How to block yahoo junk mail (prevent spam)

How to block yahoo junk mail (prevent spam)

How to Block Spam on Yahoo! Mail Log into your Yahoo! Mail account. Click gear icon and select Settings Click on Security tab Click on Filters tab so that emails containing certain words, names, or phrases are automatically placed in the spam folder Click on Blocked Addresses and add any email addresses


  1. thnx for this, but in contains option: you wrote adult, porn, gambling or adult. porn. gambling. You used . or , ?

  2. There should be a law that anyone sending your advertising emails have to ask you to renew your agreement to receive emails after 6 month.  If you do not opt in they must be discontinued after 9 months.
    Please ask others to take this idea forward so that by doing nothing we can soon be rid of all these annoying emails. (but it probably won't help the spam much!)

  3. Does the ect at the end of the filter send emails with ect in the body to the trash folder? that would be bad.

  4. I used to use yahoo filters and used to work fine. but suddenly it stopped working and spam messages went to spam box instead of trash. can anyone help?

  5. I went to a work at home site or survey site, and I have thousands…I can only block 200 or 300 emails, and I am at my max. This is irritating! I do not want 100 emails a day sending me Brazilian brides, discreet whores, etc .

  6. This is an interesting video.

    I have more than 100+ Spam messages a week. Yahoo needs to find a way to investigate these spam messages.

  7. Worthless, real email programs use master lists for keywords and addresses, you can't do this effectively adding those manually. Just awful from Yahoo/ Verizon and a lame tutorial. I'd hoped for something that worked mostly automatically

  8. Can someone please help me I tried to reset my spotify password but no link ever arrived to my email please help

  9. OMG Thank you. They made it so different. Before I could just click that this one would be spam. Now I have to go through hoops. Is this the only way to stop spam?

  10. I can't stand these stupid fucking videos that don't give you a verbal instruction, but instead a fucking chamber music accompanied set of shlt.

  11. This is garbage. I have blocked hundreds of email addresses, and they appear again and again. This does not work, and yahoo knows it. They do nothing to address this problem.

  12. This is garbage. The blocking feature does not work, and yahoo knows it. I have blocked over 500 e-mail addresses and they come back day after day. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  13. This is bullshit at this point in time because Yahoo does NO longer allow for option of blocking spam. Clicking the gear icon now just gives the option of changing one's theme or layout. It does NOT resolve to any option to block spam. Yahoo has CONSISTENTLY been sending my inbox the SAME SPAM DOMAINS daily and it doesnt matter that 3X a day, I mark as SPAM. Even if I use the FILTER to recognize the DOMAIN name of SPAM, yahoo still sends same spammers to my inbox. Even IF I check the e mail and look for options in the MENU that says 'MORE', there is no option to BLOCK the spammer. Not only that Yahoo, needed a phone # for me to sign up and ever since, my phone has been getting SPAM calls.

    Maybe at SOME time they gave option to block or remove spam or would 'know' the spam domains, they no longer do that.

  14. the problem is that they have dummy email addresses so they can send you hundreds of emails from different email accounts every single day. not many of them will have "porn" in the email so you can block it.

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