How To Learn CPA Marketing

How To Learn CPA Marketing

I’m going to be talking about how to learn
CPA marketing. Now, CPA marketing, I’ve made millions of dollars with promoting
in the skincare and the weight-loss niche, is making up to $35,000 in a single day. Now, a lot of people don’t teach CPA marketing.
Because it’s a very aggressive space, there’s big money,
there’s quick money. And lots of people don’t like to share. But I’ll be sharing
how to go about finding the information in this kind of hidden niche of
affiliate marketing. CPA marketing. It stands for Cost Per Action. It’s perhaps
the most aggressive area of affiliate marketing. Because you can get paid more
than the company is even making, okay? The companies in this space will pay you
incredible payouts for not even making a sale. Now, I made my first big money with
CPA marketing. That’s when I started scaling advertising campaigns to 10
thousand, 20 thousand, 30, 35 thousand dollars per day. And you
could do it overnight. The money is big, the money comes really quick. But it is
an extremely competitive sub Snitch of affiliate marketing. A lot of people
don’t want to teach CPA marketing because the… Since it is so competitive,
the advertising methods are extremely aggressive. Now, i’m not going to go into
exactly why this is such an aggressive area of marketing. But let’s put it this
way: The ad networks don’t like CPA marketers because CPA marketing, the
offers are just in your face, aggressive but people buy them. It really taps in to
the inner psychology, the pain points, the triggers that make people want to buy.
But it does it too aggressively. But it makes a ton of money for marketers. The
CPA marketing is totally built around paying the marketer as much money as
possible. Now, the tactics are constantly changing in CPA marketing because it’s a
bit of a cat-and-mouse game. Again, the ad networks are trying to keep
CPA marketers out and the CPA marketers are trying to find new ways to get their
ads in front of people. It’s a big game. But there are some ways you can stay
ahead of things even though it’s changing so fast. The first area is
forums. This is where I learned CPA marketing I was on the stack that money
forum. And that’s going to be one of my recommendations. Stack that money forum
is $99 a month. It’s a full of a lot of different CPA marketers that are trading
tactics and you can kind of learn what’s working best or what’s not. I’ve seen it
grown a little bit stale in a recent months or whatever. But it’s still a
pretty good place to find information on what’s working best right now.
The next forum I suggest is mad society. And that’s also by another prolific CPA
marketer. I’m going to write it up here. Mad Society. Mad Society is really powerful.
It’s run by the marketer Malan Darras. He’s also he also lives out here in Los
Angeles. Very successful dude. He’s run campaigns. I think he’s made as much as
like 50 or 100 thousand dollars in a single day. Very successful guy and he
created a forum a community for other CPA marketers to learn just a trade
information. Really good forum, highly suggested. Events. Now, events. When I
attended my first affiliate marketing conferences, it made this whole industry
real. You know, it seems weird when guys like me are on YouTube talking about… You
know, big money, quick money. It seems like a scam. It totally seems like a scandal.
Like this can’t be an actual, real industry. There can’t be… You know, “Isn’t
John just here trying to sell me something?” You know… We this… “How do I know
this ain’t all smoke and mirrors?” Well, the fact of the matter is this is an
industry. There are hundreds of thousands of marketers all
around the world that are making significant amounts of money just by
putting up ads or doing different things to market products on the Internet.
It’s a big industry. And when you go to events, it makes it all real. What I would
suggest you go to is… The first event is Affiliate
summit, okay? Affiliates Summit is the industry staple event. It’s where
affiliate marketers go. It’s where all the businesses go. It’s where all the
networks go. It’s where all of the software tools and ad networks and
everybody. You know, it’s just… It’s just that place you want to go if you are
looking to get into affiliate marketing. If you don’t believe that this industry
is real, it’s big. There’s you know, maybe 20-some thousand people who attend this
conference every single year. I would recommend you go to the one in Las Vegas.
The parties are better. So, the next event is affiliate world Asia or affiliate
world Europe. These are the staple affiliate conferences that go on
internationally. So Affiliate Summit is mainly relegated to the US. It happens
once a year in Las Vegas and once a year in New York. But of the affiliate world
conferences happen once a year in Europe and once a year in Asia. Asia is probably
the coolest conference to go to. They do it in a… I believe… The last time I went
it was in a… It was in Bangkok, Thailand. Super cool. A lot of fun and you find
marketers… You find probably… If you are a young… If you are a young marketer that’s
looking to get into this space, you will meet some of the coolest people because
they all come out from all over the world to go to Bangkok to have fun for a
few days or a few weeks. And you’ll find the marketers that are truly living the
digital Nomad lifestyle dream. Where they can be anywhere.
Their teams, if they have a team or remote, you’ll meet a lot of lone wolves
like me who just work completely solo without any employees. You’ll
find a lot of interesting characters there that are true, that are making
millions of dollars living that internet marketing dream. So, that you’ll find out
an affiliate world Asia. In Affiliate Summit, you’ll also find a lot of like
vendors and like people who are marketing tools and whatnot. The money is
there. I don’t know how to describe it. It seems like a dream that you can just tap
some keys on your computer and the numbers in your bank account just keep
going up every single week. But it’s real. And it’s cool. And going to an event will
help solidify that notion. And also help you learn CPA marketing by
being able to network with via people in this industry. So, if you’re looking to
learn from specific influencers online, let’s say you can’t go to an event. A few
good people to learn from and to follow and the space would be obviously myself.
I talked a little bit about CPA marketing. Again, I try to distance myself
a little bit from that world because of super aggressive nature of this niche.
And just because I don’t want to be necessarily associated with that
level. CPA marketing has a kind of a bad reputation amongst ad networks and i
don’t want to be associated with that. But you can also follow Charles Ngo and
Tim Burd. So both of these guys, I know them personally. I’ve been to… You know, I
paid Charles Ngo $10,000 to attend one of his live events. And I
made a unbelievable return on my investment. He goes over some of the most
advanced tactics in CPA marketing is constantly ahead of the curve. Very
successful guy. He’s a doer. And Tim Burd, he does live events on advanced Facebook
advertising. Also a very successful CPA marketer and talks about a lot of the
stuff they’re in. Let me know if you learned something from this video. Give
this video a big, fat like if you got some information from this. And also
comment below what was the most useful information to you. Was it learning about
the forums to join? The events you can attend? Or the influencers that you can
follow to dive deeper into this space of CPA marketing? Also leave a comment below
if you have any questions for me that you’d like me to answer or address in a
future video. And I will. You know, I love hearing your suggestions. And make sure
if you want to go deeper into this journey into affiliate marketing and
create that lifestyle for yourself. Create that income from your computer
then subscribe to my channel and you’ll get a free video series about how to
start affiliate marketing. Looking forward to see you in the next video.
Talk soon.


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