How to do mail merge with Yet Another Mail Merge (Gmail & a spreadsheet)

How to do mail merge with Yet Another Mail Merge (Gmail & a spreadsheet)

Hello, and welcome
to this video tutorial. We’ll show you
how to use gmail and a spreadsheet
from Google Drive to do mail merge. Open a spreadsheet
and fill the column headers with labels like the addresses
and names of the recipients or any other information
to put in your email. Go to “add-ons”,
“get add-ons”, look for “Yet Another Mail Merge”. Install the add-on. Indicate the name of the label
of the recipients column. You can chose a draft
made by yourself like this one… Or you can choose
a predesigned template. Templates can be useful to send newsletters
or more graphic emails with your logo and a call to action. Make sure to leave
the recepients field empty. Now, customize your email and write its content
by replacing the existing one. To add an information
from your spreadsheet, type the less than symbols, write the label of a specific column and close with
the greater than symbols. Here,
the tags used in this example match the column headers
in the spreadsheet. Go back to the spreadsheet, “add-ons”,
“Yet Another Mail Merge”. You have access to options like
Importing contacts from a group or checking remaining quota. Start mail merge… and choose your template. You can check or uncheck
the option to track emails opened and send yourself a test email
to see if everything is okay. A pop up and a merge status column
indicate all emails were sent. Checking the email,
there’s no information missing. Back in the spreadsheet, you see that one of the emails
has already been opened. We hope this tutorial was useful, Don’t hesitate to check
the add-on’s homepage to get more information
and documentation about it.


  1. Thank you Romain this is a top notch add-on. Is there a way to automate each entry? I would like YAMM to merge every time a submission is made.

  2. Hi, great tools!
    I'm wondering…how risky is it to use YAMM with my e-mail address (from my domain) ?
    Should I create a Gmail address for this?

  3. I have 2 question, pls explain to me:
    – if i send many emails, will gmail server bring my account to spam folder, because the spam filter system is very strong.
    – I tried with 3 emails, 1 is Gmail, the rest is others non-google acc, it only tracked Gmail, didn't work for the rest.

  4. Hi! I am trying to install this extension but the page ( leads to a 404 Pade not found error. Where can I get this extension?

  5. Hi, if I were to purchase the personal plan which cost 24$ per year that increases the limit to sending out 400 emails per day, and the information from google shows that the Gmail mail server itself has a send limit of approximately 100-150 emails per day when connected to the server from a remote email client.
    So the question is, purchasing the personal plan from the add on itself will allow me to send extra emails out per day, or I would have to pay more cost for Gmail server itself to do that.

  6. hello! we paid for 2 YAMM accounts, but haven't receive any conformation of purchase. Please, help us to receive it)

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