Are you tired of your client work
feeling like you are on a rollercoaster? You’re busy. You’re not. You’re busy.
You’re not. Are you frustrated with your cash flow? Email marketing can help you
build a solid client base and also help you drive revenue. By the end of this
video you will have a list of names and a very clear plan to grow your email
list. If you’re ready to build your business make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE
button and ring the bell to get notified when we post a video every Thursday. Hi,
my name is Kirsten Graham with Six Figure Business Coaching and I’m going to help you
build your email list using the same process that we use with our clients. One
of our clients’ email list just hit 50,000 subscribers in less than five
years! Make sure to stay till the end of this video where you’re going to learn
how to use the email list that you’re building today to get clients and to
grow your income. So we’re going to go over five very simple steps to build your
email list. My goal is to have you start building your email list while you’re
watching this video, so if you need to hit ‘pause’ please do and at the end of the
video we’ll give you a recap of everything that we talked about so that
you can start taking steps to build your list. Step number one is friends and
family. The first place you want to start building your email list is with
your friends and family, and I know, friends and family seem to go one way or
the other. They tend to be extremely supportive – they are your raving fans and
they’re your best customers, or they’re skeptics and make you feel like, I don’t
know, maybe you should get a job? So it can be hard. You need to start building
your list and the skeptics on your list, those friends and family members who are
not quite sure if you can build a business, haven’t been as supportive as
they should have been, will start seeing you consistently emailing them. They’ll
start to see you in a different light. So when you think about friends and family
think about your Facebook page, your Instagram feed, go through the contacts
on your phone, reach out to people and tell them what you’re doing and ask
permission to put them on your list. You may just want to say something more
natural like, “I’m going to start sending out some information once a
month or once a week about tips that you can use for _____ and I would love to include
you. Would you mind?” Now, keep in mind that there is always the unsubscribe button
and you can say, “if it gets to be too much or you
find the information not helpful, please feel free to unsubscribe. I
won’t take it personally” and you shouldn’t but most of us can build our first
0 to 100 with friends and family so make sure you start there.
The second place you want to go is to prospects and past clients. Anyone who
has recently inquired about working with you, or your past clients. Make sure you
add them to your email list. So often, especially if you’re in a service based
business, you really spend a lot of time with your client, you’ve gotten to know them. You did a great job for them and then all of a sudden you’re gone, and
it kind of feels like that relationship ended abruptly. So for your past clients
they’re going to love hearing from you on a consistent basis, and as far as your
prospects go, if they’re talking to you and your competitors, but you’re the one
that’s emailing them on a regular basis. They’re more likely to choose you when
it’s time to pick someone to work with. So make sure you add past clients and
prospects to your email list. Step number three referral partners and the people
you meet when you’re out networking. If you’re out networking and you’re
collecting business cards and you’re having great conversations, make sure to
get back to the office, back to your home office and send them a personal email
telling them how lovely it was to meet them. If possible, grab coffee with them,
but the very next thing you need to do is to put them in your email marketing
list because again, you met them and the goal is to continue with email marketing
to build a relationship, to nurture the relationship, to showcase that you’re an
expert in what you do. Some of our clients take a stack of business cards
and they just set them aside and they put them in every Friday.
Some people have assistants who put them in. Other people like to just get back
and put them in right away. Just create a system that works for you and you’re
going to start to see your list build quicker than you could ever imagine.
As far as networking goes, you should also check out our video which I will
put here, or here, but it will definitely be in the description below, and that
video is called ‘Collaboration and Email Marketing’ and it’ll be a great tool for
you to help grow your email list and help some other local businesses grow
their email lists. Collaboration is key. So make sure to check that video out.
Tip number four, make sure you have a fantastic opt-in on
your website. It’s amazing how many email addresses you can collect from people
who land on your website. People you’ve never met who find your website, start
reading your information, and decide that they want more information from you. So
make sure your opt-in has something of great value and this is going to be a
great way to build your list. Now, if you’re looking at the traffic to your
website and you’re getting a lot of traffic but people are not opting-in,
then you need to consider changing the opt-in. If you are not getting a lot of
traffic but you see almost everybody coming to the website is opting-in, that
means what you’re offering is fantastic so just track that, but an opt-in is
working 24 hours a day seven days a week for you because people are online all
the time and you want to make sure when they find your website they have a way
to get in touch with you let’s say a passive way to get in touch with you, and
what I mean by that is they opt-in from something. Something of value, something
that gives them more information about you and how you do business,
something that helps to solidify the relationship that you’re a giver, and you
want to help your prospects and your potential clients. So make sure that you
have that working for you 24 hours a day seven days a week. A fabulous opt-in is
key to building your email list. Tip number five is make sure you’re
promoting your opt-in. You can do this through any of your social media
platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, Instagram. Make sure to promote that
opt-in because it’ll drive traffic to your website and get people again to
sign up for your opt-in and that helps you build your email list. So now that
you have a solid plan to build your email list, what do you do with it? That’s
a great question. In the description below you’ll find a link for a free
guide called, ‘Mastering Your Email Marketing to Triple Your Income.’ Make
sure to go there and get this guide so that you can continue to build your list,
provide incredible value to the people on your email list, and grow your
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of your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. So until I see you in the
next video DREAM BIG!


  1. Another great video. One question I have for you is: given you're the only one who sees the size of your email list, is there any real value in boosting your numbers with friends and family if they're not genuinely interested in being like a potential customer with you? Thanks for your expertise on this!

  2. Yes, it is! We have been waiting to implement email marketing since last year. Great idea about the opt-in, definitely we will be doing it this year!

  3. Great video, and advise Kirsten. Thank you. Email list, is a great way to serve and grow. Step 1, friends and family, great one, just ask:-)

  4. Nice video! Very well put together and great information! Friends and family were definitely the first people to get on my list!

  5. This is really helpful. I need to get better at putting all those people who's business cards I get and add them to my list! I do have a quick question, I just started using mail chimp for my email list. Any advice on how to get through people's spam filter? Or is there a different platform you recommend?

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