How to Create Landing Pages in MailChimp with the New Landing Page Creator

How to Create Landing Pages in MailChimp with the New Landing Page Creator

– Hey everyone. My name’s Larry Snow. And in this video, we’re going to be taking a look at the new MailChimp landing pages. Yes, MailChimp just recently rolled out brand new landing page features. So if that’s something that interests you, stick around. It’s coming right up. Now before we get into the landing page and how you set one up, it’s actually having an email list. One of the best ways to create a community is with an email list. An email list that our people that are actually opting in to get your content is the best way to start people on their journey to get to know you, to get to like you and to trust you and buy your products and services. It is absolutely vital, that if you are in the online business, if you’re creating anything
in the online world, whether it is a sass or
a service or product, you need to have an email list. Alright let’s get into creating a landing page in MailChimp. So once you’ve set up your account, if you already have MailChimp you’re familiar with this area. It is where you create your campaign. It’s where you create
your email newsletters. And I’ve got a couple tests here. And we’re actually gonna, I’ve already published one and I’m gonna take a look and show you what it actually looks like once you create a brand new page for people to sign up for your newsletter and/or a downloadable product which is what I have. So what I did here, let me just take a look. So this is what my
landing page looks like. I have a logo, I have a header, and I have some texts that hopefully catches some eyes and interests. And actually they sign up
and download the e-book. And basically I took
it all from my content that I already have on my website. Just to test it out. So that’s basically what we’re going to create right now for you. So I’m gonna click on create campaign. Now I’m gonna click on
create a landing page. Now there are two types of pages. There’s a signup page which
is what I just showed you. And then there’s a product page where you can actually add in a store product from a
connected WooCommerce store. And I think there are
other options as well for store products. And if you want to know how I connected my WooCommerce store to
my MailChimp account, please let me know in the comments below because that helps me know that this is something you
want to know more about. So let’s do the signup page first, and then I’ll show you
quickly the product page. For the landing page name we put in any name that we want because the person who’s signing up for the content is not gonna see it. So I’ll just do testing. And then you want to select the mail list you have set up in MailChimp. I’ll select free e-book signup because that is my email list. Click begin and you’re presented with a very simple template to get you started. So I’m gonna click logo and then I’m gonna click replace and I’m gonna grab my SMS logo and click insert. Now I’m just gonna go
over to my free ebook page and I’m just gonna copy the content here. Now if you don’t have the content obviously you’ll need to create it. Now we get to the form. Now another thing that I am not going to show you in this video and again if you want to know more about how I set up my forms on MailChimp, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to do a video on it. But in the background of this, once you create your lists, you create signup forms and this is where this is pulling in from. Where it says email at email address and sign me up. The process where a person actually will download my e-book is connected to this. And you won’t see that because I’m not going to show you in this video. But that’s another process that you would have to do before you get to this stage. You’d have to setup that series or what they call a welcome letter or once they register to
become on your mailing list, you send them a thank you for signing up and in there, I have a link that will have the person who signed up, click that link and go and download the e-book. And so all of that process has already been setup but if you are new to MailChimp and you don’t have that process setup, you’ll have to do that. So once you get that process setup, then you can set up a
landing page like this. So I’ll click inside the box for the form and of course we want to change the button text to make it
a little bit more inviting. We’ll say sign up and download the e-book. Okay, save. No actually we’re gonna go to style. Now style is the style of the button. And the background color, I want it to be more a little bit more interesting. More to my brand colors. There you go, that’s close enough. And then the hover I’ll
keep that the same. Then you can have
alignment left center right and you can have full width. I’ll check it and have it shrink down but I like the full width. And then the next tab over
here on the right hand side you want to click on confirmation because this is where
you’ll let people know what’s going to happen next. So we’ll say thank you for signing up to be the part of the security marketing solutions community. Space space. Your e-book it’s is on its way to your email inbox. Something like that. And we might want to center this text. So we’re going to center and we might want to make
that a little bit bigger so we’ll do heading too and enter and just make it
a little more interesting to the eye. Click save. Now once we have the format and the coloring of our landing page and once you’re happy with how it looks, you can actually preview it. And this is how it’s
going to look on the web. And we can even test it. There we go. And click sign up and download the e-book. And here’s the text. I can change that a little bit. I think that’s a little bit big. Thank you for signing up
to be part of the, yep. And then you want to check
to make sure all of the spelling and grammar is correct. And you can even view it on mobile. Now mobile doesn’t look too bad. And once we’re happy with how I format is and everything is working properly, we’re gonna click save and continue. And then we’re back to the campaign. This is we’re almost finish. And we’re gonna add in a page title. And for this we will just call it SMS e-book. Now if you notice here, it already pre-formats the URL for this landing page based on your title. And you can go in here
and edit it if you’d like. But I’ll keep it as it is. Click save. And once we’re happy with everything, we can click publish. And I’m gonna publish. Our moment of glory and it’s live. If we right click here and go to incognito window, here is our landing page. And we can send that out on website. We can send it out in
Twitter, social media, all that good stuff. Alright now I’m gonna quickly show you, go back to campaigns. I’m going to quickly show you what it looks like on the product side. And again I have it connected to my WooCommerce store. So we go to create campaign, create landing page product page Give your product page a name. I like to do test. Now here’s where it’s
gonna select the store. Only because I have two stores. I have my membership store, and I have our ISDA online store. So I’ll select the online store. Click begin. And you’re kind of looking at the same type of landing page as we did in the one for our e-book. And so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on formatting and everything, but I’m gonna click on
this little box here for our product and it’s gonna say use best sellers or browse all. I’m gonna click browse all. It’s gonna say well what
store would you like. I’m gonna click the same store again. And we can type in the name of our product or we can actually click the down arrow and get the list of everything that’s in the store. I’m gonna click on when stuff happens. And click insert. Now the one thing that I’ve noticed in the formatting of this, it comes in a gigantic image. And I haven’t yet figured out how to make that small. And when I do, I’ll let you know. But you get the idea. So here’s our button again. So if a person was going to buy that, we’d click on, we gotta click save and close. We gotta click on the button here. And again we can do the style and do the content. So here’s our button view, so you’d probably want to say buy now. Or on sale. Whatever you want to say there, right? You want to link to the product page. You can put in the price. You can update the title if you want. And then you can style the button and the layout. Oh there you go. That’s how you do it. There you go. I learned something new with you. So that looks a lot better. Yeah that’s way too big. And you can align center or left. Save and close. So there you go. And then you can add in additional images if that product has multiple images and you can put in a
testimonial about that image. So this will be great for
courses or memberships. And you can put in a footer. And there you go. And then when you’re done, you can do the same process. You save and continue and then it’ll pursue URL and that’s the one you share out. So that’s it guys. Thanks so much for watching. And again if any of this interests you and you liked it, please click the like button because that helps me get an understanding that you’re actually enjoying this type of content. And also if you want more information about MailChimp and you
want me to do more videos, please put comments below so I know what exactly it is you’re interested in learning more of. And if you want to learn more about me, you can go to and I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. Thanks so much Larry!! I have a client right now that needs to get an email list going even prior to the site going live, so this is fantastic!

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    I'm thinking of offering a discount voucher (for first purchase) as a thank you for new subscribers to my woocommerce. Would I set that up as the landing page or product?
    Does the product page you demonstrated come out as a newsletter or a landing page?
    Also, if I do this as a landing page, where do I include the discount code or coupon?
    Thanks for clarifying.

  4. Hi Larry:
    Do you know if it´s possible to add a field (for example: Name) to Sign Up Form on a Landing Page. I couldn´t find how to do that. I know if I create a Sign Up form for a List I can do that very easy but working with Landing Pages is different.

  5. Hi Larry, thank you for this training which makes much more sense than Mailchimps itself! I have 3 questions on this (and please apologise for my simplicity – i have literally just signed up to Mailchimp and am now trying to figure out if it is suitable for my needs and havent had any response to my email queries with Mailchimp)…

    1. I do not see the Confirmation tab on the signup form (i just see content and style). Is this something that perhaps comes with a paid version?

    2. Ideally, I would like to try and upsell on my confirmation tab or at least redirect to my main website. I can see the link icon under the confirmation tab on your screen, so i assume that there is nothing preventing me from putting in a link to my website?

    3. On a more general note and tapping into your mailchimp expertise – I am worried about what I understand is the inability to automate the movement of users from one list to another based upon activity (eg. if someone clicks on the 2nd email in my 5 email nurture sequence targeted at leads list and purchases, then they should be moved to the "customers" list and removed from "leads" list and therefore do not receive the final 3 emails in the nurture sequence).
    I have researched this a bit and am wondering whether I can instead simply have one "Master List" and be smart about groups. ie. a group for new subscribers (and by source) and a group for customers (there is a link to my shopify account). Then when i set conditions for my emails, I use segmentation. So, for each email in nurture, I state that the condition is that they are in the new subscribers group but not in the customers group? does that make sense and eliminate the overlap?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi Larry
    Sorry to ask another question. When I click confirmation after formatting the button under email address, I don't find a space to type a thank you etc. I get something saying that double opt-in is turned on etc
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  28. Hi Larry
    Thanks for great content. Do you know how to make pictures mobile friendly.
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