How I Study German 🇩🇪📚 (Resources + Tips)

How I Study German 🇩🇪📚 (Resources + Tips)

I’ve studied German for 4 years but sometimes I think my German is so bad because after high school I took a long break. and I think my German disappeared. Hello everyone, I’m Elysse and today I’ll give you some tips to learn German. I speak German, I love German, and I think my German is pretty okay. You know what I do for reading comprehension what I do for listening what I do for vocabulary What I do for speaking all of those There’s gonna be like sections to this video so I can just marry clearly show you what I use why I like it, etc Etc, etc lessons. I’m funny. Let’s start. So here’s which only internet connection your preferred grammar books mine happens to be hammered German grammar and usage and this German grammar just websites quick to pens one black one and a color of Your choice to marketing mistakes earbuds motivation and time Also, this is kind of part of a material thing, but it’s also part of my motivation So what I do is I have a whiteboard that I write my language goals on every single day It is right here and I will cut to a lease in the past to show you what and do with it time work one Linguistic thing that I learned or want to learn today having a language board is really helpful to me because it allows me to set Realistic goals, you know, you don’t build a house without having bricks first and these are the bricks so it’s important to set daily goals for yourself and really just focus on the little things because little things make up the big things and I feel like you know Even if I had a really busy day as long as I did one or any of these things I did something, you know I don’t have a class. So it’s important for me to still give myself some guidance But you know that’s pretty much it for the whole language board concept good for motivation good for feeling like you’re making progress and It’s just like a nice ritual that I can have with myself every day. Say leise. What are we gonna do today? That’s it Cool. Thank you for the release I have not always been such a fan of reading comprehension probably because I’m scarred from IV language courses But I’ve come to acknowledge that it is necessary and it’s a super good way to I guess get vocab plus You know for my language certification tests, I always have to do reading comprehension. So there’s no way to avoid it So for German what I use is German net it’s very simple You go to the website and you click reading and they have all these different samples of Reading comprehension for different levels like a1 a2 b1 b2. I don’t think they have any C level reading comprehension but at that point if you’re looking for C level reading comprehension You can just go to regular German news sites, like deed site or something like that But German net is super cool because they’re reading comprehensions have like little 5 or 6 question quizzes after It so that you can kind of simulate what would like an actual German? Certification test be like and it’s just a good way to like casually test your German Okay, whatever you want to do. So let’s talk about the exciting stuff, which is grammar Everybody loves grammar. I love studying grammar. It makes me feel so like secure when I know Why things are so like I showed you guys before I have two books that I do for German grammar And this one is just called German grammar drills It’s by ed Swick has like a bazillion pages and also has a answer key in the back. So I’ll do maybe like three to four exercises Depending on if I’m using it that day or not And then after I will go check it And it is super satisfying when I’ll go through an exercise and realize that I got nothing wrong This book is great because it has explanations that are really succinct and it makes German make sense What people say about German all the time is that it has so many irregularities and then it’s still crazy But this kind of like makes you realize all the rules that it has. Let me just one more time Germany grandma Josette Swift’s super good book for beginners and intermediate learners and this other one I don’t use as much but it’s still super useful if I need explanations. It’s um hammers German grammar and usage It’s the second edition So, like I said the other book the German veromarcos book has explanations But if I need like an in-depth explanation with tons of examples, I will consult this. It’s a little old I don’t know when it came out It came out in 1983. I probably would buy a newer edition. I’m just very cheap German can’t have changed that much in like 50 years. Right, right But the point is this is super good for consulting in-depth Superb for exceptions example was all that jazz. It has sections for everything imaginable and I really do like this book as well You can’t study grammar Casually you have to have a book in my opinion in my humble opinion since I have to say that before Everything because the polyglot community loves to fight over, you know Should we do use books should be you not use books and moving on. Another thing that I do for grammar is song translations You guys know that I love to listen to music and all types of languages So what I do is I just take the lyrics I write them down in black as they are and I will underline Put question marks or boxes or just notes around anything that I’m curious about that I don’t quite understand and afterwards I will go through and write the Translations or what? I think or the translations in red not for translating This is the most important step because you have to actually have it, right um, so two websites that I use for my translations are legally and Reverso and these are so so so good because they give you Context so they take articles or places where this phrase appears online and they put it side-by-side With the English translation or whatever translation of your native languages So it’s not just like a phrase it gives you Context and it helps you to see different ways that it can be translated into your native language So for this type of thing for phrases and expressions, I will only use language and Reverso because I trust them with my life But for just words and like sing simple things that will go to award reference word Reference is super good because it gives you the word in every single meaning that it has So it’s not just going to give you one flat meaning it will give you every definition and it also gives you examples sentences for every single definition, so if you’re still using Google Translate in 2019 my guy It’s time there’s so many good translators other than Google Translate. Y’all have got to stop using Google Translate I swear to God, but yeah, so after I translate it then I will go through and write in the margins just Reminders like grammatical reminders like oh there’s a subject and verb inversion here due to the time word You know this tool right here is optional. What’s the difference between on some kite and a lines? I’m you know, like simple things like that. So it’s reminders And I just Anna as much as I can without making it too chaotic So you have to find that sweet middle of not making it over complicated and also being thorough moving on to listening so for listening I Should do more listening practice But I really am just like a grammar addict but when I do listen, which is maybe two to three times a week I will break up in the coffee-break German podcast. They have podcasts for so many other languages Well, not like a ton, but they have coffee break Italian coffee break Spanish coffee break French. They even have coffee break Chinese So what I do with the podcast is I listen to it before bed the episodes tend to be about 20 minutes along So I will listen to it right before and get super sleepy and I wake up and I listen to it right again Just so I can really solidify the phrases in my brain and talk along with it I love coffee break German because it’s very basic German and it helps me to solidify my foundation They have like a cultural correspondent in their episodes. Maybe you idiot. She’s pretty cool Love her then. They also have a grammar guru. So like she gives you small little tips I’m like, here’s the nominative case here is subject verb inversion with time words and like small things like that So for being a basic podcast, it really is comprehensive Okay anyway so also for listening I watch ndr documentaries NTR has like these super good documentaries that are usually 40 minutes long and It’s about like society and science and food health and agriculture like all these different things and you guys know that I’m such a big advocate of Learning about the societies of the language that you’re learning Instead of just learning the language you feel so it helps you to sort of immerse yourself without being immersed So yeah, I will watch maybe like two of them a week I will watch them multiple times just Like the first time I just watch it and I absorb it the second time I watch it and I write down words that I see repeatedly so I love India. Are they have super good? documentaries and these subtitles are not Auto-generated they were like actually written subtitles that someone advises so they’re all super accurate and I highly recommend it and lastly for listening I listen to German music some of my favorite German artists are like balsa Kohl Arigato, what’s that girl’s name? Nah, Mika. I love shaven David. She I love rap and so of course, I’m gonna left Herman rap as well. You’ll know. I love female rappers So when it’s a female rapping in German? I’m like if I can study German while I listen to rap like no contest no contest I don’t care if you think German sounds angry or if you think it’s an aggressive language German music is awesome So go listen to some so at some points you just gotta forget everything. You got to forget reading comprehension. You got to forget Listenings, you got to forget like grammar. Sometimes you just need to practice some vocabulary this was a big problem for me because I was focusing so much on German grammar recently that I totally abandoned like Having actual words to use the grammar with so for vocabulary. I am a basic bitch. I use duolingo is memorize cards I use Quizlet sets both ones that I make and ones that other people make so yeah it just helps me personally because it’s tailored to what I need and you Know people have already made like tons of quote slips online So go use what other people have made as well as make your own and finally, let’s talk about what it all boils down to Speaking, you know the proof is truly in the pudding after all this studying and all this memorization Can you actually put it into practice so for speaking whether you using an actual tutor or just finding a language partner? Itoki is where it’s at. So I talkie is a great little app It’s a it’s also a website where you can find language partners and you can find language teachers Are their professional or just community tutors that will help you get conversation practice? So I am a teacher on I talk II I’m a professional English teacher and what’s cool about I talk II if you’re a teacher is that you can use the credits that you get from your Lessons to pay for lessons. So I you know, I take one class per week. I just do conversational German Yeah I usually take my lesson at the beginning of the week. Just so I Can make mistakes and you know what I can work on for the rest of the week So if it’s really really important to you I think it’s definitely worth it to pay for maybe like Eight to fifteen dollars a week just for maybe an hour-long lesson I’d say that it’s definitely been like really transformative for me because I can use It on my computer at home, or I can use the auto key app when I’m out and about So I can help my lessons anywhere that I want. Yeah, that’s pretty much it my god. That’s how I learned German speaking vocabulary grammar listening reading comprehension I don’t know what other aspect of language there is, but if you have any questions You can definitely ask me in the comments or simply Indiana on my Instagram family speaks. That’s a o1 s Se s PE NK s baby and yeah, if I had never taken a break after high school I probably would be like throwing mad German right now, but it’s gonna be Yeah, I’m sorry that I didn’t really post for a couple weeks like I had midterms and it was just super crazy You know school comes first, it really does. So that was that I love German V people Um, that’s pretty much it and I will see you guys next time as a new video Thank you so much for watching and as we say in German


  1. Great video.
    Duolingo app is very useful to remember phrasal basics structures. Grammar books too.
    Great video, again, keep it up!

  2. Ich habe sehr viel Respekt vor jedem der die schwere deutsche Sprache lernen will. German is not easy to learn, but you seem to be learning German quite well.

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