How to check any email address in Gmail

How to check any email address in Gmail

Today we’re going to look at how to set
up a third party email address in Gmail. Gmail obviously has billions of dollars to spend
on research and development. And so, more likely than not, they are going to have a
better webmail client than your web host or internet service provider. We like to recommend
that people set up Gmail to check their email. So we’re already logged into our Gmail account.
If you don’t have one, you can just go to and sign up for an account there, But we’re already logged in, so we’re
going to go up here to this little gear on the top right. We will click on that, and
we’re going to go into mail settings. From the mail setting screen, we will click on
“Accounts and Import.” We’re actually going to want to scroll down
here, and where it says “Check mail using POP3,” we’re going add another POP3 email
account. So this does require that youre email provider use POP3. I’m going to set up [email protected]
Next step. You will want to double check to make sure
that these settings are correct. For example, with my internet service provider, the user
name is actually the full email address, not just the beginning part. Go ahead and enter your password. Again, make
sure that the POP server is correct. Decide which of these you want to do. If you
click “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server,” then whenever Gmail downloads
your email, it will actually leave a copy there. And that’s good in case you use Outlook,
or you use Mail in OSX, or any number of other desktop-based email programs to check your
mail as well, you can set those programs to delete them after so many days. And on this
one, you would want to leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server. So I’m
going to go ahead and check that. If you want to use a secure connection, if
your host supports that, you can check this. You can also automatically label incoming
messages. That will separate it out, if you have- if you actually use the Gmail account
you’re logging into, that will separate out the emails from your main Gmail account.
So I’m going to check that. And then you can check this, if you want it
to, in addition to have that label, if you actually want it to skip the inbox and totally
truly be separated out. I’m going to click on “Add account.”
And so now I’m able to download email. Well now it needs to make sure that I can
send email. So we’re going to go ahead and click “Yes,” we want to be able to send
mail as that user. All of this information is correct. We will send through Gmail. That’s generally
the best option. We do have to send a verification. Of course,
we just set Gmail up to receive email, so we actually should be getting that email here
in our Gmail account. It can take a few minutes sometimes, but let’s see if we’ve got
that yet. Go to the inbox, and we’ll refresh. Alright,
there is our email. We will open that up. Since we still have that other window open,
we will copy this, paste it in here, click verify, and once this loads, we should be
good to go. Hit compose mail now, and we have the option of sending from our other email
address. Now if you want to set that to your default
address, we’ll go back into settings, click on “Accounts and Import” again.
And we can see right here that it will reply
from the same address the message was sent to. So if we received it on that third party
one, it will reply on that third-party one. But, right here, we can click “Make default,”
and by clicking on that, we’ve changed the default address. And that’s really all there is to it. Now
we’ll be receiving emails in Gmail, and, whenever we create a new email, it will come
from that third party email account as well. Thanks a lot, and be sure to visit
for more tips for your website.


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