How to make a good E-mail Signature

How to make a good E-mail Signature

Hey guys this is Eddie the Magic Monk.
Today we’re going to talk about how to make a really cool email signature as
you can see I have written an email here and if you’re emailing someone for the
first time you probably want to create a really good impression and down the
bottom here your email signature can say a couple of things about you that people
are interested in and as you can see this email signature is a bit boring it
doesn’t have any colors it doesn’t give you any details about who you are so if
you want to create a really good first impression compare this email to my
awesome signature which I’m going to show you how to create and you can see
that it makes quite a bit of difference if you have an email signature like this
one with a logo with some interesting fonts interesting colors so today I’m
going to show you step-by-step on how to create this email signature okay so to
do this you will need Microsoft Word so let’s open up Microsoft Word just a
blank document and the first thing we want is a table with two columns so go
ahead and go to insert table and choose the two by one table now what we want to
do is rearrange the size of the columns so that the first column is four units
four centimeters wide and the other column is 10 centimeters wide so the first boundary occurs at four
centimeters and the last vertical line occurs at 14 centimeters if your ruler
displays the measurements and inches or something like that you can go to file
options advanced and go down to show measurements in units off and change it
to centimeters because here in Australia we measure in centimeters now go down
and resize the lengths of the columns lengths of the rows to 4 centimeters so
now the tables the cells are 4 centimeters high and this is pretty much
how our signature will look so as you can see back in our signature that is
about the same size as our email signature okay now the first thing we
want is to insert our logo and if you have your logo on a website or something
like that you can simply copy it from Internet
Explorer so I’ll just show you how to copy an image from Internet Explorer or
from Google Chrome so for example on let’s just use Google ok if there is a
picture that you want to use so for example let’s say we want the word G
here to be our logo all you got to do is press the windows key and press s and
what you’re going to do is highlight the G word and then you can simply click
copy to clipboard and then you can go back and then you can go back
your word document and paste it in to the first cell so otherwise you can
access the clipart so I’m going to in clip arts and what I use to find this
logo is I typed in the word education so type in education press go and then just click
the top left picture here choose insert and you’ve inserted the picture
notice how word automatically resize my cell to fit the picture but the cell was
too big so I’m going to resize it back to a bit of a smaller picture so that my
cell stays on four by four okay now notice how in our email I’m just going
to resize it and now in my email I have the right-hand side to be black and that is
because one of the colors of my logo is black so pretty much you just want to
make sure that the right-hand side has the same background color as one of the
colors in your logo so I’m just going to make my right-hand side make my logo
black sorry make my background color black by going into so right click on
the table choose borders and shading and then click on fill black and apply it to
this cell only you can see that my cell on the right hand side is black now we
don’t really want the box on the left hand side the border so we’re gonna
highlight the whole table and we’re on the top where it says bottom border
we’re going to change this to no border so now we don’t have any borders okay
now on the right hand side as you notice I have my name in bold so press ENTER
type your name in John Smith or whatever your name is and notice how my font is
verdana and it’s size 10 so I’m going to highlight this change it to size 10 and
bold it and then you can see that I also have
the word maths teacher and that’s in the Calibri font size 10 so I’m gonna
press ENTER and choose and type in maths teacher and there is no bold for my
maths teacher John Smith should be in Verdana I’m not sure what happened so
highlight that choose Verdana size 10 maths teacher is Calibri size 10 and now
we’re going to press ENTER twice and notice how I have reduced the font to oh it’s still size 10 so I’m just going to type in school of
Awesomeness I make it one of these colors on my logo and you can see that
the color on my logo is pink and it’ll be pretty hard for you to get the exact
color by going into font color and more colors it’s hard for you to pick the
exact color from here so what I do is I did a little trick I copied my logo into
paint so I open up Microsoft Paint and paste the picture in and I use the eyedropper tool so if you click on this tool here click the color you can see
that it’s automatically selected the color here and if you go to
edit colors you will see the information about that color so red is 255 green is
63 blue is 63 so if you go back to Microsoft Word if you can highlight the
school of awesomeness and go to the font color font color and change so go
to more colors and then go to custom and change the number here to 255 63 63
like it told us in Microsoft Paint and now we have that color same color as the
logo appearing so that’s what you need to do to copy the same color into your
logo but now we’re just going to use white again just making sure we’re on
white hang on a second font color white and we just want to type in the same
information as we had in the email so I’m just going to type in all the
address and things like that now notice how I use the divider a
straight line here that is achieved by pressing the shift key and then the
backward slash key which will give you that so it’s the same key as this but if
you press the shift key and then press that you should get that sign press
space and just type in the address type in the phone number keep in mind I made
this number up so I hope no one has this number in Brisbane and then type in your email I notice how
as soon as you type in your email word automatically changes the color to dark
blue so what you want to do is highlight that I’ll go to font color make it
white and that should reset it back to white and then the last thing you want
is type in your web address for your company and then what you want to do is
on the right hand side there’s a bit of space maybe put another logo there so
I’m just going to put in insert clipart and put in one of these logos and make
it a bit smaller and also make the wrap text in front of texts so that it
doesn’t obstruct your text so just make it a really small one on the bottom
right-hand side now if for some reason you have more
information that you wanted to insert you can also make these words a little
bit smaller so you can highlight them and make them eight or something like
that then you can insert more words down the bottom so what you want to do now is copy this signature into outlook in
Microsoft Outlook if you click on new email and you go to signature and go to
signatures you’ll notice that we had our original signature here so we’re
going to delete that yes we’re going to delete this boring signature and we’re
going to go to new and we’re going to type in cool signature and all we’re
going to do is copy and paste our signature from our word document so just
select everything copy and paste it into our signature window and new messages we wanted to use our
cool signature and reply messages we want to use our cool signature so click
OK and then what will happen from now is every time you’re in Microsoft Outlook
and you click new email this signature will automatically pop up and you can
type above it and also when you reply to somebody’s email so let’s say I want to
reply to this email this signature will also pop up and thanks for watching
the tutorial hope this tutorial was useful for you to create a cool email signature
and see you next time.


  1. Whats the point of a signature like this? In 90% of cases it will show up as a red box in outlook. So unless the recipient decides to DOWNLOAD it, it will never appear.

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