How to do a Mail Merge in Word using contacts from Microsoft Access (E-Shot)

How to do a Mail Merge in Word using contacts from Microsoft Access (E-Shot)

a mail merge allows you to send out a
letter to multiple people producing an individual document for each recipient
so that each one is personalized it can be useful for sending out anything from
a few to several thousand letters here we’re going to show you how you can use
this feature to send out an email merge or e-shot where the recipients are
contacts stored in your Access database when you do this a separate email
message is created for each individual so you can customize the contents of the
email to each person and there’s no long list of recipients in the email so spam
filters are not triggered you can also follow a very similar process to email
contacts stored in Excel the Access database we’ll be using as an example is
the one from Accounts Guardian a free piece of accounting software available
for download on our website check the description for the full link in this
database you can store information on your contacts customers suppliers
prospects etc in an address book we’re going to send an email to all of our
customers telling them about a new service we offer before we start though
one thing we recommend is setting outlook to send emails only when you do
a manual send and receive you can find the option to do this in the file tab
then options menu then the Advanced section alternatively you can set
outlook to work offline until you are done setting up your merge now we’re
ready to get properly started we begin in Microsoft Word we’re using Office
2010 but this process is the same in office 2013 and office 365 unless you
want your email to be exactly the same for all your recipients you don’t need
to write it before starting as we’ll see in a moment on the mailings tab
click on the start mail merge and pick the step-by-step wizard the wizard
appears on the right side of the screen first we pick the type of mail merge
we’ll be doing which in our case is an email
then we proceed to the next step using the link at the bottom right
now we are asked what our email is going to be we’ll stick with using the current
document and in a moment we’ll actually put something into it the next step is
to pick recipients which is where our database comes in with use an existing
list selected click on browse and then navigate to the Access database you’ll
be given a choice of tables to find recipients in in accounts Guardian the
table we need is address book so I’ll pick that one
the next dialog shows you all the recipients it found in that table I can
choose to exclude particular people or filter the list down to get a subset of
the full list and just email them we only want to send email to our customers
so I’ll filter to cases where the customer field in my table is ticked
in accounts Guardian I do this by clicking on filter then picking customer
as my field using equal to as the comparison and true as the compare to
value I’ll also filter for records where I actually have an email address which I
do by selecting email as the field and is not blank as the comparison if you
want to change who you’re sending it to within your list you can get back to
that selection screen using the Edit recipient list link in the wizard once
you’re happy with the list proceed to the next step where the wizard will ask
you to actually write the email the reason we wait until now to write is
because if we write it after the connection to the database table has
been established we can use other information from that table as part of
the email so for example I’m going to start my
email with dear then the salutation name for the person
I’m emailing for example mr. Smith this is a field in the address book table
which I can get information from using the insert merge field button on the
mailings tab the field I need is salutation this field now appears in the
email when I complete the e mail merge later and thereby send the emails each
email will have the person’s name at the start of it as I write my email I can do
the same thing with any other information I have stored in that table
as well something else to note is that when you send your email it won’t
include any email signatures you usually have so you need to manually include any
sign-off you want to appear at the end of your emails at the bottom of the word
document once happy with the contents of the email move on to the next step this
is a preview where you can see how the information in your merge fields changes
for each recipient just to make sure it all works and looks as you’d expect it
you can also still change the recipient list before we go on to send the emails
if you notice you still have some incorrect people in there the final step
of the wizard is to complete the merge it asks how you want to send the message
I’ll pick my only option for email which is funnily enough email
a pop-up appears where I can pick which field contains the recipients email
address add a subject line to my emails and set
the format of the email which is fine to just leave as HTML in most cases I can
also say to send only the email I’m currently previewing or a set of emails
based on the order the recipients appeared in our list earlier for now I
want to send my email to everyone so I’ll leave that option selected the
filters I set up earlier will still be applied this sends all the messages you
need to send into Outlook into your outbox check a few of them out to
make sure you’re happy with how they look then click send receive to start
the sending process all done all customers for whom I have an email
address in my accounts Guardian address book will now receive my message you can
save the word document so you can easily do the email again in the future
the document will save with its links to the account Guardian database and the
filters as well as the actual contents of the email hopefully this video has
left you in a position to do an email merge for yourself be it from accounts
guardian or any other database containing contact information if you
found this video helpful please consider giving it a like or leaving a comment
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