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  2. Hello, thank you for the tutorial, it works great on Gmail following your steps. I prefer to use MS Office not Gmail, is there any way I can set up the same on MS Office Pro Plus 2016 instead of Gmail??? I have tried with no success….

  3. thank you, this worked, but does not solve problem of getting folders over to the same gmail account (from outlook). not G-Suite porting, but just taking all folders on my outlook (set up on my hosting domain), and moving it under a new folder for example under the gmail, is not working it is not connecting to server for verification. what is wrong? do you have a video on how to make it work?

  4. I am notsatisfied with the video because of few reasons-:

    1. smtp2go only allows users to send 100% opt ins mails
    2.the mails which we are sending are going to the spam folder of receiver

  5. bro i have done everything as u guided but when iam sending an email there is an error showing Mail Delivery Subsystem that MESSAGE NOT DELIVERED. saying "The response from the remote server was:

    550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send" WHAT TO DO NOW ??

  6. hey can you help me out? I put a correct mx settings but it is still with "YOUR MIX RECORDS HAVE ERRORS", i dd copy and paste, but nothing… any advice?

  7. it was helpful but you dint say why u were selecting 0 and 10 and y mx ,text,and something and 25 on smtp is there a reason , or is it the limit of how much mail can be received by the business email address

  8. you tutorial is very nice but you kept on your focus only for the those domain which hasbeen purchased fron godaddy. i want to set up my business email account using the domain which had been purchased from host grater .how i can proceed with that .kindly suggest.thank you

  9. excellent accuracy in making video and explanation with perfect details. wonderful professionalism can reflect from your video.

  10. Please help! I bought my domain from ionos.com and i setup an email forward to my gmail id but i'm not receiving any emails 🙁

  11. I have my domain name registered with 123Reg.co.uk. Can I still do this process through Go Daddy or do I need to do it through 123Reg?

  12. I have enabled SSL certificate with cloudflare by changing DNS, then I have to again change DNS for professional email or I can get email from cloudflare.

  13. For people who see missing 'Email Forwarding' under Additional Products. Email forwarding is not free anymore. Godaddy charges $4.99 per year in order to get it.

  14. The send from feature isn’t working on mine. When I try to send message from new business email address I get a bounce back message: “You’re sending this from w different address or alias using the ‘send mail as’ feature. The settings for your ‘send mail as’ account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending. Help please?

  15. im getting a "550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send" whenever i try to send a email from the business one

  16. Hi
    I paid for professional I'd to godday and now I have my professional I'd on godday .
    My question is who can I can use Gmail to run that I'd. If you ever made any video and pls reply with a link so i can watch the same.

  17. When I click on Additional Products it says "You do not have any redeemable products at this time", there is NO "Redeem" option. So it doesn't work for me. Any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks in advance!

  18. i had learn lot of from your channel, and i wanna learn more about android, would you teach me about android development?

  19. The emails I receive are not encrypted? Why? Is it because it goes to smtp first and then get processed to gmail? How can I fix this?

  20. I am not receiving emails on my professional one. when I send it goes through professional but not recieving through professional. what should i do?

  21. keep on getting Message not delivered
    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

  22. Although i am much elder than you, then also i will call you SIR.
    u r great sir.
    Thanks for your valuble information.

    There r many videos on these topic but yours is so good .

    Thanks alot

  23. Sir koe aisa plugin ya kuch btaye jisse amazon affiliate website pr amazon.ka.price automatic update ho jaya kre agr change hota h vha price to yha website pr bhi ho jaye

  24. My domain is registered on namesilo and it works too . Pretty much the same way as it goes on Godaddy. Just follow the tutorial ,Find Email forwarding and manage DNS then register SMTP2GO and copy datas. after verified(The green check shown) then the problem comes(Error: 550 that SMTP username's account is not allowed to send).can't send emails. I waited for one week still not working. The sulution is to go to SMTP2GO and find support and "Submit A Request" to descripe your problem. the problem existing there. but you will still sumbit it. the support will soon reply you and ask you questions:
    As your domain is new. You'll need to answer the following questions to activate sending.

    1. What is the nature of your business/ what product or service are you going to provide?

    2. Who will you be sending emails to? Do you have a mailing list? If so, how was it compiled?

    3. Do you have a website? If so, please provide me with the URL.

    So I answered honestly then I got another reply.
    Hi Mike,

    I have authorized your account to send.

    Let me know how you get on! 😃​
    It works! I just fix this problem. hope it can help those who is lost in the same way, and thanks so much Subhang for sharing this video and Claudius Mbemba and his comments which helped me with this issure . I just tried their ways and works perfectly just now. One thing important. for new domian , you must get authorized from the SMTP2GO first.

  25. Thanks for this wonderful video but please tell me- How to remove red padlock that say's: "secureserver.net did not encrypt this message"?

  26. dude thats way too messy, to many configurations, if something fails takes you quite some time to backtrack where might be the problem,
    just get a damn email manager and send and receive the mials from there, forward to gmail for free is convoluted.

  27. Hey, I have a question what can I do if my go, daddy, account show me this message "We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us" ???…

  28. How many forwarding email addresses can be created using one domain name, what would be the cost of one domain based email address (Forward account), suppose i want to create 100 domain based email addresses and want to forward all the mails to one email address. (Contact: [email protected])

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