How to grow your Etsy Email List (more sales on etsy)

How to grow your Etsy Email List (more sales on etsy)

how do you build an etsy email list full of
passionate and interested customers ready to buy in this video I’m going to
show you exactly how to do that welcome back to my channel you guys my name is
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let’s jump right into it how to build your email list to a large audience of
people that are actually interested in your products that want to buy it so all
you have to do is send out an email to make a few sales or a lot of sales
depending on how large your email list is so first let me answer some questions
about why you should create an email list and build it actively right so when
you’re marketing on social media you make a post and it goes into everyone’s
newsfeed whoever is following you and it can disappear with a matter of within a
matter of hours you can disappear and be gone forever on Facebook if you make a
post it’s gone barely anybody seen it if you make an
Instagram post you know people will see it but it’s eventually going to be gone
whether you have an email list however it goes directly to their inbox and it
is straight to them they have opted in and they are interested it goes straight
to their email inbox and it doesn’t disappear it has much more power that
way it doesn’t disappear that’s the strongest point to keep in mind you you
have a direct in to market to that person and since they joined your email
list they’re much more interested than first for example a follow on Instagram
a lot of the time people follow you on Instagram because they just like the way
your stuff looks if somebody joins and emailed us however they are
saying yes to receiving marketing material nowadays if somebody joins an
email list there they pretty much know that they are going to be marketed to
and a lot of people join email lists specifically for that reason in hopes of
receiving a coupon for that product that they like so that’s why you should build
it it’s very powerful to build an email list to jump over the clutter of social
media that’s not taking any power away from social media however it’s just it’s
just a comparison to those two tools that you need to be utilizing and
another reason why you should be building your email list is you know the
exclusivity like I said about the coupons you want to make your email list
people feel special about being a part of it you know you can call it a name
link I caught my email list for woodland sent the VIP tribe you know when people
know that they’re going to be receiving special coupons that no one else
receives so that adds another level of urgency or scarcity it is let’s add
another level of scarcity to that email or that offer that you email them not
anybody else gets this only you get it oh wow that’s great
I’m definitely gonna buy it now you know anyway so the next thing I want to jump
into is how to build your email list when you have an Etsy shop there’s not a
lot of like straightforward easy ways that Etsy provides you I mean and it is
definitely against any policy to just take your customers email email straight
off of the order form and put it in your list
that’s against GDP our policies as well they have to for sure opt in and say yes
I want to receive marketing content from you right so I wish it was that easy to
just take emails from your orders and put it on there but it’s not and it’s
not against it’s a guest that’s these policy and it’s illegal so don’t do that
so I’m gonna lay out a bunch of places that you can do in and put your email
list for people to join so number one is the shop announcement you can put the
URL right your Etsy shop announcement you can what
I do on my Etsy site is the first line I have an OG that says please read and in
capital letters and you put another emoji in the other side if you want that
catches people’s attention and that causes them to click read more because
they don’t see the entire shop announcement right off the bat so put
please read people are going to be interested in curious of what it says
right and also if you’ve watched the previous few videos back where I talked
about putting your sale details in there the shop announcement is another great
spot and that’s why it’s powerful because they click when they see please
read and then oh they’re just a little cool right so you put the URL right in
your shop announcement that’s one spot then another spot is in the thank you
message of your of when somebody checks out there’s a spot to do it in your in
your shop settings what message people receive and it shows
up in the official se email League on the receipt not everybody is going to
see it not everybody looks at that email but the people who do see it you want
them to join your email list so put a nice message there that says hey please
join our email list we send out exclusive offers and if you even if you
can also if you have a blog in your writing stuff about your products you
can say you know we’ll send you cool articles about this or that right so so
put it in the thank you message that’s one spot that says that’s the second
spot and then another spot not many people consider is the notes when you’re
shipping your items through NZ shipping brand in the left side there it says add
no that’s another spot you can do it just type it out once for the day if you
have multiple orders and then copy paste it into every single one hey thank you
so much for your order please consider joining our email list we send out
coupons and cool articles about follow along right
so you can put it there every single day as well and that’s another way to do it
and another place is the thank-you card that I mentioned in my other video about
getting more reviews sending out that thank-you card that
says please leave us a positive review you can also put the URL to your sign up
your sign up sheet or wherever it is whether it be like a like a landing page
or a website that you have that has the pop-up or maybe just a spot on your
website whatever it is you can put the URL for the sign up there on the
thank-you card as well and once again you tell them why they want to join
exclusive offers and cool information so you can put it on the thank-you card as
well the next spot is in an infographic in
your shop in your listings photos right so you make a cool infographic that if
you know not many people will have all 10 photos of their products so this is
an easy way to fill up those 10 photos if you so choose to do that so you make
an infographic that says that has the URL of the email signup and you once
again say hey sign sign up here you get cool stuff a lot can put a photo of your
face you can put a photo of your products you can do whatever you want
with it but a lot of people will see that and a lot of people will join
that’s another spot and then the last spot is obviously when you’re marketing
on Facebook and and stuff like anywhere where you can post a link Instagram you
can’t do it Instagram you can what you can do for Instagram is your link could
be going your link on Instagram to go straight to a landing page for your
email list and then make sure to have a link below it to your shot that way you
know they don’t feel obligated to sign up for your email list that’s the thing
that you can try it I did that for like a month straight and I got a ton of
email signups through that so that’s in one way and then anywhere where you can
put a link so your facebook posts Twitter posts exceda them that’s an
obvious one but you know if you combine all of these methods then then you will
gain a huge email list and you will be able to market to a larger audience and
this isn’t going to happen overnight but if you continue with it and and stay
consistent you’ll get a large email list and you’ll be able to sell more products
and not have to rely on the Etsy algorithm I have to rely on SEO Yool you
will have to rely on your own marketing skills and your email emailing marketing
abilities but that will grow over time as well you’ll get better than it so
those are all of my methods that you can use to grow a huge email list and when
you have a huge email like email list like this if you ever choose to do a
standalone website in the future then you can send those people over to them
if you choose to do with Shopify you can send those people to your
Shopify and grow your audience there so you don’t have to rely completely on
your Etsy customers well you want to turn your SME Etsy customers into email
list people so there it is you guys those are all of my methods that I have
for growing your email list I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe if you like
my content I do new videos all the time on it to success and don’t forget to
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so be sure to comment below if you use any of these methods or if you found
some of these methods interesting and that’s it for today you guys have a nice
day peace you


  1. Hi Dave..I signed up for Marmalead yesterday. I didn't sign up with CustomJewelryLA, I signed up under my name,
    Janet Myers. Just wanted to make sure you get credit for the sign up..

  2. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Can you talk sometime about how the whole mail service/landing page/Etsy shop connection works? Where does a person start? Thanks!

  3. I enjoy watching your videos because you are laid back and easy to understand 🙂 You keep it simple for people like me LOL thanks for the help!

  4. I’ve been watching your videos lately and I also got your cheat sheet (thank you!) and have started doing exactly what you suggested. I’m still a bit nervous about the cost of my ads but I’m hopeful it will all work out. My shop has FINALLY picked back up a little again, thanks to your cheat sheet! I was doing really well til the SEO change last year. So I’ve adjusted and am still waiting for things to hopefully get back to where they were before. I’m always researching and doing whatever I can to improve. Is there a way I could pay you for some help / coaching or a private shop critique? Thank you so much! 🙏🏽 I’m so thankful for your channel + help!

  5. love your videos, thank you so so much <3
    i have an unrelated question, maybe s.o. can help me?
    So I mostly sell in germany (because of shipping costs and awful experiences with packages arriving broken internationally), but all my listing are in english. Some of my customers say, they would love my listing to be in german, because they don't understand english! So, does marmalead only work for english words or does etsy immediately translate the search terms? I am kinda confused whether I am gonna loose all my traffic and sales if I change my tags

  6. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing these tips. I'd love to see a video from you on how you actually set up your email list, how often you send emails, the email marketing platform you use, etc.

  7. Some great tips. Do I hear a baby or dog at the end? One more thing that is tricky for me, is straddling between wholesale and retail, without totally upsetting wholesale customers. I had two FB pages, and will shortly delete the “retail” and merge them. Most wholesalers are now retailing to sustain business. It does however upset brick & mortar. So, I’m nervous about actively pitching a retail email list where my wholesale clients also swim.

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