How To Do Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Training

How To Do Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Training

what’s up everybody go Sixers okay so
Carey Buck here listen I want to talk to you about
online marketing today I want to help you learn how to make money online why
well because I know there’s a lot of you out there that are interested in the ATM
business and interested in the ATM information that I have this year but
you don’t have enough money saved to get involved in the ATM business so I was
like you know what I’m going to teach them a different way to make passive
income and you can use that all that’s own and keep making passive income with
it or you can generate enough passive income with it later get you involved in
the ATM business or anything else you weren’t investing okay so I’m gonna
teach you about affiliate marketing okay I’m gonna teach you for free keyword
free so there’s no excuses here guys how to do affiliate marketing alright so
this is gonna be what I’m gonna share with you is a affiliate marketing
tutorial if you will and if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is here it
is in a nutshell so basically somebody has a product to
sell let’s say I’m selling this phone okay so I’m selling this phone and let’s
say I sell this phone for $200 well if you’re an affiliate of mine I’m gonna
give you a special affiliate links with your affiliate code so you can sell this
phone for me and if you send that link with your affiliate code on it to
someone and that someone buys this phone well then I’m gonna pay you a commission
I’m gonna pay you an affiliate Commission let’s say it’s 40% so it’s
$200 phone and I’m paying you 40% you just made 80 bucks that is basically
what affiliate marketing is and there’s all different affiliate marketing plans
right there’s all different affiliate marketing systems so there’s software’s
that you can sell and make commissions off of there’s info products you can
sell make commissions off there’s physical products you can sell make
commissions off of I mean you can be an Amazon affiliate and sell stuff on
Amazon and make Commission’s off of it okay you can recommend Amazon’s
to make Commission’s so that’s what I’m gonna do in this free video I want you
to click below click the button below in the description
okay the links in the description this is called passive income affiliate
training it’s free ok go through it learn from it start making money you
have the ability if you go through this training to make three thousand eight
hundred and eighty dollars a month just from this affiliate training that’s free
guys my training is free something that you’ll need some tools that are gonna
cost money but the training is free ok so no more excuses for not having
passive income now guys alright so click the button below also right here click
the little ATM machine and subscribe to this channel and there’s up here or
right here there will be a link to check out more passive income videos and I’ll
see you on the other side and listen may you live happily on passive income check
out the link below in the description and enjoy the free passive income
affiliate training and get out there and make some passive income from affiliate
marketing I’ll talk to you guys soon have a great day you


  1. hi carey! does the ATM business works in any country! in italy for example! …. Great vedio by the way😉

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