How to Find Someone’s Email Address (in Seconds)

How to Find Someone’s Email Address (in Seconds)

Tweets, they get lost fast. Direct messages get ignored all the time. But the email inbox is a very sacred place
and arguably the best way to get someone’s attention. And in this video, you’re going to learn how to find someone’s email address with supreme accuracy. Stay tuned. [music] What’s up marketers, Sam Oh here with Ahrefs, the SEO tool that helps you grow your search
traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche. Now, email outreach is a vital part of growing
your search traffic. And in order to be able to reach out to people, you need to find a
way to contact them. So let’s not make this tutorial any longer than
it has to be and get into the only email hunting tactics you’ll need to make your next
outreach campaign a hit. Let’s get started. The first tool is called Hunter. You can sign up for a free account at There are a couple ways you can find email
addresses using this tool. First is with their Chrome extension. Just go to the company domain of the person
you want to contact, and if the icon is lit up orange, then it means Hunter has some emails
on file. Click on the icon, and you’ll see a list of
emails that Hunter has scraped for this domain. Now, with email outreach, it’s best that you
contact a specific person so that a.) you can address them by name, and b.) someone like Bill Gates isn’t going to tweet
your article from the Microsoft Twitter account. So, for single author sites, the extension
should do just fine. But for larger companies, you may want to
contact a specific person like the content marketing manager. So you can go to Hunter’s website and go to
the “Finder” tool in the menu bar. Next, enter in the first and last name of
the contact, and their company domain. And you’ll be able to find their email almost
instantly. Hunter is extremely fast and great if you
outsource your email finding tasks. But a lot of their results are based on “best
guesses” from patterns they get from scraped data, which can produce mixed results to say the least. The next tool is Clearbit. And this is another email finding tool that works as a Chrome extension and lives inside your Gmail inbox. And like Hunter, you’ll get 100 free credits
per month. After you’re all set up, click on Clearbit
up here, then find emails. Next, enter in the company domain and then the name of the person you want to
contact. And right away, you’ll see the email address
as well as a blue checkmark, which means that the email is verified. The good thing about Clearbit is that the
emails they find are almost always bang on. The bad thing? By using their service, you’re allowing them
to view your contacts. Now while the first two tools are great for
finding “” email addresses, some people still use “freemail” accounts like
Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or dare I say it… AOL. So the next way is to find
email addresses. And there are a few ways that you can do this. First is to check the website’s About or Contact page. Oftentimes, small websites will leave their
contact details there, as you can see in this example. Another way to find non-domain emails is to
search their entire domain using a search operator like this: and then “” as a phrase match. And you’ll see the email address for
this website in the meta description, which is just an excerpt from their post. Finally, is to search through people’s Twitter
feeds. So rather than filtering through potentially
thousands of tweets, you can just google and then some footprints like or or or anything else that’s relevant. And you can see that this person has tweeted
their email address at some point. The final way you can do this is using Email
Permutator paired with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These tools work perfectly together. First, start with Email Permutator and enter
in the first name, last name, and domain of the person you want to contact. The good thing about this tool is that you
can click the “More Domains” button and add in another website like the person’s personal
blog. The tool will then bring up all possible combinations
of the person’s email address based on your input. Next, make sure that the LinkedIn Sales Navigator
extension is installed on Chrome and start a new message. Now, paste in all of the different email addresses
and hover over each one. If you see a profile in the Navigator sidebar,
then you’ve found the email address that the person is using on LinkedIn. From our own experiences, around 70% of email
addresses use one of these patterns. Alright great. So after using these different tactics, you
should’ve been able to find someone’s email address. Now the final step of the puzzle is to make sure
that the email address you found is actually valid. There are a ton of email verification tools. My favorite is called NeverBounce. Now after you’ve created an account, click on
“Validate Single Email” and enter in the email address you want to verify. You should see right away whether the email
is valid, invalid, or a catchall domain. This tool is an awesome extra layer you can
add if you want to scale your email outreach. Just click on Apps and you’ll have the option
to build your own custom integration, or connect it with Zapier so you can integrate it with
Google Sheets or thousands of other tools that you might use in your marketing stack. There are a lot of other email finding tools
out there like Voila Norbert, Find That Email, Any Find Email, and the list goes on. Now rather than trying every tool out there,
give a few of them a shot, see which ones are producing the best results for you, and
spend that extra time focusing on sending a good outreach email. Now, make sure to subscribe for more actionable
SEO and marketing tutorials. And if you want us to build on this video
with a complete tutorial on email outreach, make sure to leave a comment and let us know. We like creating what you love. So keep grinding away and I’ll see you in
the next tutorial.


  1. Awesome video sir. I want to add in your list. Its give us technology usage based Websites list with there Email addresses. Cheers.

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  6. I've been using for a while now and it does work on established websites. It doesn't work out that well with lesser known companies, so I tried out snovio. It provides some good guesses and combined with I ended up finding some good contacts.

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  10. Hey Sam, nice content as usual! Your technique of finding emails is very nice, but there's a faster way to do this stuff. You mentioned 2 tools ( Hunter, Neverbounce, ) when you can use 1 tool Snovio to reach the same result cause it finds&verifies emails at the same time.

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