How To Build Your Audience AND Your Impact

How To Build Your Audience AND Your Impact


  1. Thank you so much for this video. I truly needed to hear this message today especially as I have been putting out videos and always questioning if I am on the right path.

  2. Very much agree, because a million viewers, if they don't engage or tuning in to you, that just mean they are just passerby and it is not the people you want to interact with anyway.

    I love what you said that we need to believe the validity of our message. Trust and be confident. Thank you Marley!

  3. Focused and motivated by planting seeds every single day. I’ve already had a few people thank me for my videos and they’ve asked me to help them change their lives. It’s pretty amazing. You’re an incredible speaker and your videos are really, really good!!!! Subscribed!!

  4. What a powerful video! I want my influence to gain traction to people that are ready to hear what I have to say! I won’t give up! Thanks for you’re inspiration!🥰

  5. So true, thank you for sharing this important message, Marley. You are inspiring, happy that I did subscribe. If we can just impact one person – LOVE it!

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