How To Get Clients From Scratch (Social Media Marketing Agency)

How To Get Clients From Scratch (Social Media Marketing Agency)

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna break down how to get your first clients for your social media marketing agency If you’re starting out completely from Ground Zero from scratch if you don’t have any money I’m going to show you how to get those first clients because honestly guys I work with a lot of people looking to start their own marketing agency and at the end of day the Hardest part is getting those first clients to actually jump on board with you So here’s a few organic strategies that you don’t have to use any paid advertising you do have to invest some time you actually had to put in the work but these strategies work amazingly well now real quick guys if you want my free training on at my Strategies of how I group my own marketing agency from zero to over four million dollars in the last couple of years Then I will add a link right down below in the description as well as in the top comment so you can access that training, right So I’m going to talk about three methods and this first one is maybe something that you’ve heard before but I guarantee you these next two, they’re gonna be pretty game-changing strategies, so the first one is to go through and find Facebook groups of your specific niche or your specific industry. So I’ve worked with real estate agents real estate professionals and so what I would do is I would go find Facebook groups that have a lot of real estate agents in those groups and I would join those groups and I want to just spam the group, but I would post content I would make posts They’re actually meaningful Well-thought-out posts adding value to the group and I wanted to do it once but I would do it multiple times a week continually adding value for several weeks Compounding and compounding so that people can recognize My name inside that group of someone who actually offers real value and then in addition to this what I would do is I would be adding people that maybe like or comment on my posts as friends to my facebook profile and the cool thing is this leads us into strategy number two is that we’re going through and adding all Of these people to as friends on Facebook What you can actually do on Facebook is if you go to their actual profile and there’s a little box that says Friends and you just click on the arrow It will have a drop-down and you can say add to an their list and you can create a list Custom to just the real-estate agents or just the dentists or just the chiropractor’s or whoever you’re wanting to work with And so when you make posts on your own personal profile, you can say hey I want to post this to everyone to have all my friends see it or I just want my friends that are in this specific list to see this post and then from here what you’re gonna do is make posts on your Facebook profile a couple times a week maybe even every day if you’re really a go-getter and be adding value to Your market so now these agents or whoever your ideal client is They’re seeing your posts inside the Facebook group where you’re building credibility. They’re you’re adding them as a friend you’re putting them in this specific custom list and that you’re making a post on your facebook profile and They’re seeing those posts as well. So they’re seeing massive value coming from you and then what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna click to your profile and this leads us into Strategy number three, what we need to do is we need to clean up our Facebook profile So it looks professional and let people know what we actually do and how we can help them now if you go to my own personal Facebook profile It says something in the bio like I help real estate agents generate leads and book more appointments, and I’ve worked with over 5,000 real estate professionals Okay, and I don’t have any like crazy wild pictures or anything like that on my facebook profile, but everything is very strategic so that if somebody comes on to my facebook profile and They are a real estate professional and they see my different posts of adding Value of maybe some different YouTube videos that I’ve made or different strategies different concepts of building a real estate Business and they see in my bio. Hey, I’ve actually worked with over 5,000 real estate professionals Wow, that is a total GameChanger for these agents They may be connected with us initially inside the Facebook group and they saw our post and they’re adding value We added them as a friend that became our friends and now they’re seen in our in their newsfeed all these different posts adding more Value they click over to our Facebook profile and see. Oh man this person actually like this is what they do They help agents generate leads. They help them book more appointments. I need that. I feel like I’m connected with this person. I’ve seen their They’ve got great content I’m going to reach out to this person and see if they can help me out with my business Now the great thing about this is this is a method called attraction marketing okay, where you’re attracting other people your potential clients into your business where you’re not going out and just like spamming people and just going through and pulsing in groups of Facebook messages all this stuff, but you’re adding real value and People are actually reaching out to you because of the way you presented yourself on social media now, don’t get me wrong here This is not like a quick fix right here this is not something where you’re gonna get rich quick or you’re gonna make like 10 grand in the next 30 days or anything like that but you have to strategically do this consistently Over the next several weeks. I would give yourself at least 90 to 120 days of Consistently making posts stay committed stay dedicated and you’ll see how things really start to Compound and it’s just like this snowball effect I mean I’ll compare it to my YouTube channel because in the very beginning when I started youtube I was making videos and no one was really Watching them, but I just kept making videos. It was really hard I was making less than 20 cents per hour back in the day because I was working a lot of hours Making hardly any money, but I was like, you know what I’m gonna say dedicate I’m gonna stay committed determined I’m gonna keep making these YouTube videos and now I make a pretty nice income off of my YouTube channel But the same thing goes with these organic posts for your social media marketing agency Okay, it’s not just some crazy overnight fix or anything like that If you want quick results, you have to spend money on paid advertising But if you don’t have that money, you have to be consistent. You have to be dedicated You need to put the time in okay, you have to have that commitment that dedication and don’t be just thinking like oh, man I tried this for a week or two weeks or whatever it was I actually had somebody reach out to me just the other day and if they’re watching this or product to be super happy But they’re like that I’ve been with your program for three months and I’ve been just like going through and really like going at it and I Signed up to clients, but they’re not having that great results and I actually went into our membership area They had signed up less than a month ago They hadn’t really done very much and they weren’t really telling sells the real story. Okay? So be honest with yourself, if you’re just starting out if you don’t have money, okay? go and put in the consistent effort the consistent work because I guarantee you at the very beginning of starting your digital marketing agency that Is the hardest part but once you get a few clients, once you get some testimonials once you get that snowball starting to really roll It gets so much easier I promise you because I remember exactly where I was when I first started I had no money. I had no results I felt like it was just this uphill battle I was like, I don’t know if this is actually gonna work, but I just stay committed Okay And now the the process of going through and making an extra ten thousand dollars per month in my business It is so much easier than when I first got started. That’s just because it’s a snowball effect Okay It just keeps growing and growing and growing and the more clients you get the more Testimonials they get everything grows and it just becomes a whole lot easier. I promise you. So anyway guys, hopefully these strategies helped Join, Facebook groups add value and people that like or comment on your post inside of those Facebook groups Add them as friends put them into their own Custom list and then make pulse on Facebook posting just to these custom lists adding more value Clean up your Facebook profile And if you want to double your business, you just take those same exact posts and do the same thing on LinkedIn Okay, there’s groups on LinkedIn. There’s a profile on LinkedIn there’s everything on LinkedIn and that’s even more business oriented than Facebook is so if you think Facebook’s gonna work, LinkedIn is gonna work just as well and you can basically Multiply your results by spending the same amount of time making the same exact post on Facebook as well as LinkedIn so you can grow your business so anyway guys Hopefully this was helpful And if you guys want that free training where actually you guys step-by-step how to actually get started get those clients get results for those clients and scale it to $10,000 per month. I’ll have that free training down in the description as well as in the top comment with that said, thank you So much for watching and if you’re a brand new here the channel. My name’s Jason Wardrop I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So make sure you subscribe scribe hit that notification bell drop a comment down below. I respond to every comment I want to help you guys out with your business. So drop a comment down below ask whatever question you’re struggling with I’ll do my best to help you guys out. And with that said I will see you in the next video


  1. Making those industry specific lists is a great way to leverage Facebook and share relevant content. Have always forgot about that feature, but somewhat similar to email lists.

    All the methods work, it's just being consistent with it day after day after day. Especially after signing a few clients. Over the years, I would get complacent after I picked up a few clients, and my pipeline dried up pretty quick.

  2. Yo dude. I recently bought your course. Will you make a vid on "the perfect contract" and what to include in it. Thanks man

  3. Hey @Jason the value in this video is crazy.. this is one of the topics most people are actually struggling with what I truly understood from this video was

    1. Go to the facebook groups of your niche and keep adding value to them.
    2. Add people to your facebook once they like and comment on your post.
    3. Filter these people and send them to the group and post content only to those group
    4. Make your profile stand out and look professional

    Moreover, you need to do this is consistently over a period of 90-120days to actually see results. These were my key takeaways from the video.

    I must the value over here is on Fire.👌👌👌

    Keep these coming

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