How To Get Results For Social Media Marketing Clients (Creative Social Media Campaigns!!!)

How To Get Results For Social Media Marketing Clients (Creative Social Media Campaigns!!!)

– In this video I’m gonna explain how we come up with creative
social media campaign ideas that deliver results and this is based on a current client case study. (upbeat music) Quick piece of context, a brand of apple, that’s the food apple
not the tech company, came to us with a brief
outlining that they wanted to reach and engage their
audience in a positive way online and we had to come up with
a really creative campaign around this because we know their audience weren’t that interested
in talking about apples so we had to be super, super clever. Let me first of all dive into the computer and show you some of the
results and then I’ll go into the four step
process we used to develop and implement this campaign. Before that, if you haven’t
subscribed or connected with me please do because on a
weekly basis we create lots of step-by-step
tutorials to teach you how to generate more
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into the campaigns we’re running with clients so that you can hopefully have some
of the same success that we’ve had with our client campaigns. So this four step process
involved first of all understanding who the audience are. This is super, super important. So before developing the
campaign we interacted with the client a lot and
they gave us a ton of data around who we were trying to reach so we really understood
who that audience was. Secondly, you really need to
understand what that audience currently talk about with
their friends, right? Understanding that is
super, super important because this is how we
can tap into that topic and integrate our brand
to get them talking about a similar thing and I’ll show you how we did that in a second. Number three, come up with
creative content ideas that combine the topical
subject your audience talk about and your brand. For example, if I dial
into the insights here, the videos we created were,
we basically developed a miniature Gogglebox set. I don’t know if you’ve seen
Gogglebox where families in the UK watch TV and comment on it. We created a miniature
set where the apples were the subjects talking
about Dancing on Ice which was on TV ’cause we know that was a really topical subject. They commented on the Dancing on Ice, they made very funny apple puns and things and it worked really, really, really well. These videos had over
a half million views, they weren’t just three-second video views which is a vanity metric
really on Facebook. A large chunk with 10
plus-second video views. Watch time was really, really good. One of the videos had
a 24-second watch time, average watch time which
is crazy on Facebook. People’s attention spans are so low. They usually instantly drop off. We had hundreds of people
tagging their friends, interacting, engaging as you can see here on each of the posts which
was really, really good. They’re really, really
interacting with the brand in a positive way which
was the whole objective so it worked super, super well. That was how we kept with
the creative campaign idea that integrated the brand
and the topical subject. The really, really
clever thing we did here to come up with the specific
ideas for each video was we went onto Twitter, looked at the Dancing on Ice hashtag, and after each episode we
looked to the most topical things people were talking about and we created things
around those subjects. The tweets that had the most
retweets, the most likes, the most comments, we
utilized those subjects. Things like lots of people were talking about Gemma Collins when she was on there. She was a big subject. She obvioulsy had that big fall. Another thing was Jason
Gardiner, the judge. People were really slating him
for how strict he was being. I feel like I’m a
Dancing on Ice expert now ’cause we had to watch
Dancing on Ice every Sunday to see what was going
on and look on Twitter. Twitter’s a great way
to get ideas for content around topics that you
know will perform well. The fourth thing, distribution. Once you’ve created these
cool pieces of content, now you need to get them in
front of the right audience. The way we did that was
through targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. We targeted the demo that were buying this brand of apple and
had other interests. Things like they needed to be
interested in Dancing on Ice, into healthy snacks, and
we split-tested a number of different audiences to
distribute these videos to and then we found out which
audiences were producing the most engagement for the cheapest cost and then we doubled
down on those audiences and put more of the ads
spending into those audiences and it worked super, super well. The client’s really happy
and we’ve loved doing this. We’ve come up with another
creative campaign idea for next month and we’re
continuing working with them. Just to summarize, one,
understand who your audience are, two, understand what they’re interested in and what they’re currently
talking about with their friends, three, come up with a
creative content idea that integrates what they’re talking about with their friends and your brand, and four, distribute that
content to the right people through whichever channel
you’re going to use. In this case, we’ve used
Facebook and Instagram ads. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this
useful and found us diving into our current campaign
with a client interesting. If you’re ever interested
in working with us please do message me, click below, and do subscribe to our
channel because we share lots of great content like this. I’ll see you next week. – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, we’re back. (Alan hums Strictly theme tune) – [Alan] Oh, I don’t mind this one. – [Edna] That’s Come Dancing, Alan! (Alan hums)


  1. Great video Dan, it seems so obvious once you have explained it. Good luck with next months campaign.

  2. Really loved how you broke it down here Dan! That's always going to be a great way to do targeting. Nicely done!

    What's also nice about this method is being able to associate your brand to another brand/show. Now the next time someone sees someone Dancing on Ice, they'll think of you. How about them apples? 🍎 (Sorry, I had to)

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