How to Do Influencer Marketing for Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop (FOR FREE!) in 2019

How to Do Influencer Marketing for Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop (FOR FREE!) in 2019

hey guys today we’re gonna be going over
three super powerful steps so you can start attracting influencers to market
for your coffee shop so then you can always have a pact and a full house if
you’re ready for some simple marketing strategies that’s gonna bring in loads
of customers through your doors then make sure you guys keep watching my name
is Wilson and today I want to be sharing with you the three crazy effective steps
that I personally use to attract more than 50 influencers to market for our
ice cream shop all for free towards the end of the video you will receive the
exact templates and procedures that I personally use to attract the 50
influencers to market for us for free so you can implement it in your business
right away so make sure you guys keep watching and stay to the end step number
one identify your customers this step is super-important you gotta have crystal
like clarity in your customers that you would like to attract understand their
values understand their spending behavior understand where they hang out
what kind of language do they speak which kind of ban do they follow what
kind of food do they like eating understand everything that has to go on
with your target demographic your customer by understanding the values and
understanding what they really enjoy doing now you can find and locate that
ideal influencers that would match your customers this step is super important
you’ve got to align your customers with your brand message and your values and
also the people that promote for you your influencers so by identifying your
customers profile now you can match them up with your values and now you can
come up with the influencers that you guys are seeking out and final ining
with them now you have the ability to connect with them and to develop trust
which is the number one reason why people would be coming to your camp they
trust the whole point of influencer marketing is drawing eyeballs and
attention to your brand now that does not guarantee the sale which is why is
so important for you to align your brand and connect with your customers I dive
much more in detail with my ace formula guide which is right below you can
download that and it explains so much more about how we are able to align and
connect with our customers and in turn as a result we’re able to grow so
rapidly so make sure you guys download the guide below step number 2 in doing
influencer marketing for your cafe is to compile your top 50 list now that you
know who your customers are the people that you would want to attract them to
your cafe then it’s time to identify the influencers to match this profile I’m
gonna be sharing this super powerful trick with you not with a one click of a
button you’re gonna be able to find all your influencers in one place now we’re
gonna jump right into the computer screen ok guys so to start off you’re
gonna be pulling up 250 dream influencers excel sheet this is where
you’re gonna be compiling all the influencers into the sheet so it makes
life a lot easier so I’m gonna split the screen to the right and then on my left
so right here you see that I already told
one of the influencers that notes for our band
so for you you can find out the influencer within your area I thought
you really enjoy looking at the feed and just choose a handful so once you’re in
there Instagram profile using something like this okay so this is what you are
gonna be doing keep in mind the number of followers is actually irrelevant I
would say too whether you choose to work with this influencer or not actually to
my preference I would choose someone a little bit lower than this probably
around like a thousand two thousand because the fact is we want to be able
to provide value and content and the people that have a lot less followers
they would be much more flexible and much more willing to want to help you
and help you promote your brand and you can grow with them and at the same time
which is freaking amazing the key metric to finding the influencer that that you
would want to work with is that you have to enjoy their content I always say this
you have got to align your vision and your brand with everything that you do
including the influencers that you choose to work with you so let’s get
right into it step number one we’re gonna scroll
through their posts and look we want to be able to find their contact here so
right now we see that her name is Emma Chu followers 52k for the sake of consistency I’d like to put like the
whole number so then this whole role will look beautiful later on instead of
writing 52k contacts so there’s no you know here so usually if they don’t have
an email here I would actually just Google them so I put them Vancouver
foodie and we choose and there’s a bunch of things pop up so I opened up the
LinkedIn profile and opened up the YouTube and Twitter so these are the
areas where or these are the touch points and platforms in which you need
to make sure the law because this is how we’re gonna be the look on touch job
so potentially right here you see you can message them on LinkedIn because a
lot of times to get a lot of people reaching out so it’s very very important
for you to to to reach them at the platform that they’re actually using and
you don’t know which one D are on the most so this one is is potentially
sometimes in the YouTube About section we can see that there should be no hand
but if we’re gonna be look at the email there
you go right here boom that’s the email so this
gives you direct access to their email you can actually put it right here boom so you can either email don’t look
like I think usually the best way to contact someone is by the email if not
you can contact them by it at LinkedIn or YouTube which is about a section or
Twitter which has the email as well so that’s awesome if you don’t get in reply
for that but from them you can Twitter them and tweet them and you can get a
bunch of information from them so that is awesome so we were able to collect
quite a bit of information from Emma so this column is basically the reach have
you reached out to them or not and have they replied them tonight and also notes
that you have like for example if they replied or if they see something that
when you connect with them a lot so for example food is something that connects
with them a lot and then you can see kind of the videos 1:32 so that she’s
Asian she likes a good night Mary she’s from Hong Kong so for example if you’re
in Hong Kong or you from Hong Kong as well then you can just write in Hongkong
so this becomes common common thread that you guys have which is very very
helpful when you’re trying to connect with her later on okay so the second
step is to see for the sake of you know demonstration
we’re gonna go to another influencer here is actually like going this long
one but usually if they put their contact here it’s a pretty good way
indication that she will be checking missing my way off so this is what it
looks like reach four five not yet okay so then for the next step now that
you know these are your handful of influencers that you would want to work
with now a little trick is to see who they’re friends with usually influencers
they go to events together so it’s very important that you can find who they’re
going with so you can reach those people as well to add to your list so if you
click on the picture on the left-hand corner there’s this tag sign click on it a bunch of tanks here a bunch of tags
here so after you open up all these tags this is the goldmine okay so this is the
area so holy crap let’s see this is I guess is the company that they are
promoting so that’s not someone we want to reach out to yeah it’s a few times
okay so seems like she is another influencer
that we can add to our list so for example Jason yeah it’s few time make sure that you’re only adding them
if they fall in line with what you think is is it on Bryant right so looking at
his pictures it’s not that nice I probably wouldn’t add it to the list but
hey who knows if difference is fitting to go around so there you go this is wing the foodie there’s there’s so many
different ways of finding influence or so for you take the time out to go
through the tags and to go through basically all the pictures and this into
your list make sure that you’re like a way of contacting them that’s the first
trick into compiling your 50 gene influencers that you can reach out to it
but at this time we’re just wanting to come how all 50 of them first the second
trip in doing so if this is if you’re having trouble doing this the second tip
is to go to this right here this little triangle click on it boom
these are all the different influencers that you should be following and this
would just open up your list like crazy so for you there should be no problem
for you to contact and compile at least a hundred of these influencers who are
gonna be basically promoting for you for free later on continue this with other
influencers on your list until you have roughly I would say 50 of them this will
take you around one to two hours and then you will be golden and this list is
gonna be your best friend now that you have your fifty dream influencers the
fun begins now the goal for the next step is to
convert all these 50 influencers into your hardcore ambassador just imagine if
these influencers have a thousand followers each and they’re promoting
your brand you know 50,000 hardcore fans exposed to
your brand your coffee shop so the next step is like super important pay
attention the third step is to align and to connect this step is super super
important this is like the determining factor of whether you get a full house
or not this is something that I personally use and it’s so important I
cannot stress it enough a line and connect if you haven’t already pause
this video and download the your vision template right below this template gives
you all the different types of questions that you need to understand and to get
clarity on so you can start aligning with your influencer don’t just invite
the influencer to come over and take pictures with you and to try your free
food and to promote your brand because it doesn’t give them a great experience
you’re supposed to create a great experience for them so then they become
your hardcore ambassador for free instead after you align with your
influencers you have to connect with them to give them an once-in-a-lifetime
experience so then that way you can create a hub and bake and connect with
you as an individual that they’ll start understanding the vision of what you see
and so then they can start rooting for you this is the reason why you’re gonna
start creating a VIP event this is a hub where you’re gonna connect all the
influencers in one place at one day you’re gonna give them the red-carpet
treatment you treat them like kings give them free food
connect with every single one of them and make sure that you show them your
vision you show them what you’re trying to create what purpose are you trying to
create in your coffee shop and only when you have the ability to connect with
them about your vision what they truly buy into that and when they buy into
that when they root for you at this event then you are golden they’re gonna
start driving so much traffic to your business that you’re gonna be like oh my
goodness what have I done I’m not even kidding you this is super super super
this is the exact same stuff that we personally news to grow our icecream
chain into our international chain and we have done this so many times and is
so refined that whenever we have new events new products and new new openings
we do the exact same thing to attract influencers to promote for us for free
and this also guarantees traffic for us which is the number one thing that you
would need to do a line connect and explode in revenue I really hope you
have found value in this video and if you have any questions about how to
create the VIP exclusive event for your influencers leave me a comment below I
would love to share much more with you guys as I recount the three crazy
effective steps in order for you to attract influences to market for your
coffee shop so it’s always packed with customers here we go step number one
identify your customers step number two compile your dream 50 step number three
align and connect once again if you want to leverage off influencer marketing
then follow these steps I’ve used these steps and I’ve implemented them and
they’re super super effective if you want your coffee shop to be full of
customers then make sure you follow these steps I guarantee that if you
follow these steps you will have results that you will be able to have people
coming through your doors and that you will have your top influencers on your
list that would always be promoting your brand as promised my commitment to your
success I’ve included all the documents and templates that I personally use make
sure you guys download them from the link below it’s my gift for you take an
action find your dream 50 and go kill it owning your own cafe is one of the most
rewarding experiences you get to control your own schedule and
when you walk in you’ve read it by your regulars and you pull up your laptop
you’d be working for a few hours and you have a sense of belonging
while this cafe gives you financial freedom and the journey and creating
this vision starts right now take action download the guide and start driving
traffic through your doors if you like this video smash the like button if you
have questions leave it in the comments below if you’ve taken one thing that you
think is super valuable leave me a comment below and let me know what that
is otherwise subscribe for much more videos and trainings I’ll see you guys
next week


  1. influencer auditor can be a great tool to use when finding influencers especially for startups as it offers a very large database to choose from

  2. yeah but most restaurant owner does not have the time to do all of that… good idea but I don't if it's feasable in the real world

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