– Hi there. My name’s Roberto Blake. I’m a creative
entrepreneur, public speaker and I have a successful
social media coaching business that I was able to build into a six figure stay-at-home business. I’ve done over a thousand
videos here on YouTube, helping people to build
their online presence, their brand, their business,
and start marketing themselves, even if they don’t have a ton
of money to start out with because it’s how I actually got my start. Even if you don’t want to specifically build a coaching business, you’re gonna wanna stay
tuned to this video because I’m gonna tell you
how I built my email list. I’m gonna tell you about the tools and services I needed to have in order to operate an at-home business. You need to be able to capture money. Obviously, a lot of that
you can do with PayPal for invoicing your clients and setting up your payment systems. You also need a way to
capture the email addresses, in addition to capturing money. So I’m going to talk to you
about email marketing software and automation, and also, for those of you who don’t have any kind
of online audience, it’s okay because you
can actually do things to build that audience and following. It doesn’t have to be massive ’cause really what you need is sales. You don’t need a huge audience, you just need a few loyal customers and that is more than enough for you to build a six figure business. Today’s video is actually
sponsored by PayPal. PayPal is the largest online platform for processing payments. It’s also probably the
most trusted platform when it comes to online
shopping and transactions. It’s what I use when
I want to buy products and camera gear and
things for my business. It’s also how I pay a
lot of my freelancers. They invoice me through PayPal. So this is kinda one of
the foundational tools of my business. I would definitely encourage you if you don’t already use PayPal, to sign up for an account and if you’re trying to
run an online business, they have a lot of extra features if you go to a business account. You can also get a PayPal debit card which could help you when you’re traveling and trying to conduct business that way. So thanks again for our friends at PayPal for sponsoring today’s video. Now, throughout this video, I’m gonna be doing some show and tell. I’m gonna be showing you
some of my sales figures. A lot of this will be either
through the Kajabi dashboard or some of the processing that happens in the PayPal side of things
when I capture the money. So those things will be
popping up on the screen. You’ll also be seeing
references to some of the tools that I used to grow my business and that will be just for context. I know there’s a lot of skepticism around building a six
figure business today because you hear it said so many times. It actually comes down to
some very practical math. If you have a product or service or both and they’re priced at 300
to $500 per transaction, once you have that in place, it means making a single
sale each and every day in order to be able to
build a six figure income. So, you’d either have to do 300 to 500 in revenue per day, gross, or you’d have to do roughly
$8,800 a month in overall sales. Now one of the good things about doing a niche like coaching, whether you’re doing social
media coaching like me or you’re doing something,
say in the fitness niche or in the professional services niche, is that it’s very easy to have a product and a process that is
easily a 300 to $500 offer. Also, if you build your
brand and reputation in terms of a service, active income. Products are passive income. Services are active income. When it comes to taking client calls, you can charge a healthy fee for that. Primary example, when I do a
channel review for YouTube, for content creators, that’s $279 for a 30 minute YouTube channel review. Now, that’s a very
specific process and audit and it’s also for a very
specific type of customer but for my general business
development coaching, which could include YouTube, social media, eCommerce, personal
branding, public speaking, any number of things
that I have authority in, I’m able to charge a
higher amount than that for a 90 minute call. And this means that my time is being sold for the highest amount. A lot of you are skeptical
about making six figures because you’re used to the concept of an hourly wage where a $50
an hour salary sounds amazing but, when you are able to have what is called a high income skill, you’re able to bill hundreds, sometimes thousands of
dollars for your time if you position yourself
against an affluent market Okay Roberto, that sounds great in theory and yup, sales numbers are up there, but what does that all mean? What does that all break down to? Well, the best way I can
tell you to approach it is a combination of one,
find your high income skill. Something that you have authority in or a skill that you can develop that has a high market value. After that, you need to build content to prove your authority
and expertise in that and I would recommend that you
develop some of that content as articles that you’re
posting on LinkedIn and that you really clean
up your LinkedIn profile and that’s completely
free and available to you. I also would then recommend that you pick a live streaming platform to do weekly Q and A’s or webinars and if you want to be really aggressive and you have the time, I
would schedule an hour a day where you can do hour a
day training sessions, Q and A and webinars with people and use them signing up for that to capture emails and grow your list and also to sell them your offer. And the first offer is obviously that one-on-one coaching time with you until you can develop a product. Now there are a couple of things
you’re gonna need in place if you want to be able to accomplish that and the foundation of that
is having your own website, your own .com so that you have
a place to drive traffic to. Traffic ultimately converts to sales. If you even look at retail, retail locations put
themselves in position to get foot traffic so you need website traffic so that you can sell your offer and so you can describe
it and flesh it out. Now, the first and easiest way to do this is to set up your own website. Now, here’s what you do, once you have a website in place, this can be a Word Press website, you’re gonna wanna set
up your PayPal account so you can capture money. And the good thing is you can use PayPal to build a button that people can press to get your offer and you can
capture that upfront money and sell your time against that. For scheduling that appointment with you, there’s an app called Calendly and it’s actually really good. It works with your Google calendar so all of a sudden, people
can book those coaching calls. You can block times and
days of availability. If you’re not available,
you can block out that time so people can’t choose it. And it makes it really
simple to manage all of this, and again, a lot of this
is relatively inexpensive. Some of it is even free. Now again, this is gonna get you started. If you want a better way to approach building a coaching business, there’s a platform I use called Kajabi. In fact, this hat, this
hat is a perk from Kajabi. When you do a $1,000 in
sales, they give you a shirt. When you do your first $10,000 in sales, they give you a cool hat like this. And it’s a little warm in
here with all these lights, so I’m not wearing my Kajabi hero jacket that they give you for
doing $100,000 in sales. Now, I built my coaching
business on Kajabi eventually. I moved it from my own website and just using a PayPal button, to being able to capture
funds through PayPal through the Kajabi system where I could easily develop new products and coaching courses, digital downloads and also my group coaching program. I have a group mentoring program where I charge people $59 a month. We have over 100 students in that group. In the early days, I have a beta version of it when I was testing this out and that was 29 a month. So we have a lot of people
who are grandfathered into the earlier price. But you can already see
how when you have something that’s 39, 29, $59 a month,
or $500 for the year, that that’s a very good
recurring revenue stream and it’s diversifying
how you generate income. Now obviously, you have to
make that worth people’s while. Part of that is, at least for
me doing group training calls and group training sessions. Something I use to do
my one-on-one coaching and group calls is a
free tool called I’m gonna link that in the description. One of the reasons I really like Kajabi is it’s a complete coaching solution. So what I was able to do was I was able to set up a recurring income
stream with a membership, then I was able to produce
digital download products in the form of templates, then courses, and of course,
my coaching packages. So now I have recurring revenue, I had passive income on
digital download products, passive income on courses and then active income in terms of one-on-one coaching clients. And this is part of the key to building a six figure
stay-at-home business is finding as many ways
to diversify as possible. One of the other things I
would definitely recommend that you build in is affiliate marketing. You know that I’m a big
proponent of affiliate marketing and one of the good things
about it that I really like is how convenient it is ’cause a lot of these affiliate marketing
programs pay you out directly through PayPal so it’s
another easy thing to track for your accounting when
it comes to setting up and building your business
and keeping that streamlined. Building out some kind of content, whether it’s a blog that drives traffic or whether it’s online videos
or even podcast is essential because you want to drive
that traffic directly to your website and tie it together with the products that you offer but it’s also a great opportunity to build and grow that email list. I cannot stress to you enough how vital an email list is for your sales. It’s more important to have
a 5 to 10,000 email list than to have hundreds of
thousands of subscribers or followers in a social media platform. For me, a single email
was a $3,000 sales day. I am not kidding. It is that powerful for you. And I’ve known people to do emails that generate 50 to $100,000
because of the price of their products and
how large their list is and it only takes a small amount
of those people to convert. If you have a $500 offer, whether that’s the
yearly on your membership or there’s a discount for that or whether it’s an individual product and you get 10 people to buy it, it’s a $5,000 sales day
off of just one email. So, again, don’t think that
this is impossible for you. You just have to make
a plan and execute it and deliver value, over deliver on value. Now part of this is
having the right market. Now, with me being somebody
who operates in social media, I’m dealing with people who
already have a business, in most cases, or have started building and developing their brand
and they have some income. I am not marketing to people who have zero dollars in their pockets when I’m pitching these
products and services. Qualifying your buyers
is absolutely important which is why I love the route
of combining content marketing and live streams with email marketing is because you can help
people self identify the value of their problem and their pain point and then when you offer that solution, it’s not a questions of
whether they can afford it, it’s a question of
whether they have the time to execute on it. Now if the majority of your audience is not necessarily at the
higher end of the market, you can make some, what we
would call, gateway products that are affordable, that are a ladder to your larger products so
when they can afford it, it’s not a question if they buy it because they had a good
experience with you. For that, I would definitely
recommend a $100 product. A very good example of this for me was my YouTube starter kit. It is a template packed
with 175 download assets. A lot of it’s YouTube
thumbnails and channel artwork because a lot of people
are not great at Photoshop and visual branding but that is essential to them getting views and
subscribers on YouTube. It’s the presentation. I had a background in graphic
design as well as marketing so I’m very good at that and what I did is was
I took Photoshop work that I spent, you know a
goodly amount of time on, something most graphic
designers will never do. They’ll never devalue
a Photoshop file asset to less than a dollar in value but I am playing the long game and so I did that and
the YouTube starter kit, at $99, and then there
were discount codes, I sold over 600 units of
the YouTube starter kit. I believe, to date, it’s
done about roughly $40,000 in revenue to date, since I launched it and that is a really strong product for me because I have authority in YouTube and the secret is I didn’t even market it to the majority of my audience that watches my YouTube videos. I specifically targeted my email list and a few of my smaller
social media platforms to generate $40,000 in sales. And that’s on a $99 product. Now imagine getting 100
sales on a $500 product. You start to understand the math here and how valuable it is to you and if you can get 100
sales on a $500 product, then getting the next 100 sales once you’ve accomplished that is not as challenging
’cause you already know how to be successful. Now when it comes to email marketing, there are a couple of
different routes you can go. If you need to start email
marketing on a budget, you could start with MailChimp,
which is absolutely free, but I’m going to recommend
that you consider ConvertKit, I’m gonna link to it down below, Constant Contact or if
you’re much more advanced, you could use something like Infusionsoft. If you want to do online webinars, you can do that just by
doing a Facebook Live stream. You can do that with a free software for live streaming called OBS which will let you alternate
between your webcam and a presentation or
slide that you wanna do or a screen that you want to capture or you could use something
called WebinarJam. I’m gonna link to that down below as well because it’s a complete
streamline solution for hosting and doing your webinars. And you can do webinars on
either Facebook of YouTube. There are still some people
who do them on Periscope. I know that’s how I got started so that’s what I would recommend. One of the good things about
using a software solution for your webinars is that
often you can have a system in place where you can link
directly to the ability and the option for people to buy your product and your offering. The other thing is every webinar can be repurposed as content. You could give the replay of
that webinar away to people in exchange for signing
up to the email list if they missed it the first time. And obviously, for people
who signed up and missed it, they can watch the replays. So, just understand that webinars are usually evergreen content that you can repurpose just like articles that you’re going to write. When it come to invoicing clients, you need to make sure
that you put a template in place for that so
that you can bill them and they understand what
it is that is promised in the package and what
they’re paying for. I would generate an invoice through PayPal’s invoicing system and send that to my clients via email. And a lot of times in my
either working with brands to do brand deals or
in working with people who I do workshops for, often I’ll still invoice
using that system. Freelancers that I contract to to help me within my business, ’cause I still very much, I’m a solo entrepreneur. I have a virtual assistant and
I have a personal assistant and that’s it. I don’t have any other
real employees beyond that. I just utilize freelancers and a lot of them, the majority of them, invoice me through PayPal and that’s how I pay their invoices and how I take care of them. And again, it’s really efficient system when it comes to accounting
at the end of the year because then you’re gonna want
to streamline that process to deal with your taxes
and for your accountant to not, you know, bite your head off for making them sort through
a lot of different things. So, PayPal just streamlines all of that. Now a lot of you might be wondering, Roberto, did you use ads
to grow your business? And the thing is I’ve
experimented and dabbled with ads and my plan, as to going forward, utilize YouTube video ads and market those against
my existing audience and also people who are watching videos that it makes sense to market to them for the products and
services that I offer. With that being said though, I think that in this year, I’ve probably spent
less than $2,000 on ads and it’s mostly remarketing campaigns and experiments that I was
running in different platforms, whether that be Facebook or Google, just to see how it would perform and also just to get my
product out there more and get it on people’s radar. That being said, once you have
a decently priced product, and I recommend that you
charge what’s appropriate. Charge that 300 to $500
because it gives you, when you make a sale, profits that you can put back into
marketing the business. You want to invest back
into your business. So, I would definitely say
that’s a healthy place to charge and again, just analyze your market and see what your competitors are up to. But, again, I still
stand by that 300 to 500 because I know that if you
can make a sale every day, then you can have a six figure business. And even though in corporate America, I was Google AdWords certified, I’m someone who is a media buyer. I bought ads. I don’t think you necessarily
have to buy ads all the time to build your business to six figures but I do think that it
would help you scale it to seven figures eventually
if you did invest in ads but I want you to do it from profits. I don’t want you to do it out of pocket before you’ve even made any money ’cause I think that’s important. Some final thoughts and recap. I definitely think that you should analyze what niche is appropriate to your skills and I think if you haven’t
developed the high level skill, that all this would be
very challenging to you. I’ve done some videos
and I’m gonna continue to talk about developing high level skills and give examples of them
in a lot of my other content so you want to subscribe,
hit notifications and check out the other
videos here on the channel because I really believe
they could help you. But right off the bat, I would say that high level skills
include public speaking, obviously software, if it’s a high level, industry-based software
that’s specialized, I’d say that that’s a high level skill. I also say that anything that you can get a high
level certification in that’s rare, could be very valuable. Google AdWord certification
if you want to go into ad sales and media buying. I’m a YouTube certified marketer. There are plenty of
certifications out there that can give you leverage. Copywriting is an accessible skill. I would also say that marketing and specializing in a platform or a tool could give you leverage to have a very strong coaching business. On the channel, we’ll talk about other completely different markets that you can go in to
build an at-home business. This was the route that I chose. And again, I used some
very accessible tools. I used everything from Google Calendar to, which has a free level. Calendy has a free level. And PayPal is accessible and free and they have a lot of
different tools and services. They also even offer small
business owners loans that they can use to help them fund and develop their business. So I think that if you take
advantage of what’s out there, and then you apply that and look at where you can serve people and deliver tremendous value, that you can have the
opportunity to work from home, build income around a
business that you’re proud of that provides for you and your family. That’s it for this video, guys. I’d like to thank PayPal
for sponsoring this video. I’ve got a question of the day for you. If you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, what business would you build today and who does it serve? Let me know in the comment section. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. As always you guys, thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care.


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  39. for 100k a year(if its even true which i dont think) u absolutely cheaped out on getting a better mic. its horrible.

  40. I used to work from home, and I know I often felt rather lonely, going for days without seeing people and basically living in my pajamas. Now I work in an office and I long for the days when I used to work from home. Is there anything you do to make that work-from-home experience a little bit less lonely?

  41. I swear, your channel is so much better than 99% of people here on youtube! I love it. ✊

    Just had an AWESOME idea I think you're gonna love – will draw it up and email it over to your About page email in the next few days when I have time to put it all together for ya!

    Thanks for putting so much into this channel. 🙏


  42. These are some great resources and insight. I was thinking about offering coaching services on graphic design, photography, web development, brand identity, and other creative subjects to teach people how to handle these disciplines effectively. I use to volunteer at a library to teach people, but they cancelled my program. Now, I feel like I want to take matters in my own hands and teach people about these skills in my own way.

  43. Hey Roberto, first of all thank you for all the content you have produced, it always helps, I wnated 2 asl if you could do a channel review of my channel, whenever you do renew that series which I think is absolutely amazing!

    I started the year with 699 subs and now I have 3.3k subs and over 1 Million views on my channel, absolutely unbelievable and soo grateful, I watch so much of your vids, aswell as video influencers and the GOAT Gary Vee and just recently getting into Grant Cardone aswell! So thank youu so Much, I will continue to watch n Literally watching your vid on my TV Right now, I WATCHING CHANNEL REVIEW OF PRIMO TREV!!!

  44. I would build a business where I and my team would help new filmmakers to succeed and to be able to live of being filmmakers. I would offer coaching/consulting, help with film productions and of course video editing of the film. Screenwriting for top productions would be a great add-on too.

  45. so how do you start coaching in a space you yourself are already not successful or an expert in??
    Maybe I misunderstood but it didn’t seem like you put much if any emphasis on actually learning your field and craft first.

    I know you spoke regarding a few certifications but you seem to begin with just starting a coaching business off the bat.. I don’t know how that could work legitimately or make sense..

    I hope I get some response(s) as clarification would be very helpful to me and likely others as well

  46. This was a great one Roberto. I get asked a lot about how I make money live-streaming as a musician so I e been working on a second channel dedicated to that. Listening to this helps me feel more resolved in that decision.

  47. Thank you for this video! However, the reality of this video is mainly for the USA and their ease of making this sort of revenue. Not everyone has skills that can be transmitted digitally.

  48. If I could do anything as a business, it would just be making interesting devices and either teaching others to do the same or selling those interesting things as "art". Basically an unlimited prototyping business. It's what I love to do!

  49. I would build the business I started in November which includes coaching. I think my issue is understanding which of my ideas that have brought in money, should be my primary focus. Which is the most lucrative.
    Right now I do a little of all of them but I know I could make a larger impact by focusing on one primarily.

  50. Your content is awesome 👏🏽 thank you so much for being such a great resource to entrepreneurs who are looking to create online and coaching business. Do you recommended any online coaching courses? Or can anyone with their expertise consider or call themselves a coach? Thanks 🙏🏽

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