How To Find Keywords For Affiliate Marketing [SERIES 4] Setting Up For Long Term Success

How To Find Keywords For Affiliate Marketing [SERIES 4] Setting Up For Long Term Success

how to find keywords for affiliate
marketing hey everybody this is Mark with adventures in econ and if you do
this one thing right then this business can be paying your mortgage in three to
six months if you do this one thing wrong you know the deal now I have a
friend of mine a colleague of mine and his name is mr. J and he showed me a
pretty valuable lesson a couple years ago at a conference in Vail in Vegas in
Las Vegas when it comes to searching for keywords so we’re gonna get in to doing
all that but first I wanted to say take a quick second and subscribe to my
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information valuable content that helps you ultimately succeed online whether
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forget to speaking of notified hit the bell icon now getting into these finding
keywords for affiliate marketing this is the fourth video in my series the meat
and potatoes started with video number two and that really was all about
finding your market or that audience of hungry people that have a problem the
next video in the series was really all about figuring out how you’re going to
get paid and finding the offer now what we’re going to do here once we’ve
accomplished since we’ve accomplished those things I’ll put a card actually
link to those or that playlist right up here in the corner but what we need to
do next is we need to find all of our keywords that are related to that niche
we need to find the right keywords so that when we get around to in the
up-and-coming videos building a niche specific website a content based blog
website that we’re writing the right way we are using the right words so that
ultimately over the long term we’re going to get the benefit from that SEO
traffic also in the short term with paid traffic our relevancy score is going to
be higher and so what that means is your paid traffic cost is going to go down so
there is a great benefit in finding the keywords now I know I keep having you
look at this screen this morning Fame research tool this is 8
fool that I use specifically to pick the right keywords for my YouTube channel
but there are some old-school ways of going about it you morning fame as an
analytics program but there are some old-school ways about going about it and
that’s what I’m going to cover right now and I just want to talk about all of
these different keyword tools you need to be a little cautious be a little
careful when you use a lot of them there are so many of them that cost 50 60 70
dollars a month and they’re just not accurate sure they can do a lot of good
things for you like helping you find some keyword ideas and things of that
nature but ultimately that keyword information a lot of that keyword data
just isn’t accurate so I’m gonna take you through some free techniques on how
to find keywords so that ultimately you’re not spending $70 a month on a
tool that doesn’t work remember every dollar you spend in your business
whether it’s hosting your email or keyword tools or whatever it all has to
have a benefit that is commiserate with its price points so I’m gonna show you
free and it’s hard to beat that price point okay so I’m going to be using
keywords the Google Ads Keyword planner in the Google Ads interface so if you
don’t have a Google Ads account yet hopefully you have a Google account or a
gmail account or something along those lines if you do just log in sign up for
Google Ads and you’ll have access to the keyword planner and I have another
little shortcut here yes it’s a tool I know I just did announce tools a minute
ago but I want you to know about this very popular tool keywords everywhere
it’s a little browser plug-in and it pulls information directly from the API
of Google Adwords and Google as do a lot of these paid keyword tools the
difference here is mostly going to be looking at it and using it for keyword
idea generation and not really you know resting on the laurels or the accuracy
of the keyword data however I will say I did this quick search for hair gel for
men and it had of all you and it shows right here also with the
browser plugin it’ll show up right here also if you just start to type an
autocomplete it will show some of this information in this data right in here
and that’s very very handy but once you select a search term and hit enter it
will give you this so it tells me what the volume is 14800 searches a month
gives me a cost per click average and a competition level now I did the same
exact search oops this is oh yeah here it is
I did men’s hair cream search but hair gel for men here’s fourteen eight sixty
five and one so it really is pulling that same information directly from the
Google ads interface now having said all that in the first videos we really kind
of selected our market I keep using the camping as an example and so I’m gonna
stick with that example now one of the things that is just a super great way
and this is a trick that I use in a thing that I use on YouTube all the time
to come up with this how to find keywords for affiliate marketing if I if
I go to YouTube let me just pull youtube up real quick and I’m gonna say how to
find keywords for affiliate marketing you really want to use the autocomplete
function from your browser and let Google tell you exactly what its
autocomplete is and it ranks the autocomplete feature in terms of
greatest search volume so the ones that are generally listed at the beginning at
the top of this list here have the higher search volume and they work their
way down so that really is a big a big thing about how we’re going to go about
doing this and zeroing in on our niche and using the right keywords to really
build out our blogs and build out our content sites that are going to drive
the sales for us in this affiliate game so let me jump over let me jump back
over here to camping you can see it gives me a keyword related ideas camping
gear I think in one of the other videos it was
ping checklist and I really liked it a camping checklist for kids I love that
that’s a great idea and that is really kind of a sub niche but we can if we had
a blog that revolved around doing just this you know we could come in here and
make sure that we had articles that revolved around this on our website so
that we could promote products for this very thing now one of the things that I
wanted to talk about is just a couple variations in the Google search field
here I want to see if I put brackets I’m sorry no brackets if I put quotation
marks around it and I hit enter it’s gonna show me a hundred ninety five
thousand results that means there are 195 thousand sites that have this exact
phrase in them so one hundred ninety five
thousand right off the bat that’s a pretty good and low competition it’s
actually really good and low competition if I select if I’m gonna remove these
for a second and in front here I’m gonna put in title so in the title they’re
actually more so that tells me a little something so we have about three hundred
twenty-nine thousand websites that have a page title that has this phrase in it
now if I put in URL we have about a hundred and four thousand that have a
URL that is very specific to that to that search term so you know you can
play with this a little bit and really get a good gauge on how much competition
is really out there that is in your niche so this will give you a really
good ideas now what I like to do after doing these things so that I know what
I’m up against you know if this you can tell right away these numbers are really
good a hundred thousand three hundred thousand these numbers are super super
good to break into a niche market if I took that out and came in here if I
started looking at some of these some of these top performing or top results on
the first page of Google childhood 101 family camping checklist I
probably jump in to here and see what information is on there here’s another
one it’s REI this doesn’t here’s a camping checklist to help get you
started so REI is pretty big one here’s a clean and sensible sensible a little
play on that right there ultimate guide to camping with kids so what I like to
do is come in here and see how these guys are doing in terms of getting
ranked so you know do these guys have you know maybe a doesn’t look like
that’s too much in terms of words we can come here
and I’m just gonna scroll down through this article and see real quick we’re to
about here and I’m gonna right click and hit word count and there’s eight hundred
and forty seven words in this article that’s another little word a little
program plug-in that I have in my browser but 847 word articles so what I
would do is I would go and rip off on my blog a twenty five hundred word article
that is se ode specifically towards this particular keyword niche so that I could
ultimately work on out ranking these guys and I would do the same thing for
these other sites because ultimately what I want to do is beat out one of the
guys here on the first page is it going to happen overnight no is it going to
happen in the short term probably not but this affiliate marketing game is a
long-term sustainable game the nice thing about this is once you do it you
don’t have to go back to it too often and continually you know you have to
keep digging that ditch forever so you do the work put up your page SEO it
appropriately but do the research and know what you’re up against first so
again just to kind of recap on it is you know what what I’m trying to tell you
here is use the autocomplete functionality for the Google search
field to really zero in on things and you can here’s camping checklist I’m
gonna hit T and then I’m just gonna hit space a here’s app Alberta Australia
article no I’m gonna hit B camping checklist for the beach maybe
baby backpacking beginners you know these are all good types of sub-niches
we can hit see so close cabin camper so Google will sit here and just spit out
the autocomplete words and give you really good ideas so I’m gonna hit close
and then oh here’s key words everywhere thinks
that I am NOT keywords everywhere Google thinks that I am perhaps a robot so
because the key words everywhere API does some stuff on the back back in so
it’s also using some searches from my IP address but here’s a great another set
of related keywords camping essentials checklist PDF so definitely want to put
a PDF on my blog if I’m writing it about these types of articles but the last
thing on my list and we’ve already the last thing on my mind for this
particular video is now we’ve already found an audience in the first video the
first step and the next video we found offers and things like that but
sometimes when you’re doing this work and you get into a trench and you you
know go off on a tangent maybe you need to kind of switch gear so a really quick
and easy way to do a search to make sure that there are some affiliate programs
in this niche we could go affiliate programs and then hit the plus sign and
we’re gonna say camping camping let’s just say camping and here’s high paying
affiliate offers coleman 10 camping affiliate programs so just you know i
think the point here is i’m much more the type of person that will teach you
how to fish instead of just feeding you that fish dinner
so come through here don’t be afraid to hit the button and do some searches and
back to my friend mr. Jay in Las Vegas he sat down and showed me all this but
we’re standing there in Las Vegas and he says to me we’re talking to him about
keyword ideas and suggestions and how he goes about it and all of those sorts of
things and he says to me give me 20 bucks I’m like what do you mean give you
20 dollars so he says give me $20 and then we’re gonna go
through this so I give him $20 and we go through it he sits down we sit down in
one of the laptops and he goes through this and shows me just how easy this is
and how he was able to increase his sales and revenue and traffic just by
rolling up his sleeves and doing the work and not relying on those expensive
keyword tools that you think you need so which you don’t so I said well why did
you make me give you $20 and he said well if I were to just showed you this
then it would have just been in one ear and out the other and you probably would
have never come around and done it but since I gave you $20 you since you gave
me $20 you were much more intent on listening to exactly how this works and
you’re more likely after paying for something more likely to actually put it
to good use and I’ve been using this for so many of my keywords for the last
couple of years now and it works just beautifully so I hope that you got some
great value out of this video let me know in the comments below how you like
to go about finding the right keywords for your niche in your affiliate
marketing program share with everybody down in the comments below and I will
see you as always on the next video be sure to subscribe
to the channel to be notified of future videos and don’t forget to like this
video now watch that video next go ahead watch that video video video bait


  1. Thanks for the great video as always. Just
    a question:

    If the Google first-page search for a
    keyword contains pages of giant companies like Amazon or Samsung, would it be
    possible to beat those pages by posting a longer content and optimizing the
    post for that keyword? I guess those pages of Amazon or Samsung are not well optimized
    for keyword.

    However, KWfinder shows the keyword
    difficulty of 50 for that keyword (monthly search volume only 10), only based
    on the PA of the first 10 pages in Google. Many of those pages are Amazon or
    Samsung, and obviously they have high PA and DA.

    Would you please comment on this? Can I
    trust KWfinder for the keyword difficulty or just ignore it and go for that

    Thanks in advance.

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