subscribe for more vides!! Five thousand lights in this video Six hundred bytes every single day using shit already man. No, but then call me go through be actually couple winners Turn on and DNA my results are From questions the very first people watching this video. This is a valid Amazon giftcard Go ahead and claim it on Amazon right now in case you’re late. There will be three more Somewhere in this video might be this small So you gotta be careful and in case you’re that late then I suggest go ahead and that subscribe button will turn on that bill Notifications so you don’t miss them challenge videos out because on every single challenge video. I’m doing the same thing Hey guys, what is up? Welcome back here with our videos. Which brings up hey A brand new challenge video. I know for a fact that a lot of you who will be indeed interested in what I’m seeing I like this video a video where I’ll take 30 days on my life to go ahead and try a product and see if it actually works I’ve already done this with one product a year ago right now and that video did really really well you guys seem loving it So here I am back with an other one. So I’ll get right into it. I’m gonna get right into the video I know that I talked a lot on interest for some reason so I truly apologize for that I’ll be using a product called chisel every single day for 30 days and obviously at the end of the month I’ll make sure to share with you guys the results. I’ll share with you my opinion as well So this is a tool that you use To train your face muscles if you want to make your jaw line bigger, if you don’t know jaw line is full muscles So if you work out the muscles that are located right here that will make your jaw line Obviously look bigger and stronger, which is obviously what you want So the use of the product is really really simple All you have to do is literally put these couple pieces in in your mouth right here And you obviously don’t just keep biting and that Biden will obviously know work out your jawline muscles And as I said that training will make that jawline look bigger, which is exactly what you want, right? So I am indeed just like you I have no clue if this product will make my jawline look even bigger As I said, this is the first time I ever use this so it will be a very very strict 30 days of training I’ll be using this product as I said every single day I’ll try to do around like 300 bites every single day using chisel and at the end of the month subscribe I’ll make sure obviously showed you guys results and Yeah, that’s that so I have no clue if I’ll have good results or now Just like you are pretty much as I’m saying. So, uh big disclaimer. Make sure you watch the whole video Make sure you watch the whole entire video on to know exactly how to properly use Chisel, so as I said, this video will indeed take me like 30 days to makes if you can smash that like button Thank you so much that that will definitely help me out And obviously this is the first time you’re watching my videos. Remember to go down there hit that subscribe button We turn on that bill notification. So with that being said Let’s just get right into it. So right here, you can see there’s a couple levels. There’s the white ones Right here and the black ones as well So the black pieces are a little harder than the white ones after I already, you know use another product up with time the first level right here will be too easy and That will be the right time. Where are we switch into the next level which is the Black ones right here the black pieces as you know, the first time I’m using the product So I’ll go ahead and start with the white pieces Ooh I Can definitely feel the burn it’s been few reps now and I already feel the burn which is crazy I already feel like my muscles are working out. So I’ll go ahead and finish my 300 reps for today and See you guys later Yo, what’s good this is the 15 so far and So far so good. I feel like my darlings a little stronger than how we used to look You let me know you like me now, I’m not sure I didn’t check about the footage of day one just yet But I’m hundred percent sure and there’s the difference between day 15 and day 1. So I’m really enjoying the use of the product So far just so right here. I’m in to level 2 right now I’m using the black pieces right now the live one starts to be like too easy I’m not even joking like it starts to be like literally too too easy. So I Changed it or I upgrade it to Using number 2 which is the black pieces right here. It’s literally like, you know chewing gum You can literally do this any way you were with no problems with have no problems with not having people looking at you You know weirdly or something you put them in It’s literally like chewing gum as you can see and one more thing this isn’t approved I’m a food grade silicon So you have literally nothing to worry about and apparently I am literally the very first youtuber that does um similar challenges using the cheese so at least That that’s actually not pretty cool. So I believe that’s not per day if you’ve seen I’ll See you guys on the last day after 15 days from now and literally just few seconds for you So yeah. See you guys later. Peace I Can see and my results are pretty impressive as y’all can see right now I’m not even clinching my jaw and it’s looking quite stronger than the first day So the thing that a lot of people actually don’t know and that is that the jaw line is full of muscles every muscle in your body you can definitely no work it out and chisel right here is a great great product to work that muscle out I’ve used It so far for 30 days and so far so good. I just got a fresh haircut, by the way I shaved my my face as well. So the jawline can pop up a little bit more after my own experience with this product I can tell you guys that this is amazing. This is really really amazing I highly suggest to go ahead and purchase it and the price of this bad boy is not that expensive at all By the way, it’s literally not as expensive as the last products. I did the challenge with I Do believe that. This is a great great pick as far as you can get the same results for a cheaper price. I mean like You got a happy dude, you really gotta have it. So concerning the second level right here the black pieces I don’t know if they are Available on their website right now. They seem to be um, not published yet I am one of the very first people to have these so I’m really really blessed once they’re up obviously I’ll make sure to put them down below in the description So I have a couple more pieces right here that I’ll be giving away So there will be actually a couple winners as you can see there’s four brand-new pieces right here for two lucky winners And this is the one that I’ve been using it’s too wide and two legs Unfortunately, I don’t have a secondary black. I only have like a couple pieces of the black Level, so anyways, I have a couple pieces for two lucky winners to enter. It’s pretty simple All you have to do is then we hit the link down below in the description and click As many entries as you can and after a month of the upload of this video I’ll go ahead and announce the winners on my Instagram So make sure you follow me on Instagram as well to know if you’re the winner or not So this is actually no really cool. It’s literally like chewing a gum. You can use it anywhere you were while showering while driving Quite working out even though I don’t wanna go that much But you got what I mean You can use it literally anywhere and no one will notice which is like crazy as is in the very beginning of this video I’ve used chisel every single day. I’ve done around like 300 by somewhere around uh sure. It’s not exactly right way I’m just somewhere around 300 bites every single day and the results are looking really really good, which is wonderful So I am just thinking of maybe it’s cleaning the the bites the amount of bites I did and maybe do even more bites I don’t know if y’all want to see that maybe like around 600 bites every single day for a whole month And once again, you know share with you guys results I do believe that that will be a great great video, especially if the results will be much better than what how they are Right now that will be really really cool I would love to make that video, but I gotta make sure y’all guys want to see it as well So I will aim for a crazy crazy Goal of likes if y’all can reach it I’ll go ahead and bite on this 600 times every single day for 30 days and share with you guys The results just like I did on this video if y’all guys want to see that video come in. I want you to smash 5,000 likes I Don’t even know if you can reach that to be honest So you have 5,000 likes on this video and I’ll go ahead and do 600 bites every single day using chisel So make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button will turn on that bill Modifications because you truly don’t wanna miss my upcoming videos and I want you to pick the next challenge video So I want you to go down there to the comments section and comment any challenge video you have and if it gets a lot of likes I Might go ahead and do it. So I’d love to hear your challenge ideas Just make sure you drop them down below If you’ve made it this far by any chance I want you to do something go down there in the comments section comment your fake hoodie is cued and I’ll go ahead and heart you comment. We’ll just get people confused. Alright, let’s just get people confused I’m wearing this big hoodie supreme fake supreme hoodie And I’m hundred percent sure. I’ll get a lot of comments about it I know that it’s fake and I have no problem with that. But I’m Horace that I’ll get a lot of comments about it So I want you to go ahead and comment down below your fake supreme. Hoodie is cute So I believe that’s not putting video guys. This is what would thank you so much for watching and peace


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    5k likes on this video and i'll make a part 2 (600 bites every single day for 30 days)
    i really hope you guys enjoyed watching this 30 days face transformation video!! Hit me up with your challenge video ideas!!
    Love y'all .

  2. OW MYY GOD duuuude thank you Soo much I just claimed the 10$ gift card code on the LAAAAST second of the video I fukiin loooove you brooo hahaha litteraly no one claimed it over 200 views and no one caught it !!! Haha and btw ur fake hoodie is cute 😉

  3. Do 500 push ups every single day for 30 days
    Or do 300 pull ups every single day for 30 days
    Or test a teeth whiteing product like 'carboncoco' for 30 days and show us the result .
    If you like my idea like my comment so ash can do it 😀

  4. GO RAW CARNIVORE DIET FOR 30 DAYS (Eat RAW ORGANIC liver for 30 days for vision improvement and see if u can take off the glasses that way,its prety popular ryt now)

  5. All of these scamproducts are a waste of money, chewing gum is enough. Also the jaw concist of the masseter which is a slow twitch muscle, meaning the results will be extremely slow it takes years of consistent chewing to notice good changes.

  6. Chewing to much can cause headaches, tooth ache and jaw muscles ripping or being damaged all of these products are scams and unhealthy the actual way to have a better looking jaw is by either being genetically gifted or losing fat and dropping body fat pro engage that is the only way don’t do this and don’t by any of these products

  7. Hey will chisell work properly when you chew if your second last molar on left side has been removed?

  8. The undercut + the clean shaved beard + maybe your face fat and water retention level has changed make your jawline pop more then in the first day

  9. I'm going to try the product jawliner which has the same effect but i hav a question, does it effect one's smile?? reply fast

  10. Nice transformation, go and type on search ''mewing' and learn that. Believe me in 5-6 months ur cheebones will get higher, widen jawline and probably get hollow cheeks depends on genetics. Thank me later 🙂

  11. I bought the black chisel and used your code just letting you know I’m still waiting on it to arrive can’t wait to use it. I also bought the Jawzrsize cuz of your video thanks for the videos so far it’s been a month and my jawline is a little better just wanted to say thanks

  12. Just got this product going to be trying it out. The light bites were already sold out so i was only able to get regular and tought bite

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