How To Earn A Daily Income Online – 7 Ways You Can Start Today

How To Earn A Daily Income Online – 7 Ways You Can Start Today

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to earn a daily income online. I’m
actually gonna share with you seven ways you can get started with today so if you
are interested to find out more about this all you have to do is stay with me
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a new video alright before we get started here make sure you pay attention
watch the whole video here so you don’t miss out on any important information on
these seven ways I’m gonna share with you on how to earn a daily income online
and if you’re interested in making a full time passive income online with the
sustainable online business I do have my number one recommendation
right here below this video that you can have a closer look at when we have
finished this video of course but for now let’s get started to see on how we
can earn a daily income online with these seven ways you can do a
combination actually and do all the seven if you want to or do just one it’s
totally up to you alright with that being said let’s get started alright so
the first thing that we can do is we can apply to do any kind of micro tasks we
can go to a site like a rapid workers here you can see by just voting on a
YouTube video you can own 10 cents you follow on twitter twelve cents now it
doesn’t look like it is much but it takes only one minute so I mean if you
do 50 or 60 like this you definitely are going to make some quick money there and
of course what you also are going to do is you’re going to apply to similar
sites like my co-workers you can see here you can earn
surely more you can on 24 cents here store clicks eight cents here is an
offer with an H and M Tennyson more it’s a gift God for 35 cents so it sums up
pretty quick actually definitely doable to make a daily income there is also
referral program on some of these sites that you can sign up for another site
that you can do of course more micro tasks is you can go to M Turk this is a
very popular site you can see here you want to learn more as a worker make
money in your spare time and you can save the different tasks that you can
actually make some money with removing a duplicate content from business listing
is one example helping companies select the best picture and tons of other
opportunities here also all right let’s move on to something else you can make
money by taking surveys one site is VIN Dale comm you can see here you can earn
up to fifty dollars per survey you actually make $1.00 by just signing up
here on VIN Dale so you get paid to take surveys online there is a lot of other
sites here price rebel comm is another site here also which is very popular and
there is an application if you prefer to work only with your smartphone you can
go to surveys on the go comm so you can see here for three dollars for just ten
minutes of work there or 10 minutes for baking some cookies so definitely a
great site also to go ahead and have a closer look at surveys on the go calm
all right let’s move on to another opportunity and that is to do any kind
of data entry job data entry jobs you can actually do with in the previous
sites that we had a look at but these are more focused on just
data entry clickworker calm and you can see here they always look for Internet
users worldwide who can for example create or correct text participate in
surveys or search and categorized data for us so a lot of opportunities here
also you can see it here like text we creation categorization copy editing
proofreading the results or surveys and a lot more opportunities here that you
can make money with another opportunity is actually transcribing and we can go
to a site like transcribe we hit the section where it says join as
transcriptionist and we can quickly see here that they offer the opportunity to
be a part of this community here or to one of the best transcription companies
and create lasting connections with professionals all over the world and
this is a super easy job because all you need as they say here is a computer a
reliable internet connection and the ability to transcribe audio you need a
good pair of headphones more or less actually to do this and you can see here
you can actually make anywhere from fifteen to twenty two dollars per hour
another also very popular site that I usually recommend is Rev comm so if we
scroll down here we can go to the freelancers section you can see here
that you can own three six two sixty five cents as a transcriptionist but you
can also make money as a captioner here you make even more money actually you
make up to 75 cents per audio minute here now if you are know a foreign
language you can definitely make much more so Rev comm definitely another
sites to have a look at let’s move on to something else here and that is to
become any kind of a virtual assistant virtual assistant a call center you can
do a lot of jobs here actually one of my favorite
sites here is virtual assistant jobs calm because they have tons of
variations here and you can select if you want with or without contract if you
want it to be a flexible a full-time part-time so you can see here virtual
assistant for experts community thirty-six thousand per year
up to forty six thousand actually and you can do this full-time anywhere in
the world alright here is another example live chat agents you can earn
anywhere from thirteen to seventeen dollars per hour there is a lot of
variations if you just type data entry here let’s deselect the contract here
you can see that there is two hundred and seventy two matching records so if I
take it and let’s say that you want to work full-time only I think we have yeah
it’s two hundred and thirty matching records definitely a lot of
opportunities here to have a closer look at so go to virtual assistant
and have a look at it to search if you want via category or via some specific
keyword to see if it is something that you can apply for alright let’s move on
and the next opportunity we can apply for is to become a freelancer you can
become any kind of a freelancer there are no limits it totally depends on your
knowledge and skills actually I would apply for example video editing audio
editing I’ve been doing that for many many years so that is what I would apply
for straightaway here but you can do so many more actually gigs or freelance
jobs here you can actually apply for data entry that we had a look at earlier
any kind of micro tasks you might be good at graphics there are no limits
really and there is a lot of other sites here than just Fiverr
but Fiverr is the most popular site so that is why I reckon
that it here you can go to upward calm there is freelancer people per hour
those are some good reliable and trustworthy freelance sites that you can
also sign up for a good tip would be actually sign up to all these sites so
you don’t just rely on one side the survey so you wait and you don’t have
any job at all so apply to all and go in bid low in the beginning to get some
good reputation and then of course you move on from there
alright let’s move on to the final opportunity that we can earn a daily
income online and that is to do affiliate marketing two sites that I
recommend one is Clickbank comm which is the largest regarding digital products
here you can find anything that you want actually here probably the most popular
would be make money online or health and fitness of course so I feel like
marketing the cool thing is that you don’t have to hustle anything with
creating the product or shipping or anything like that
all you do is you grab your affiliate link you promote that in different ways
you have just need to actually drive traffic to that link and you own a
commission so Clickbank is definitely recording digital products and then we
have Amazon which is also another favorite of mine really simple because
they have millions of products that you can promote here another cool thing that
I like with Amazon is the 24 hour cookie it means that if you click through my
link but you purchase something else so let’s say that I promote the camera but
you also purchase razorblades within 24 hours you can actually make Commission
for that too so I seen really some crazy stuff that I never promoted especially
in the beginning when I applied to be affiliate for Amazon so I was wondering
if it was something wrong I didn’t knew it back then of course but this is
right away actually to make money online it can be something that you recommend
that your especially is that let’s say for example cameras or whatever I don’t
know your skills once again here but a super easy way just apply as an
affiliate marketer and get store there to promote there so there you have it
seven different ways to earn a daily income online you can do one of these so
you can do a combination of all seven it totally depends on you and your
knowledge there now if you like this video I really appreciate if you smash
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screen here that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon

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