How to Create Affiliate Funnels with Clickfunnels

How to Create Affiliate Funnels with Clickfunnels

Hey Omri from Impact Influencer. In this video I’ll show you how to create
affiliate marketing funnels with Clickfunnels. Watch over my shoulder, how I quickly create
a moneymaking funnel. Let’s go. We are back. Just a couple of things before we get started. Make sure you stay till the end of this video
because you will get access to my in-depth Clickfunnels course. Plus you’ll also get a special brand website
created in Clickfunnels. You can import in one click and make it your
own. Now don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
if you’re into making money online with affiliate marketing. Click the button below. One thing I always like to do is to plan ahead
the steps of each funnel I build. I do this so it will be clear in my mind and
it prevents confusion when actually building the funnel. So let’s take a look at my beautiful drawing. Okay, so this is the funnel sequence. Let’s break it down to its four components
so we can understand the concept. We get traffic to our funnel, people. These people can come from Facebook, from
YouTube, from Instagram, and they can get to our funnel from either an ad or an organic
method. They arrive to our capture page where we trade
a valuable bribe to their email. Now we have them on our mailing list and regardless
if they buy or not, this will allow us to continue to market to them regarding this
affiliate offer or different affiliate offers later on. Now, this is really powerful because an email
list is an asset, it’s traffic that you can control. It also means that we are dramatically increasing
our odds for selling because now we have an additional way for communicating this offer. Because let’s face it, most people are not
going to buy right off, but this way we’re not losing them. Let’s quickly summarize. We attracted our audience to come to our capture
page where we give out a super cool lead magnet in return to an email address. And now we can send our audience to a bridge
page. A bridge page is not affiliate of a page. It is a page that has a video of you pre-framing
and preparing your audience so that they understand why you are sending them to this other page
with someone else pitching some product. Many affiliate marketers skip this step because
it takes too much time and energy to create, but it is crucial that you do take the time
to create a bridge page. Not just for warming up your audience to the
affiliate offer you’re about to send them to. But also to gain credibility and trust, because
if you are going to engage with these people with email marketing, then it’s essential
you put your face in front of them so they feel they know you, and trust you, and relate
to you. Otherwise, your email list will just be useless
because this whole affiliate marketing thing is all about communicating with real people
and providing value to real people with real feelings. Understanding this will automatically increase
our conversion rates. So now for my bridge page we can send our
traffic to the affiliate page. The affiliate page is not controlled by us. But we know, we did all we can to prepare
our audience properly. There is actually one more super important
tip I like to share with you that can really make or break your affiliate funnel. But we will discuss it a bit later. As we build our affiliate funnel in Clickfunnels. You will need a Clickfunnels account, so I
will have a link in the description below with a 14 day free trial for Clickfunnels. So let’s go into my Clickfunnels account and
create our affiliate funnel. Okay, we’re going to add a new funnel. And we’re going to use the funnel builder
cookbook, which is a selection of pre made funnels we can use and make changes later. I’ll select the bridge funnel template. And I’ll use this funnel. I click get funnel, to import the funnel into
my account, and here we go. We got the two pages we need. First is the capture page, and then we have
the bridge page. Before we go ahead and select the affiliate
offer to promote, I want to talk about congruency. Congruency is the ability to create a similar
and consistent message throughout the steps of the funnel. This means that the same problem or question
is addressed in each and every step. It’s the same in your ads or organic hooks. Your lead magnet is also addressing the same
thing. Your bridge page and your affiliate offer
page is also addressing the same problem to be solved. To enhance this, we can use the same design,
the same fonts, and even some of the same words and same sentences throughout our funnel. Doing this will build up attention to our
message. It will reduce any possible reason for confusion
on the buyer side, and will result in higher conversions. So let’s go back into Clickfunnels and select
an affiliate offer to promote. Okay, I’ve selected my favorite affiliate
offer to promote. It offers education for skill sets needed
to start an online business. Now I’m scanning the affiliate offer page
to see what I can use to create congruency. So here are some examples. Discover how I started in online business. Get your business set up and ready for your
first high ticket customer. All right, I will go back to our funnel and
let’s start with making some changes to our capture page to fit our offer. I’ll do some cleaning up here. I want to keep this as simple as possible. Don’t need that. This button will activate a popup and I prefer
to have the email input area right on the capture page. So I’ll add the email input area, and a button. I’ll change the text on the button. Now I’ll grab the button color on the affiliate
offer page. I’m using, color pick, a free Chrome extension. Back in the capture page and I’ll change the
button color to green. Resize the button. Now I like to add an icon, I’ll add the rocket
icon to the button, that’s in the advanced tab. Now grabbing the title from the sales page,
and go ahead and create a new title in the capture page. Paste the title and adjust the size. I’ll change the font and underline profitable
online business, just like in the sales page. I’ll resize the title, decrease the top margin
and delete the existing title. I’ll go ahead and change the background color
to white. From the affiliate offer page, I’ll grab the
subtitle, I’ll paste it into the capture page, and make adjustments. Discover how to start an online business that
earns high ticket commissions. Adjust the texts here as well to fit my lead
magnet. Now I’ll add my lead magnet image. Okay, I want to change the color for this
text as well. I’ll go back to the affiliate offer page and
with color picker I’ll grab the color and change the color here. I like to share with you another free Chrome
extension tool that I use. It’s called the font Ninja. Here, we simply have to hover over any font
in any site and it gives you exactly what font, what size. So I’ll be using this extension tool to find
out and to copy the font to my capture page. Pretty cool. Okay. I’ll go ahead and load the bridge page in
order to make some adjustments. I pretty much want to delete everything. I want to have a video and a button. Delete this and that. Don’t really need this. I’ll go ahead and change the text here. And I want to change the button to green. I’ll go to the top of the page and get rid
of this blue title bar and also the rest of the stuff here. I want just a simple title for the page. Congratulations. Watch the short video below. I’ll resize the title, change the color of
the subtitle. I’ll go to the bottom of the page. I want to eliminate the round corners. I’ll go into the settings and under advanced,
change the corners to square. Now change the margins between the elements. In general I want to have everything above
the fold. And now I’ll just put the affiliate link,
and place the URL of the video. And that’s about it. This is the final capture page and let’s go
to the final bridge page. It will go. This is a final bridge page. You’re going to have your video in there. So this is how to create affiliate funnels
with Clickfunnels. Your job is to drive traffic to your capture
page and although not everyone will buy, you’ll still be building an email list. Remember, if you want to learn more about
Clickfunnels and making money with affiliate marketing, click the link below to get access
to my free course and your free brand website. Remember, take action and good things will


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