How To Create Real Estate Email Marketing in Constant Contact

How To Create Real Estate Email Marketing in Constant Contact

Hey everyone,
this is Jake Burns here. Today we’re going to cover how to create
a great template for your realtor business.
So first thing we’re going to do is click on the create button,
choose email. That’ll give us a list of options here
for emails, and we’re going to scroll down and
choose the feature listing one works pretty well.
Great. Now that that’s loaded,
we’re going to give it a name, My Realtor Template.
Perfect! And then we’re going to go and we’re
going to actually change on some of the aspects as far as color and fonts.
You can change the pattern, the background pattern,
changed the color background, the inner background,
and depending on your business, then click on the aerial.
I like to use Arial for texts in this case and what have you used that font
size or color. And then lastly for links,
we’re going to use this blue. Buttons and dividers,
we’re going to choose the same blue and then feature articles for you use white.
After that’s done, we’re going to click back to build and
we’re going to get started actually changing out some of the photos to make
it your template, so I already preloaded a few images and
we’re going to choose acme realty here, and of course you want to make that a
little bit larger. Then we’re going to add a link to it. Insert then,
and then here in this section you can either use it as the top part of
promoting the specific property where he can use it as an intro to the email.
I’ve seen it used both ways. After that,
you can either keep this image here since it’s template or you can go and
load in your own image. In this case,
we’re just going to load image quick. Typically you would link this out to the
property itself. In our case,
we’re just kind of link it to our website since you can change that later
on. Then down here,
this is where we’re going to put the location and possibly the price and then other information here too.
You can format that however you’d like and then certainly you can add in here
additional texts. You can copy and paste it from the
listing itself. In this case,
we’re going to leave it just as this and then we’re to go to view more details.
Change it to you’re just listing will have a better call to action there.
And then we’re going to click insert link is good to go.
Alright, so the next section,
things we’re going to do or is it running?
Get rid of this bottom section. We don’t need it.
And then we’re going to actually change out and add a few articles.
The way we do that as we’re going to use the new read more functionality and
constant contact, so we’ll pull it in,
dropping in on the page where you want to drop it. There we go.
There we’re going to get rid of any elements we don’t want,
so we just click on and there we go. Now we have of great background which we
don’t want, so we’re going to click on the color and
turn out the way. Now we want to add a couple of articles
in here just so we can see it for future case,
so we’ll click on the article, we’re going to click edit and then
pasting the link automatically pulls in the image.
You can address the text here if you want,
but usually it’s pretty good and then we’ll do it a second time.
Were this one perfect. Great.
And we’re going to drop in your photos so we’re going to go to the photo at the
bottom, click on the image and then we’re going
to go find the one I pre uploaded. Perfect.
And then we can change the text here or do we want with that.
And then certainly if you want to change the call to action here,
see all listings or possibly contact me, either one works well,
like done and that’s it. We have a great new template you can
build your next email on and to have a liquid is lens in both mobile and
desktop mailboxes.

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