How To Create Your Own Niche For Your Digital Marketing Agency or SMMA

How To Create Your Own Niche For Your Digital Marketing Agency or SMMA

Is welcome today’s video make sure you visit? Podcasts for marketers dot-Com for more information over there I have a really kick-ass course on how you can make at least a few grand a month on simple Reoccurring revenue Right and it’s called freedom funnels and make sure that you like this video and subscribe to my channel man I’m put out videos every day So you don’t want to miss what I put up coz I put on some pretty dumb kick-ass content and man I always want you guys to comment below man I love absolutely love all the comments you guys bring. Let me know what you’re thinking if you have any questions I’m always in the comments section I really love the community let’s get into the video all right guys so today we’re going to talk about creating your own niche right? yesterday inside the squad The freedom nation I’ll call it now. I talked about Everybody kind of we call it blue Ocean. There’s a book call that right, so it’s blue ocean marketing Okay, and what that means is is that there’s are there are big niches right that we all know health wealth and Love okay, and those are big niches okay, and then so what everybody’s done Okay, is there’s a sub niche right here, okay, and this subject might be women self This might be a stock okay, and this might be you know how to get a girlfriend okay, so now when you niche down This could be how to get asian girlfriend this could be How to do penny stocks okay, and this could be losing always uses losing belly fat all right But that’s not good enough especially when you’re talking about your social media marketing agency right, so whatever noticing right now is everybody wants to go after doctors lawyers and Indian Chiefs right and here’s the problem with that number one is if you don’t have any real desire to work in the health vertical Then why are you going to work with a doctor or a dentist right if you’re not? like genuinely interested in dentistry Why are you looking to going that vertical right now? No you say that doesn’t matter well? It doesn’t matter you’re right, right? but I think that’s kind of bullshit if You’re going to work in the vertical first of all you need to know everything about the vertical right? So I’m gonna give you an example I Don’t want to know everything. I need to know about dogshit right, so if dogshit was a Vertical right would you go looking into it? Like oh yeah Because I could make some money with it now does I mean who the fuck wants to talk about dogshit, right? and I know that’s extreme, but that’s what you should be thinking about if you really don’t want to work in dentistry right because Honestly, I would want to work around a dentist I think a dentist office is nasty people’s mouths all over the place blit blood and the sound of that drill I just couldn’t do it right, so I Couldn’t personally work in a dentist office, and I’m really not interested in dentistry, right? So it seems to me that you should be trying to work into the vertical right so now There’s another guy like everybody likes to respect him, and that was Jose soto, right and Joe soto starts working in restaurants But he actually like has steak in a restaurant. He likes the restaurants right steak not like a steak like meat like steak like money Alright, so he actually owns a part of a restaurant He and he also admits about he bought all the trade magazines. He worked in the damn restaurant. He went You know like I said he bought the restaurant he understands the business you know Thoroughly right, and so what I’m kind of like kind of and this is why I brought it to the to the to the squad though because I Watch the guys in my squad like I take it personal, right? I watch you guys kind of struggle with this and then so I kind of I did a video about this about blue ocean marketing right and Also put a post up about how steph curry shoots. You know 500 three-Pointers a day And that was an issues of the way back right because nobody thinks he’s Gonna make it He’s like almost half court right? He nobody’s like I was it’s a low percentage shot He’s not Gonna make that But he saw that chink in the armor was they I know what to do and he just starts shooting from there five hundred shots a day Up this percentage like forty percent, which is nuts, right? So my point being is He found his blue ocean that was his blue lotion right? That’s a piece He’s not really the tallest guy either right so he’s not gonna be in the paint and he’s not the biggest guy He’s not gonna be you know wrestling down there, right? So he found his real ocean right, and he stepped back a little bit Kobe did that a little bit too, but he didn’t step that far that far back right, so The reason why I’m saying this to you is Once missus bonehead asked me. She’s like well. How do you niche down right so I? Explained to her that like if you have a restaurant, right? She’s like I want it like go to an Italian restaurant. I said scoot over right, so there you go scoot And just scoot should we call scootch right scoot over right and Find the vertical that services those restaurants Right so to give an example if you’re talking about an Italian restaurant, what do you think about what you think about wine? Right you think about bread? Okay, there’s pizza ovens Whose services that? That restaurant right? There’s all kind of shit, man. There’s There’s a guy that fixes their walk-in right? So service technicians, right? Service Tech All right, so you kind of look at the vertical and you just scooch over and go it’s the same vertical but these people are like not they’re Their vertical competitors right these people are their horizontal competitors or linear competitors in other words? It’s the same vertical but they’re not a direct competition with each other okay. They’re not vertical serious linear, so In other words, you know the wine guy is not in direct competition with the restaurant guy, but during the same business, right? but you you scoot over and start looking at other service industries that aren’t being attacked by everybody else right there right and the same thing goes for a chiropractor right and somebody came in the group and If you’re not in my group that you need to join the group so you can see what they said I’m not going to tell you what he said, but actually what he mentioned was scooting over and the the The Niche that he said to use works with chiropractors All right, so who else works with a chiropractor right? There’s dudes that sell those little machines Tube supplements, big fucking niche right there, right Supplement companies, so on and so forth all of these things are next to the chiropractor So if you’re going to try to go into business right now with a social media marketing agency Stop looking at what everybody else is doing because that’s bloodied water right all the sharks are feeding on the same dentists and the same chiropractors Scooch over right and if you really want to get some good ideas I’m gonna tell you where you can go and get some awesome ideas go to Alibaba write the website for the Chinese stuff and just start looking through The categories, this is how I got ideas before right I? Started looking through the categories of Alibaba, and then once I saw this big ass and you guys heard me tell the story before right? this um that’s a tire all right, so big ass like tractor Tires all right and What caught my eye was that these tires or a hundred grand? I’m like oh shit, and they were used All right So I did a little bit of research to find out who doesn’t actually like have tire Manufacturers in your country obviously the continent of Africa has a lot of countries that don’t have Like they’ve got rubber plants right in fact. I have a friend too started growing rubber plants, so he could start manufacturing rubber in the Ivory Coast right, so They don’t have tires over there. So use tires is a big market okay, so my first thing was to look at regular car tires right and these Regular car tires you could get from like well over here I would buy them in the netherlands because that’s where the ports are right and then ship containers down I could buy the tires on The container are from Germany okay and send those down by a container I got a guy to just buy the whole lot from me and he distributes right, so that’s cool. So I’ll start finding tires But that is a bloodied market everybody knows about that There’s another rice is another big one that people sent from Africa right so the cheapest rice is actually from Vietnam so I’m like okay. I could ship rice over there But everybody ships rights over there everybody says use tires right so I saw these big earthmover Tractor Tires, and they’re like a hundred Grand and I’m like huson knows over there nobody, right But I don’t have a hundred grand I put up with my own money so I just started making phone calls And it was easy to find a segment um I called the actual like well I got lucky I won’t lie about this, but a friend of mine was a mayor of a small town in Ivory coast he actually we both rented cars to the president, right? Four-By-fours to the president of the country well, they put me in contact with The government people I needed can’t find about selling the yeast tires right so and then I was kind of like just find the tires be the Middleman and Fill that gap right, and that’s a big word okay, I Have so many stories about this right, so I think I told you I had a girlfriend years ago that had her father had an Organic Pineapple field right he didn’t use any pesticides or anything like that It was totally organic, but he didn’t want to be bothered. He lives on guam Dubai with his friends right, so He didn’t want to be bothered with The whole shit, and he’s like if you can sell organic pineapple. I don’t care man I don’t really I don’t I don’t think about sending them and send them outside of the country I don’t really care so I went to alibaba sure enough, and I found guys and the Middle East Dubai right and I would I be and all those nice hotels and stuff that we’re looking for containers of Pineapples, so I found a gap, right? Who thinks about selling stuff like pineapples and used Earth mover and tractor tires, right? Go look at the categories on Alibaba and find your blue ocean right? It’s cool If you want to do some marketing, man, I think that’s awesome, right? But everybody’s stuck on what cry lopez was talking about right, and he’s really got the industry fucked up right now So what I want you to do is I think you’re doing awesome by saying hey, I want to be a marketer and I want to have a marketing agency our digital marketing agency, and I think that’s cool, but I think you’re Missing most people are missing the point here. You need to go find a gap and make your own niche right make your own niche All right, so once you make your own niche Then you can charge that twenty five hundred bucks, right? Right so everybody is like. Oh man. I want to you know charge a hair salon Twenty five hundred dollars they use don’t have that kind of money So you and everybody’s attacking him right now right, but if you go to a pineapple farmer and says hey man I’m Gonna charge you $2,500 a month to market your organic pineapples and He’s got a whole Bunch of them and not very many people approached him he doesn’t first of all Know probably what those kind of services cost number two is he probably really needs your services like Obviously yes, I want to get rid of these pineapples, right? I’d like to get rid of all of them, so How many can you you know I could get rid of container loads of them? You know it kind of all take forever to grow – right? So it’s like he has to build our perishable item so he has to get rid of so are the big the big earthmover Tires right I found a gap and I knew that if they needed car tires they for sure needed those earthmover tires because like right for now right now like Ghana They’re building like crazy and Ghana right you could just see them like those same Earth movers and tractors all over the place They’re building new roads. I remember when I was there a few years ago the president was like They are like we are not going to be we’ve been they had they’ve had their Independence for over 50 years and like we are still in a you know a Developing country we want to get out of this whole third-world status, and we want to move into the first world shit, right? so he started dumping money into the roads and infrastructure and everything right, so that’s a gap nobody thinks about that right, so There’s hotels in Africa That would love tourism right? So why would we look at that instead of looking at everybody else United States of America? Deep if you don’t think that there’s a British person that owns a hotel or resort in a coastal African coastal country that these marketing then you’re kind of missing the boat right so find your gap and Make your own niche coffee break


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  2. Currently using this "theory" w/Ad Targeting. Would love your expertise if you ever need a topic for a video😉

  3. I'm a bit stuck on something. I've found a category on Alibaba that I think I can market, but it seems as if Alibaba is only structured for purchasing the actual product. How do I contact these suppliers and get them to let me market their products instead of buying them?

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