How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Training

How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Training

Hey there, it’s Aaron Chen, and if you’re
watching this video right now, then you are looking for training on how to build an email list for affiliate marketing. Well you’ve come to the right place because in this affiliate marketing training, I will reveal the secrets behind building a very
responsive and big list. The first thing you need to know is that you
need to create your own capture page if you want to collect email addresses. You can use tools like clickfunnels which
I have given you a link to above. Once you have built your capture page, make
sure you link it up to an autoresponder. There are a few that you can use but my choice
is getresponse. Link it up and then all you need to do is
write a series of about 7 emails into your autoresponder which will drip feed your potential
customers when they opt into your list. The emails should give lots of value about
the product and niche market you have decided to sell products on. So if you are selling a product that teaches
someone to lose weight, then make sure your emails are giving value on losing weight. I hope you enjoyed the training because this will
be the best training you get out there on how to build an email list for affiliate marketing. Hope you loved this
affiliate marketing training. Watch the whole video and you will learn how
to build an email list for
affiliate marketing. Remember
to drive congruent traffic to this list. I hope you enjoyed this
affiliate marketing training. Aaron Chen How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing Training


  1. newbie here! i don't have an idea what affiliate marking is. Is it hard to do? do i need to spend money to be able to do that?

  2. You are the first person that's explained this in a straight forward way while giving simple and effective tips. Thank you so much.

  3. Just discover your channel, the thing i really like is you look honest, not the usual bullshits like other channels.
    Good continuation…

  4. Is the value series a one time series of videos my list would watch at once or does it work like the 7days automated mails

  5. Thanks man. I really enjoy your honest and helpful hints. At my age I cant wait for 9 years to make a sale through affiliate marketing. Sort of desperate! Any idea and tips to share with me?

  6. Thank you so much for your helpful tip. This is straight forward and easy. I will recommend a screen tutorial on your laptop or smartphone the next time to give more clarity.

  7. This means that we build an email list for having the right traffic, doesn't it ? Oh ! I'm trying to promote my product (just only one product ) through the click bank. According to its blueprint(of my own product which I promote), it recommends me to send Email to targeted traffic via email list. But I don't know how can I make it.

    You know just only 1000 sales, I will gain 600000 $ per month. No need to get 10000 like your case. If you were me and could have 10000 sales like you said, I think you will have already received 600000$ per month. But thanks for your email list building technics. I think it's useful.

  8. Can i make multiple campaign in get response? If my business for instance is real state and the second one is affiliate marketing? Here is my email [email protected] just in case you will answer my question. Thanks

  9. This is my first time on your channel and you captured my attention with your explanation, you just earned a subs bro.

  10. SO helpful!! I'm just starting out on youtube, not even at 1K yet, and my blog is but a baby. But I KNOW the importance of a good email list!! Email is still so powerful, even with instagram and twitter and all the other social media these days. Great explanation, truly I thank you for this!! 🙂

  11. Hi Aaron, How do I create my own personal Affiliate email acct for your websites, Ad? Is it good to use my regular email?

  12. Thanks for the video, I found an Email list builder I managed to get a lot of opt-in and even a few sales through his excellent source of targeted Traffic, I’m using his service a lot and very pleased. Just Google for jack best solo ads

  13. Amazing vid. Really helps. But i've come across a software that scrapes and builds a big email list on automation.Almost 10,000 email addresses in a day –

  14. How do you feel about making one of the emails as a boost page for them to share it and linking it back to your capture page?

  15. I don’t pitch in email. I create 30 days of video content that get sent everyday. Each email takes them to a page with a video. Around the video I have banners of related content to the video they are watching. If I talk about ClickFunnels, I might have a banner of getresponse, a Weber,etc

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