How To Get A Zero Spam Score Using Get Response – Email Spam Getresponse

How To Get A Zero Spam Score Using Get Response – Email Spam Getresponse

hey there its Rakeem Addison at and are you struggling to get your emails in your customer in
boxes well i’m going to actually help you
solve that issue right here in this video all right i was going to teach you how
to get a zero spam score using get response alright so as you can see I have my get
response screen pulled up here and the first thing i want to do is go here to
where it says messages and go to manage autoresponders so this is a method that i learned to
one of my mentors was watching a video and I I saw him do this and I have been
struggling for a while actually you know just trying to figure out like
i had some emails that would go to their actually make it to their inboxes
and then some emails and some emails will go to the spam box and and I was
just struggling no I’ll just be my head over to walk and I was like man I have
to get into the email i have to get into their inboxes also I’m just wasting my time you know
so are our selves watching the video and I notice what he did so this is what you did right so you
want to manage autoresponders right all right now is this pretty it’s pretty
simple and you probably already you know do most of these things but this is the
right so i’m just going to use this right it says well no matter what he says i’m going to edit all right so simply
you know you probably already do this where you go to edit message all right and then you have your from email and
your subject and then all the rest of that one quick tip here though so right
here you you’re from address it should not be a free email because
that’s gonna affect your delivery rate I mean your deliverability sorry about
that so that’s just a quick to right there
before we move on alright so next step alright so before
you send any email you want to check your spam score in this case for this
video we’re just going to check the spam score alright so the spam score for this is
1.1 right so before I learned what I learned today I couldnt get this to 0 for
nothing in the world right so we checked it is 1.1
alright alright so down here in the bottom you see where it says plain text
you’re going to click playing six now I never thought to go to this like I would
see it down there but I was like that’s kind of pointless but then as you can
see right here and if i click HTML to plain playing right it’s going to take it and
turn it into regular text right so all right so everything’s good here now you
see this where it says recommend width over here nothing should be over there in that red
area nothing should be in the red area so
as you can see everything is good until we get down here to where it says a Forward all right so I’m gonna make this real
simple literally I’m just going to click enter
get that out of a redbox hit close and now let’s check the spam score wala and
this works for if you have a whole bunch of errors as well like i had a had an
email earlier in a i had like four it was always that like
for something and then I literally did that and that fixed everything like like
literally and then and then and then just a test like i’ll just send myself
an email right send it go to my email real fast just to
show you you know that is actually works and you
probably just heard my phone and I was the email boom in the primary that easy so I hope you enjoy I hope you enjoyed this little a ninja
tip that I learned today and and and i hope that you use it if you’re using get
response once again my name is Rakeem Addison
at and if you want to continue to see videos like this and
learn different trainings and different tips go ahead and like comment or share and
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  1. How did you get the email looks like to domain account, then forwarded to your gmail.

    Thanks, great info…. and great delivery of it.

  2. Raheem you just blew my mind. I have been wrestling with this for over a year and could never get my score below 1.1. With this sweet tip I get a big fat zero! Thank You

  3. what if doing this only lowers the score to 1.2 and it's still being sent to junk/spam folder? What can I be doing wrong? Should I add a photo?

  4. How did you get your domain whitelisted, i don't have that when i check my spam score. Would appreciate your help

  5. That was a life saver Rakeem! Any suggestions on who I should sign up with for my email address so I won't keep on creating spam?

  6. Great video dude, really helpful tip! My mailchimp just got blocked and was looking into Get Responce but heard that their service often went to spam. Hopefully this should help

  7. That's whicked. I knocked my score down like 3 points from that, buuuuut Have you heard of it saying "Contains a URL greylisted in the URIBL 1.084". I haven't even set up ANY links in my email yet either..?? Any ideas?

  8. You ar 0 help to me at all. I have a score of 5.2. Why don't you fix an email with a higher spam score.

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