How to Make $5,000+ PER MONTH with AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners – Passive Income w/ Jess Moore

How to Make $5,000+ PER MONTH with AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners – Passive Income w/ Jess Moore

– Passive income. Passive income. Passive income. Everybody’s talking about it, but nobody’s actually showing
you the step by step process on how you actually do it. Especially if you are a beginner. In this video I’m actually gonna bring out a good friend of mine, Jess. C’mon, jump! – Hey, Josue! How’s it going? I’m just hanging out behind the couch. Yeah. – And she’s actually gonna teach you the step by step process that
she followed to go from zero to $5,000 in passive income without spending a single
penny on paid traffic by just using YouTube and
Facebook groups for free. So don’t go anywhere. (upbeat music) What is up online CEOs? Welcome to the channel that is all about helping you grow and monetize your brand, business, and influence with social media and marketing. And today we have a very
good friend of mine, Jess Moore. And she’s gonna teach you
exact, the step by step process on how to build a
full time income, passively. – Yes. – Alright, so tell me, before
we actually dive in and hear all the strategies
and all that stuff, how do you get started
into this entire world if you wanna call it that? – Of affiliate marketing? – Yeah, or like entrepreneurship, making money online, that kind of stuff. – Well thank you so much
for that introduction Josue. So that’s actually a
really great question and the answer is kind of ironic
because I was introduced to affiliate marketing
just like you are being introduced to it right now if you’ve never heard of it before. So I got started in the
e-commerce space and then I started to learn about passive income. At first I was like, there’s
such a thing as money that makes money behind the scenes. Where you kind of put
in the work up front and then it’s passively coming in and the way I was introduced to it was by one of the courses that I took online. It was an Amazon FBA course by Kevin David, maybe you’ve heard of it. And he actually introduced
me to affiliate marketing and that’s kind of how I got started. – Okay awesome, so, I
like to always provide a ton of value. People don’t care our stories, they care about the value that we
can provide to them so lets just dive into that part. Tell us, you got started
into this whole passive income, affiliate marketing
through YouTube, which is exactly what you are
watching on right now. She got into this the same way
you are probably right now. Now the question becomes, what was the next step for you. What was the natural
progression and how do you transition into, from just
like a viewer here watching to actually implementing
and then having results. Because that’s like the
biggest thing that people have a lot of struggle
with, quote unquote, is actually implementing and
then having results and getting over those little hurdles. I would say starting is the hardest part. After you get started, its
pretty easy in my opinion. But how do you get that ball rolling? – How do you get the affiliate
marketing ball rolling? – Yeah. – So I would say that the
best way, as a beginner, to get started in affiliate
marketing is to first find a niche that you’re
actually interested in. And then find an
affiliate program that has good benefits and that
you can see yourself actually working with. And I think one of the main things for me when I affiliate for a product is I wanna actually believe in it. All the courses that I do
affiliate marketing for, I’ve actually personally taken and seen results from and I
think that’s one of the reasons why I have been successful with affiliate marketing
because my reviews and my testimonials are actually truthful. I think starting out you
need to make sure that you really believe in the product that you are working with. And then the next part is
about finding an audience that has a need for what
you’re selling or that has a problem and I think
that is where I really started to see success. When I started thinking
more about who’s buying this product and how can it benefit them, rather than how can I make commissions. Because when you start
caring about other people, then they actually, they
start to trust in you and they know that it’s not
just for making money, but it’s more because you
have something that’s gonna help solve their problems. I think that’s really the main key to affiliate marketing and then obviously finding those people. – Yeah So basically what you’re saying is there are two different
parts to affiliate marketing. Basically, one is finding a
good program that actually pays you out, has a good
commission, has a good converting offer, it
actually serves people well. And then on top of that,
then obviously finding an audience that’s actually
interested in that and then providing value
for free to the audience in order to actually get the
commission in the background. – Exactly. I don’t think we got to the value part, but you are spot on with that. You want to provide free, free, free value as much as you can
especially when you are doing free traffic and you’re
not actually pushing ads or ranking on Google for
whatever you’re affiliating for. My main method has been through YouTube and through Facebook groups and that’s kind of how I got started. I started providing free value. I went into groups on
Facebook that were related to the niche that I was affiliating for and I started answering
peoples’ questions. And again, I affiliate for
courses that I’ve taken. I’ve learned this stuff
and so the knowledge I already had and I just
started helping people and then kind of explaining
my story and telling them I was actually in the same spot as you and by the way, I found this course and it really helped me as a
beginner and maybe it can help you as well. You should check it out. And then that’s where you
would actually drop your link and a lot of people, they
actually know that you’re affiliate marketing and
they’re cool with it, as long as you’re honest. Don’t be weird about it, and like sneaky. – Yeah, don’t be like, like, here’s my link. And then run away. – Yeah, exactly. – Own it, if you click my link that’s probably my affiliate link. – 100 percent. – But, I truly believe
in this product and yes I’m getting a commission but if you want to check it
out, it’ll be awesome. – Definitely. It’s a lot
about relationship building. Unless you’re doing YouTube,
but another thing about being on video and providing value is people feel that they
can kind of get to know you. They see you, kind of like you feel like we’re hanging out right now. That’s one of the things
that’s beautiful about YouTube is your relationship building and you’re able to provide
value and then also show people something that
can help them out with their journey in that niche, or whatever it is. – Yeah. Cool. I do affiliate marketing
as well for myself. I don’t focus on it as much as you do and I honestly don’t have
the result that you do because of that. Just on any type of business, its all about relationship building. Whether it’s affiliate marketing or whether you’re just
building your own business, it all comes down to
building a relationship with that audience that
you’re trying to sell to, without trying to actually
extract value out of them. One of the things that, here on the channel
that you can see is that we provide so much value for free. It’s actually the value
here for free is actually even better than paid
courses because we believe that we actually over deliver on value. We kind of guilt you into buying. That’s what Gary B. Calls it, the thank you economy or
whatever that thing is called. It’s actually worked really, really well. That’s actually how you build
relationships with Jess, like how we met here in San
Diego and all this stuff. That’s actually how
I’ve been able to do it, coming from a poor third world country. Let’s dive a little bit
deeper into actually building the YouTube and the Facebook groups and things like that, that you actually did, in order to then get the
affiliate commissions in the back end. How was that process? What did you do? Because I know, for example, a lot of people that see
those, “review videos” that are all like, “Oh yeah, this program is amazing! “By the way, click the link
below if you want to get it!” And everyone is like,
“Yeah sure. Okay bro.” It is a review video, and
you’re only outlining the good and nothing is bad with the program? People can see through
that, so how do you actually present the information in
a genuine way that actually helps people actually
showcase the product, but actually also you get the commission
on the back end but it’s not in a shady way. You know what happens
on the YouTube world. – Yeah – We all see it. – Yeah, definitely.
That’s a great question. And I think the one thing about that, especially being on camera, is being genuine and actually believing in the product that
you’re affiliating for. Kind of goes back to what I was saying, because people can see
right through your honesty and if you’re genuine on camera and if you’re actually,
if you’re trying to sell something that you don’t
actually believe in or that you’ve never
actually taken yourself, its gonna come off. People are gonna see it in your
eyes and your body language, and so I think for me
that’s kind of the thing, it’s more of “Let me tell you about “something that worked for me. “Here’s my results. “This is what I’ve done with it.” Take it with a grain of salt and do whatever you want with it, but I think just being genuine and honest about the actual product
that you’re affiliating for is key to YouTube reviews. And then obviously there is a
little bit more that obviously goes into the algorithm
of YouTube and ranking, so you would want to make
sure your title of your YouTube video is searched out. Go onto Google Keyword Planner. Figure out what people are searching in that niche or for that specific product and then make sure you’re
using those keywords on your YouTube video, because that’s how you actually rank. You could make a video on whatever, and it could be the
greatest video in the world, but if you’re not using keywords that people are actually searching, then no one is gonna be able to find you. Make sure you are doing that. A little thing that you can
get is called TubeBuddy. Its a Chrome extension you
can add onto your YouTube and you’re actually able to– – They have a free version. – Yeah. Its a free
version and you’re able to see all the keywords that
other people are using, so the other thing that
I would tell you to do is to search people that
have already done reviews on the product that you’re doing. Go through, find the top
videos, take notes on them, see what keywords they’re using, and then create a video that’s kind of a master of all of them. Add in your own twist, your own flavor, a little bit of inspiration and then obviously your own personal
experience with that product. That’s kind of been what I’ve done and it’s worked out so far so good for me. – That’s awesome. Basically it all comes
down to modeling success. From what I’m hearing, yeah. – Yeah, I think in every type of niche. You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Just find someone that’s
done what you want to do and then follow in their footsteps. – Yeah, I mean like Russell Brunson, he’s over $200 million dollars
a year or something stupid. Says the same thing. If you find something that’s working, why reinvent the wheel
when you can just model it? One thing is copying,
like blatantly copying and the other thing is modeling it. Like you said, look at the videos that are top trending in your specific niche, that are talking about a specific topic. And there’s a product
related to that topic, just see what they’re doing, model what they’re doing, put your own flavor and twist to it and then provide value in that thing. – Yeah. Another way to do it is to do videos that are related. You don’t necessarily have to do just a specific testimonial
on that product, you can also do videos that
have high keyword searches for that specific niche. Maybe if you’re in the fitness niche and you’re selling some
type of product in that, you can figure out what
other videos people are looking at for that fitness niche, not specifically for the product. Then do a little bit of a mix of both and then you’re gonna bring
in people that are related and that are interested in that niche. Because you can assume
that if they’re searching for fitness videos, that they’re also interested
in fitness products. – Yeah, Cool. Now it becomes, how do
you actually find these products that you promote? You talked about how to promote it how you build the audience,
how you build rapport, but how do you actually find the products that actually are good? What I’ve learned from my
experiences on Clickbank, the top products on any category, it can be fitness,
beauty, travel, camping, entrepreneurship, marketing,
it doesn’t matter. Usually the top products
in Clickbank and JVZoo, these are like two humongous marketplaces. At the top on any category are usually the highest converting ones so you can actually just go
on Clickbank or go on JVZoo and just see the products
that are converting. See for example Venus Factor. I think it’s for women
or something like that. – Yeah. – Lets say you’re a woman, you can do a video on YouTube
reviewing the Venus Factor, or talking about certain things that is in the Venus Factor program and just promote it that way. I know people that have
made over $1,000,000 just with affiliate marketing
using Clickbank and YouTube. This thing is actually extremely powerful and it has changed a lot of lives. There’s a reason why affiliate
marketing is so popular, to be honest with you. – Exactly. I mean I
think you’re right there. Just figure out what else
is working for other people in the niche you want to be in. My personal experience, I kind of fell into affiliate
marketing like I said, because I started off and I took a course and then I found out “Oh, there’s such a
thing as passive income “and by the way this course
has changed my life.” And it actually did, and so that’s kind of
how I found it and then being in the e-commerce space, then my eyes kind of opened to all the things you can affiliate for. But Clickbank, I would
say that’s the best way to go about it is to
find products on there that other people are making money off of. – I would say a little
extra tip, is for example, Facebook groups. Facebook groups, in my
opinion is an amazing tool that you can definitely
use to network more people, and for example, if you just
go on the Clickfunnels group, and I’ve done this myself, if you just go on the
Clickfunnels group and say “Hey, look. Right now let’s
say I have a beauty channel “or I’m trying to build a beauty channel “and I’m looking for
really high-converting “beauty products or affiliate programs.” People are just gonna start
commenting back and forth there and you’re gonna see, Lisa here has had beauty program
or you can actually search in the Clickfunnels group,
there’s a search bar, and say here, affiliate
programs and beauty or whatever it is, and you can actually go back in history, like the previous history, if someone has typed that in the past, in that group, and you
actually see the people who have good affiliate programs in that specific industry or whatever. Those are quick little
tips that I found myself on how to research affiliate programs. – Yeah, definitely. I think finding a community of people, and there are so many groups
online for affiliate marketing. Finding people that are in
that niche that you’re in and figuring out, hey, what are you doing? Talk to people. Join a community of people
that are gonna support you and you can grow from, and learn from. I think that’s been one of
the main factors to my success as well is the networking
that I have done online. And that’s the beautiful
thing about the internet. Like this guy right here. – (laughing) – I wouldn’t have met him if there wasn’t such a thing as the internet. Doing that, but also
starting your own groups in your specific niche. There’s a little hack that
you can do where you can, when you’re first starting out, and this is low-key,
use it at your own risk. But you can find other
groups that are in the niche that you’re wanting to get into. Lets say that I’m in the e-commerce niche, so then I would start
a group on e-commerce and when you’re starting out, it’s really hard to get
people in your group when no one else is in your group. – Yeah. – Because once you do have people, then they start to naturally build. – It’s a snowball effect. It starts building up over time. – Exactly. What you can do is you
can go into related groups and you can actually
add the people that are already in that group as a friend. And like I said, some
people are gonna love it, some people are gonna hate this, but once they’re actually
your friend on Facebook, then you can force add
them into your group. You can do a certain amount a day. Don’t go overboard, like
1,000 because Facebook is crazy and they’ll block you. But once you have people in the group, just start providing value. And you can assume that
if they’re interested in a specific niche, and that
they’re already in that group, that they’re also going to be interested in what you’re doing, as long as you’re
providing them with value. I would say have at least 10 to 15 posts in your group before you
start force adding people and just make sure you’re
posting every single day. You can set up automated posts, and then that’s when
people start to look to you for their questions. They start asking you, “How do I do this?” Or, “What do I do there?” And you start answering the questions and then filling in the blank
with your affiliate product that solves their problems. That’s how I started
with the Facebook groups and I actually made $1,000
dollars my first day affiliate marketing. – That’s crazy. – Yeah, it was crazy. I was so surprised. I was like, “Oh my gosh, it works!” And they just kept coming in, but it was because I
was putting in that work on the back end and I was
actually taking the time out to help people and do as
much as I could for them before I was like, “Hey, buy this product!” You know what I mean? I wasn’t pushing on them, I was like “This is kind of what helped me, “and maybe it’ll help you too.” – Cool. For example, in my case, I haven’t really forced
add people to my groups. My opinion is I would
have taken that strategy if I even would have thought
about it when I started out. What I actually did is, I
put a little more hard work rather than smart work, but what I did was actually
just answer comments and add the people to my Facebook and instead of just adding them, I just posted on my wall: “Hey, we have a Facebook
group that we talk about “XYZPDQ, talk about the
benefits of joining the group “and just say hey, comment
below if you wanna join, “I’ll send you the link privately.” That’s also another way
that you can actually do. And in that case, you’ll have ten out of ten
people that join the group. Wanna stay in the group? In your case, it might
be eight times out of 10. Eight out of 10, and it’s easier too. – Yeah. Definitely. I was pretty surprised with the
feedback that I was getting. I definitely had a couple of
people that were kind of like, “You can’t put me in this group!” – There’s always that
person that’s butt hurt for everything, but whatever. – But it was crazy, because the majority of people
were actually really happy, they were thanking me. “Thank you so much, you’re
providing so much value “and I’m actually happy that
you put me in this group.” And then once you hit over 1,000 people, it’s not like I still force
add, it’s just to get that initial little wave of energy going and then it starts to
grow naturally from there. Just a little rocket boost
start at the beginning. – That’s actually pretty
smart to be honest with you. I didn’t even think about
that at the beginning. It’s dumb from my part but, I would definitely try it out. Implement it yourself and you could start building an audience for yourself which is the most
important asset right now. For example, you have an audience and you’ll never have to quote unquote pay for traffic or whatever
to reach that audience. You already built rapport,
built a relationship with that specific audience
through your Facebook groups, YouTube and all that good
stuff and that’s invaluable. That’s, for example, the
reason why Russel Brunson and all these people have made millions and millions of dollars. For myself, I have made
a lot of money, too. You have made a lot of money
through affiliate marketing. That’s the reason it all
comes down to the audience and the relationship that
you have built with them. Think about, in my opinion,
think about the long term. Not the money that you can make today, but the money you can make a
month, or two months from now. Even though you made $1000 dollars the first day affiliate marketing, yeah. Results are not typical. (laughter) – But again, you don’t
have to recreate the wheel, you could do the same thing as I did. I had already built up my Facebook group so when I started
affiliating for that market I already had an audience
that I had been working with. I guess I wouldn’t say the first day, but it was the first day
that I started affiliating. – Promoting. – But I had put in work a
little bit in the back end. But he’s completely right when he says building out that audience,
focusing on YouTube, focusing on Faebook groups, and it’s not easy, me and Josue, we’re both new to this
whole YouTube thing. – I’m more of an Instagram
guy if you know that about me. – Yeah, definitely. One thing my mentor has always said is you get good at what you do. And so when I first started YouTube it was really, really difficult, and even today we’ve done a million cuts but we’re here and we’re
doing it and you’re showing up for your audience and for the people that are watching. That’s something, that
once you stay consistent, people start to appreciate that and that’s where you
really start to see growth. – Jess, I loved that. That was really, really awesome and I hope you guys loved it as well. One thing to remember though: you have to take action and
implement this stuff right now. Implementation is the key to success. You hearing us share information for free is not gonna save you. Now if you found value out of this one, make sure that you click the first link in the description below. It is actually an exclusive, free training that I did on Jess’ channel, where I broke down step by step how I went from zero to $41,000 dollars in two months just by using Instagram influencers and Shopify by dropshipping. Again, if you wanna find out
how you can exactly do it, even if you are a complete beginner, make sure you click the first
link in the description below and go to Jess’s channel to
check it out that free training. Now, if you want to find out
the more advanced strategies for affiliate marketing
and passive income, make sure you comment down
below: passive income. And we’re gonna bring on the lady boss Jess Moore herself so she can teach you the more advanced strategies
for affiliate marketing and passive income. Thank you so much for
watching Online CEOs, don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and make sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss out
on all the new content that we’re putting out every single week. This has been Josue Pena and Jess Moore helping you grow and monetize your brand, businesses and influence with
social media and marketing. We’ll see you on the next one. (upbeat music) Alright remember, your side of the couch. Do not kick my face. – [Jess] Okay. – Got it?


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