Hatriot Mail: Anti-Semite

Hatriot Mail: Anti-Semite

patriot now i have new hatred mail
patriot mail what his hatred now it’s very easy sometimes we get crazy hate
mail from people this is the new patriot mail banner by the way uses the david
patten shilo those kind of like the eight patriot anyway their break or at the outfit that
this is from my believe this was from alexandra we have uh… we get some of these
emails a professional voice-over artists does an interpretation like a dramatic
reading of the voicemails and when you hear when you hear any email invoices mail form it becomes even more
absurd now i warn you this one is pretty pretty uh… anti-semitic this is just a
microcosm of the types of anti-semitic comments i’d get basically daily i got
about a hundred anti-semitic comments daily this is one that came in in the email
which now we are interpreting for you and it does contain some profanity which
we will of course sensor for our broadcast audience road room scrum remember those one hundred nine times
through history when people expelled you’d choose from their lands expecting
more in the future you piece of shit wait till more of america wakes up and
shit hits the fan yeah your whole ship channel is disinformation and many people say it fuck you and is rock hal what what that’s a good one letters again what can
we say about that army combines anti-semitic conspiracy
theories with jewish media conspiracies bad grammar and poorly worded jokes i don’t know if
that’s it seems to check all the boxes it’s all encompassing that is on campus and and of course a lot of people who disagree with that email voicemail are donating to our indy gogo campaign
we’ve announced a huge indigo go campaign we are heading toward seven
thousand dollars and i want to encourage people if you haven’t yet contributed if
you’ve been saying i’m gonna throw in my ten bucks but on the way a little bit this is the time we absolutely need your
support take a stake in what we’re doing if you reject the content of hatred nail
if that is not what you believe if you believe this is important that this program and other non
corporate media are important make a contribution david tackling dot
com at the top of the page bright blue
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  1. You're a piece of fucking shit. Why don't you just die like the rest of your race? You know, the same race that has exterminated thousands of Pagans over the years?

  2. Remember Menachem Begin who blew up king David and blamed Palestinian!
    Muslims rise up because jews are setting us up and that goes to say that some European and us Christians behind hands in hands!

  3. I'm surprised too, thought he was white. (Also he's always reminded me as David Henrie. Anyone else see that?)


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  5. HAHAHAHA Oh my god.. I had to pause that after the first sentence. I'm dying from laughter. Who did that reading? It was just… beautiful. I'm sorry for the hate mail, but can you do more of these?

  6. I don't think your religious affiliation (or lack of), nor your sexual preference has anything to do with ones ability to deliver insightful viewpoints on current affairs. Judaism is a religion, not a race of people. All the Abramhamic faiths have blood on their hands. How unfortunate for the human species that in the year 2013 hatred of those that are different are still the leading news stories and justification of murder.

  7. Man, they say judge your friends by their enemies, looking at the all the slack jawed morons, fanatical muslims and douche bag psychopaths who hate Jews, I'm about ready to chop my foreskin off and call myself Rhinehartberg

  8. Love the h8triot mail… reminds everyone that there are in fact fuckwitts out there with ignorant underdeveloped thoughts like these…

  9. Christian evangelicals believe that Christ will return to earth when the Jews have returned to the promised land (I don't know why, but there it is). So, they "Israel" in the same way you love the engine of your car. It is necessary to get you where you want to go. Jews as individuals, however, hold no such "lofty" place in their hearts.

  10. Because its an apartheid nation that is committing genocide against innocent Palestinian civilians and now also attacking Syria with rockets breaking international law

  11. No, conservatives have an AWFUL history of antisemitism, ranging back over a century. Currently, evangelicals have shifted conservatives to be supportive of Israel, but most of them love the idea of Israel simply because the Jews recreating their country is a sign of the second coming–that said, once Jesus comes back, Israel is destroyed in the great war and about 90% of the Jews go to hell. As you can see, the cons don't actually like Jews/Israel but they want us to fulfill their prophecy.

  12. 1) Israel isn't apartheid, as Palestinian Israelis are given full legal equality (there are a number in the knesset and have been two on their Supreme Court). Yes, Israel doesn't extend full legal priviledges to Palestinian refugees, but no country in the area does (ex. Jordan and Egypt don't give rights to the Palestinian refugees either).

    2) They react badly when attacked (and over 16,000 missiles are shot into Israel every year), but there is no way to call Israel's actions genocidal.

  13. i'd pitch in 10 bucks immediately if pakman would make a video condemning israel for continuing to build settlements in the west bank..

  14. vvwvv(.)ifamericansknew(.)org/stats(/)deaths(.)html wvvw(.)ifamericansknew(.)org/ vvwvv(.)amnesty(.)org(/)en(/)region(/)israel-occupied-palestinian-territories/report-2011 h.t.t.p(:)//25(.)media.tumblr(.)com(/)tumblr_ljc09cbaPk1qf4rwdo1_500.jpg I couldn't find any trustworthy internet sources for the actual death tolls but some sources claim its around 1,5-3 million dead Palestinians.

  15. Nice. If your like me and disagree with free speech then give me some money. This guy is the definition of a statist. Everything about him.

  16. Lol we have some more Alex Jones fans spewing anti-jewish bile in the comments. Israel are not equivalent to all Jews but the dumbfucks can't see it

  17. I suggest that you read a little about the history of the region. Begin with the fact that, on the day that Israel was created, all of its neighbors got together and attempted to annihilate it; then, you can continue to read how it was these countries who annexed the West Bank and Gaza from the Palestinians, forced them into refugee camps, and used them for decades as a political prop to attack Israel. I pity the Palestinians and feel for their suffering, but it isn't Israel who started it.


    Oh man, i had to pause it after the first four words of the "letter". I literally laughed my ass off, seriously, i lost 8 pounds just from laughing at that part.

  19. Are the israelis thiefs? what did they steal? They where given the country back in 1948. Or are you refering to the organ thefts?

  20. Haha! Too much of a benefit for someone like you who wants to refuse what is fact.
    You are probably a jew yourself so why bother yourself what seems like mere insults to you? Screw off bucko.

  21. Unfortunately, that deal was rejected by the Palestinians several decades ago and the right wing Likud took power in Israel. Now, extremist Palestinians will not accept any deal, instead choosing to fire rockets from civilian areas in an attempt to kill Israelis and provoke a strike back which kills Palestinian civilians (thus inflaming people against Israel further) and the right wing in Israel uses it as an excuse to retain power (kinda like the USA's neo-cons).

  22. The Talmud is a compilation of ancient oral traditions and rabbis interpretations. from hundreds of years ago. It will not be full of completely modern ideas. Not all Jews follow the Talmud either.

  23. It depends. Neo-Conservatives like Israel. Some Evangelicals like Israel. But then there are libertarians and Paleoconservatives that don't like Israel.

    However, then you get to a point where you have Neo-Nazis who hate Israel.

  24. Your ignorance is vulgar.

    The reason many wallstreet type criminals are Jews is a variety of reasons.

    But you have to realize the religion of Judaism does not lead to this necessarily.

  25. "Secular" hahaha, you're destroyed now kiddo."

    Completely fallacious argument. Since when does being secular mean you can't be racist? I also find it stupid that you are assuming that because I said Israel was secular, that Israel is "good."

  26. Completely fallacious argument.

    None of what you said disproves what I said about Israel being secular. Since when does secular mean you can't be ethnic-based?

  27. Hereditary based. Meaning non-religious Jews get instant citizenship.

    How is this "religious" again?

    How do you explain there being many secular Zionists?

  28. Nope. Things you mentioned point to Israel being an ETHNOCRATIC state, not to being a RELIGIOUS State.

    I am not back peddling from anything. Israel is a secular state. You are the one associating Israeli racial practices with secular or not secular.

  29. "An ethnic state is also antithetical to secularism, so you lose again"

    Nazi Germany was secular for example.

  30. "Judaism is also not just an ethnicity, it's a religion as well, which is an obvious fact to most people."

    Yes, it's both. But there are Jews in Israel who are not religious. Meaning it's a Jewish ethnic state, but not a religious state.

  31. I'm not back peddling, I never did.

    You were saying how Israel was religious supremacist, which is not true. It isn't a religious state.

  32. Unless of course we're talking about a person trying to make a ridiculous point that a state with an Ethnically centered government is somehow "secular"

    Not a ridiculous point. It's a fact.

  33. There was also an Asknenazi dominated government in the past that sometimes lorded it over the Sephardi Jews. So there is ethnicity involved in the Israeli identity. It isn't all about religion.

  34. Actually, it is primarily an ethnicity of supremacism and exclusion. The founder of Zionism, was not a practicing jew.

    It is a flawed belief that Zionism is a part of Judaism. Zionism does have religious believers, but it is was a primarily NATIONALISTIC and ETHNIC movement. Many Zionists were secular and were in conflict with Orthodox Jews who believed that the Jews must wait in exile before they return to Palestine.

  35. "This doesn't mean that Israel is secular, because it is an enclave of exclusion based on race,"

    Who are you kidding? An enclave based off race isn't religious, it is "ethnic" or "racial." This does not mean it is good or bad. We can discuss that after.

    But you have to recognize that Zionism (and Israel) is not religious. Opponents of Israel have recognized that.

  36. There's not complete religious neutrality, no. But Israel is a secular state and many Israelis are secular.

    Can we move on?

  37. I'm not naive. And you're sounding really dumb. Please try to understand what I'm saying.

    You clearly are not reading my comments.

  38. The only truly Zionists that fit your false and incorrect notion of "Zionism" are the settlers in the West Bank.

    Why do you insist on critiquing Zionism from a "secular/religious" perspective? It's a false criticism.

  39. Your criticism stems from a belief that "secular=goodness"

    Hence, when I say Israel = secular, you think I like Israel. But you do realize that a country can be secular, but also racist and aggressive?

    Do you know that Nazi Germany, a demonic entity, was secular as well? Or should I mention Pol Pot?

  40. When a nation is vastly secular and there Ultra-Orthodox Jews who are opposed to it, then no it is secular.

    With regards to persecuting religious groups, that does prove it is anti-Muslim.

    You have to stop with your fallacious argument.

    Zionism IS NOT Judaism. They aren't the same.

  41. Let's stop this debate. You're making a bullshit and false argument. Nazi Germany was secular, that does not mean it wasn't racial.

  42. Are you dumb or what? There have been massacres of Native Americans in the late 1800s. Fucking idiot.

  43. You see, Zionism was a mostly secular movement. The were Orthodox Jews livnig in Europe opposed it because they believed they should wait for the Messiah before they all return to Israel. That's a fact.

  44. You realize that California and New Mexico were stolen from Mexico in an act of aggression. Not a billion years ago, moron, but in 1849?

    That's American Imperialism. And those areas are being slowly immigrated into by Mexicans. It's not evil or immoral. It's just history.

  45. There is a movement to give Native Americans there own nation called the Republic of Lakotah. If you don't support an initiative similar to that, you are nauseating.

  46. That was an awesome comment. Haven't done creative writing in years, I'd write something like that just to get it read out by your narrator in that GI Joe voice. 

  47. Oh dear God, I am bursting at the seams. This was hilarious. You definitely paid the right voice actor for this role. He's great.

  48. That was very distasteful. I like some of your videos, hate others, generally like Hatriot Mail. But the antisemitism and profanity are distressing. They make me sad.

  49. To be fair, Israeli government has fucked us over and over throughout the years (USS Liberty, spies, 9/11) and they continue to drag us into their shit since.
    Here's one of their esteemed foreign policy lobbyists suggesting we start war over Iran over a false provocation (just like all the others throughout history as he recounts):
    Where was he fileted by the media? Oh that's right, nowhere except a few people on the internet.
    Not that it's the fault of all Jews, but it does need to be recognized that they have an inordinate amount of influence. It is not anti semitic to say so, it's just a fact nobody wants to talk about for fear of being called such. There are many Jews who have no problem saying it, why shouldn't everyone else? Not that it should reach this hate mail type of banter of course.

  50. Hi David. I could write a really "good" Hatriot mail because I have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humour. I would ruin it though by explaining that I didn't mean any of it.
    I would compose it by turning my brain off just prior to starting my mouth running…..lol

  51. "Your whole shit channel is disinformation"

    That's bad.

    "Many people see it!"

    That's good!

    The channel is sponsored by products with potassium benzoate.

    blank stare

    That's bad.

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