How to Make a WordPress Website 2019 – Step by Step for Beginners!

How to Make a WordPress Website 2019 – Step by Step for Beginners!


  1. Drop your comments below if you have any questions! Hope you guys enjoy 😀
    Intro to Tutorial – 00:00
    Overview & Costs – 03:58
    Get Domain & Hosting – 07:11
    Install WordPress – 13:56
    Login to WordPress – 16:07

    Getting everyone on the same page – 17:16
    Setup Permalinks – 21:51
    Install Theme – 22:21
    Add Pages – 23:53
    Setup Menu – 25:54
    Edit Page Layout – 28:44

    Why we can’t start building – 31:43

    Goals & Brand Attributes – 33:22
    User Personas – 37:55
    Creating a Moodboard – 41:31

    How to Choose Colours – 43:55
    Finding the Perfect Font – 53:02
    Content & Layout Planning – 59:49
    Images & Assets – 1:04:18
    Prepare Assets – 1:14:53

    Builder Basics – 1:19:29
    Page Template:
    Remove Spacing – 1:25:04
    Edit Text & Value Proposition – 1:26:15
    Basic Styling & Customizer – 1:36:32
    Buttons – 1:42:50
    Duplicate & Copy – 1:51:39
    BG’s, Gradients & Colours – 1:55:27
    Images, Icons, Illustrations, Video, Testimonials & FAQ – 2:04:00
    Animations, Float & Shapes – 2:12:11

    Mobile Responsive Styling – 2:16:47
    Header, Logo & Footer Styling – 2:23:31
    Footer Layout, Social & Favicon – 2:29:13
    Contact Form & Styling – 2:36:08
    Google Maps & Enable API – 2:43:10
    Enable SSL Certificate – 2:48:49

    Adobe XD Prototyping – 2:51:05
    Transfer Prototype to Webpage – 3:06:39

    SEO – What, Why & How – 3:19:38
    Keyword Research – 3:22:23
    OnPage SEO (YOAST SEO) – 3:32:16
    Add Blog Posts & Display – 3:41:05
    OffPage SEO – 3:45:49
    Track Keyword Rankings – 4:02:39

    Final Words & Updates – 4:04:06

  2. your videos are really useful to learn. I have started my WordPress website designing because of your tutorials. Thanks a lot for sharing such skill.

  3. hey hogan. First of all, thank you for your awesome tutorials and you are the best. I tried using this theme for my official website but there are some bugs in css file.

  4. I am waiting for your video from 1 year where are you hogan I am an old friend over 2 years ago where are you hogan

  5. I just bouth wordpress basic plan but my dashboard looks different, why 🙁
    I try to set up my page and its frustrating

  6. Hi Mr. Hogan. What Video editor do you use for YouTube? or what do you recommend which is free? Thanks. Really appreciate your contents. Great job!

  7. Hey Hogan, I'm fresh graduated graphic design from Indonesia. For 4 years I studied in my collage, I don't get any website knowledge. After I graduated my brother told me to learn WordPress and learn how to design web, so I open google and youtube, and search any wordpress tutorial then I found you with your themify tutorial. I really appreciate what are you doing now, I learn so much from all of your tutorial. Now I got my first website project. Big thanks for all of your tutorial video! You really inspired me! Thanks! 🙂

  8. Hello Hogan!! Great to see you again.. Can you please give me builder timeline and some other very necessary plug-in?? I would be grateful if you help me out..

  9. Hi…HOGAN… i am a very big fan of your videos with the help of your videos i designed my own website ..thank you so much

  10. Hogan ,good to see that you're back on the scene after so long between videos. Your videos are very comprehensive and informative. Keep up the good work.

  11. First time blogger and this tutorial was just phenomenal. Honestly I don’t know why didn’t I find your page sooner!!

  12. Hello Hogan. Maybe you can recommend the free plugin for booking rooms in a small hotel. Great tutorial, by the way. As usual.

  13. Hi, Hogan thank you for this awesome tutorial.can you share the images what you have used in this tutorial?

  14. Hello Hogan,

    I've installed an older version that I downloaded from one of your older videos (

    Here you offer a new version. Can I easily upgrade this or do I have to uninstall my old version? Will all my pages and posts remain?

    Thank you in advance.

  15. Love your tutorials!! You have taught a person like me who is from a medical background, how to make websites. Thanks for making it simple. I am stuck at just one place. Social media login. I have tried everything even supersocializer. Could you please guide me?

  16. Hi Hogan! I hope you are well? I just had a quick question about themify. For some reason my home page displays normally, but every other page on my website has margins/white space on the top, left, right and bottom. It happened all of a sudden, and I can't find any solutions to the problem. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much Hogan!

  17. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂 I have followed your previous tutorials but I'm stuck in the section where I should modify the website to make it mobile responsive, the issue is that whenever I change something in the mobile mode it also change the laptop view! any help?

  18. Hi Hogan. Man I love your work! May I ask what would you recommend if I wanted to implenet a survey into the website for an upcoming product? Best my man!

  19. Hi Hogan, I am planning starting a new website for blogging. I will have pictures and videos on it. How does Themify compare to other themes with regards to downloading speed which I have been told is VIP?

  20. trying to follow along with your video but the video doesn't seem to line up with actually doing it. 1:38:00 in the video to alter the heading 1 font. Using the theme it doesn't alter the heading 1. Inspected the element and it doesn't say its heading 1.

  21. great content thanks a lot; can you please tell me what is the default logo dimensions of the Themify Ultra, i tried many sizes but it's never adjusted?

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