How to build an email list and how to optimize it

How to build an email list and how to optimize it

Hello. Amber Vilhauer here, your
online business development expert. And during today’s 4-minute fast-track
video, we have a question from an ngng no guts no glory community member , Sandy
Rocourt. Sandy’s asking why is it so important
for my web site strategy to strictly focus on building an opt-in email list?
Is the email list one of the primary metrics for success? That’s actually a
really great question, sandy, and I really appreciate you taking the time to reach
out and ask it. If I could I want to explain your website as really the hub
and heart of your business online. It’s really the place where you can introduce
yourself to potential prospects and followers, explain to them who you are
what you do, who you do it for, how you do it and what you want them to do next. So
imagine even that you are walking into a Starbucks and you come across somebody
who would be the perfect client for you. You would want to make sure that that
person felt comfortable with you, that you could build a relationship with that
person, you could sort of nurture that relationship, make them feel comfortable,
be thorough and telling them what it is that you do, what your process is for
coaching, and then move them into client status, right ? So I think that your
website is so crucial because it really is the opportunity to have that
conversation but in a digital way, right, since you can’t be there to greet
everybody personally who comes in to your website then your website really
has to be set up in a particular way to deliver that message and give those
prospects that warm and fuzzy feeling that we need them to have. So that’s why
I recommend that you definitely use video on your website, that your content
is clear, that you have social proof from other people expressing what they feel
about working with you or describing your personality or process. There’s a
lot of different things that can go into a website to ultimately give you results,
right, so I would say that that’s kind of a whole other part of the process.
But since I was lucky enough to build your website you’re already good to go
on that front. Your website is absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of my favorites that
we’ve ever built. But we’re talking specifically about email list, right, and
you’ve heard a lot of other experts and gurus say “the money is in the list. Your
email list is your number one online asset” and always talking about the
number is most important. And that’s true to a degree, though I have to say that I
differ and that I feel like it’s more important that you have a list of
quality prospects that have joined your email list and that is much more
important than the quantity of people. There are people out there that have
hundred thousand person email lists but their conversion rate is so small, it’s
it’s it’s sad, right? And there are people that have a much much smaller email list
of a hundred people, five hundred people yet their engagement, their conversion is
much much higher so don’t let the number fool you. But yes that that the amount of
email subscribers you have that are quality is absolutely an important
metric that you need to pay attention to because when people come in and they
join your email list that is somebody saying: I’m really interested in you and
I’m really interested in your topic and I’m really interested in what you do but
I’m not quite ready to hire you. I’m not quite ready to click that Buy button. I’m
not quite ready to pick up the phone and schedule a call with you. I want to know
more about you, Sandy. I want to build a little bit more relationship and see: do
you give consistent value? Are you current? Are you active? Are you
professional? Are you this or you that, right? They’re trying to navigate those
types of obstacles and through that email list that’s your opportunity to
build the relationship, give ongoing consistent value, build your credibility,
prove that you know your topic, nurture those people, and give them a call to
action along the way, right? Of course, I’m going to recommend that you send a
weekly email. Once a week pick a date day. Tuesday morning every Tuesday I’m
going to send a weekly email to my list. I don’t care if I have two people or two
thousand or 200,000 people. Consistency is key and everything that you do online
whether it’s video, blogging, social media email marketing, tracking your metrics
posting webinars, like whatever it is, consistency truly is the key and most
people are not consistent. Most people are not reliable. Therefore, that really
gives you an upper hand. It allows you to have that leading cutting edge against
your competitors, even though I hate that word– competitors. It’s gonna allow you to
stand out from the crowd. And if you are giving consistent value, you are in
service, you are being yourself, you are delivering that help to the people that
need it most. Well then, why wouldn’t they work with
you, right, unless they just didn’t need help at that specific time? So your email
list you really have an opportunity to settle into that relationship, give them
that value, help impact more people, which is why you want to take it really
seriously. I don’t think that you need to create a whole big newsletter full of
tons of information, right? I think that it’s most important that you kind of
consolidate things down, give them a simple actionable tip, give them value
once a week, and then invite them to take a next step with you whether that’s go
opt-in for one of your webinars or set up a discovery call or something of that
nature. The other reason that you want to be consistent is that you never quite
know when somebody is going to be ready to make that next up with you. I’ve had
people on my email list that have been on my list for seven years and then out
of nowhere they email me and say: I’m ready to build my website now and it’s
really exciting because they’ve been able to watch my business growth. And I
am constantly getting recognition and encouragement from my newsletter
followers because they know that I’m constantly giving and over delivering
and I’m there for them. And that’s something that’s really rare online and
I think that you have the perfect opportunity with your industry and
topic, Sandy, to where you could do the same. So it is an important metric and
the last thing that I want to share with you, Sandy, is that in order to make the
most out of your website opportunity, I would encourage you to continue
developing opt-in offers ongoing. Set it in your calendar that once a quarter you’re
going to create a new opt-in gift at least in the beginning, then you can kind
of slow down and do it once every six months or once a year if you’ve already
had like a good arsenal of opt-in offers. But for example when you go to, you’ll see a learn tab and then there’s a drop-down menu of
several different landing pages for different opt-in offers. I have a PDF on
the my favorite tools that I use online, like applications and softwares. I have
an opt-in offer on the 7 deadliest mistakes you’re making on your website,a
different one for the seven deadly mistakes you’re making on social media. I
have another one on core message and branding, another one on search engine
optimization. So by having different opt-in offers, rest assured when a
business owner comes in looking for support to grow their online business,
they’re going to be interested in at least one of those opt-in offers right
those lead magnets. Therefore, I’m capturing the most amount
of audience as I can, getting them on my email list, so that they can get that
weekly tip video, see my value in a lot of different topic areas, and when
they’re ready to move forward and have a conversation with me to see if I’m the
best fit to deliver on their project, they’re gonna pick up the phone and call
me. So I would suggest to you, Sandy, that as
you have coaching calls, as you have sales calls, really pay attention to the
questions that your audience are asking you and you’ll start to see patterns in
those questions and then you create an opt-in offer to answer those burning
questions that your audience faces, because then you’re creating content
that you know people want as opposed to most business owners create content that
they think their audience wants, but usually they’re a little bit off. So
there’s there’s nothing more valuable than doing market research and a side
tip to that is when you are sending out your weekly emails, I encourage you
to regularly ask people to reply to this email and let me know what tip you found
most valuable or what questions you have, you know, so that you’re really engaging
with your audience on a deeper level. I would say that’s a big opportunity that
most business owners are totally wasting the opportunity of engaging with those
ground floor subscribers and followers to help develop out their business and
monetize and serve that audience the best that they can. So I hope you found
that valuable, Sandy , and everybody else watching. If you did I would really
invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel. You can do so in the bottom
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until the next time, I just want you to remember: No Guts No Glory. Thanks so much
for your time in watching. Take care.

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