1. Hello my apple id [email protected] is disabled i have 1 year trying to unlock him nothing its second handed iphone 6s and i dont know the owner any more i know only his apple id and pasw is there any chance open it dont say to me try i forgot or sth like itunes i have tyred all or to drop it in the street is only a week used 😠 [email protected] is my usful email for respons thsnks

  2. App store not working. ..all download processing. .all time loading app but not complete download app..its still always

  3. Greetings, is it possible to delete an Icloud email account from an Ipad, without knowing the password?
    Let's say I restore the Ipad, will the email account with which this device was registered be deleted or will only the Icloud account that was open on the Ipad be deleted?
    That is, I want to permanently delete the Icloud email account and create a new one. Is it possible to do this, without knowing the password?

  4. Hi I am trying to figure out a way to add a new email address to my gmail contact via my iphone x. I want to add the sender of a mail to my contact list. Is there a way to automatically do it or I gotta add em manually?

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