How To Build An Email List Fast! List Building Tutorial 2019

How To Build An Email List Fast! List Building Tutorial 2019

how to build an email list fast in this
video I’m going to show you exactly what I have done myself to grow my email list
by 60 to 70 subscribers every single day on my Caffeinated blogger website and
using these same methods a lot of the people who have shown these methods to
have been able to achieve similar results I’ve currently got just over
24,000 subscribers on my email list and I make a full-time income from email
marketing email is the most profitable thing that every online marketer can
have so in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how you can get started building
your email list as well what’s happening everyone my name is Greg Kononenko you
might also know me as the Caffeinated Blogger and on this YouTube channel I
put out regular tutorials dedicated to traffic generation affiliate marketing
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notified as soon as I upload my next video let’s get into the detail let’s
quickly cover one important topic why do you even need an email list well there
are many reasons why you need to start building an email list if you are
currently not building an email list then you’re not really building your
online business that might come as a shock to you but you cannot make a
decent amount of money if you’re simply driving traffic to your website and then
selling something from your website your email list is your number one asset and
I made a huge mistake back in 2008 2009 with my golf websites I was getting on
some days over 5,000 visitors to my websites and I was not building an email
list I could have built a huge email list probably in the tens of thousands
of subscribers back at that time but unfortunately what happened due to an
algorithm update with Google at the time I lost all of my websites and I lost all
of my business okay your email list can never be taken away from you it was my
own fault that I lost those websites at that point in time but the bottom line
is that if I had my email list I could have actually continued emailing day
subscribers and making money whereas as soon as my websites got taken away I
lost all of that income so your email list can actually not be
taken away from you okay you can take the email list and
it’s yours it’s your acid you can send emails and you can make money from those
emails it’s pretty much as simple as that and on average you know you can
depending on the niche but in most common niches like health and fitness
weight-loss business make money online personal development and many other
niches that I’m familiar with you can make anywhere from 50 cents to $1
sometimes even more per email subscriber per month okay so what that means is if
you have an email list of let’s say even 200 subscribers it’s a small email list
okay maybe you’re quite new and if you manage to build an email list of 200
subscribers in the next 30 days that means that you can make let’s say 100 to
200 dollars per month from that point onwards and as your email list grows
your income from the email list is going to grow so I’m just gonna show you a
couple of examples here for example this is ninety one thousand and I’ve made on
warrior plus one hundred and forty seven thousand that I’ve made on jvzoo vast
majority of this money is from email marketing I’m inside my warrior plus
account and currently I don’t actually promote a lot of offers on warrior plus
but up until several months ago you can see here are some of these statistics
from just a few emails that I’ve sent for each of these campaigns okay for
being a fight promotion for example I sent several emails I made two and a
half thousand dollars just from emails and in total I’ve made ninety one
thousand from warrior plus vast majority of it is from emails these days are
mostly promote higher ticket offers and as you can see here within so it took
about four or five days to promote this product and just within that time
basically my partner and I we made nine point seven thousand in sales and we
after one refund we got paid four thousand three hundred and eighty in
Commission so that’s just over two thousand each just after a few simple
emails so that’s the power of email marketing if you’ve got your email list
you know you can do this you can send email
you can make money all of the other things that you do in your online
business when you drive traffic and so on to your website should be aimed at
building your email list that’s the number one secret to being successful
online the money is in your email list you can’t be you can’t become rich just
by publishing Adsense on your blog publishing content and then making money
off Adsense you know it’s nice but really you should be building an email
list and then making money from your email list so let’s talk about the
components of building an email list what do you actually need so there are
only four components really that you need and that’s you need to get an
autoresponder you need to get an opt-in bonus or gift which will be something
that will be an incentive for other people to hand over their email address
to you and you need to give that to them in return for that email address and you
need an opt-in page and the last thing that you need is a thank-you page just
to deliver that opt-in bonus or gift that you promised at the start really
that’s all that you need to start building an email list of course then
you need to start driving traffic which I’m going to get to in just a second as
well let’s talk about these components one by one so the very first one that we
need to cover is the autoresponder I personally use convertkit there are
other options out there like Aweber and GetResponse but I have a strong
preference for convertkit now what is an autoresponder just in case you are
completely new to this an autoresponder is an email service that holds all the
information about your email database and through that autoresponder you can
send emails either automated emails that will just you know send according to a
predetermined schedule your leads will get those emails for example every every
day or every couple of days or alternatively you can just send emails
what’s called a broadcast email you can send an email to all of your email
subscribers just whenever you want you know you can just sit down write an
email and send it to all of your subscribers and start getting the
traffic from your email list to pretty much any offer that you want you know to
your affiliate link to your CPA link and so on now there are a couple of reasons
why I per convertkit over a weber and get response
i don’t want to say anything kind of too bad about our weber and get response
i’ve used them myself it’s just my results with Aweber and GetResponse
weren’t as good and a lot of times the emails from Aweber and GetResponse
unfortunately go to spam folders even though you know I do everything that I
can possibly do to make sure that those emails are as clean as possible they
still end up in spam I don’t have that problem with convertkit convertkit has
had the best deliver ability for me there are kind of technical reasons
behind it I don’t want to get into it too much right now I just want to say
that you know convertkit in my experience has been the best email
service that I’ve ever used if you guys do decide to pick up convertkit just
don’t forget to check the link in the description I’ve got actually a really
good bonus for you if you do decide to sign up to convert kit through my link
I’m going to give you one of my previous traffic courses pricing for convertkit
is here on this page it’s quite affordable if you’re just looking to get
started it’s $29 a month it is a tiny bit more expensive than if you were to
sign up with for example Aweber which is just $19 a month or we get response
which for a small email list is $15 a month but the thing is that in my
experience I’m getting a lot more clicks a lot more opens and a lot more clicks
on my emails through convertkit that’s the reason why I’m actually using
convertkit I’m on I’m on this 25,000 subscriber plan at the moment and I’m
finding that you know quite happy paying this 199 dollars a month for it but if
you’re just starting out you know all the cost is about twenty nine dollars a
month the next step to building your email list is to think and to create to
think of the idea and to create an opt-in gift now a lot of people get
freaked out I see it time and time again I’ve seen probably over a hundred times
where people say it’s too hard to build an email list because I’ve got nothing
to give away okay and let me just give you a few sort of ideas of what an
opt-in gift is just in case you’re new I’m going to explain to you that it does
not have to be anything complicated it can just be a one-page cheat sheet a
simple PDF or even some PLO as is often the case some ideas are only
just a quick google search away so if you google for ideas for an opt-in
gift there is this really good post that I found that you can refer to and you
can obviously look at for other results but I just want to give you an idea for
a very simple opt-in gift that’s extremely effective so it’s used by
smart bloggers which is one of the biggest blogs out there in the blogging
space and their opt-in gift is very very simple
it just says headline hacks a cheat sheet for writing blog posts that go
viral okay it’s a cheat sheet for writing blog posts that go viral so all
you get is just a free PDF with 52 headline templates could you create a
PDF with 52 headline templates I bet you could easily okay other ideas would be
if you’re in a different niche if you’re in the fitness niche it could be
something like three delicious smoothie recipes that help you lose weight fast
okay and you just put in like retype find and retype three diet recipes so it
does not have to be complicated as you can see one of the biggest websites on
the planet let me just make it like this so that you can see how it actually
looks because my camera is gonna be there in your way
okay one of the biggest websites on the internet in the blogging niche has got a
super simple opt-in page there is no five-hour video there is no attend
module course so it can be very very simple now if you don’t want to create
anything like that you can even buy some PLR content so you can buy PLR ebooks
just make sure that it’s high quality you know you can Google for something
like PLR fitness niche if your niche is a fitness niche and then just research
something and buy something buy an e-book or a report that comes with the
rights which allows you to give it away as simple as that does not have to be
anything more complicated so to recap your opt-in gift can be just a simple
one-page PDF cheat sheet simple PDF with recipes you know some kind of ideas or
even Piell are next you will need to create an opt-in page an opt-in page is
a page similar to what we saw just before
which talks about the offer and it can look like this a cheat sheet for writing
blog posts that go viral so basically something that has got a place for
people to put their email address the opt-in page and McAfee net a blogger
blog is very simple as well it’s just like that free traffic course how we get
1,000 to 3,000 daily visitors without Google or paid ads and then email and
instant access so it can be very simple don’t worry it’s not you know
complicated or over-the-top you’ve got a couple of options to create that opt-in
page the simplest is convertkit built-in templates I’m going to show you that in
just a second you’ve got other options which I’m not going to show in this
video because there are just literally dozens of ways to create your opt-in
pages but it can be something like optimize press templates optimized press
is a page builder solution that I use myself for my WordPress website so you
can use built in templates in there as well so here is how to create your
opt-in page the simplest way possible from inside convertkit you would go into
forms and then you would create a new form from the forms menu so click this
new form and then you’ll be able to see that under landing pages there are
templates already you don’t even need to have it on your website you can just
create a page that is hosted by convertkit and then you can send traffic
to this page that is already hosted by convertkit okay the other options here
are as you can see if I go a new form and then I click on forms then you can
actually place these forms they’ll give you a piece of code that you can place
inside your blog posts so for example if you wanted to make a form similar to
this which says join newsletter you know and you can change it obviously they
will give you a piece of code which you can then insert onto your website inside
your blog post they look really really nice I like the forms that convertkit
offers but for this example let’s just go with this landing page and you can
customize any of these templates for the purposes of this video I’m going to use
this template here okay so I’m just gonna go select and then after it loads
you can customize it so you can call it for example
Fitness recipes fitness smoothie recipe okay and then you just need to click and
customize all of the parts of its so you’ll need to upload your image to do
that just go choose file and choose the image that you want to use so now as you
can see that’s uploaded and then you can write your actual opt-in page form the
text for headlines so it could be something like free get so I’ve just
paused the video here for a second basically this is an example of what you
can do free three weight loss smoothie recipes that will supercharge your
metabolism enter your email four-inch instant access and that’s pretty much
everything that you need to do you don’t need to make these squeeze pages any
more complicated after that you will need to go ahead and customize some of
the options here so one of these that are subscribes to form it says you’ve
got a couple of options you can say show a success message or redirect to another
page we will come back to this after we create the Thank You page I’m gonna show
you how to do that as well so that you can actually deliver your gift okay but
for now just leave it at that show a success page then it says send incentive
email so just untick that you don’t need to do that for the time being because
you can I’m going to show you how to create that email to deliver that gift a
bit later in the video as well so we’re gonna uncheck that then what we want to
do is if you wanted to change any of the format for example background color form
background and so on you could easily do that but I’m just gonna leave it as is
then it says what’s shown to return visitors who’ve already subscribed to
this form we’re going to say if someone comes back for the second time we just
want to continue showing the form that’s all that we really need to do we just
need to now save this okay for more successfully saved and now we need to
click share and this is going to be the landing page link so you can start
instantly creating your email list you can start sharing this link and whenever
someone clicks that link they can instantly join your email list so that’s
why I love convertkit you don’t even need to have your own website to create
an opt-in page they can be hosted by the convertkit service
so that’s the link to your opt-in page just to quickly show you what kind of
templates optimized press has optimized press is the page builder solution that
I personally use on all of my websites and it’s a wordpress plugin so you can
install it inside your WordPress website and they have a lot of opt-in page
templates here as well as you can see there are tons and tons of different
templates that you can use as well so that’s another option you can integrate
optimized press directly with convertkit so now you know how to create an opt-in
page let’s move on to the next step which is the Thank You page so your
Thank You page the purpose of the Thank You page is to actually deliver your
content alright what you promised would be to deliver your content because as
soon as someone enters their email into the opt-in page you will grab that email
at that point in time for example if this is the link that you’re going to be
driving the traffic to as soon as someone goes ahead and enters their
email here and click Subscribe the email is going to get captured into your
autoresponder into your convertkit right away immediately but we do have an
option to redirect the people after they enter your email we do have an option to
redirect them to any link that you want for example on my website on the
caffeinated blogger website if someone enters their email that will get
redirected to my Thank You page so if I’m just gonna enter my email here Gregg
at caffeinated and click instant access you will see that I’m
going to get redirected to my Thank You page which is the mini course worker a
few different videos so this is what I mean by having a Thank You page it can
you can deliver your content as well as place some affiliate links or links to
sell your product or links to cpa networks etc because while you’ve got
someone there while you’ve got their attention they’ve just opted into your
free gift you know you might as well deliver them the free gift and also put
in some kind of links if they want to purchase something you might as well try
to make a little bit of money while the people are there to create your
thank-you page you can use any page builder that you want I’ve given you an
idea of what my Thank You page looks you can use just normal wordpress page
menus and functionality you can use OptimizePress element or any kind of
page builder that you want additionally one of the best skills that you can
develop as an internet marketer is the ability to reverse engineer so I would
recommend for you to study what your competitors do especially your more
successful competitors the people who you know are already making money and
try to model your opt-in page and your Thank You page after those competitors
because if it’s already working for them then it must be working pretty well and
it will work for you as well so figure out what they do and then make your
final similar I’m going to show you how to create an extremely simple Thank You
page inside WordPress I don’t want to over complicate this if your knowledge
is slightly more advanced than obviously you can go ahead and create anything
your page that you want but for the purposes of this video let me show you
so all you would need to do is create a new page give it a title so since our
giveaway page is about three weight loss smoothie recipes I’m going to call it
thank you get your free recipes here and then you would simply type in and then
you know put in the links here to your actual recipes and hit publish and then
that will give you a URL so we’re going to call it thank you
recipes just as an example okay to use for this video I’m going to hit publish
and that’s going to be published on our website so this is going to be the Thank
You page for our website and then to connect the two together what you would
want to do is grab this URL so copy it and then come back into this landing
page options and remember how we skipped this over here it says show a success
message so choose redirect to another page so it simply give this put in the
URL here click Save you can see now the form has been successfully saved so
let’s just refresh this and let’s test this I’m going to insert my email now
into here and let’s see what happens so I’m going to sign up with this email
address it’s greg plus testing youtube video at caffeinated blogger calm that’s
just I’ve added this after plus so that I can tell exactly where this has come
from it’s like a bit of a tracking hack and after
I click Subscribe look what’s going to happen we’re going to get redirected to
that Thank You page that we’ve just created see it’s taken us to this Thank
You page because that’s the setting that we’ve chosen in here
so very very simple of course you can put in anything your page that you want
it can be you know quite fancy etc you can send the people anywhere where you
want after they’ve opted in and now if i refresh my subscriber list you can see
here subscriber Greg Plus testing YouTube video at Kevin and blogger comm
has been added today to our email list after that what you will want to do is
you will want to create follow-up messages follow-up messages are the
messages that get sent automatically to your email list so that you don’t have
to send them so as soon as someone opts in they get a follow-up message and then
you can set up a schedule that every 24 hours or every 48 hours they continue
get messages with your marketing messages or your information delivery to
keep them engaged for example here is my sequence so in convertkit these
follow-up messages are called sequence and as you can see the very first email
that I sent is called access link and welcome aboard and it
gets sent immediately okay so when to send immediately you can change that to
send certain number of days or hours afterwards but because it’s the first
email I wanted to go out immediately this is the email subject access link
and welcome aboard and I telling then I’m telling in the email body that hey
welcome aboard its Greg Khan and Ankur decaffeinated blogger here is the direct
access link to my foundational course and so on and so forth so I give them
all of the information about myself as well as the information about the course
with all of the links then after that I’ve got for a couple of days I’ve got
an email going out every 12 hours it’s a mix or some promotional emails as well
as some emails to my videos from before so for example this particular video is
linking to my youtube video from before so I try to mix up with some valuable
emails you know and some promotional emails so there are kind of balance
trying to make a little bit of money from the email list as well as sharing
my youtube videos and teaching something to my email subscribers
as well each of these sequences has got a name so after you create the sequence
you can give it a name and then to make sure that whoever opts in through a form
gets subscribed to a sequence you need to set up and automation for that so
it’s very simple and easy to do it you can just do something like that
this rule okay and just put in a trigger to say trigger subscribes to a form so
soon as someone subscribes to your form called
fitness smoothie recipes they will be subscribed to a sequence and that
sequence will call you know give whichever sequence you want them to be
subscribed to so if your if your opt-in gift is about the fitness smoothie
recipe then of course do a sequence you will give a name that makes sense you
can call it something like Fitness smoothie follow-up emails it’ll come up
in here create this automation rule and then that will connect the form with the
sequence together so as soon as someone joins the form that will go into your
sequence they’ll start getting follow-up messages
so to recap with your follow-up messages in the first message you want to deliver
your gift introduce yourself and then you can alternate between informational
emails and promotions you might have in your follow-up messages you know you
might have 10 emails or 100 emails it really is up to you there are a lot of
people that have got 100 days worth of follow-ups I only have I think about
seven days worth of follow-ups in my email sequence then I send broadcasts to
my email list so after follow-ups are finished you can send broadcast
broadcast is something that goes at once to everybody you can you can alternate
once again with your broadcast between informational emails some useful emails
and promoting something trying to send something that’s got your affiliate link
or your CPA link or link to your ecommerce store in the email well we’ve
gone through a lot in this video you now know how to set up all of the components
of the funnel the only thing that missing is to drive traffic to your
opt-in page now I have a ton of traffic videos on my youtube channel already I’m
gonna put some links in the description below so make sure you check out those
videos to learn how you can actually start driving traffic to your opt-in
page but in a nutshell you can use Pinterest
I’m doing really well with Pinterest you can use YouTube you can put the
description links you know just under your description you can put the links
to your opt-in page in their in their description you can optimize your
website for Google search and then drive the traffic from Google search you can
do all of that I’m not going to cover all of that in this video now because
it’s already long enough but if you want to know how to drive traffic to your
opt-in page then check out the links in the description below and you will find
a ton of videos from my youtube channel where I talk about how to get traffic
which you can also use for opt-in pages well that’s it I really hope that you
enjoyed this information now you know how to build your email list so if you
enjoyed this video then make sure to drop me a quick like and a comment let
me know what you thought of this video also subscribe to my youtube channel
just below this video click the bell notification icon so that you can get
notified about my next video as soon as I upload it thank you so much for
watching my name is greg kononenko this channel is care fanatic bloggers and
i’ll see in the next video


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