How to Collect Email Addresses With ManyChat Chatbot And Deliver A Lead Magnet Using MailChimp

How to Collect Email Addresses With ManyChat Chatbot And Deliver A Lead Magnet Using MailChimp

Hey there in today’s baby got bot training I’m going to show you how you can integrate email with manychat So that you can get your subscribers from your chatbot into your email list now I’m going to actually show you how to deliver an email sequence that delivers a lead magnet So I’m going to show you the whole steps The first step is we are going to set up your chat bot flow in many chat The second step is to create your list and campaign in MailChimp and then we’re going to use a tool called zapier to connect the two Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this The first place that we are going to want to go to is many chat. We’re going to set up our chat bot flow So this is the first stop when people come into the chat bot we send them along the flow and then we capture their email and we Send that over to MailChimp and that’s what we’re going to show you right now So go to your flows and up in the upper right-hand corner Go ahead and click on new flow and you will title your flow as you wish So I have my first message here I’m gonna go to go to flow builder I just prefer the visual Aspect of the visual flow builder here. It just makes it easier for me. So your first message goes here Alright, so I can deliver the lead magnet right here inside of mini chat I could Require that they give me their email and then send it via Your MailChimp or I could do both which is generally what I do. I usually will give people an option So for instance here I say, you know, thanks for the interest in the guide Would you like me to send you a copy via email as well? So you have it in your files? And so we’ll just have a yes/no here. Okay. So since we’re using our visual builder, we just drag this over here Send message We actually are going to do user input Alright says great. Could you please confirm your email below by clicking on the email address listed? So what I’m going to do is the reply type here is an email and when we do this It actually Facebook will actually generate their email that they used for their Facebook So when they set up Facebook they had to put an email address in that’s what’s going to populate So if they click on that email that will populate right here You don’t see it here, but trust me. That’s what happens Then that is a confirmation and that’s going to trigger our whole sequence of events. That’s about to happen. So I said great could you please confirm your email by clicking the email address listed and then they would click the email address and an Action is going to perform now this action is very important So follow along as we add that we are going to trigger ASAP. This is a CRO feature and mind you So is this open-ended input so these are pro things that we need and again, I’ve mentioned it before a pro is inexpensive It’s worth every penny. So trigger zap We’re gonna call this the Facebook guide right here and You can you know name it whatever you want But name it something that pertains to your guidebook or your you know Whatever you’re gonna be sending because we’re gonna have to find that the name of that trigger in zapier when we go over to zapier Alright, so we have this it says great Please confirm when they confirm What’s the next thing to happen? I like to just put a little message here Saying just confirming that we got it. Great. Thank you Please watch out for an email from whoever sending the email that will be triggered through mail chat, just so that they’ll search for it Okay, so this part is done if they say no thanks. We’re going to actually just send them a message Just letting them know if you want to do it this way that they can just access the guide book right here I like to do a card. I’m just going to add a quick image here Alright your guide to getting started with Facebook on business. Ok, so I created this little guide thing. And what I can do now is I have my link here for Where I have now I host my guides on Amazon s3 Wherever you host them. You want to grab a link to where you’re hosting them and just you know click on this little card if you want to do the card and add the link to direct that and then I also like to do Something that like a button and open website Now if they’re gonna get the confirmation, thank you for your interest. You want me to email it to you? Yes, and then you create this Email confirmation when they click to confirm it triggers our zap. That’s the most important thing. We are ready to publish So now step one is done set up the chat bot flow totally done. The next step is to set up MailChimp or wherever you’re doing your email marketing It’s a similar integration, but we’re going to do MailChimp because I know a lot of you are using MailChimp So I have a free account here. We’re gonna go to lists We are going to create a new list However, you want to you know, your preferences are here. We’re just gonna set up that list like you normally would All right. So here you can do your double opt-in you can enable gdpr. However you want to do this I’m gonna skip it for now just because I want to show you really quick how to get this done But however, you want to set up your list. That’s how you should do it All right, so I have no contacts in here everything’s set up in terms of the list now we have to create the campaign That’s going to deliver our lead magnet. So I’m going to go over here to create campaign we are going to create an email an automated email and we’re just going to create a new subscriber email when they first sign up Name your campaign select your list that we just created and begin Let’s go to design the email and you’re just gonna go through these steps and design the email now at this point I’m gonna fast forward through this or hyperspeed through it But basically you’re just going to design your email and make sure to have a place where people access that guide that we talked about Okay, now that we have our email list set up and our campaign set up The next thing is to connect both many chat with our MailChimp using a tool called Zapier so zippier is kind of an in-between of many apps You’ll use it a lot with many chat to integrate with a number of different Crms email marketing tools Google Docs stuff like that. It’s fantastic tool. I use it quite a bit with mini chat So we’re gonna go up here where it says make his app And Our first step is going to be to go from mini chat So we want to click on mini chat or search many chat If you don’t see it, then we actually want to go here where it says less common features We’re gonna go to new trigger a zap event. Remember when we set up the trigger the Zap trigger So find your account, if you haven’t had your account already in there, you’ll want to connect your mini chat account and We’re gonna search the event and it will actually pull the reason we do the chat bot flow First is it will pull those events in here and you can search and find the event so the event that we created for this one was Facebook guide and continue Go ahead and say continue all right fetch and continue and it’s going to fetch the the Zap sample Right, there it is and continue now at this point the first part of your zapier integration is set now we need to connect It to MailChimp. So go ahead and say yours app currently lacks in action add one So we need to add the next step and the next step is to connect MailChimp So if you don’t see it here because this is my apps that I use all the time Go ahead and search MailChimp up here in the search So we are going to add or update a subscriber and You’re gonna connect your MailChimp at this point Alright, so now we want to kind of tie it all together. So what is the list that it’s going to connect to? Well, we just created our list. It’s our Facebook business guide list in this case That’s the list within MailChimp and then we want to connect the subscribers email so we’re gonna go ahead and Search email and we’re looking for the custom field now over here something that I forgot to mention Is that when you have your email in here it says save response to a custom field We forgot to do this, but we actually want to save it to an email address or you know Actually specifically name it now. You can call it for a specific guide email I just have a general email address that I add in here so you want to create a custom field for that email address and that’s right over here by the Where we capture their email right here when you’re setting up we have email We have please enter your contact email list if they want to skip or if you don’t want them to have a skip button you Can you know close that out and then email and then the action is the trigger? Okay, so now we’re all back to here We’re going to go to email address and then do we want to double opt-in? Yes or no, that’s really up to you I’m just gonna say no for now cuz I didn’t set it up update existing if they already exist Do you want it to update if no, it’s going to halt and it’s not going to let the subscriber get on the list So I’m gonna say yes update any current, you know, if someone’s on there just update them. Do you want to replace groups? I’m gonna I’m not gonna mess with the groups thing. We’re just gonna continue and then it’s got this now The test is actually going to say that it doesn’t work It’s going to come up with an error and that’s only because no one has actually gone through this So if you really want to test this then you personally need to go through as a user Into your chat bot flow and you know get it to work. I know it’s going to work so I’m just gonna say skip test and I’m gonna say finish and we’re gonna name our zap and Then we want to turn our zap on Now everything is connected so we can actually create a growth tool or what have you I’m just going to run a preview really quick All right, so thank you for your interest. Do you want to get the guide? Yes, I would like it to be emailed to me and then I’ll show you there’s that preview so it says great Could you please confirm your email below by clicking the email address? There’s my email address and then Thank you, please watch out for an email So now we can go back to Z pier and I’m actually just gonna go to view task history just to show you guys that it actually worked and There it is. It says that it was a success Facebook biz I can even click on this and it’ll kind of give me more information So double opt-in false. There’s the email address that I confirmed and it added me to the list So again first step is build the chat bot flow Second step is set up your MailChimp list and your third step is to connect with zippier So there you have it. Now you can deliver those lead magnets whether by your email provider like MailChimp or Directly into mini chat or both using zapier I hope that you found this helpful If you want to learn more about chat box and gobble up all of those chat bot training goodies Be sure to check out my baby got bot series over on that list right there You can also check out the pinned post or pin comment down below where I give you information to join my weekly chat bot update and join my baby got bought Facebook group where I’m always sharing more resources so that you could be a Totally awesome chat bot builder. Thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll catch you later


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  2. Thanks Kelly, very helpful indeed and perfectly presented. Would you advise using a ManyChat messenger bot to capture an email inquiry instead of (or in combination with) a lead generation form? Currently, we just use a standard email form to capture leads on our product pages, but thinking a messenger bot could increase lead capture conversion…

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