How To Get a Job In Digital Marketing

How To Get a Job In Digital Marketing

-I’ve been asked this question a ton of times
before so I thought I would answer it in a video. The question is how do you get a job in digital
marketing? In this video, I’m going to break down the
three step process, I would advise you take in order to break it into the digital marketing
industry and land your first job. Coming up. Hey guys. Darren Taylor of the UK here. My job is to teach you all about digital marketing. Now, if that sounds up your streets you should
consider subscribing to my channel. In this video I’m going to break down my three
step process to get a job in digital marketing. They’re very clear steps. They’re very concise steps. If you follow them you should be able to get
your foot in the door. Let’s start off with step number one. Step number one is to get qualified in some
regard. Now I know a lot of people might question
me saying that because a lot of the time people who are in digital marketing have got no qualifications
in digital marketing at all. There are literally tons of people I could
name myself included who haven’t actually got a formal qualification in digital marketing
in terms of certification or specific certificates. A ll of the knowledge most digital marketers
have is by doing and getting involved and getting their foot in the door in the first
place and getting in the roles and learning as they go up the ladder. It’s no different to me or anyone else. However the reason you should get a free qualification
first is because it will go on your CV or resume if you are American. All of these things are really going to help
you if you look at your CV and make sure that there’s a digital marketing qualification
of some kind on your CV. I did mention a free qualification. The obvious go to to get started would be
the Google Digital Garage. This is a free course which gives you a good
understanding of Google. Now that’s a good place to get started with
overall digital marketing. Now in terms of specialism Google have also
a ton of free courses as well. You could take the Google ad certification
course as well. Again this is all set free. By qualifying for all of these things and
all of the free accredited courses out there. Now if you put all of those qualifications
on your CV then ultimately you’re going to get more eyeballs on your CV over people who
have got no qualifications at all when it comes to junior and entry level jobs in the
digital sector. It becomes really important to have a qualification
and go with a free qualification more importantly. I’ve linked up a few free qualification areas
in the description below as well to help you get started. Now you’ve gone and got yourself a qualification
of some kinds to put on your CV. What is the next step in getting your foot
in the door? Well the second thing is to get experience. Now this might sound crazy because obviously
your first job in digital marketing usually means you don’t have experience. What you can do is ask around and work for
free. There is so much value in working for free. It’s unbelievable. If you have a qualification now if in terms
of the Google Digital Garage or maybe the Google ad certification or whatever it might
be you can start to approach people you know who are in business or own blogs and run minor
small low budget low risk campaigns. By doing that you can get experience using
these platforms to actually generate results for people. Now that you’ve done this or now that you’re
doing this you have the right to say on your CV or resumé that you are a freelance digital
marketing consultant. Now obviously that sounds like a huge title. You could just call yourself a digital freelancer
or a junior freelancer or whatever you want to call yourself but make sure it’s clear
and it’s written down in black and white that you are actually physically getting involved
with campaigns and discuss what you’re doing in your CV. Explain what you’re working on, what kind
of business it is, what kind of brand it is, it could be a blog and explain specifically
what you’re doing and what tools you’re using. Now you’ve got a resumé with your experience
on and outside of hours in the evenings or weekends working with people who are in business
or own brands or blogs. If you’ve got that experience and if you’ve
also got a qualification on your CV as well, then the final step is this. It’s to show your work. Why do you think I’m in front of camera right
now speaking to you? It’s because I’m showing my work. Whenever it comes to consulting or potentially
speaking gigs or opportunities in my career then people know what I’m capable of. People know that knowledge I have and people
understand what I can do for their business. By you doing something like this or a blog
whether it’s a video, whether it’s written down, whether it’s podcasting whatever it
might be start something to show your work. It’s really important because now you’ve got
the three things and three elements that are going to give you the edge over everyone else
getting into digital marketing. You’ve got the qualification. The free ones. It doesn’t matter if it’s free. It’s a qualification you can put down on your
resume. You’ve also got the second thing which is
to make sure that you’ve got some hands on experience you can talk about and actually
discuss. When it comes to the interview stage and you
sit down with your potential employer you can have conversations and say what you’ve
done what you haven’t done. Even if the experience you have is very small
and very minor compared to what they might want you to do in the future they know you’ve
had some hands on experience. They can mould you for the future as well. Finally you have shown your work. They can see on your CV you have a blog you’re
writing about what your writing as and when you learn it you’re documenting your process
and your learning experience and your experience in growing in digital marketing. You’ve got all three of those things lined
up now. You can confidently go out there and start
putting yourself forward for minor and junior digital roles to get your foot in the door. The thing I’d mention is this once your foot
in the door and you’ve actually got a seat in that round the table in terms of digital
marketing job then you are set. You are absolutely set. The hardest parts is to get experience in
the first place. These three things are going to really help
you get that experience that you need in order to get your foot in the door. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it please leave me at like below. Let me know in the comments if you’re struggling
to get your foot in the door with your first ever digital marketing job. I reply to every single comments on LinkedIn
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below. I’ll be more than happy to help. More important than that check out the other
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