you probably have seen pictures like
this with accounts with millions of followers on social media and you are
here wondering how the heck do you grow on social media in 2019 and more
importantly how do you grow your business with social media in 2019
in this video we’re gonna cover six simple steps that you can implement
right now to use social media to grow your business in 2019 and then at the
end I’m also gonna tell you my own preference and favorite social media
platform that I think you should be on and investing heavily on if you actually
want to be successful in 2019 and beyond and of course like every single video
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the end of the video if you want to participate what’s up only CEOs welcome to a new
YouTube video my name is Osso Pena your host and this is the channel that it’s
all about helping you grow and monetize your brand business and influence with
social media and marketing and today like we said at the beginning we’re
talking about all about social media on how to grow it how to monetize it in
2019 and how you can use it to grow your business right now and the first step
that I’m going to tell you today to do it’s probably the simplest one is
probably one of you have heard the most and it is just be social respond to
comments we in our own company make a disproportionate amount of effort and
invest heavily in to support customer support customer service and it’s all
because we want to make sure you are so well so every single comment that you
live here for example on YouTube on Facebook on Instagram emails champa
anything that you send us as our comment or message or email we try to respond
very very fast to you why because we know that if we take the time to
actually respond to every single person that relationship and that bond will
strengthen people have invested the time of their day to answer a comment or to
leave a comment or to live a reviewer to leave an email to us so why wouldn’t we
do the same thing with them social media is called social for a reason so try to
be social talk to people like their normal human beings and try to create a
relationship with the other person that is how you will be able to grow your
business faster than you would have ever thought possible
and just to put a tangible example so you understand how powerful this is last
year and about January or so we’re making about $10,000 a month we went to
an event we started answering a bunch of questions we started giving value for
free make your relationships bonding with more people growing the network and
in turn in just 90 days we grew from $10,000 per month to over a hundred
thousand dollars every single month in just 90 days so we 10x the basis in a 90
day period and mainly because we were focusing on networking and building
relationships with other people so I want you to do exactly the same thing
well there is yourself or your team start replying to comments start
replying to emails leave comments on other peoples pages give value for free
answer questions go on Quora go on forums go on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
Instagram YouTube it doesn’t that matter what platform is that you’re in
providing free value leaving comments making that real connection with people
will go a long-term with you and this leads into step number two and that is
do not promote your business all the freakin time
if you’re doing it stop it get some help I see people doing this all the freaking
time that they just want to shove it up in your face without really building any
real connection in any real relationship with you let me ask you something if you
were just sitting on a corner in a coffee shop and you saw a guy that
didn’t knew another girl completely random and he went up to the girl and
said hey baby do you want to marry me what do you
think the girl would say the girl is gonna say absolutely not plows macking
the face call the police and run away you truly make me the happiest person because no psycho is gonna ask a random
person just to marry her on the spot without talking to them and knowing them
a little bit same thing on the business world why in your right mind what you
want to promote your business and just shove it in people’s faces all the time
without building a relationship with them for example if this is the first
time watching one of our videos and I try to pitch you our high-end program
which is $15,000 you’re probably gonna be saying oh sweet I don’t know you I
don’t like you I don’t trust you so why would I buy from you especially one is $15,000 I don’t know
what value can provide so why would I try to pitch you instead of building our
relationship with you try to provide valid for free first
why would I pitch you that package is that the right fit for you is that the
right time for you the time is to build a relationship to get to know each other
you know courting dating we need to go out a few times before we you know I
give you the ring now having said that that does not mean do not sell because I
believe every business and everything is cured with sales but this does mean that
you need to know when to sell when to provide value because at the end of the
day providing value is also part of the sales process so start thinking long
term stop shoving your offers down people’s throats and I promise you you
will make more sales because of it because people will start seeing you as
somebody that actually cares for them actually values them then you start
building that relationship and what we called the KLTV process or the know like
and trust process in order for people to buy the third tip I have for you today
and this is especially if you’re writing posts for example on Facebook LinkedIn
or Instagram is that you want to make sure that your copy or your content or
your descriptions of the post are made in a very specific way so for example if
you’re writing long-form content instead of short one make sure you are
consistent with either of the tool don’t try to switch it between the two it may
be here and then you can do that but people are gonna get used to the style
of content that you produce and that you give them I personally like to do long
style content not because I will get more likes or more engagement but
because I know readers are buyers so for example one of the blog posts that we
actually wrote on Facebook it’s super long it’s over 3000 words I’m gonna
leave a link in the description to that one and also a few other ones but on
that post and several others we’re giving up so much free value that people
literally feel they’re taking a course as they’re reading through it and by the
time they get to the end of it is basically they are indoctrinated they’re
warmed up to the idea that we actually provide a ton of value and what we have
to offer that they actually can help to buy because at the end of the day if
somebody spent 5 10 minutes of their time reading something that you put out
a blog post that’s extremely valuable for them that will help them they’re a
lot more likely to actually buy from you later on so John that read my 3,000 word
posts then read my a thousand word post and likes and engages with you know my
history I’m stories and whatnot John is a lot
more likely to buy from me than Lisa that only watch my Instagram story
because John has taken the time to read that content maybe apply it maybe has
some results he engage with that I saw it then he went to the next one he did
the exact same thing and I know John is engaged with our content and is a lot
easier for me to help and serve them at a higher level
aka sell them so make sure that whether you’re producing long-form content or a
short one that you actually stay consistent with it I personally again
like long-form content because readers are buyers and yes I know the likes
comments shares a lot of stuff or drop-down but I don’t really care
because I’m here not to get more likes I’m here to make more revenue and grow
the business the third tip I have for you today is try to beat omnipresent the
more social media platforms the more outlets you can be on the more money you
will make and do not try to promote each social media platform at its own try to
promote all of them through all of them as an entire group remember not every
single person enjoys every single medium to consume content so you don’t know
what John Lee’s I’m Mary and Wan like SATA smoke attention nah it’s just one maybe John likes Instagram stories maybe
Lisa likes long-term format written content maybe Marie likes email maybe
Lucas over there likes videos like this on YouTube but you systematize in the
process to create content on every single social media platform allows you
to be in front of your ideal prospect and every single one every single time
and close them on a much higher rate so use your Facebook profile and send them
to your Instagram user Instagram send them to your YouTube use your youtube to
send them to your email list use your email list to send them to your LinkedIn
and so on and so forth right now we’re actually creating a lot of systems in
our own company to actually distribute content in an omnipresent way and
probably you have seen this through our Facebook Instagram Quora
LinkedIn and all the social media platforms that were active on because we
know we can help them serve people on every single platform with our expertise
our services and our products it is literally our duty to reach as many
people as possible to help and serve them with our products and our services
the next step I have for you today is use
more Instagram stories I’ve talked about this before and other videos I’m gonna
link them down below in the description or we actually just tell you use more
Instagram stories we tell you the framework and the less stuff and again I
want to emphasize here on this video why this is so important Instagram stories
is the fastest growing product in human history it launched if I remember
correctly late 2017 and since then it has completely blown up and I know
people who actually spend more time watching Instagram stories than they do
is scrolling through the feed I actually want to ask you a question what do you
spend more time doing watch it in cm stories or watching and scrolling
through the Instagram feed comment down below one if you do
Instagram stories more and come in number two if you actually scroll more
to the feed I’m actually curious to know which one you are
and now on ice cream store is this also this new feature that you actually share
your Instagram stories to your Facebook stories as well and get basically double
the exposure without doing any extra work I personally like to use this a lot
with also our specific framer for Instagram stories which what we called
Instagram story webinar where we basically take people through a story
process IKS your stories the duh-duh we gave you value the beginning then we pre
frame that offer before we actually pitch it through a poll or a question
and then we actually give a call to action to maybe swipe up send a message
or whatever it is to actually close the client and close the offer right then
and there and actually the last step on this process following up with every
single person who went all the way into the very last Instagram stores who maybe
didn’t swipe up well maybe didn’t comment maybe their indirect message
maybe didn’t do the call-to-action we were expecting them to do and just
follow up with them in order to see where they are why because if they spend
the time to actually watch 10 12 15 Instagram stories in a row where you
talk about specific subjects we had to get a six pack maybe in my case for
example how to grow an Instagram of monitize instagram maybe these you’re a
business coach maybe is you’re an expert in amore marketing or marketing in
general if somebody spent time of their day to actually go through 10 12 15
Instagram stories maybe 2 3 even 5 minutes of their day in a row all the
way into the very end it is really likely that that person is really
interested in your products and services and all you have to do really is follow
up with John and say hey John I just saw that you voted YES on our poll that you
asked the question and then you saw our Instagram stories completely all the way
to the very end well we talked about this subject I was wondering if you have
any more questions about it and how I can help interview John John is gonna be
like all my freakin sheesh this guy is a freakin influencers on Authority and
he’s reaching back out to me sending me a message
he actually cares about me and that’s again tying it up back again
with the other two that we mentioned to strengthen the bond in the KLTV process
with the relationship with your followers this is how we were able to
pull 71 thousand dollars in just seven days with our small Instagram account
last year again linked to that case study down below with a blog post that
we wrote on Facebook this is how we have helped clients like the lady boss do
over six figures a month or gallon from Instagram without doing anything extra
or clients for example like alex becker or dan lock we’re absolutely crushing it
and just doing a few little tweaks here and there are doing 86 thousand dollars
a month in six figures a month in revenue so these tips that you think are
trivial and don’t work actually are making back to the people who are
actually implementing so stop pondering and go do it and the last tip I have for
you today’s try out more video and I know what you’re thinking man but I’m
not good on video I’m not good on camera I suck I’m shy I don’t know how to talk
right like I can barely speak English and you hear me doing this freaking
video for you so stop putting Susan and put yourself out there now I know I know
there’s some people outside you know they’re introverted or whatever don’t
want to be on camera don’t want to be influencers and whatnot that’s fine but
there’s also leverage for you too and you can also do this as well so in your
case that you don’t want to have a personal brand you don’t want to be in
front of camera and whatnot but you can do is just build a page or build
following around a certain topic or theme so for example just like one of
our students Alex Wilkie did he build a page around beauty even though he’s a
six-foot guy with a huge beer and has nothing to do with Beauty head feel
using I don’t even think he knows how to put makeup on but he still has over
700,000 followers on his Instagram account and now he used that account as
leverage to get another person to be the face of the brand and build them up as a
personal brand book they have still ownership and control of the main brand
aka the 700,000 followers so you’re basically just using a theme a main page
that you build a following around as leverage to get somebody else as a
personal brand and you just sit behind the camera and select the picture and of
course the person who’s being the face of your brand is also benefiting because
they’re also building their own personal brand as well which in turn will also
make them more money so is a win-win scenario in both cases so please please
please please please use more video in your content this is
companies like Netflix Hulu YouTube Facebook now your freaking business is
rolling out of paid video platform program or something because they know
that people are consuming more and more content on video and this video is an
exact example of why we’re actually investing in this as well consider
posting and creating more video content because it’s gonna get more engagement
he’s going to shorten the gap to build a relationship with your current followers
which in turn will help you grow your business a lot faster in 2019 question
of the day what was your favorite tip that we actually covered here on this
video I want to know leave them down in the comment section below and of course
like we mentioned at the beginning of the video we’re doing a giveaway and you
can win $100 straight to your PayPal and all you have to do is comment below grow
your business comment below grow your business and
we’re gonna select a winner in the next 48 hours and announce it and our
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video so you do not miss the next one because we always do giveaways on a
weekly basis this is my first opinion with only CEOs helping you grow and
monetize your brand business and influence with social media and
marketing you


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  2. Tip number 6 was very insightful and is something I needed especially if you're brand is catered to a specific audience it's a very useful strategy!

    Grow Your Business

  3. Grow your business my favorite tip was when you said give value to others and Don’t just sell all the time. Also that post more videos because there is a reason why all those big freaking companies are transforming to video model. Josue by the way I tagged you on my Instagram story as well. Thanks for very value

  4. Brother your videos helped me grow two of my instagram accounts in a short period of time. Thanks for your help, keep postingπŸ”₯

  5. Hey Josue I recently just started a travel repost account last week. I tried strategies like follow/unfollow and DM group, and post 2~3 posts per week but the account is stucking at 150 followers. 😒Can you provide some tips on growing?? Should I restart a new instagram?

  6. Your videos and trainings are really awesome.But how do I assure myself and my clients that I can really do IG marketing for them i.e I lack of self-confidence.

  7. 1. Build a relationship with people…GROW YOUR BUSINESS…. thanks a lot for the insightful information.

  8. Hi Josue, I apologize in advance for my poor English. I am an Italian who started to follow you recently and I can say that, in my opinion, you are one of the best "coaches" regarding Instagram. I try to read and see all your individual content even if I don't fully understand the English language (In fact, I see the videos several times to fully understand them πŸ˜› ).

    In any case, all the tips are very useful but I think the number 6 tips are the best. I also noticed that the market is heading a lot towards video content, so I think exactly like you. I recently recreated my Instagram account to start from scratch following your advice and I think I will start implementing video content soon.

    For the rest "GROW YOUR BUSINESS!" those 100 dollars would really help me so much hahaha. Unfortunately, having no job I cannot invest, they would certainly be a nice point for me.

    I close by complimenting you, you are a mentor to me πŸ˜‰

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