How To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

– How to generate multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing. And this video I’m gonna be
showing you exactly the steps, the big picture, the
strategies on what needs to happen so that you can do it as well. (upbeat music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here and
in this video I’m gonna walk you through my journey of what
I did to generate millions of dollars promoting other people’s stuff, including a brand new Porsche by literally just promoting something
that I did not even create. Now this is basically known
as affiliate marketing, which is the process of promoting
somebody else’s product. Now what many people don’t know is that the world’s largest marketplaces, all these different platforms, whether it is Amazon
for physical products, whether it is ClickBank
for digital products, whether it is in the space of travel, all these different platforms, they all have this thing
known as an affiliate program where they will pay you money every time you refer people to buy
stuff on their platform. So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you the exact
big picture of what needs to happen in order for you to
monetize and make it happen. And what if I told you this literally was a three-step process,
simple steps by the way, that you need to implement
in order to make this happen. Let’s begin with this first one. The first one is actually the thing that you need to promote. Whether it is product or a service. Let me just show you
the different examples. This could be a physical
product on Amazon, this could be a digital product
that is on a marketplace like ClickBank or if it’s
not a physical product, a digital product. If it’s a service that
you could be promoting, put it this way, whatever
market that you’re in, like literally go to Google
and type in your niche name with the keyword affiliate program. So let’s say you are a
influencer, you know, you’ve been talking about
lifestyle and travel and food. You literally go on to Google and you type in the words
travel affiliate program. Now, if you look at the
travel affiliate program, you’re gonna get all
these different results and you will see sites
like Agoda, TripAdvisor, they all
have an affiliate program where they will pay you a commission every time you refer people to their site. So what you do is you sign up
for their affiliate program, it’s usually free with
the end in mind thinking, which is basically this. Understand that good affiliate marketing is not about persuading
somebody from a no to a yes. Good affiliate marketing is about thinking who are the people that
already gonna say yes anyway, and how can I place this
link that is unique to you that these sites give you in front of them because they’re gonna buy anyway. So when you sign up for this account and they’ll give you this unique link, now this link, remember you can use this
link on any platform. So if you are currently
building a following, whether it’s on Facebook,
whether it’s Instagram, whether it’s you have an email list, whether it’s on your funnel, whether what’s in your
YouTube video description, you can place this link in any
of these different platforms. So step number one is about thinking what is the product or service, physical or digital that
you can be promoting, that your audience is going to say yes with minimal persuasion? So that’s number one, what is the thing that you wanna promote? That brings us to step number two. Okay, so number two is
after you have determined what it is that you wanna promote, that is when you need to set up this page over here, this page is known as an opt-in page or a squeeze page. Now what does this mean? I’m gonna include a link
in the description below an affiliate funnel or
an affiliate opt-in page that you could be using. But basically what it is, you wanna promote the
product or the service, but most importantly right
now you wanna capture their name and email address. It is because whatever it
is that you wanna promote, the last thing you wanna do is spending money driving traffic to this other person’s
product, program or service. Because if you’re doing that, you’re not building a business. Let me say that again. If you are not capturing
somebody’s name and email address, if you’re not building a list, you are not building a business. Write that down. If you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business. So in other words, you
are now building something that’s long-term that is sustainable because you’re capturing
their email address first and you can monetize
this further in future as you are giving them more value as you’re building a
relationship with them. This belongs to you forever. That’s when you’re
building a real business. So for example, when Russell Brunson had that contest promoting Expert Secrets where he had that entire
contest, how I won that contest, which was filled with big time players, how did I do that? I ran ads on Facebook but
most importantly I ran them to a page where I was
capturing their email address. How do you capture somebody’s
name and email address? How do you make an compelling offer? By giving them value. So this could be free
training, free template, free blueprint, free cheat
sheet that reviews XYZ. Give them something so
that they will gladly give you the name and email. Now the worst way to capture
somebody’s name and email is by saying, join my newsletter, right? That’s how markets used to
do it like 15 years ago, which is obviously sounds like spam, totally boring, so it’s gonna
advert really, really bad. The average way of doing it is by saying, enter your name and email to
get free access to this ebook. Now ebook will only get
you average results. Why is that the case? Think about it this way. Does the thought of reading
a 250-page ebook excite you? Chances are it sounds dreadful. Horrible, makes my stomach turn. People don’t wanna learn. Learning is a bad word in your line world. People wanna get, people wanna discover. How can you make it so that it sounds like they’re
gonna get something? Let’s make this practical now. So let’s say I go on Amazon and I decide that I
wanna sell green powder. A supplement. So number two, how do I
get somebody to opt in? Remember, the end result
is buying green powder, this supplement. So I need to give people
a compelling reason to give me their name and email address rather than saying ebook, what
if I could use these words? Template, checklist, cheat
sheet, swipe file, action plan. Imagine this, okay? Average results will be, enter your name and email for
everything you need to know on how to get six-pack abs. World-class, a much better way would be, enter your personal email to receive my personal grocery
shopping list that I use to get six-pack abs because abs is made in the kitchen and not at the gym. Enter your name and email
to receive this checklist. First of all, one thing happens, people now will be a lot more compelled to give me their name and email address because it feels like there’s nothing learned. It feels like I don’t have to
go to 350 pages of learning and reading in order to get the result. It feels like just by giving
you my name and email, I would receive value straight
away even if I decided not to read this checklist or
utilize it immediately. So now it’s just maybe a one page talking about seven different
superfoods and guess what? When they go to this next page, which is step three over here, this is when I could have a sales video or a sales letter or both and I could say, Hey, this is Peng Joon here and today I would like to share
with you one supplement that I’m personally
consuming every single day, that includes the seven superfoods that I just sent over to you. Are you somebody that
struggles with eating right, especially if you have a busy lifestyle? So one thing that I personally
use is superfood name that actually includes all
these seven different superfoods and greens and vegetables. All of the things that I hate
eating inside this supplement. And because I hate eating them, all I need to do is take a scoop every single day and I’m done. I mean all of my nutritional requirements, I build up my level of resistance and because of that I hardly fall sick and that’s how I actually lose weight. And now that’s true for you. So then I’ll continue saying, look, the brand that I personally
use is actually this, it has got all seven superfoods in it and if you are somebody
who would like to eat right even when you’re on the go, all you need to do is click on
the add to cart button below and you’ll be able to order
it directly from Amazon. You’ll be able to get it
directly from This is known as a bridge page. What happens then is
because I’ve got their name and email address, a person that comes to
this page right away, they might not buy instantly, but because I have this
email and this lead now this is when I can do follow-ups and this is when I can
continue sending them emails every other day talking about objections that they might have,
answering their considerations, considerations about what? Maybe about the price point, about the results, about the ingredients. On top of that, I would be able to also promote
other products in future. This could be a future course
on fitness or weight-loss. This could be other types of supplements, I could be promoting this person, new tropics, brain food, whatever it is. This person is a lead for life, as long as I continue giving them value, as long as I continue building
a relationship with them, as long as I do not offend them. Will everybody not be offended? No. There will be some dropouts as long as you’re treating them right. For me, my personal benchmark is that every single opt in that
I get, every single email, if you treat them right
at the very minimum, they should be worth at least
a dollar every single month. So if you’re gonna
generate $10,000 a month, build a list of 10,000 people. Real people, engaged. So that is basically step number three. Okay? So let me just quickly recap first. Step number one is, choose
a product, a service, something that is an easy
sell with minimal persuasion that your audience will love, that genuinely helps them. Number two is you build
up this opt-in page, which by the way, if you
want to create opt-in pages really, really easily look
in the description below, we’ll I recommend you
this software as well as this template called ClickFunnels, where I’m literally gonna give you an affiliate bridge page
in one click of a button. Just look out for that,
affiliate bridge page. Number three is basically
creating that bridge. On a sales letter or a sales video, recommending that product
together with a follow up. Now I know my handwriting
looks a little bit terrible, that’s probably, yeah. Anyway, so how do you fuel
and get more people in here? This is basically where
you create content. This one, you could be
running ads on Facebook and sending people in here. So if I’m selling green products, I’m now gonna create content or run ads to fuel this step in here. So this could be content on YouTube where my link that I get
from Amazon, ClickBank or any of these sites, and it could be in the link
of my YouTube description box. This could be Facebook ads,
this could be Instagram, Instagram ads, swipe-ups,
but whatever it is, I can now take my message and
put it across social media, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. This could be in future
when I have built a list, send emails out on other affiliate promos. But that is how you start
promoting other people’s products and get multiple streams
of income at the same time, building a real business from it. Because now you’re building
a list and as you’re building this list you’re monetizing
and as you’re monetizing, you’ll be able to use this budget and fuel and buy more ads
from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram further, and
use that money and again, promoting this thing and building a list and doing it over and over and over again. That is how you build a
sustainable, long-term, affiliate product strategy by actually giving value to others. Hey, let me know in the
YouTube comment box below on what product can you promote that will actually help people,
that adds value to them, that requires least amount of persuasion that they are gonna buy anyway. And as always, subscribe
for more videos like this by clicking on a subscribe button. This is Peng Joon here. I hope that you got value from this and I look forward to
seeing you in future videos.


  1. Good Affiliate marketing: who are the people that will say yes to my product or service that I want to promote with minimum persuasion 🔑🔑🔑

    Build a list 🔑🔑🔑

  2. Woah! I never knew that there were specific niche affiliate programs. I always thought you were confined to Amazon and Click Funnel products that were just a large range of stuff. Also, I’m definitely going to implement building a list of people that will be easy to persuade or require minimal persuasion cause they are already interested in the product. Another thing that stood out was using a bridge website to direct traffic to your affiliate link

  3. In summary, excellent affiliate marketing is about having a great offer directed to the right & specific target audience!👥

    List building is the most important aspect when it comes to marketing as it is permanent.👍🏻 And I severely regretted not starting it FIRST.🤦🏻‍♂️ when I started growing my brand on social media, I ignored it & focused on growing the following.

    However, the real monetisation comes from email lists! I only started when I’ve already grown 50,000 followers. That’s a ton of people that I missed out on. And on average, we should get $1 for each email subscriber you have.😯 If I just captured 10% of those followers, I would’ve gotten an extra $5000!😭 So my friends, start building a list!!

  4. It doesn’t matter what you promote through affiliate marketing. What’s most important is that you get out of the stands. Stop being a spectator in the game of life and become a participant. Find something you’re passionate about and share that passion with others in a way that it will improve their life and move them to take action. Only the participants get paid. Spectators have to pay to sit in the stands to watch the participants. Which would you like to be?

  5. Building a list is the most important step to do if I want to build a sustainable business.
    Maintaining the relationship and promoting other people products and earn the commission.
    To promote a product with minimum persuasion is actually depends on the ads I create on facebook.
    People who sign up my ads are people who are already interested or willing to buy my product or services.
    Thus, with minimum persuasion, I am able to persuade them to get my product or services.
    Creating a good ads, a good opt in page and a follow up page.
    Important steps in building a real email list for a sustainable business.

  6. I have had over 20K followers and so little emails. I don't have a list urgh. All these while, I have no idea how important emails are until few months ago. So yes, I am working on those emails – getting them out.

    Facebook ads has been scary for me too. Always ended up spending over my budget and getting so little engagement. I am just testing out here and there – hoping some day I GET IT right. Slowly but surely eh.

    Anyway, affiliate marketing sounds so new to me. The term I mean but little did I know I have been kinda doing it. Have been working together with a couple of business owners – getting commission and etc. Getting people in and I get commission!

    As always, loved it! Keep it coming (: Have a great night!

  7. My biggest takeaway is not just to build a list, rather an Engaged list. Because there can be hundreds of thousands of people on your email list, but if none of them engages, or even opens your email, then what's the point?

    Same like you can have a Facebook group with tons of people, but it's dead then what's the point?

    Build a relationship with your list.

  8. Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting somebody else's product/services.
    Affiliate Marketing = "Refer and earn from the platform."
    There are three (3) procedures to follow on Affiliate Marketing:
    1. What do you want to promote?
    – Easy to sell
    – Minimal persuasion
    2. Set up an opt-in page/ squeeze page.
    – Give them value = Get Name & Email
    * Always remember that "people want to get, people want to discover." Because learning is painful for them. So give them easy procedure, example: templates, cheat sheets, blueprints, etc.
    3. Create a sales ad/promo. (The Bridge Page)
    – It can be a video/letter or both.
    – collecting lists can be used for Follow-ups, Emails, Objections, and Promote Future Products.

    Making the three procedures can make you generate multiple streams of income thru Affiliate marketing. There are a lot of vloggers do it to earn income and according to Sean Cannell, a famous influencer on Youtube: it's okay if you don't earn faster thru affiliate marketing because it will potentially grow in the future.

    What can I say about Affiliate Marketing is that it will be both beneficial from the one who promotes the business and who owns the business. Great job Peng Joon!

  9. Hi, Peng Joon! These are what I noted.

    must be:
    -an easy sell
    -with minimal persuasion

    We have to capture their Name & Email.
    If you are not capturing their Name & Email, If you are not building a list, you are not building a business

    We must have Follow Up Emails


  10. I KNOW a lot of people that are not promoting their product in this way.. "without using landing page to capture leads" they are having some success.. but not building their business.. so if they not change the way they market their product and follow this strategy you explained Peng.. I'm sure someday they'll regret.. because building a list is so so important to survive as an affiliate.

  11. My biggest takeaway in this episode is in order to become successful in affiliate marketing, I need to build relationship with my audience first by collecting their email through my page by providing value to them (template, cheat sheet etc) so that I can engage them in a Long Term relationship.

    My other takeaway also include Good affiliate marketing is to engage the audience that would Say Yes or Minimal effort to PERSUADE rather than a NO to a YES costumers.

    And The easy PRODUCT that i can promote that would require a minimal amount of Persuasion would be a Protein Shake, Health Pill etc.

  12. Love this! So seems like the most important part of this step is to find the right product which people are willing to buy, then I should create a bridge between the product and the customer where I can collect emails. So it's almost like putting yourself in between the flow of money.

    I'm not sure about what product would be a good thing to be an affiliate of. It seems important to be able to add value as well, so one should have some prior knowledge on the niche.

    It also seems important to maintain the relationship with the customer once they give you their email, so a good content plan should be implemented for the email list.

    I'm not sure what product or niche to get in to, but I'm weirdly excited to start!

  13. As someone that wants to educate other people on how they can achieve financial freedom, I can definitely see myself promoting and being part of affiliate programs of click funnels and even your own products Mr. Joon, you mentioned that you have a partnership program and I am very curious in how I can be part of it as I believe I can build my own engaged email list that will bring traffic to your sales funnels in my marketplace where I don't think your ad campaigns are targeting at the moment.

    My biggest takeaway from this video is that we need to find a product or service that we can promote with minimum persuasion by means of building an ENGAGED email list using squeeze and opt-in pages where we capture the audience's name and email by giving them value.

    All the information in the previous episodes all come together as utilization of certain words is another lesson given in this episode that was mentioned in the previous episodes where we learn how to change the angle in how we position our own product at first that will increase its' perceived value.

    As I have mentioned in my comments in previous episodes, I am no longer "interested" in digital marketing, because "interest" implies no action, I am COMMITTED.

    Again, a message to everyone here, I believe that all of us can achieve our success. The fact that you know of Mr. Joon's name already shows that you have invested your time and maybe even your money towards achieving your success and I respect that immensely.

    So join me, let's start our journey together. Instead of just being "interested", let's be COMMITTED ✊

    Yet another insightful video, I can't believe that there are only 3 episodes left but I'm looking forward to them!😆

  14. For my step 1

    What product I promote is


    Because many peole want to invest but they dint know how

    How to generate multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing

    I discover in this video that

    ▪ Affiliate Marketing
    – Process of promoting somebody else product

    What is an affiliate program
    – A program that allows companies to pay you moneyfor sending traffic of sales to their paltform

    3 simple steps to monetize

    #1 Choose what you want to affiliate with
    What do you want to promote?

    This could be a physical product on AMAZON
    a digital product on CLICKBANK
    or it is a service

    Good affiliate marketing is not about persuading somebody from a no to a yes

    Good affiliate Marketing
    Who are the people who gonna say yes
    and all you need to do is place the your unique link so they can buy

    Your audience going to say yes with a minimal persuasion

    set up an opt in page / squeeze page
    – Capture their Name and Email address


    – You can give more value to them
    Build a relationship

    Give a value to your client so they will trust you in exchange of their name and email
    You give it for a FREE
    Like training,templates and blueprints

    The more value you give the easier they will give their name and email

    People dont want to learn they want to get and discover

    Create A sales Ad/Promo
    – this is also known as BRIDGE PAGE
    – You can do follow up and continue sending emails
    – Answering their objection amd consideration
    – you can also upsell your product
    Because this person is a LEAD FOR LIFE

    Step 1
    This could be Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Then you can repeat in cycle over and over againn

  15. @pengjoon…besides my mind firing on rapid cylinders, I am realizing how simple this game is (even tho I make it more complex in my head). I have a health and wellness product that I can simply create a compelling capture page for, then bring the customer to a ln engaging long-form sales page (bridge page) and then to the order page. And I can use many different front-end strategies, such as an ad placed below the YouTube videos my target market would watch. Thanks for putting out your content, it is helping me to clarify my course. Thanks!

  16. if you master the art of putting the right product in front of the right audience, you'll be crushing it.. but even more than that if you are collecting emails of those whom you promote your product to.

  17. Another great video Peng Joon! We have been building followers by doing Instagram give-a-ways. Not the same as emails!😖 Now we are working on the email list. Thanks for the important reminder.

  18. Awesome.. I’m doing my funnel & am super confident, I’ll rock it. Thanks for the amazing needful videos PENG JOON. 🇲🇾

  19. Another great video Peng Joon – Thank you – 1) decide the product or service and google affiliate programs 2) develop squeeze or opt in page to give value in an effective and useful way in exchange for email and name 3) bridge to purchase with the product via video – Well demonstrated and clearly articulated.

  20. You have to aswer this questions before starting AM:

    1. Is there a high-ticket product? (Look at avg.$/sale)
    2. Is there a recurring, subscription to this model? (Avg. Rebill Total) And what is the recurring for that?
    3. Is there a good sale funnel for that product?
    4. Is this an easy sell?

    Affiliate Marketing is not about persuading from YES to NO. But instead…(if Peng Joon you are reading will continue that phrase) 😀

  21. Affliate marketing is one of the thing i've tried to make money online. Made 200$ in clickfunnel promoting expert secret.

    My biggest takeaway, I realize that in this kind of business we need to capture a list to make it sustainable.

    To do that, we need to give value to people for them to give their email and names.😊

    The value must be specific, that made it compelling for them

  22. I see so many people, daily, trying to do Affiliate Marketing by just sending direct traffic to the offer without taking the time to learn how to create a bridge page or any content, not to mention never even think about creating a list. It is sad, they are just giving their money away to traffic sources and then give up because it did not work for them, but they never took or take the time to learn the how-to.
    BTW: thank you for the Platform Closing book – I had to buy a second copy for more sideline notes space!

  23. “gone are the days when you need to actually own a product or start service to start selling online or to set up a business.”

    Affiliate Marketing: stream of income where you earn through promoting other people’s service or product.

    the way on how to build a long-term, sustainable business strategy is by giving value to others.

    choose what you want to affiliate with
    -easy sell
    -minimal persuasion

    Build an opt-in page

    create bridge sales page
    -follow up

  24. 1. I saw a picture of Kiyosaki on FB which was the pattern interruption for me. ( A strategy I now understand because of your video challenge)

    2. Next I read the advert and saw this was an advert for this company called success resources bringing Kiosaki to SA. Then my brain had an objection about the price so I went deeper into the add but the add worked for me cos I was ready to buy an experie ce with Kiyosaki anyway cos his book changed my life.

    3. Then I saw on the add page (which I now know was a funnel after watching your videos) that to get the one on one picture with him I had to be in the platinum member lounge so it was a no-brainer to buy the upsell as it was less expensive than to travel to the USA. Which was how my brain overcame that objection

    4. After buying the upsell I read further and tried to see who is the other speakers and then saw your name (Peng Joon) 😀 so you got my attention by leveraging the fan base of a famous person. ( which I now know from your video challenge was your strategy and I have seen it work in action.

    5. At the event, I now know that all the speakers used your platform closing strategy (which I now can identify as a strategy) and have seen in action at the success resources event.

    6. After seeing your last video about the Porshe and McDonalds I know how you make a memorable video which your audience can never forget by allowing us to "discover" your knowledge in a story we cannot disagree with we can only wonder if it is true or not but after seeing you on the stage with my hero Kiyosaki I now know your story is true. Also what helped was when Kiyosaki recommended you and asked you questions on stage. Wow. You them in a story and experience which was the Porche ( a feeling of wealth) which I now know you won from the click funnels dream car competition bookselling competition you won (as I have been following your other videos) and your deliberate use of McDonalds during the video( which I now know was also done deliberately to remind your students subconscious minds of the McDonalds upscale method which is the first explanation of a funnel I could relate and understand ( every viewer, by the way, wondered if you were going to take the upsell chips and a coke😄😄 while watching)

    7. I also understand why you did not run the video in 6 fast steps as that would have just given us the knowledge which is worth nothing or a step-by-step guide cos it is worth only a little bit but you rather gave us the life-transforming example of how you did it by telling us a story of how you did it (which is credible) and genuine ( as it is your actual car you won and your actual gym picture and actually you with your real name. All adding credibility. And I now know why credibility is so important as this is the master ingredient for someone to not only subscribe to your email list but to subscribe to you for life.

    8. I also now see why YouTube is so powerful vs Facebook as it is the only tool you can use where people can follow you and your life while you are adding value to our lives which is a win-win for both parties.

    9. Ever since I have seen your picture name next to Kiyosaki's picture I had an interest in you. (The hook) then the live event ( the story) then the youtube value add ( the consistency in adding value.

    10) this video teaches me that future billionaires will be the people who can follow these breadcrumbs and do exactly what you are doing and showing us what to do.

    11) I followed rich dad, poor dad book principles and think and grow rich principles and the secret principles and within 3 years became financially free. Now I realized that online coaching is an infinite return product. (Success resource seminar)

    12) My niche (Green pool) is the property investing market as this is my passion since growing up in a town which died because the goldmines died and all the people lost their homes as for me as a child that was hard to see. My product is to help my clients transform their lives from where I was full time employed as an engineer with max bad debt to where I am now financially free to where I am heading.

    I can promote your video challenge course and click funnels by using your exact strategy as these are tools I use and for me to transform my client's lives I can show them how to fish and then sell them the fishing rods to do it.

    I already have 11300 followers and in thee, weeks since joining ClickFunnels as pre-training for your game-changers course have built a contact list of 1345 contacts in my click funnels account from using the opt-in funnel template.

    I also now realize that a live event is the equivalent of an real life opt-in page. The opt-in page can capture the email address. The life event can campture the person by transforming the persons mind into a client for life

    At the end of the day, you are transforming my life. That is the end goal. Money is just the spinoff.

    Sorry, its 3 am, but I am not even tired!

  25. In summary, my key takeaway is collect name and email for free trainings and cheatsheet etc to provide value. Be on affiliate programs

  26. I’ve come to understand interesting Affiliate Program marketing strategy, and kinda upgraded my knowledge that it is not that complicated afterall 💜

    Good affiliate marketing is knowing who your target audience is, by having a RIGHT product, offering to the RIGHT & specific audience with no or minimal persuasion.

    IMPORTANT message from this video is:
    “If you’re not capturing name & email of your target audience, If you are not building a list, You are NOT building a business”.
    Only by building the list, you are officially building a long term & sustainable real business ➡️ which you can further monetise in future.

    🔑 The key is you build relationship with them and give them real value. It’s the same implication of an old saying “GIVING is RECEIVING” – when you give audiences value e.g. free templates / training / blueprints etc that could help them, they will most willingly give their emails to subscribe to you.

    Psychologically, people do not like to hear the word ‘learn’. Most people want to ‘GET’ and ‘DISCOVER’. Whatever we are selling, give people a Compelling Reason to opt-in & add on to our list, because audiences want an Instant value!

    The list is important as chances are your subsequent follow up emails would be able to answer their objections & also closing deals on any future upcoming products you are promoting.

    So the biggest takeaway of all:

    People in your list ↔️ LEAD FOR LIFE

    Provided that you are treating them right & giving them right value.

    * Every email / person in the list = $1 / month
    so to generate $10k/mth = build a list of ~10,000 real people

    The strength of affiliate marketing = start promoting other people’s products & get multiple stream of incomes while building a real business format simultaneously 🙂

  27. Promoting something I didn't create can generate an income.

    Steps to monetize and make it happen:

    1. Product to promote. This product can be physical or digital. Requires minimal persuasion
    Bad affiliate marketing = persuading someone from a no to a yes
    Good affiliate marketing = who are already going to say yes and how can I get in front of them since they're going to buy anyway?
    Use my affiliate links on any social media platform.

    2. Create my optin or squeeze page. Want to capture they're name and email.
    I don't want to drive traffic directly to the affiliate program.
    Capturing emails = long term and belongs to me forever
    -Give them value. Cheatsheets, templates, blueprints, swipe files, action plans.
    -eBooks = average results – People don't want to learn

    3. Bridge page & follow up.
    Even if someone doesn't buy right away I can still send them emails about the product they opted-in for or future products I want to promote.
    Every single email should be worth $1 every month

  28. My biggest TAKEWAY:

    You could earn passive income by promoting other’s product. You need to pick a great product which is persuasive enough to do affiliate marketing. And we have to be niche enough so we can target directly to people who’s already saying YES to this kind of product.

    Never ever underestimate the process of List Building. By capturing their name & email, they will be in your list FOREVER and IF YOU’RE NOT DOING THIS, YOU’RE LEAVING $$$ ON THE TABLE.

    3-steps process:

    1) Product/service you promote (Eg, Amazon/Clickbank/ Clickfunnels)

    – Good affiliate marketing is promote to those people that already gonna say yes

    – Minimal persuasion

    2) Set up an Opt-in Page (To capture name/email)

    – If you’re not building a list of name/email, you are not building a business (Good for long run as you keep giving them value)

    – Start with giving free ebook/templates/ checklist

    – Give them a compelling reason to enter their name/ email

    3) Create a bridge – sales ads/promo (Eg, Sales Video)

    – If they don’t buy, can’t continue with follow up emails

    – Keep giving them value & build relationship

    Create ads to drive traffic to your insta/fb/youtube/google ads, after they click in/swipe up then will lead them to the Opt-in Page. And the process goes on.

    Start creating a list peeps!

    Recently a client of mine came to me to generate ticket sales for her fund-raising event on eventzilla sales page.
    She had trouble getting people to buy the tickets and she was very very anxious as the event is only 2 weeks away!
    I immediately knew that I have to come up with a Bridge Page BUTTTTT… I needed a compelling offer to enable her audience to think that it's a steal for them!

    So a little bit about my client, she runs a dance studio in Singapore and most of her audience is women between the age of 35-55. So I dig deeper and realized that she was in need of more STUDENTS! So I ran an ad targeting her 13k followers on facebook with a 1% lookalike with a free 7day trial bonus with 2 other bonuses which are discount coupons and lucky draw & BAM the cost per results were only a mere 0.26 cents. And I generated qualified leads for her by having them fill up an application form about what they want to achieve in the 7 days free trial so that we will be able to understand our leads on a higher level and answer any objections they might have later when closing them on a monthly package.

    So in summary what i did was:
    I created a Video Ad less than 1 minute with my client encouraging people to turn up and what's in it for them.
    We then led them to A Bridge Page offering the 3 bonuses with opt-in. I also had zapier zap all the information to a google sheet so that my client can tally the sales on the event page, in any case, there were people who dropped out. We followed up on text and email to have them fill in this application form for the 7-day free trial.

    My biggest takeaway from this video is: WHERE CAN I GET THAT SUPPLEMENT?!?!
    P.P.S The money is in the list guys. always build your list!
    Once again, Thanks Peng Joon For The Video!

  30. THE KEY IS TO ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE ♥️ Creating and nurturing a strong relationship with a customer is key to the ongoing success of a business. Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, are often put off by what they perceive as a purely “business” relationship to a company. A strong customer relationship not only means that the client is likely to keep doing business with a provider over the long-term, it also means that the chances of that customer recommending the company and its products to others are greatly enhanced.

    Thank you once again for sharing your ideas and knowledge! Looking forward for more of your contents! ♥️ Keep on inspiring! 💫

    Claudine San Jose
    Philippines 🇵🇭

  31. In my opinion, products that want i sell is a t-shirt. Why a tshirt? Because people are like using simple things. Yeah like a tshirt, we have to create a great design that will make them interest. And i think if once somebody buy and they love it, they will buy again.

    What can i took frok this video is affiliate marketing is not persuading somebody from a no to yes. But somebody who thinking who are the people that already gonna say yes anyway with minimal persuading.

    There are 3 steps that i got from thia video :
    1. Choose product. what do you want to promote, to sell.
    2. Set up a OPT IN PAGE or squezee link. Maybe it's amazon, clickbank etc
    3. Cretae a bridge sales page + follow up.
    Capturing somebody name and adress and then building a list. If you don't do this, you not building a business.

    How you get their name and email adress? By giving them value like ebook, blue print, free cheat etc that make them interest and give them value.

  32. Affiliate Marketing is one of my first few successful online income stream.

    My biggest takeaway is building a list take time and you need to be willing to give content for FREE to build the list and following. It is the relationship that you build up over time with your list. Building a list is the fundamental of turning cold leads to warm leads to hot leads. Some marketers buy leads which is short term gains and you need to constantly spend money on new leads and normally these leads aren't loyal at all because there's no relationship in the first place.

    Building a list might take time but it is worth it because at the same time you are also building your branding too.

    I started with short term gains which is not sustainable but building a list on the long terms is the KEY to build this income stream! The world is your oyster, start SMALL think BIG! scaling

  33. Affiliate marketing (AM) in a nutshell; the goal is not to persuade someone from a 'no' to 'yes', but rather tactically swaying someone who is already a 'yes' to a target product/service through an affiliate link. The steps of doing so are;

    1. Search for a website that is relevant to your niche and it provides the AM services (e.g. Amazon, Clickbank).
    Obtain the link and place it at your creation platform (e.g. FB ad., blog, email list, and/or Youtube).
    Any potential customer who clicks on the link will be transferred to an opt-in page.

    2. At the opt-in page, promote the target product or service.
    Additionally, try to acquire the potential customer's name and email address for the long term gains.
    Offer the customer something in value such as template, blueprint, free training or cheat sheets for higher success rate.

    3. If the potential customer does agree to give his/her details, the customer will be brought to a bridge page, where the promotion sales video, letter, along with the "Add to Cart" button will appear.
    Even if the customer may not buy the product/service, with the given name and email address, building the relationship with the customer can be continuous, as long as there is continuous value for the customer.

    This way, on top of gaining revenur through AM, there is always a growing list of potential customers for business in the future.

  34. The 3 steps process to create multiple streams of passive income with affiliate marketing:

    1. What do you want to promote?
    – Always begin with the end in mind. Good affiliate marketing is not about persuading somebody from a no to yes, but rather thinking about who are the people that already say yes and how can you place your affiliate link in front of them, because they are going to buy anyway.
    – Think about what are the products that you can promote, that your audience is going to say YES with minimal persuasion.
    – Choose something that is an easy sell and with minimal persuasion.

    2. Set up an opt-in page / squeeze page
    – Promote the affiliate product that you want to promote in this page, but most importantly you want to capture their name and email. The last thing you want to do is to spending your own money to drive traffic to the someone’s product page directly because you’re not building a business in that way.
    – “If you are not building a list, you’re not building a business.”
    – By capturing people’s name and email, you will be able to monetize the list further when you want to provide more values to them and build relationship with them.
    – Give people something like free templates, free blueprints, free checklist or free action plan so that they gladly give you their name and email.

    3. Create a sales ad/promo
    – This is where you create a video where you are talking about the affiliate product you are promoting and how the product has helped you in the past.
    – People who land on this page are not necessary going to buy instantly, but because you have captured their name and email in step 2, this is when you can do follow ups by sending them follow up emails to answer their objections.

    How to fill people into your opt-in page?
    – You create contents and run ads in platform like Facebook to send people over to your opt-in page.
    – You can now take your message and push it across social platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

    Doing affiliate marketing is not just about promoting somebody else’s product and get paid, but instead, build a real business from it. You do that by building and growing your list while promoting the affiliate products, monetize it so that you have budget to buy more ads and fill more people into your opt-in page so that your list continue to grow. Repeat the same steps over and over again and that’s how you build a sustainable long-term affiliate marketing strategy and a real business at the same time.

  35. I cannot say enough how valuable this series has become… From Peng’s last video on persuasion to this one basically covering the mechanics of Affiliate marketing – Great Value! My biggest takeaway from this video is how instrumental building a prospect list is to your business. It is not just about building a list to bombard them with tons of sales offers, but about offering genuine content enriching people’s lives (on your list) hence building a relationship.

    Now Peng goes over what an Affiliate Program is, The 10,000-foot view, and the 3 step process to build your very own. Here are those 3 steps:

    *Step 1 – What is the thing you want to promote? Product (Digital or Physical) or service? Good affiliate marketing is about placing your link in front of your audience who are going to buy anyways. (ie Saying Yes with Minimal Persuasion)

    *Step 2 –Build and set up an opt-in / squeeze page. This is a page to sell a product, but its true intent is about capturing your prospects Name and Email. Why? If you’re not capturing your prospects info, then simply YOU ARE NOT BUILDING A BUSINESS. Now, why would someone give you their contact info? By offering something in value – FREE Book, FREE Templates, FREE Blueprints, and etc. This gives you a Lead for Life and should be worth $1 a month. This is dependent on continuously offering value while building on the relationship.

    *Step 3 – Create a Sales Ad/Promotion. Now that the system is in place, it is about building traffic (ie Taking your message across social media). This can be done in multiple ways from Online Ads, social media posts, video descriptions, solo ads, and etc.

    In summary, the video is summarized into 'Building a List -> Monetizing$$ -> Reinvesting and buying more Ads' (Repeat over and over)

    Also what product am I planning on marketing? Technical How-To content on Building an online business for the Small business niche.

  36. As always, listen smarter, apply advice, build experience and repeat in circles ….

    Today, more and more, we all have social media platforms that we influence on a daily basis. Many do not exploit it in the right way. We definitely do other people's advertising on a daily basis, consciously or not consciously. This is a really cool thing….

  37. This is true.. my business skyrecketed once I started promoting affiliate products using my unique landing page, and that normal, because Its as I said unique wich mean noone has never seen one like it.. and the most important is the email I collect.. I've build my unique traffic flow.. traffic that I know .. Traffic that I feed and grow healthier.

  38. Something most of the people misses out; to have – ‘THE END IN MIND’ mindset. The average people just do things without any focus.

    So a summary of the take aways from this episode:

    🔹 Affiliate marketing is NOT persuading someone from a NO to a YES.

    🔹 3 Steps for perfect affiliate marketing:

    1. What do you want to promote?

    Promoting products that the audience is going to say YES with MINIMAL PERSUASION is one of the keys to a successful affiliate marketing.

    2. Set up an opt-in page!
    This is where you capture the name and email address of the customers.

    The best way to build a long term and sustainable business is by capturing name and emails. Once you capture them, keep giving them free training/free cheats/free templates etc to add value to build the list and to sustain them on the list. If we find success in it, we can use them to promote our future products as the list is a permanent lead for us.

    The different terms you gave to use instead of ebook was a great tip Joon.

    3. Create a sales add/promo!

    🔹 Do follow ups using the email list.
    ✅ The biggest take away in this episode was definitely about the importance of building an email list.

    ⭕️ As someone said, “nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd”. So build a crowd around you and build a community from that crowd. Building up that community/network will help you build your business and hence, your life.

  39. Peng Joon, I'm getting ready to ramp up a supplement that no one in Asia has to my knowledge. The developers made $25 million a month doing this so I know it's that good. Talk later. You told me to write a comment, and share so I am. Your video was spot on. Thank you. Dr. Carney

  40. I love the idea of Affiliate Marketing because you don’t have to have your own product.

    Great explanation of the process of capturing the email and then being able to offer them other products as long as they remain on your list and you don’t offend them.

  41. Love this Peng Joon. I've checked out some videos about affiliate marketing but they way you explained it makes the most sense (which is why you won your dream car – twice – nice!)

    The main takeaways are:

    1. Figure out what product to promote – make sure it's easy to sell with minimal persuasion.
    2. Setup an opt-in page that offers something of immediate gratification – a template, checklist, cheet sheet, swipe file or action plan.
    3. Then, create a bridge page that allows you to have a sales video or sales letter to link the product to your previous free gift. Use words like GET or DISCOVER, not learn. Make sure not to just give an eBook (this worked in the past, same as just offering a newsletter, but not anymore)

    It's important to catch their email address first so that you are BUILDING A BUSINESS and have a LEAD FOR LIFE. As long as you give value and not offend them, you can keep give them value and sell other products related to what they signed up for.

    Thank you!

  42. "If you are not building a list, you are not building a business" + get offers in front audience that they will say yes to. Please don't want to learn, they want to get/discover (from the 90 minute presentation) I need to get that ingrained in my head. I think changing my checklist to "my personal checklist" was also helpful. As far as affiliate options for me….I'll have to research. maybe I can go affiliate for career coaching to support my language students

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