How To Get Started Internet Marketing & Digital Marketing Online

How To Get Started Internet Marketing & Digital Marketing Online

Sup guys welcome to another video make sure to visit podcast for marketers Com Smash that like button if you liked the video and sub Fuckin Scribe to this channel because I’m coming out with videos every day now let’s get down to business okay, so today. I’m talking about how to Get started just in internet marketing Let’s fucking celebrate. How do you get started? In internet marketing, okay? and the reason why I’m doing this is not even for like fluffy like searchable shit, I’m doing this because yesterday There’s a guy that says um He just got a car dealership Social media marketing Contract, and he had no idea what to do right? How do I track? offline conversions like if I get if I get You know clients for the person or people to purchase cars or whatever, how do I track the conversions, right? There’s so many different ways to do that And that just comes from not having a basic understanding of you know just the tools Alright, so there’s a few things that I wanted to start off with with how to get started with internet marketing The first thing you could do is google it, okay? You know I’m not telling you that you need to go get a degree right yeah, it worked out fine for you sunny I’m not telling you that you have to Go get a degree in marketing But what I’m telling you that you should google it, okay? Here’s another problem that I had yesterday so after I told the guy how to use a Chatbot agency course and I made a chatbot not to tell my easy course about how to use a Chatbot and how to use Facebook messenger ads to Actually pre-qualified this guy was totally clueless about What that was what it even was? It was like well, how am I gonna see they relieved and I’m like what dude you got a mini chat? And I try to explain to him He totally like well what do I do then I’m like Jesus Christ dude, so what really kind of Irritated me was that he had absolutely no clue Whatsoever where to get started or anything it is the same problem that I’ve talked about before Here on this YouTube channel And we actually you know got a good answer. You know was that ty Lopez Had gone out and told everybody that you know go get a client within your first month, and they have absolutely no idea What internet marketing is like what it entails right, so I? definitely wanted to start this just start you off if you have absolutely no clue of What internet marketing is our digital marketing you need to google it first, right? Okay, let’s just start there all right and start to understand at least what it is that you’re doing okay, so I’m not going to give you like some like textbook definition right, but I’m going to start to show you What internet marketing kind of looks like okay? So the first thing you need to understand is that? you or A company that you work for right? I’m not really doing this for the social media marketing Agency crowd I’m just kind of doing this for everybody that needs to kind of have a good understanding of What’s going on? And how it’s possible for you to make money online right? So you have a product? right or service that you’d like everybody on the internet to know about and You’d like to sell that product or service right so you have to let them know about it There’s two ways to do it, right You can try to do it for free, right? Or you can pay Those are your only two options okay? So let’s talk about free first the free way to let people know about your product or services would be to Write about your products or services somewhere, so people can read about it for free, right? So that’s a blog Also Social Media you can’t leave that out now everybody loves Social Media So you can go on Social Media Like Twitter and Snapchat and Instagram and these things like this what everybody else is doing I’m pretty sure you see it and you can go post up your shit And you can also bug the shit out of your family on you know I’ll just bring Facebook out right here, right, so You can bug the shit out of your family and friends on Facebook and tell everybody in the world about your product, right? What’s going to happen is you’re looking for what’s called organic reach all right, and so you what you’re hoping is that all of these things right here will net Traffic traffic is what you need to let everybody know that You’ve got a great fucking idea a great product or service, okay? If you don’t want to try with organic reach that means you need to go to paid route, okay? to let everybody know about your product or services all right, so if that’s true and You want to go the paid route? Right does that means you need to go to ad networks? Now here’s some things that you want to learn about if you’re going to go to ad networks And I’m only going to talk about the big ad networks right now So the largest ad network on the planet is Google Adwords okay So go on YouTube and Google how to use? our search how to use Google Adwords get very familiar with Google Adwords Another big one right now. That’s on the internet is Facebook Ads So go on YouTube and search how to use Facebook ads okay Another big one right now is also instagram you can and that is a part of the Facebook ad network all right YouTube is another place You’re here right now so YouTube now Google owns YouTube right, so google has several little places that you can learn about and Google Adwords would be one YouTube will be another one, but you also have the Google display network, right? Google can be a pain in the ass because their User interface is not Newbie friendly, right? So I would highly suggest that you take a course on all of this, right? And this is where shit gets murky right because people on the internet believe everything should be free right That’s what people believe on the internet I’m eager to tell you that free sucks ass and why does free suck ass Because of this guy here that was fucking clueless about how to get leads for a car dealership Now you’re probably saying to me sonny you show me some rough at least he’s trying to learn blah blah blah Listen if all you’re doing is trying to learn Then that’s cool. Take your time, but at the moment that you go get a client, right? You kind of fucking the business up for everybody else, and I don’t mean to sound rude but you are right because There’s guys like me and those guys that are in my squad and there’s people all over the world that actually know what they’re doing right and All of these people that don’t know what they’re doing are approaching and was saying hey, I do know what I’m doing They’re doing a shoddy job and so the next time that someone like me will approach them and say hey You know I have a marketing agency I’d like to do your marketing and then be like now fuck off dude everybody on the internet thinks They’re a marketer now, and it’s just the truth right so what I want you to do is consider Doing a course Teaching you Google Adwords Facebook ads YouTube the Google Display Network, right There’s a guy out there that that’s all he does okay. It’s Teaches his name is Justin Brooke, and that’s all he does is teach how to use Google Adwords Facebook ads YouTube Google Display Network Twitter ads He goes through the whole thing, that’s all He does is teach how to goatees ad networks, right? And I think his whole package for his whole shit is like Four hundred and ninety eight dollars and worth every bit of it, right? Save your money and go pay four hundred ninety eight dollars For course right you’re going to need to be very familiar with how this shit works, right? Now the next thing that I want you to do and understand is copywriting, right Because once you understand how the network’s work You need to know what to say when you’re on the network, and it’s not super important, right? Copywriting isn’t as important is what everybody thinks it is right, but you do under need to understand How to write good copy okay you need to be able to talk to the audience and say? and be persuasive Into getting them to purchase your product or service, right? And that comes we’re going to do this now from research, right? Because once you understand once you understand your avatar once you understand your Customer your prospect once you understand what they like and what they hate about buying cars Then you’ll understand what to say to them once you get on the ad networks I? Felt really sorry for the clueless guy Because he didn’t even know how to get to add up on the fucking network in the first place So I know for sure that he didn’t do his research and look into his customer avatar, right? I know you do that So google how to do a customer avatar? You’re going to have to learn that if you have a product or service that you need to understand What that person even thinks about what are they what keeps them awake at night? You know you need to understand that okay? I’ve got a course on that call. Think like a fish if you’re interested just shoot me an email and I’ll even give you a fucking discount on the course right because this is really important shit right here, and understanding how to use an empathy map Understanding how to I call it the situation rate? Understanding what their situation is is really important right and then writing copy will be real easy once you do this research so you’re going to need to know what to say to the audience right and Then after you know what to say to the audience, right? Then you need to understand who this audience is going to be right so you need to understand targeting Matching your audience, right? it’s called the product match right, so Matching your audience with your products is It as hard as you may think it is, but you do have to do some work with it so The point I’m getting to right now is you can start to see that you need to do a little bit of homework? before you get started I know you probably thought this is going to be like how do you make $100 like I’ve been posing those are just searchable items for the internet right I’m getting back to the fucking integrity gritty of Understanding internet marketing right and what up what I don’t get is why a lot of guys are not doing this basic shit right So I Really want you to understand? This is kind of the things that you need to be going through from the start so after you learn You know you’re who your audience is and you do your research And you understand how to do copywriting like how to talk to that audience, right? You need to and all of this can’t be taught like You’re not going to learn all of it on the internet again. I’m going to refer back to you. Need a course You need to get a paid course, right? especially if you’re trying to fast track this if I had to guess How long it would take you right? And I’m going to also say books on this as well. I apologize books will do it as well, but if I had to venture to guess how long it would take you to try to learn all this on YouTube university or Through Podcast and free blog I’m going to say a Few years, right to where you can get Total information in the insides and outs of everything right because even with my free Youtube videos which are kick-ass right there’s going to be a time that you just Going to have to purchase a course not mine someone’s there’s going to be at the time that you’re going to have to purchase books right so what I’m doing is just kind of Giving you a small roadmap and this isn’t even expensive So the next thing after you learn how to target and match you do your research, right? You’re going to have to learn how to build a funnel So google a sales funnel or you can look on one of my videos right on how to build a sales funnel right and Get the customer Inside of your funnel right the next thing after that you’re going to have to learn how to do follow-up emails And retargeting which is called remarketing okay, because Customers need between eight well seven and eight touches In order to want to start to do business with you right, so you’re gonna need to touch them a few times So this is trying to give you a good overview of what you need and to be honest with you I’m kind of some dickhead shit right now, and I don’t want to be a dickhead But the reason why I kind of wrote this out like this is to kind of show you that it’s just more than just Talking to somebody and figuring out Facebook ads right this is more depth than that You need to get in there and kind of figure out what it is This isn’t your favorite video right here, and this isn’t even a video For like the average person just run the internet I’m actually doing this video for my own tribe because I know you guys will figure out ok sunny these this is a good little Pass here and a lot of you guys will go buy books and buy courses right so also you can shoot me an email ok And I’m going to send you a list of books that will definitely get you started on this path, right? unless a that you have to Purchase a thousand dollar course or two thousand dollar courses on the internet. There are some cheaper are Inexpensive I’m going to say courses on the internet, and there’s some books that you can use to start your journey on internet marketing, right now let me just really quickly tell you the business model on what people are doing to Market on the internet ok so now that you understand what? Kind of I skip actually skipped a couple of areas right, but you kind of you know see what it is What people are doing on the internet right and this is what they were doing the beginning is on the free side of things They write a blog up with valuable write With valuable content right? Kind of like this like how to get started on internet marketing right and they write out this list on the blog right and on that blog they’ll have You know join my email list and over here on the side. You know get my course for seven dollars you know to get to learn how to be an internet marketer right and this is what they do and so what happens is people come over here to the blog they get on the email list or they buy this seven dollar product and This is how people this is the basic business model right? This is how people are doing it on the internet now There’s different versions of this right so you can take blog out of here okay, and put in YouTube Okay People post valuable content like I do every day. I have a link to My sales page, you can purchase products for me purchase courses for me and going and so forth right? So I can also send you to a webinar Okay All right, so there’s different ways to do this right. I don’t want to get too complicated Basically all you do is you get on the internet and you? Post a blog up or you get are you post up a youtube video or you get on the instagram and you post up? Value okay, you hear that word a lot on the internet it. Just means that it’s something that is perceived Valuable right some information that people want to know you give you post value help them out right and by doing that You’re kind of like saying hey, I’m an authority I know what I’m talking about I know what I’m doing right, and so you do that in different niches, right? It doesn’t have to be in internet marketing right it just needs to be and the three evergreen niches which is wealth health And love okay relationships Those are the three evergreen they’re always be available and you can niche this down right, so This would be just you know finance, right? So it could be kryptos, so you can niche down to this cryptocurrency right with health you can this down to women And you can niche down to belly fat okay, so women losing belly fat right with love you can niche this down to married people right and how to stay together alright, so you know for married people right so how not to get divorced too right how to avoid divorce you can be the divorce guy right the how to get out of trouble right so you can this these down, so Find yourself a niche Right start writing about it everyday and Don’t stop and then do your research on how to start advertising and Mahana start copywriting right the copywriting doesn’t come with adding your value the Copywriting comes when they click on that link for your seven dollar course or your $20 course and you need to persuade them and tell them exactly what’s involved you need to create what I call a kick-Ass Irresistible offer right and we’ll talk about offers at another time actually In my latest course that I have coming out. I talked about offers right I’m going to pitch my course really quickly, right? It’s called freedom funnels, and I’m going to talk totally about how to create an irresistible kick-ass offer But for now for the clueless people now you kind of understand what’s involved with internet marketing coffee break


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  2. Love these new "beginner" videos. Even if your not a beginner, there are tools, info & content that you haven't learned along the way.

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