Break through what? / – Like this. One day, Minjeong might get a tattoo on her arm, which would be Minnie Mouse. “I got Mickey, so you get Minnie.” – “We’re buddies forever.” / – Yes. “I have Mickey, you get Minnie.” Sam, were you a problem child or not? I think I was pretty obedient. – We shouldn’t be here. / – Why not? Dad told us never to talk about it. But your father… He’s an elder at our church, so… He was at his wit’s end with you. (Good point) What will you cook for us this time? It’s the main dish. It’s chicken thigh steak. (A well-grilled chicken thigh) (Lovely and chewy) (Chicken thigh steak) Let’s see the question. I know the answer. Can I guess? “Sangjin can do this in the open…” – Can I guess? / – Yes, you can. Get girls? Shoot naked? No. – Me. A kiss? / – What? Wrong answer. Did you have to say it like that? – How? / – “A kiss.” A kiss? (Want a bloody nose?) – A peck? / – She’s angry. He goes on a certain kind of date. Dating in public? Say your name. – Haeyoung. / – Yes? Dating in public? Dating in public? (He dates in public) (Yet no one reported about it?) Dating in public is correct! (Haeyoung wins the third dish) We always said she’s lucky with food. (Yay) There are never any scandals? I don’t really keep it from others when I’m dating. Did you date someone famous? – Not really. / – A non-celebrity? – Yes. / – But these days – that can become a scandal. / – Yes. – It happens often. / – Doesn’t she mind? “Why are we never in the news?” (She wants to be noticed) You sounded like his girlfriend. I thought this was for real. I just wonder why that’s the case. – Anyone else… / – This means… Try taking her to your place. When I lived with my sister, – we hung out together. / – Did you? – Have you met his girlfriend? / – Yes, I did once. What kind of women does he date? Women like me who are small and cute. Are you bragging now? No, I’m describing her build. Just her figure. Minjeong said in the interview that the way Sangjin treats his girlfriend is so different from how he treats her. Although you understand, it bothers you? I didn’t hire an agency to help me apply to the school in France. I had to write a cover letter in English, and said “Your English is better than mine so can you help?” He said, “Why ask for help when you know what to say?” He left me to fend for myself, but then he did his girlfriend’s assignments for her. Did he really? You might think I was being too harsh. Once she goes abroad, she has to fend for herself. I was trying to train her… What about your girlfriend’s assignments? She should do that. – It’s so upsetting. / – Shinyoung is very upset. One of your writers told me that he went to see a girlfriend during his part-time shift. – He’s… / – He’s passionate. He’s hot for love. (A romantic lover boy) It’s time to prepare our main dish. Sam, we’ll let you take over the kitchen. Now for the chicken thigh steak. This is the thigh meat. To ensure it cooks, you make some slices to spread it out. You need to flatten it out. – Then you go… / – Listen to that. (The tasty sizzle) When cooking thigh meat, put the skin side on the pan first. When it’s done cooking… That makes it nice and crispy. Where do you get that? – The griddle? / – They sell this everywhere. At Mullae-dong. – Are you sure? / – Yes, at Mullae-dong. – They sell this everywhere. / – Do they? Just slice up the vegetables, such as eggplant and zucchini. – Put it on the griddle. / – Just like that? – It’s so simple. / – It is. – There. / – It’s looking good. (Such firm meat) I’ve never seen this before. – It’s such a lovely color. / – Isn’t it? – That’s lovely, too. / – It looks great. I want that griddle. – Go to Mullae-dong. / – They sell them there. You can get one custom-made in Mullae-dong. Two days later they might sell Sam Kim’s Griddle. Seongrok, did you sing at your brother’s wedding? Yes, I did. What did you sing? It was Cho Kyuchan’s “I’ll Give You Everything”. I bet that felt weird, listening to him sing. I bet I’d cry. – I just… / – I cried. – Did you? / – The wedding singer cried? At the time I thought he was still very young. – But already… / – He’s getting married. I was very pleased and proud of him. So… I felt like how my parents felt. At Haeyoung’s wedding, I’ll sing “One More Time”. – You do that. / – Sing something else. Sing “One More Time.” Baby, one more time. (A cheerful, booming beat) Hello, there. Baby, one more time. (Everyone can come together) (Plate the vegetables first) (The thigh meat is the last) (Drizzle the sauce) It’s done. It’s done! – Thank you. / – It looks lovely. I want to take a photo. – What? / – I want to take a photo. A photo? (Tasting the vegetables first) What? (Can’t help but smile) – It’s amazing. / – Is it? It’s really good. – It’s so perfectly… / – It’s not soggy. It looks so good. My mouth is watering. It melts in your mouth. I’m really curious. Can we play a game? The skin on the thighs has great flavor, especially when it’s cooked well. Is the skin that good? I just brought out the taste of each ingredient. – The ingredients? / – Yes. Are you married? – I’m a dad. / – He’s a dad. My sister was so sad to hear that. I thought she liked Seongrok. – She did long ago. / – Sam does have a long face. You’re right. (Late Night Cafeteria Summer Special) Welcome to the Late Night Cafeteria. Let’s see what late-night snacks we’ll taste today. It’s a battle between the families. It is. The sister who always had to cook ramen. He’s a chef. Also, a man who likes to cook. Sangjin’s photo is on the wall. He’s on the Wall of Shame. He brought bean sprout soup. – Just that? / – Yes. – It’s time to reclaim your honor. / – Yes. My dish tasted good, but it didn’t suit the show. – You didn’t like it. / – We didn’t. I’m sure it tastes great, but this is breakfast. It’s good for you. Isn’t this what you eat when you have a hangover? Oh Sangjin’s bean sprout soup. It goes on the Wall of Shame. (Embarrassed) Seongrok, do you like to cook? I’m not that good, but I played a chef twice. – You did. / – You must know the basics, then. I can’t wait to see what snacks we have. Let’s see the first dish. 12 minutes? – It takes a while. / – It takes 12 minutes. – 12 minutes? / – It’s 12 minutes. (East meets west) (The collaboration of kimchi and pasta) (Kimchi Pasta) – What’s this? / – I see leek. I see kimchi. – Ramen? / – Leek. – Is that spaghetti? / – Yes, it is. It smells lovely. It’s a bit like pasta cooked in kimchi stew. – Whose dish is this? / – It’s ours. – It’s their famous kimchi. / – Kimchi… Was this made with your kimchi? Our mother packed us some sour kimchi this morning. Then it must taste fantastic. Our mom got the recipe from her mother. She makes great kimchi. Our grandmother was married to a hospital director, so I heard that she made thousands of heads of kimchi to hand out to the patients. I love my mom’s kimchi so much that I can’t eat kimchi anywhere else. With that kimchi, we developed this recipe when we lived together. What is it called? It’s called “Oh”… Should we say “The Oh’s”? It’s “The Oh’s Kimchi Pasta”. OKP for short. OKP. Are you aware that you’re terribly awkward? – It’s like you just met today. / – Seriously. – We’d have believed you. / – If you said that. Aren’t they like newlyweds? – Newlyweds. / – Newlyweds? It’s like a first blind date. Their first arranged blind date. We’ll taste this OKP. Must you eat it with leek? Jaeseok just loves noodles. How does it taste? Because this came after Sam’s cooking… That’s right. It’s just bad timing. It’s just… We’re ruined. It tastes of oily pasta with some sour kimchi. So it’s not that special? – It’s not. / – What if Sam had cooked this? Then it goes down in history. (Fame is everything!) – What? / – It’s about the brand. It tastes lovely. The kimchi is fantastic. – The kimchi. / – It’s great. It’s sour but lovely. Let’s see the next dish. It’s really heavy. Is it something famous? Why is it so heavy? This takes ten minutes. I smell perilla leaves. What’s that? (Sizzling on a griddle) (Meat is best when hungry!) (Spicy pork) Whose is this? (Who brought this recipe?) – Seongrok? / – The Sins. What is this called? It’s “Sinseong’s Jerok Stir-fry.” “Sinseong’s Jerok Stir-fry.” Wow. – I like that. / – It’s a great name. During basketball season, we went home once a week. The two dishes we asked our mom to make was cheonggukjang and stir-fried pork. So… This doesn’t look like your usual stir-fried pork. You use your average stir-fried pork sauce. You use that sauce, but I learned to cook in Japan, so I added that flavor. – Your mother’s sauce plus / – Yes. – your way of cooking. / – Yes, it is. – is it good? / – They like it. Because of the perilla leaves, the second you eat, you get the sauce and fragrance. – It’s not a late-night snack. / – It isn’t. Can you really cook this in ten minutes? Yes, the vegetables are almost raw, and it’s cooked on a heated griddle. You must get hungry fast when you play basketball. Did you eat a lot, too? I’m not a basketball player. Jerok is the other guy. – I mean before. / – Oh, before? – He’s trembling. / – You were told to ask that. You got the wrong guy. – I’ll do that again. / – Okay. (Will he) (manage) (this time) – Cue. / – You played basketball. How much did you eat? We’re down to the last one. – It’s the last dish. / – It’s the Seos’. – Four dollars? / – It takes seven minutes. It’s a perfect late-night snack. (Perfect when you’re peckish) (Easy to make and eat) (Seo Toti-dumplings) We’ve seen a lot of these over the years. It’s basically down to what is inside. I doubt it’s that special. We put in diced vegetables and cheese and your average tomato paste. – It’s a simple snack. / – I’m not really that eager. (Just staring, not eating) It just so happened that Sam cooked us Italian. He ruined our appetite for you. As I’m sure you can tell, this isn’t our usual late-night snack tasting face. This is Mexican. We made this since we were young. We said our father has a food company. – We always had tortillas. / – Did you? We wondered what to make and came up with that. On any other day, I’d be stuffing my mouth. – You’d eat one and hold one. / – Yes. I never eat in small bites. Today I’m taking ten small bites. You can imagine how it tastes. It’s good. It’s nice and stringy because of the cheese. Then there are the diced vegetables and sausages. I agree. (He Doesn’t want to bother to talk) Talk like you care. He’s not being mean. There’s nothing much to say. – Isn’t there? / – No, there isn’t. You can put that down now. Or eat it already. I told myself to finish it many times. – My arm won’t move. / – It’s not because it’s bad. It is good. You should’ve eaten it when you were hungry. We should’ve eaten this first. It’s time to vote. Let’s see which one you want to try. The pasta with kimchi? – Jerok Stir-fry? / – Jerok Stir-fry? Or the quesadilla? One, two, – Three. / – Vote now. Rok, Rok, Oh, Oh. Rok, Rok, the Rok brothers win. (The Sin family honor) I want something spicy. I feel queasy. – Come and join us. / – Come on! It’s time to see how Jerok makes this dish. I think you’ll be very impressed when you taste it. You have to judge if it’s a late-night snack or not. We’ll let the Rok brothers get cooking. This is how to make “Sinseong’s Jerok Stir-fry.” (A chef’s knife) I’d like to see him chop an onion. (Chopping) He’s good. He’s a pro. Thinly slice the onion. You lose the flavor if the perilla is chopped too thin. – So… / – Cut them thick. Look at Seongrok. – Are you his apprentice? / – I’m just the assistant. You’re in the way. Sit down. There are three of us here. Cut some thick slices of pork belly. – Pork belly is the best. / – Yes, it is. You brought a good cut of pork. – Scores? / – Scores? He’s good. He’s an expert. That’s what butchers do with thick gloves. Thick gloves? – What was that for? / – To check the scoring. I thought you were guessing the age of the pig. Are those growth rings? I wondered if there was something only experts know. How old was this pig when it was slaughtered. I can’t stop thinking that this is supposed to be a late-night snack. Fire. Fire. (Lighting the stove) Look at the two sisters. They’re done eating chicken so… We can tell that you don’t care much for this. – No, no. / – Look at the Ohs, too. They ate too much of Sam’s food. – Pretend you care. / – Why are you here, Seongrok? Because we’re family. – Rok, come and cook this. / – Okay. – I’ll do this. / – You’re worse than a lamppost. – Don’t say that. / – He’s tall and in the way. – The meat is in. / – What a sound. I’ll cook both sides until they’re crispy, then I’ll cut it into strips and use a torch. I cook it again with a torch. Must we use a torch to cook a late-night snack? What’s a torch? You’ll use this on a late-night snack? You need to learn how to weld. You need at least a Level 2 Welder’s License. I think this is a dish fit for a family dinner. – Didn’t the box say ten minutes? / – It did. It’s almost done. (Almost done…) Is this how you cook at night? A snack? – At night? / – A snack? I’ll ask you again. Late-night snacks… – Can anyone cook this? / – I’ll ask you again. Is this a late-night snack? This is… I didn’t put much thought into it. Anyone at home can cook this in just ten minutes. (The reality) (Fire show) You can whip up this late-night snack. In the middle of the night… Light this for me. Your family is sound asleep. You’re the only one feeling hungry. You should be careful if you cook this at night. Doesn’t our recipe suit your show better? – I’ll cook pasta in five minutes. / – Pick ours. It’s a reprise of Do Gyeongwan’s snack. (Toasty warm) Without this… Can’t you do this much for your wife? (As if he’s brewing a tonic) (His wife at his side) (Cooking to win) This is a new trend. – Torch your snacks. / – Torch your snacks. It looks good. – It does. / – Torch your snacks. What goes into the sauce? You mix red pepper paste, soy sauce, oligosaccharide, diced leek and garlic. – That’s how it looks. / – Doesn’t it smell good? It’s perfect if you like beer. This is a perfect side dish. This should be on a party table. It’s a buffet. Wouldn’t the noise wake your family? It looks amazing. Who would weld stuff to cook a snack? It looks great, though, like charcoal-grilled pork. It’s not a late-night snack. It’s more like a dish that means a lot to us. Wow, look at that. It’s complete! It looks so good. Myungsoo, I think we need to film this with the flame. Remind people you need a torch. Does this look okay? – It’s perfect. / – What’s that? (Singed grasshopper) It does look amazing. Let’s all eat it. Isn’t it good? It would be perfect if you could make this at home. It’s sweet and spicy. It’s perfect for us Koreans. – Minjeong? / – It’s a little heavy for me, especially to eat late at night. – It’s too heavy. / – Yes. Haeyoung, what do you think? – I wish this were a beer. / – Do you? – It makes you crave beer? / – Yes, it does. Let’s give them a warm hand. – Well done. / – Well done. It’s time to vote. Let’s see if they’ll end up on the board. Vote if you think they deserve to go up. We need at least four votes. Sinseong’s Jerok Stir-fry. One, two, three! Three! (Just one vote) It’s just me? (Despair) (Only me) I feel embarrassed, too. I think it’s time to say goodbye. What a pity. – Can I put this down? / – Yes, you can. – It was very delicious. / – I’m not saying it wasn’t. – At night… / – It’s Late Night Cafeteria. I’d have to stay up all night. Thank you, though. I think this lost all the votes. The torch? It has been a while since a menu failed to pass. That’s all we have time for. We hope to see you again next week. – Thank you. / – Thank you.


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