How To Achieve Your Goals Faster With These Success Habits And Tips In 2020

How To Achieve Your Goals Faster With These Success Habits And Tips In 2020

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how you can achieve your goals
faster in 2020 and you’re going to do that by implementing some tips some
habits I’m gonna share with you in this video here. To find out all the details
all you have to do is stay with me but first if you’re new around here make
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notification bell so you can be notified every time I upload a new video alright so 2020 what you are going to
achieve whatever it is actually it doesn’t have to be with make money
online it can be like running a marathon sprint it can be winning a campaign
winning a medal or something like that I don’t know what it is but you need to
set up a foundation and it is probably 95 percent and the rest is the 5 percent
IRR so what I’m going to share with you here in today’s video is probably the 95
percent IRR that you need to set up right so you can succeed and achieve
whatever you want in 2020 and beyond so I hope you pay attention and watch the
whole video here so you don’t skip or me so out on anything that is important
here because I think that is probably the most important thing as I said for
you to succeed to make money online or whatever you want to achieve there
alright with that being said let’s get started first and foremost you obviously
need to set goals okay but by just setting goals doesn’t help because we
have done that in the past it is the number one priority to set the outcome
actually on what you want to achieve why you are doing it this is so important
because this is going to help you actually later on when you find it it is
a tough day well get reminded by why you’re actually doing it and that will
help you to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing okay because there are days
when we don’t feel that we don’t want to do stuff like that and whatever
it is going to be actually so we need to have the motivation there okay it’s
super important i’m not going to sound like a motivational guru or something
like that but mindset is the number one thing it is the 95% and the 5% is the
rest actually to succeeding in whatever you’re going to do there as I said
earlier ok so set out the outcome this is so important why you actually are
doing it why are you actually making money you’re doing it for a financial
freedom you’re doing it for buying a house a car or whatever it is make sure
you write that down ok I would prefer to write it in my journal like I’m going to
come back later to this actually make sure you write it down I prefer pen and
paper to do this you can do it of course in a digital version on your computer if
you prefer that but there is something with the written word trust me on this
one alright so we have covered the mindset
I’m not going to go into detail as I said work on your mindset every single
day and what you need to do is create habits because this is what successful
people are doing ok they create habits and they do every single day this this
is a routine we are creatures of habits and the same goes for making money
online or swimming or whatever you’re going to do there so make sure you
create habits so one of the most important habits that you are going to
implement if you haven’t done it in my opinion it is to set up a morning
routine why pretty simple because this will set you up for the rest of the day
ok if you work on this every morning you are going to set it up for the rest of
your day no matter what you’re going to do so a morning routine I’m going to
share with you with what I’m doing you can of course implement and do your own
stuff there doesn’t have to be exactly as mine here but to give you an idea I’m
going to share with you my morning routine here and the first thing I do
when I wake up I try to smile actually by just doing a smile and say that it’s
going to be a great day helps a lot alright after that I get up and I get
started with doing some stretching some excess
saying a little bit just to get the blood going and then I sit down I sit
down I do some breathing exercises and I start to read okay I start to read
hardcopy books it can be whatever okay I prefer this one for example the one
thing I share this in the past dot-com secrets is another marketing book from
Brian G Jones on trust fund I like to learn about marketing whatever I’m
involved in and I like to learn this kind of stuff they are in hard copy
books okay I haven’t opened my computer yet but you can read of course whatever
you want to I prefer to read this kind of stuff motivational stuff it can be
thinking Grow Rich or whatever doesn’t matter really as long as you’re reading
by reading you’re getting started with exercising the brain in the morning okay
so even that is for your mindset of course also now this will help a lot for
the mindset so reading books when I finish that I usually read about 15
minutes 20 maybe sometimes when I’m done with that I’m getting started to
meditate don’t overcomplicate this take five
minutes you can sit on a chair if you don’t want to sit in a lotus or
something like that close your eyes and focus on breathing that’s only you have
to do you’re going to get tons of distractions I know that but try to get
back on it this IDE needless to say actually the benefits of meditation but
you’re getting so much out of meditating in the morning actually you’re going to
be more relaxed more in control of what you’re going to do for the rest of the
day and you can combine the meditation a little bit with the visualization with
your outcome there so if it is a a car a house or whatever it is make sure you
have it in place there so you can think about it when you’re meditating try as
much as possible to just focus on the breath / because it will help you to get
focused actually so when I’m finished with the meditating I started recently a
few months back to take cold showers so I get in the shower and I
Cole and I mean really cold shower there okay it has tons of benefits do your own
research about this I noticed this is probably better than whatever kind of
coffee you’re going to drink in the morning there but it’s not only for that
I’m doing it I’m doing it for a lot of other benefits but I’m feeling so
refreshing actually when I’m finished with that so we have a morning routine
in place then I’m getting started working my day here so as I said it’s a
combination of habits and also a Productivity stuff here I’m sharing with
you in today’s video I hope that you like so far what you see if you do that
smash that like button really appreciate it
so the next thing we need to implement another habit is the meat MIT which
stands for most important tasks we want to do the most important tasks in the
morning because that is when we are more productive actually we should have
planned the day before the night before actually before we go to bed we should
have a plan on what we’re going to do the next day so we know exactly what to
do there so implement that as a habit do your first the hardest tasks in the
morning there as soon as possible if not the first thing in the morning and
another habit to implement is working in time chunks why because what you can do
is I have an external timer I shown it many times actually probably the best
investment I had did for many many years back and I work in 15-minute junks it
works for me you can do whatever you want 25 it’s the Pomodoro Technique and
the taking a 5 I like to work in 15 minutes and take a 10-minute break there
what I do is I actually turn off all the distractions all the social media the
clings and the stuff like that call the phones and everything and I
know that I will be focused for 15 minutes then I can take a 10 minute
break and I can get in Facebook or whatever it is I’m going to do taking
that phone call or whatever it is I do that during those 10 minutes I prefer
actually to get up and a little bit move on so get the blood
going and then I get back for another chunk there I do until 2:00 3:00 p.m.
actually then it is time to take a break and here comes the next important thing
you should do some kind of physical exercise I’m not your doctor
I’m not your physician so make sure you consult with your doctor whatever you
can do so for me it works to go to the gym I like to go three times a week I
like to also take some walks from time to time usually on Sundays for example
when I want to relax I like to get out for a walk and I also like to go once a
week if possible go out and run actually in the morning the first thing I do so I
wake one how were a lure actually when I do this so that is also wake up early if
you are you’re going to have to sacrifice sometimes your sleep but get
up one hour earlier there and you are going to be much more productive by
doing that all right so when we have the physical exercise we all want also to
implement something else and one habit is to learn skills you want to learn
skills this is much more preferable by just learning something for the day a
skill could be a copy writing for example you don’t have to be a
copywriting expert but you should know the basics for example because it’s
going to help you to craft an email you’re going to have an opinion on a
sales letter or even if you don’t write it yourself I think this is one very
important skill that can help you to survive in especially actually in the
online business all right but learn any kind of skills I mean video editing for
example this is a skill you learn a skill because you can live on that I can
do freelance jobs editing videos for example there is a skill copywriting
someone wants to hire me as a copywriter I have written email swipes for solo
adventures in the past still do for many so I mean there is a lot of things that
you can do think of what you’re good at if not try to get good at it I wasn’t
good in copywriting and code in English English is my third
language for example okay I can’t speak Swedish I was born in Sweden I can speak
Greek and of course English also so I wasn’t good but I learned and I still
learning that is where the book reading also comes in place it helps a lot trust
me I read English books for example it helped me and I’m proved every single
day so this is a really super important habit that you should implement learn
scales I’m also learning skills with the books that I’m reading okay learning
about how to build a funnel for example in the truss tunnel the book I showed
you earlier and so on so keep that in mind also you need to be persistent rome
wasn’t built in a day so I seen it so many times people that come they are
sacrificing a little bit in the beginning but there are other people
that they are giving up within a few days actually and if it was that easy
everyone would be rich no one would be working so it doesn’t work like that
you need to be persistent and once again that is why it’s so important to have
the why in place just get reminded of the why have it written somewhere that
you can see it whenever you feel that this was a horrible day it didn’t work
have your wine place I have it so many times I was all worried I was almost
going to cry many times I felt everything was not working for me but I
looked at my why and then I got started the next day okay so keep that in mind
also you learn from the failures okay fail as fast as possible that you heard
that phrase you know exactly what I’m talking about
I failed thousands of times actually thousands I really mean it I mean it’s
thousands of times but I survived as an entrepreneur on and offline for almost
two decades now so keep that in mind success isn’t only one way every single
day you will have your failures there that is how you learn that is how you
improve and how you succeed take a break whenever you can if you can take a day
off to do it if you can take a half day off do that it works but take some time
off and enjoy life this is so important also you need to get remembered
once again of the wiser take it off forget about your business forget about
everything go out and do something completely different and you will feel
so refreshing when you get back to get started to work the next day
you should also surround yourself with like-minded people whenever possible you
can find them in groups where whatever you are involved in actually just look
around and make sure that they do more or less the same thing as you do this is
very very important also if you try for example to explain for people that you
are involved in online marketing and so on and someone that hasn’t an experience
in it they can’t give you really advice on it so in my opinion make sure you
surround yourself with like-minded people and especially with people who
has been where you are because they are going to help you to move forward
final tip final habit make sure you sleep enough this is probably the best
medicine it sounds really crazy and we are about trust me on this one
if you can make sure you sleep every single day same time okay
keep that in mind if you can do it if not if you can do at least five days a
week make sure you sleep and make sure you
are sleeping enough okay I don’t say that you should sleep 24 hours or
something like that but seven eight hour whatever works for you for me example I
like to sleep seven hours I know it is seven and seven and a half hours that
works for me I’m rested I can move on the rest of the
day do all this that I have shared with you in this video here final thing
before I go to bed I like the plan a little bit for the next day if possible
if not okay I missed it I failed I will do it in the morning but if I can it
will help me because I know exactly what to do the next day and I will save
myself huge amount of time those were the tips here I hope that you got some
value in here and that you are really going to implement it as I said it’s 95
percent the foundation to do these rights and it’s not only about making
money online but this is probably more important than anything
else here so get stored implement some of the habits take one habit at a time
actually also another tip here and gets to order to implement these habits and
I’m really looking forward to hear your success story in 2020 and beyond with
these habits and whatever you’re going to do in your life there if you got some
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