HOW I Made $15,000 in OFA Affiliate Commissions

HOW I Made $15,000 in OFA Affiliate Commissions

hello Rachael ously here and in this
video I’m gonna share with you how I made over $15,000 with the one funnel
away challenge from click funnels how I made $15,000 in affiliate commissions
not to mention how much extra money I generated for my business from
implementing what I learned from the one funnel away challenge but this is from
the affiliate commissions so if you don’t know me my name is Rachel and this
channel is all about making money online that’s what we do and if you don’t like
that I’m sorry I don’t watch but wait here love to make money online and work
from home or while traveling work from the computer laptop anywhere where
there’s Wi-Fi so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to LIKE this video
and subscribe to the channel so I’m gonna screen share so we can go over
everything let’s go over all the steps so the one funnel away challenge they
started it in 2018 and the way they were promoting it was the 30 day summit it
was like this book campaign thing also if you don’t know about click funnels
it’s a software but they also have online training programs so you can make
commissions from the software every single month and higher ticket
commissions from the training programs so my 30-day summit I’m just going off
of the steps in my click funnels dashboard this is not the stats like
from the spreadsheets I didn’t want to crunch those spreadsheet numbers so
we’re just going off of this there were some upsells but you don’t fake
challenge it’s a hundred bucks and you get to keep the Commission so that’s how
it was for the past seven months so that was that promo that was cool it was new
not everyone was promoting it but then they started got clicked on was
affiliate program was like promote promote promote you got to promote this
is great to promote and you get all we’re gonna do contests and do giveaways
so definitely promote so with this my stats
says 140 buyers 14,000 in commissions and then recently they just launched the
clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp summit and I did last-minute promo like the day
before it closed and got three sales I do not know how many of these people
turned into signing up for clickfunnels through my link and me getting recurring
commissions I also don’t know for sure if any if I got Commission’s
on the upsells I don’t really know I don’t pay so much attention to all my
tracking that much because for the amount of time I could be paying
attention to my tracking I could also be making content and for me I don’t know I
don’t like to work that much I don’t really put in eight-hour days sometimes
I don’t put in 16-hour days I put in like like a couple hour days so within a
couple hour days that I work on my online affiliate business I’m not super
looking into my tracking and more just trying to promote they did a contest
through February 1st to June 16th the top 10 people would get to go on a trip
to a cabin in the lake and I got on that leaderboard so I’m going on the trip in
August so I did look at my spreadsheet for this and it was a hundred and six
sales can you guys see this I’m like blocking it for those who were asking so
how did I do it oh my gosh only it was Sabri easy
I mean leading up to it I guess not super easy I would um
account a lot of this towards my list the fact that like I have an audience I
have people following me I have people on my list and there’s different things
that go into growing those lists and growing the audiences but let’s just dig
into it so first thing that I did is I made sure to make bonuses so people
would be incentive eyes to I threw my link and not just the
official link or someone else’s link so my bonus is I just have this like ugly
landing page I have my video embedded in here my like explainer my unboxing video
I’ll get into that also my affiliate link and I just listed out my bonuses
and I did a bonus stack after going through one funnel away challenge I
realized I need to stack my bonuses and have like bullet points for everything
that people get so they get this course my youtube course my traffic course my
influencer course and I would switch it up throughout the promo I have like
different courses so I switched it up during the end the very end of June
because I really wanted to win the contest and obviously it’s like it’s not
that much money like it’s cool I’m happy to have the money but I also could have
been spending that time and promo on promoting higher ticket things but I
wanted to win the contest and go to the mastermind and mastermind with other
affiliates so I gave out actually more bonuses towards the end my content that
I had I only had two YouTube videos so this YouTube video here before I even
got the thing they send you a box in the mail with books and you get access to
the online course and everything this I literally in this video click funnels
one funnel away 30-day challenges are just total keywords right in here some
hashtags description affiliate link and in a bunch of tags that I ranked for in
YouTube I need to admit this just ranking for these in youtube and yeah I
was just reading off the sales page I just make explainer videos reading off
the sales page so that was this video and then when I actually but the hundred
dollar program myself then I was able to make this video which was an unboxing
and review video hey everyone seriously I have the
box and I could show the physical items that it came with and I screen shared
and showed what is in the program too and it’s very similar thing I have my
description of my affiliate link and tags which I’m ranking ranked good for
these tags another thing I did is I back linked these videos to each other so the
link of this video I put in the description of the other video and then
so this video was my most updated video and I made this video in February and
that’s the video that I embedded here on this landing page make myself smaller so
let’s see YouTube then these videos I posted on Facebook I can post them on my
main Facebook page in my Facebook group and I did some written posts on Facebook
it comes with graphics to promote so I would do some written posts just
explaining my bonuses or explaining how great the program was and I did do some
Facebook lives or I would Facebook live about some topic and then I would also
remind people join osa with my affiliate link and get my bonuses and just for
context I have about 5k subs on YouTube I have about 4k members in my group
about 4k friends about 5k followers just for context for my facebook chop up
blasts I have about 2k subs almost plus by then and then for email of about 3 km
so I just on facebook chat bot blasts sending people to the YouTube video or
to the facebook video and then also some email blasts sending people to the
YouTube video or to the facebook video or to the landing page
sometimes I’ll write up the email first and then condense it for the but
actually oh my assistant do it so you can also get a VA and for a good price
at some point in your business if you’re starting and your lists are smaller you
can do this yourself and I wanted to talk about this this is important the
size of the list and the audience yes because I had an existing audience that
I worked hard to build and put out content I got more buyers but am I
really engaged with this audience I don’t think so I’m knowing that engaged
people on YouTube I’m sorry I would like to be more engaged as the oh and I’m not
that engaged on Facebook I like ignore everybody pretty much I’m not that
active in my group or on my page and I ignore messages I don’t reply to my
messenger bought messages and I barely reply to emails kind of sad if I was
more engaged with you guys I would have had more sales I could have had half the
audience size and be more engaged and still made the same amount of money I
could have had this current audience size be more engaged as my audience and
made more sales you can have a very small audience and be really engaged
with these people and make good sales you could have no audience and still get
sales because you can have no audience and still be ranking videos on YouTube
you can have no audience on Facebook and start start being active in groups start
adding people as friends start accepting friend requests start putting out
content in making videos and writing posts my facebook chat bot the way I get
people on my chat bot is I have lead magnets so instead of giving me your
email for the freebie I just have them subscribe to my channel and then with
the email I grow my email lists also with lead magnet I did one other video
too towards the end to talk about the summit the clickfunnels Affiliate Summit
this one 300 views three sales this is good I’m in
this people can still buy this I think if you have questions leave them in the
comments below if you would like to learn how to grow your YouTube grow your
Facebook audience your facebook Messenger lists your email list so when
there are these affiliate offers and promotions that you can launch Jack that
means everyone else is promoting it you might as well promote it too if
everyone’s already looking to buy it do you want to get in to that stuff more
definitely check out more videos on my youtube and check out daily Commission’s I’ll put a link in the description that is my signature course
and coaching program where all my courses all my youtube training all my
facebook training my facebook group training my Facebook bought training my
email training my influencer training how to create good bonuses and bonus
steps that’s all included plus weekly group coaching so definitely check that
out also if you haven’t started one funnel away challenge yet I do highly
suggest that even if you just focus on affiliate marketing it still helps with
affiliate marketing and I also highly suggest the click funnels affiliate
bootcamp summit it’s really good it has 15 super affiliates sharing exactly what
they do so you can do this if you have a computer and you have internet access
you can do this but you need to put in the work and you need to educate
yourself so you’re putting in the right work there’s no way to do this without
putting in work did I spend money on doing this no I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t
run paid ads maybe in the beginning I did like some retargeting ads just to
try it out and I’ve kind of lately just realized
you can’t just buy what you want you got to put in the work especially in this
business and sharpen the saw and get better at skills so thanks for watching
this we try to like this video subscribe to the channel and I will talk to you
guys soon


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  2. i verified, no commissions on the upsells for OFA. and 13k on the email list not 3k. at the time of the promo. any other questions, ask below!

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