How To Generate Leads For Affiliate Marketing

How To Generate Leads For Affiliate Marketing

hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo
from and in this video I’m gonna teach you how to
generate leads for affiliate marketing if you’re struggling to get leads maybe
you have the best product ever but you’re not getting leads consistently
you are not gonna get money so before I get into the topic is this is a very
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as I mentioned before I’m gonna teach you how to generate leads free affiliate
marketing it doesn’t matter what your product is if you are not getting leads
you are not getting sales and if you are not getting sales you’re not gonna make
money online and you’re gonna be just getting frustrated leads that’s the name
of the game you need to get leads every single day as many qualifying on
targeted leads as you can if you really want to make a great online business how
you can drive traffic well maybe by now you know that you can have free traffic
or you can have paid traffic if you’re on a budget there is no excuse there is
a lot of things that you can do to drive traffic for example you can post on
Facebook and by facebook I mean you can actually put it on your Facebook profile
you can post on other people’s Facebook group you can create your own Facebook
curve you can do Instagram right maybe you’re gonna be creating a great
Instagram account uses the best hashtags you can have your own YouTube channel of
course free traffic it’s gonna take time but it’s totally worth it and if you do
it right you can get tons of free traffic but you need to be consistent
and you need to understand that this is not gonna be something that is gonna
happen overnight but with the proper strategy you are gonna accomplish your
goal getting leads every single day if you
decide to go with pay traffic you can do solo ads which is basically that you’re
gonna buy clicks for someone who have a really big list really big target list
and he or she is gonna be promoting your landing page maybe you’re gonna be
buying 100 clicks they’re gonna be wall target and on that well you know you’re
gonna be getting these people emails you can also do Facebook ads you can also do
Google Ads you can also do Instagram ads also there is another way in which you
can do on Instagram you can use the it’s called a chat shout out and wish you’re
gonna DM you know a person who have a really big Instagram account and you’re
gonna pay you know for them to send this information to their instagrams
followers okay this is a paid traffic a lot of people things like pay traffic
equals money no if you’re not doing this correctly you are not gonna get results
either another thing and this is a great mistake I don’t know why whenever
someone buy you know pay traffic they say send it directly to the offer you
need to avoid this okay you need to avoid this you always need to be
capturing people’s emails it doesn’t matter which traffic source you’re gonna
be using you need to do this because you need to do follow-ups people are gonna
buy your product or whatever product says you’re promoting after the seven
email okay so that means that you need to be in touch with them every single
day for the next 7 or you can do it for 10 days it would be way better okay if
you want to get a sale yeah I know it can be frustrated at the beginning you
can think that this is a long process but it’s actually not consider this okay
at the beginning is gonna start kind of slow but this is gonna be like a roller
coaster you know at the beginning it’s going to
be slow slow slow and then BOOM you’re gonna be getting sales every
single day and it’s way easier to buy your to sell the products that you’re
promoting to someone who already have a
relationship with you in this case is gonna be being you know or it can also
be be a facebook chat but or any other chat BOTS that you have but if you just
send them directly to the offer it’s gonna be like a hit and miss if they
don’t buy it or maybe sometimes this happens that you send them directly to
the offer but that product the owner never give you the name or the email
address of the person who buy okay so take this into consideration why a lot
of people are not getting any kind of lease at all it’s because they forget
the fact that they need to build curiosity okay sometimes people are on
Facebook on Instagram you know everywhere on there and telling people
everything they mentioned the product name they are trying to be the sales
person and actually that’s not your job your job is just to drive traffic that’s
it as an affiliate marketer you need to identify a problem and you need to match
that problem with the product okay but you need to build curiosity something
like maybe you have a crazy dog that barks all day long right and you’re
gonna put something like hey do you have a really annoying dog it’s bothering you
maybe you’re trying you know to call depending on your audience it’s gonna be
something like you’re trying to do this important call or you’re in the middle
of the meeting you cannot work at home because your dog is barking all night
long hey you know what I have this amazing I just discovered how to teach
your dog or every legal way how you’re gonna teach your child how to just stop
barking you know so you’re gonna be building curiosity people are gonna be
like hey I have this problem I want to know how she solved it or how he solved
it so again you need to match a problem
with a solution okay a problem with a solution something it can it this
actually works and every single needs sometimes people forget
that but if you’re wrong to be really successful with a favorite marketing
that’s what you need to do not mention the product name as you can see I never
mention it I don’t mention the price I don’t tell the features I just sell what
pearl and I had and how did I solve it like or how if you want to know how they
solve it right and something really important is that people do not put a
call to action so I need to say something like hey if you want to know
how to stop it pays for now or ever type info type dog you know something so
I know that they’re really interested okay keep it simple do not put like a
super long phrase or try to be dramatic with your culture action but you need to
tell people what they need to do next okay you are not like a TV show you’re
someone who is trying to help people okay you’re an affiliate marketer again
you’re gonna match a problem with a solution don’t forget to put the call to
action what’s the next step and with that set you’re gonna be having quality
leads every single day also if you’re doing this on Facebook for example
remember that Facebook love post who which has like a lot of engagement so
it’s people its Facebook identified that their post it’s getting you know
comments every second your reach is gonna be way better
also remember that people on Facebook can share your posts okay they can share
your posts so you can build really good momentum but you need to apply this
technique if you want to learn more about this how to be a top seller how to
be a great affiliate marketer I’m gonna leave a link below it’s gonna be my
number one recommendation it’s gonna be the very first link in the description
if you really want to learn more about this how to create an online profitable
business with affiliate marketer if you have some comments if you have some
questions living in the common area and I’d be
more than happy to answer them if you find this information helpful please
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