How I Made Over $500k ClickFunnels Super Affiliate – Make Money Online

How I Made Over $500k ClickFunnels Super Affiliate – Make Money Online

– The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and how I became a
ClickFunnels Super Affiliate. Today I’m gonna walk you through literally how I made over half a million dollars just from ClickFunnels alone, ClickFunnels paying me
paycheck by paycheck, every single week by
literally just recommending an amazing tool to entrepreneurs and I’m gonna be showing you exactly what I would do if I lost it
all to do it all over again. (upbeat music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here and one of the things that people in the ClickFunnels
community might know me by is I was the number one affiliate for the Expert Secrets contest and I am the one of the
few people in the community that has done over half a million dollars in affiliate commissions,
just from ClickFunnels, and today I’m gonna walk you through why understanding these
three circles over here, could potentially be one of
the most profitable moves when it comes to promoting ClickFunnels and how you can actually implement this, inside your affiliate
marketing strategies. The first thing to understand is this you probably are aware of ClickFunnels, they’ve got amazing program where they will pay you 40% commissions, every single time you recommend somebody that uses ClickFunnels, which is a software that builds funnels for people really, really easily without being a programmer,
designer, or a coder and why you actually get
paid 40% every single month if you can get them to actually stay on and use this software. So in other words, the way to be successful
using this program is not just to recommend
people to use this program, but to ensure that they
actually stay by having results and having success. The question is, how do
you actually do that? So the first thing to begin is to understand that when it comes to
recommending this software, this tool to different audiences, it is to first understand that
there are different audiences first type of audience are cold audiences, people that don’t know who you are, they don’t know ClickFunnels exists, they don’t even know
what a sales funnel is. The second one is
basically warm audiences, people who kind of know the
importance of a sales funnel and what a sales funnel is, but they may not know
what ClickFunnels is. The last one is basically hot audiences, audiences who know that
ClickFunnels exists, they know all these other
competitors out there as well. They know the importance
of a sales funnel, and they’re deciding between A or B. Now how you talk to these
different audiences, will really determine your messaging, and your marketing materials and how do you actually speak to them. Before I talk about the tactics, and how do you actually get
people to use ClickFunnels, I would like you to
think about your current market right now, and are you
targeting cold warm or hot? Let’s take an example,
how do you speak to cold? Let’s say you serve real estate agents and you wanna get them to
use ClickFunnels, right? So what is the end result? The end result’s to get
them to ClickFunnels but they don’t know what ClickFunnels is. So you can’t go straight
into promoting ClickFunnels, so to talk to cold audiences, it would be the something
along the lines of, how to get more leads in
the real estate market. People understand this, right? A normal person in real estate understands how they can get more leads in real estate and this is where you take somebody that doesn’t know what a sales funnel is and you show them how
do you get more leads? You get more leads by
having a sales process and one way to build a sales
process is ClickFunnels. Warm, how do you speak to warm audience? Over here, this would be they
know what a sales funnel is. This would be more towards
how to build a sales funnel in the real estate market. Notice that they are already
problem and solution-aware they know what the problem is, the problem is they
need to get more leads, they know what the solution is, the solution is they
wanna get a sales funnel, but they may not necessarily
be product aware. So over here, audiences
that are in this category, are audiences that already
know ClickFunnels exists, but they don’t know which one, it’s like going to the local supermarket where you know you wanna buy toothpaste but you don’t know if you
should be buying brand A or B so this is more towards
targeting a key word, like ClickFunnels versus
whatever page builder name, versus WordPress or
ClickFunnels versus Leadpages, whatever it is, these keywords are basically targeting hot audiences. With this in mind, when you first understand this as the base of what successful affiliate marketing is, that is when you can choose which strategy and which
modality serve you best, depending on where you are and this will show you how
do you talk to your prospects to get on to Click Funnel. Think about in their journey, are they currently a cold
warm or hot audience? First to kind of show you
what are the different tactics and different strategies, the first thing to understand what is good affiliate marketing? Good affiliate marketing is not about persuading
somebody that’s a no to a yes. Good affiliate marketing is to think about who are the people that’s
already saying yes, that chances are they’re
gonna sign on to ClickFunnels with minimum persuasion, because it’s genuinely gonna help them, so start thinking about
that for your marketplace. Who do you serve? Do you serve people in the MLM market, is it in real estate, is it
other marketers, is it authors, is it speakers like who do you serve and result you generate? And how can you create that bridge to show them the problem, the solution, and then introduce
ClickFunnels into their world. The way to do that, few different ways. The first way inside ClickFunnels, let me just use this as a prop, they have this challenge called the One Funnel Away Challenge. Now this is a great way to onboard people into ClickFunnels, if you
don’t know what this is, I’ve got a special link below, that literally shows you what the One Funnel Away Challenge is. It is my affiliate link but it also comes with a couple
of bonuses and share funnels that you can use for your prospects. I’ll talk more about how do
you use the share funnels, but this is a great way to onboard people into the ClickFunnels world,
community, environment, without you doing the explanation, and I tend to notice that people that join ClickFunnels through my link, through One Funnel Away Challenge, tend to stay on ClickFunnels
a whole lot more because now they’re indoctrinated and now they see the
power and the importance of having a sales process. So the first method is to get people, and if you’re totally new, like right now, if you got like zero dollars, the best way to do it is literally, number one is challenge a friend, like literally get a friend to do this challenge together with you to get your first sale, and guess what, it becomes
a lot more interesting, it becomes a lot more exciting. I’ve seen some of my students
do it over and over again. That brings us to number two, number two is basically to document, your one funnel away journey. Now once you’re on this challenge, by the way, understand that, you can only be truly successful in this, if this is a product
that you actually use. I have seen some wannabe affiliates while promoting their affiliate link, but they don’t even use
ClickFunnels themselves. First of all, I don’t think
that’s really ethical, and number two, how can you
expect to be great at this, if you don’t really understand how the software works yourself. So number two is go through the One Funnel Away
Challenge the link’s below and document your journey what
you’re doing every single day because guess what this is going to be
powerful marketing material for you in future. Which brings us to number three, now this is where you start to scale your affiliate marketing efforts. Number three is creating share funnels for people in your marketplace. So let’s say you serve
real estate agents again, now one of the things that you can do is start creating content. Now this could be on YouTube or Facebook, giving them great value, showing them what it is that they can do with messages targeted to these people. I always will take content like this, and the way you would
wanna do it is for example, you could create a YouTube video that says how to get more leads
in the real estate market. Now one thing to understand
is giving videos and value, it’s like out of the rank of
hierarchy of perceived value, it’s the lowest, and the highest level
is when you could say, hey guys, I’ve actually
built this funnel for you for you to get more leads
in the real estate market, if you would like to have
this same exact funnel in order to get more leads really easily without knocking on
doors, doing cold calls or prospecting the old fashioned way, then all you need do is get
access to this share funnel that I’ve built for you. ClickFunnels has got a
very very powerful feature which is share funnels where they could actually
share your funnel that’s in your account and in one click, that’s right one click, these funnels will be
transplanted into their accounts, and when they actually sign up through your share funnel link, you actually get paid a
commission and get credited because you referred the sale to them. So this is how you start scaling, start building share
funnels for the people for your audiences as an added bonus. Which brings us to the next step in order to start scaling this, start thinking how can you
serve a much bigger audience? Now these could be again videos of YouTube and to me a YouTube
video just like this one, the way I think about YouTube videos, it is like a sales agent
that helps you drive leads for all eternity, if you
optimize it correctly. The only difference is this
person doesn’t complain, doesn’t ask for a pay rise,
doesn’t take sick leave, it just works for you 24/7. So what if you could create
content on Facebook, Instagram, to position yourself as the expert, as the only logical choice, as the person to go to for more funnels, for more sales process that’s
already built for them, where you can share them on
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, YouTube will probably be a great one because if you optimize it, that is when your videos
will be discovered by Google. Now, you have a method
of people coming to you, rather than you going to people. Have you ever noticed you
doing a search on Google and then you get a YouTube result? All the time, right? So what if you could create content that adds value to people that shows them if you
talk to them, and optimize, which is the key word here, your topics based on how you talk to them, in order to refer ClickFunnels to them. How are you talking to
your audience right now? Create videos and content that targets these different people so that now you’re being
able to be discovered by your potential audience. So now they’re coming to you, and what if you could
take one step further and bundle whether its
your service, your program and what it is that you
offer with your share funnel, so if you have a chorus right now about asking could you
actually bundle this with your share funnels? If you are a service provider,
if you are a digital agency, rather than just you know
doing the work for them, what if you could get them on ClickFunnels by having the share funnels in place. This is how you start scaling, the way I scaled it is I’m building and serving more people
through my life events, my workshops, my videos, my content, and that’s how I became
a ClickFunnels affiliate by really understanding
who it is that you talk to, and then creating content that specifically targets
these group of people, whether it is Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram. Hey, I hope this video gave you value and as always, click on subscribe if you wanna have more videos like this and let me know in the comments below what is your biggest takeaway and what are the action steps that you are committed to taking, right after watching this video. Peng Joon here and I appreciate you and I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. Damn so much value in one video. I like the point you say that it's pointless to promote it when you don't even use it. That is true we must study these tools, apply and understand them in order to share it with others and provide value to them, that will most likely get their trust and easier to persuade. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @PengJoon this is watcher 37 I commented on your 2 min vid that your randomly posted live on Facebook on Wednesday September 25th. I live in LA the time here is like 5:59pm

  3. My take away; Understanding your audience, as well as the understanding that there is little reason to persuade those you wish to add value to, if they already are searching for a solution you have found. Thank you for helping with clarity

  4. Let me know what is your biggest takeaway and what are your action steps after discovering the strategies.


  5. it makes sense using CF if you're going to promote it. But if you are starting from scratch, how do you use it when you have nothing?

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