How did Hitler rise to power? – Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

How did Hitler rise to power? – Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

How did Adolf Hitler, a tyrant who orchestrated one of the
largest genocides in human history, rise to power in a democratic country? The story begins at the end
of World War I. With the successful
Allied advance in 1918, Germany realized the war was unwinnable and signed an armistice
ending the fighting. As its imperial government collapsed, civil unrest and worker strikes
spread across the nation. Fearing a Communist revolution, major parties joined
to suppress the uprisings, establishing the parliamentary
Weimar Republic. One of the new government’s first tasks was implementing the peace treaty
imposed by the Allies. In addition to losing over a tenth
of its territory and dismantling its army, Germany had to accept full responsibility
for the war and pay reparations, debilitating its already weakened economy. All this was seen as a humiliation
by many nationalists and veterans. They wrongly believed the war
could have been won if the army hadn’t been betrayed
by politicians and protesters. For Hitler, these views became obsession, and his bigotry and paranoid delusions
led him to pin the blame on Jews. His words found resonance in a society
with many anti-Semitic people. By this time, hundreds
of thousands of Jews had integrated into German society, but many Germans continued to perceive
them as outsiders. After World War I, Jewish success led
to ungrounded accusations of subversion and war profiteering. It can not be stressed enough that these
conspiracy theories were born out of fear, anger, and bigotry, not fact. Nonetheless, Hitler found
success with them. When he joined a small nationalist
political party, his manipulative public speaking
launched him into its leadership and drew increasingly larger crowds. Combining anti-Semitism with
populist resentment, the Nazis denounced both Communism
and Capitalism as international Jewish conspiracies
to destroy Germany. The Nazi party was not initially popular. After they made an unsuccessful attempt
at overthrowing the government, the party was banned, and Hitler jailed for treason. But upon his release about a year later, he immediately began to rebuild
the movement. And then, in 1929,
the Great Depression happened. It led to American banks withdrawing
their loans from Germany, and the already struggling German economy
collapsed overnight. Hitler took advantage
of the people’s anger, offering them convenient scapegoats and a promise to restore Germany’s
former greatness. Mainstream parties proved
unable to handle the crisis while left-wing opposition was too
fragmented by internal squabbles. And so some of the frustrated public
flocked to the Nazis, increasing their parliamentary votes from
under 3% to over 18% in just two years. In 1932, Hitler ran for president, losing the election to decorated war hero
General von Hindenburg. But with 36% of the vote, Hitler had
demonstrated the extent of his support. The following year, advisors
and business leaders convinced Hindenburg to appoint Hitler
as Chancellor, hoping to channel his popularity
for their own goals. Though the Chancellor was only
the administrative head of parliament, Hitler steadily expanded the power
of his position. While his supporters formed
paramilitary groups and fought protestors in streets. Hitler raised fears
of a Communist uprising and argued that only he could restore
law and order. Then in 1933, a young worker was convicted of
setting fire to the parliament building. Hitler used the event to convince
the government to grant him emergency powers. Within a matter of months,
freedom of the press was abolished, other parties were disbanded, and anti-Jewish laws were passed. Many of Hitler’s early radical supporters
were arrested and executed, along with potential rivals, and when President Hindenburg died
in August 1934, it was clear there would be
no new election. Disturbingly, many of Hitler’s early
measures didn’t require mass repression. His speeches exploited
people’s fear and ire to drive their support behind him
and the Nazi party. Meanwhile, businessmen and intellectuals, wanting to be on the right side
of public opinion, endorsed Hitler. They assured themselves and each other that his more extreme rhetoric
was only for show. Decades later, Hitler’s rise remains
a warning of how fragile democratic institutions
can be in the face of angry crowds and a leader willing to feed their anger
and exploit their fears.


  1. There are a lot of people misunderstanding communism in this comment section. The communist regimes people fear were actually all dictatorships, under the guise of promoting equality while continually placing themselves and others in an upper echelon above most of the population. That's more dictatorship than communism… It doesn't matter a politician's ideology; what matters is their tendencies to be dictator.

  2. The Story begins way before WWI….
    His Youth and relation to his father especially is really importent.
    After all Why would a normal austrian be a German nationalist.

  3. Американский историк и психиатр предположил и доказал что Гитлера в детстве насиловал сосед еврей. Гитлер с 9 лет неоднократно подвергался сексуальному насилию со стороны соседа Марка Гольдовича. Получается вся идеология фашизма основана на психической подавленности самого Адольфа Гитлера. Детская травма сыграла роль на историю всего человечества

  4. Narendra modi- the indian prime minister is the new tyrant and have the same ideology of nazis…
    Currently oppressing the innocent kashmiris..!
    Kashmiris are in a communication blockade and curfew for around 50 days now…!!!

  5. Even if the people are given power it turns into nothing but a witch hunt, look no further than the French Revolution. Even everyday normal people can be riled up into enraged monsters with enough mob support justifying their corrupted means and ends.

  6. One question that isn't asked is how did the Bolsheviks rise to power in Russia which resulted in tens of millions of people dying by execution and starvation? Who were these people?
    How come most people were never taught about the complete horror that they brought about.

  7. Well you should show this to Netanyahu and Trump supporters or equivalent ,… they are tyrants on the best way to replace Hitlers legacy

  8. How biased does this need to be? seriously? Give me the facts, not your left wing opinions on this matter. You create more hate with your ignorance. I'm left wing. Ive come for the facts. I can't watch this. So bias.

  9. I just can't help but see the similarities between between the 1930 Nazi's and today's left in America. Both are socialist. Both created a boogeyman to blame their troubles on ( Nazi's had the Jews, the left has white men).Both tell you people are being oppressed. Both have goon squads to beat down oppositions views ( Nazi's brown shirts, the left antifa). Both want to disarm the citizens. Suppress free speech and religion. Strike fear of the current government and control the media ( left has already done that). And they both will tell it's for the greater good. Beware.

  10. Propaganda video. They completely gloss over the state of society of the Weimar Republic, the Revolution of 1919, the child brothels, etc.

  11. This is what I wanted.Thank you for this super amazing documentary.keep going.keep achieving coz you guys deserve.

  12. Today we have Nationalists vs Globalists back then it was Nationalists vs International Communism – "History is written by the victors.

  13. This is the most biased and in informative video I’ve ever seen; you’re just presenting the history through one perspective with no acknowledgement of the many other factors at play

  14. I’m scared for when judgement day come bc ALOT (hitlar) of people did a lot of bad things that he shouldn’t have done. I’m scared for everyone.

  15. Easy poeple got sick of Homosexuality when the Church embraced it the Church embraced Liberalism when men and women wanted to be left alone

  16. I love how they had to emphasize “democratic country” as if democrats cant become a genocidal maniac. Abraham Lincoln was a republican.

  17. The marketing here in this video was excellent 4/4

    Very engaging and did great at educating and offering more knowledge.

  18. pretty good except that the Nazis weren't nationalists in the sense that we would use the word; they were racists and by "nation" meant race

    edit: they're also not right wing

    2nd edit: the end is an argument against tight gun control

  19. The most important thing for us to notice is the fact that it was racism + fearmongering + promises of, essentially, “make Germany great again”. Pretty familiar.

  20. sound at all familiar? post 911. migrants. conspiracy theory. silver tongue and rallies. Mueller then impeachment then re-elect against fractured dems, and on and on and on.

  21. 🙇🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️📻 Did you know that During the earlier days of WW2 young children and teens were forced to listen to hitlers radio announcements and solute the nazis. Even the people who didn't agree with him were listening bc if they didn't they'd be punished.

  22. Some advice for next time, as soon as you said "wrongly" before believe, I knew it was biased narration and so stopped watching and moved on.

  23. I don't know how to make this joke but the jews did take Hitler's idea and made a fascist state so I'm sorry Palestine history will repeat

  24. Everybody, myself included, is saying how the animation by Uncle Ginger is worthy of an award, but HOW HAD NOBODY SPOKEN A PEEP ABOUT HUGH COWLING’S SOUNDTRACK? IT IS GOD! Not literally, but you get what I’m saying.

  25. not fact. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL yeah, and you're totally not interest slaves today, grinding every day to enrich the totally not Jewish bankers, while your country, culture, and nation collapses as the totally not Jewish holywood elite market decay upon us as 'cool'.

  26. Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times.
    😢 😢 😢

  27. …………..Watch the most forbidden documentary ever published in history and banned in its entirety on YT. "Europa the Last Battle". at archive-dot-org. The victors write the history…………

  28. If you are interested in the truth, please read reverend Peter H. Nicholl's book 'Englands Krieg gegen Deutschland'. I guess the english title is 'Britain's Blunder: An objective Study of the Second World War – It's Cause, Conduct and Consequence'.

    The official history is nothing but a lie!

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