How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan For 2018

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan For 2018

In today’s video, we are going to talk about how, to build a, social media plan for 2018 now i know it already a couple of days into february But i am guessing that some of you haven’t created a plan For the year yet sometimes i think that we think? We have a plan but it’s always a bit vague and if we have to write it down And make it measurable and turn it into daily tasks We might not actually be able to do it so before i start planning anything i want to know Which channels i am going to be investing, my time and effort into this year specifically 411 lights, media this Year, we are doubling down on youtube and also instagram it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be on facebook or linkedin Or twitter or any of those other places for my efforts and my original Content is going to be on youtube and instagram and pretty much every other platform either has an entirely different Strategy attached to it or it’s going to have some sort of Repurposed content out of these pillar pieces of content i create for you on here so sit down have it think about where you want to invest your time and Effort and look for some of you that might mean that you invest even more heavily into a platform that performed, well for you Last year and for some of you Similar to what i’m doing it might mean that you dabble in new Platforms because you, want to put your stamp on that platform you, want to create content for that platform you Want to have a footprint there once you know, which platforms you, want to invest in you, want to think about The, goals that you have for those platforms or for your business in particular so what i mean by that is generally i see? Three major, goals with Any kind of social and content production, and those goals are brand awareness so getting Your name out there so that people know, who you are Authority, building so establishing yourself as the leader and the go-to in that space and then there’s sales off the back of that Every single business is going to have different goals so once you know The platforms that you wish to invest in and the goals you, going after That’s going to help, you inform you of the content you’re, going to create for those channels you can’t just expect your social Media to be social without creating opportunity for discussion and interaction with your potential customers So, we usually, do that by creating content whether that’s entertaining or whether that’s educational or whether that’s simply inspiring we create content to create Conversations so now that you know the content that you want to create you have to think about how You’re, going to measure those efforts for some businesses that’s very strict There’s lots of numbers there’s lots of funnels there’s lots of triggers there’s a really, highly, complex back into, whatever they Do and for some it’s more relaxed it’s a retrospective Look, on the 12 weeks the six months the 12 months and where your sales came from how Your numbers may have grown, and by numbers i simply mean how’s your email, is grown has your social following grown Has the amount of engagement that you’ve got grown, and for some people they will tell you that their vanity metrics but they’re Not if you started out not being able to create conversation with Your customers and now every time you post content you’re having meaningful discussion with those customers They are meaningful metrics they are meaningful numbers for you especially if you know how to convert them into a sale if you are measuring for the sake of Having a number there that’s a bit more when it’s vanity, when it doesn’t mean anything when you can’t attribute Meaning to the number that’s when it’s vanity, and that’s when those numbers are arbitrary so figure out What you’re going to measure and how. You’re going to measure it and stick to that once you know The platforms that you’re, going to put your effort into you need to think about frequency and Distribution and all of those little things that take planning and once you do them they’re, awesome but, they really do require organisation and Participation on your part so understanding how, often you’re, going to post to that platform How the content is going to differ each time how Much you, want to be promotional versus value driven knowing, this will help you know Where to in your efforts once you’ve created pillow content for those platforms you, also need to think about how You’re! Going to redistribute it to your other platforms whether that’s your website so you’ll blog or your vlog Other smaller channels, where you might cut Up that content and put out micro content something else that i’d like you to think about for your social media plan is how much time you will invest in Engaging and being social on the platform it is called social media for a reason and for some of us We have to manufacture that conversation to begin with as i said before but for some of us We may, use social media as customer service and if you are an e-commerce On of customers you might find that they come to social media to complain unfortunately but they, do To, ask Questions that perhaps are answered elsewhere but, oftentimes people can Use social media in a way that actually drains our time and while you want to service every customer i do Recommend that if you find that you’re getting a lot of complaints if you find that you are Answering a lot of the same questions Come up with a System to be able to respond to those in a way that doesn’t eat into your time Social, media can, can be unforgiving this way and i really Want to encourage you to have systems in the backend that you can put in place To, mitigate those problems and to, also win some of your, own time back something else that i highly suggest having your social media Marketing plan especially for b2b companies is to have a list of prospects or? Other companies that you, want to engage with that you want to do business with know Who, they are search them out and allocate time to them within your social media plan Whether that’s one business a month a week a day whatever that is for you? However much your time allows you To invest in that i highly Suggest putting that in the plan so it actually gets done really outside of this all that’s left is the content creation And the actual execution of the plan it doesn’t matter if you’re planning for 12 weeks or? 12 months you need things set out in order to be able to make sure that you hit those goals and those targets that you’re after one little Bonus tip that i would like to say about social media plans is make room and plan in time for Experimental content and what i mean by that is if you only blog? try, a video if you only use stock imagery try putting in a photo of the team Take time to experiment and test and measure what works when You, make, these small iterations sometimes it can Make, the world of difference and you never know if something else is going to work for you Unless you try it but you, also need to factor that time in especially if it’s something that’s a little bit more time-consuming Like creating a video you need to factor in the editing factor in whether or not you’re going to transcribe it or? Caption it where you’re going to host it whether that’s going to be on youtube or vimeo or something like That so i would like to know in the comments below If this was helpful for you in shaping your social media plan if it was make sure you hit the subscribe Button in the corner and i will see you in the next video


  1. I love "we create content to create conversation." Not everyone keeps that top of mind. I have helped others with their plan but need to do mine still. Thanks for a great video here, Sarah.

  2. Great video thanks for sharing. You bring up some great points, frequency and consistency is something we are looking to improve on.

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