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  2. It's glad to see you are being active all over the internet. I love the way you talk about things with so much passion. FU MONEY.

  3. dude i literally cannot help but get on youtube, and your titles are directed right at me and i like auto click on your shit. Beast ass motherfucken Chinese man!

  4. Awesome video SiFu, I have noticed you don't post much of videos on LinkedIn may I ask why is that?
    Is it a context as opposed to content kind of approach were you have to pay attention to the way and kind of content people consume on each particular media? What really is the reason to that?

  5. Dan, thank you for sharing this video.
    I have just seen the video and I have two questions:
    1) Except from showing out there what you do, how can you convince people to get to donate you on platforms, like "Patreon",
    2) How can someone increase the price of his product that is non material object and has absolutely subjective value (etc art).
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Every word coming out of his mouth – including the swear ones – is a nugget. If you can catch a few, you'll be rich.:)

  7. @danlok Hello dan, plz tell me how to overcome the habit of indecision..what is the psychology behind it.How to choose the best possible option for ourselves if we have multiple of ways to move ahead & we are stuck with them.

  8. @danlok does one shouldn't start a business without experience & what should one do if he/she is not getting a job opportunity to get experience in his/her desired field

  9. This video is so true!! You have to have a relationship first!!! Show people you can solve a problem, they will keep watching.

  10. This man no how 2 make money and I even can't get a high school diploma .
    This man no and smart ….
    If u have a good brain learn from him or take his advice unfortunately I can't because I'm dumb…..
    Congrats Dan and thank you for sharing …..

  11. Thanks, sifu, again. I'm an indie author of fiction, and it's a very niche market. Hard to get anyone to read these days, but I've considered social media/vlogs to try and draw people in. This gave me a lot to consider.

  12. If somebody was to ask me what my thoughts were on Dan Lok’s Youtube Channel the first thing I would say is β€œContent!” This guy consistently and frequently produces high level content and has an incredible way of getting his point across in ways that most of us can deeply understand. Thank you for the QUALITY CONTENT.

  13. Dude as u said in one of your interviews !! I wanna do everything , im willing to do everything to become successful!! Teach me sensei ! πŸ™ hope u see this Dan .

  14. I've been searching for this informations for months!! That's great…πŸ˜€
    Hey, I create very similar marketing-related content on my channel, why don't you subscribe and send me some feedbacks about my videos?

  15. This is my first time to see your video, and agree with the most of all the opinions. Subscribed. I want to learn more.

    Great video πŸ‘πŸ»

  16. Dan much respect for sharing your knowledge.
    Please could you make a video about business strategy and business plans.
    Many thanks in advance

  17. Thank you for your time and effort doing these videos. They have helped me a great deal. Just wanted to say a big thank you for showing me they way to my success.

  18. @danLOK i work for a company that installs modems with GSM in business cars and busses. How on earth can we promote this via social ?

  19. great to get more info that social media is a means for increasing your business, but not making money just from social media

  20. Dan I am huge follower of your content and your mentoring. I respect that too much.i spent a lot of my time watching you.

  21. I have a question about best sales person in the world.
    Behalf of what I can be that. As per your advice because you have a lot of failures and that gave you experiences.
    To be the best sales person who can close anyone at high price what should I learn and follow everyday.

  22. Love your boldness! I know that I will always get the straight up truth on your videos. Pleasantly surprised to hear about the sacrifices you have to make if choosing to build.a social media empire.

  23. How can someone succeed in the entertainment industry? As a musician/composer/performer/artist?

  24. Love these videos! I am hooked and taking every bit of advice and applying to my business!! Thank you
    DJ Flex πŸ’ͺ🏽

  25. Mr. Dan, I'm 20 years old.. after seeing your videos my life lot of changed… thnk u for that.. ❀️❀️❀️
    I respect U..
    Now I have set my goal.. I'm still studying.. but I dont have any idea what business should I start..
    Because still I dont have money..
    How I take my first Step.. help me..

  26. Hey Dan I wanted to ask you, since you are a successful youtube entrepreneur… Do you recommend for someone just beginning a youtube channel to be outsourcing help by buying views, subscribers? as long as they are in USA and niche relevant. Just for that initial boost. Do you think it is worth it? have you ever bought views or subscribers in the beginning? just to help rank for good keywords

  27. tbh I will always choose fame over wealth because if you know how to capitalize on your following then wealth will definitely come. Kylie Jenner is the perfect example.

  28. i am so glad to find your channel…thank you for the time that's you spend providing us that much information, and by the way you motivate when you speak to!!! big thank you.

  29. Just want to say thank you for these videos you make. It has truly provided me a great amount of knowledge i would otherwise have never been able to attain. If one day I could reach your social level, I would very much like to give you my thanks, as a mentor I have never met.

  30. I am exactly the same way as you Sifu. I love teaching and inspiring and building people up. I have a huge passion to help other's. I am so stoked to finish the awesome and powerful education you are providing that is the high ticket closer program so i can start serving and helping and guiding others to make there lives better! You inspire me thank you Sifu!!!

  31. You know what, Dan, I have been thinking about going around in a limousine recently and voila! just watching your video (you driving ) I spotted 2 " LIMOUSINES". Did anyone else ? I know you will say " So, what the f**k Farida !" I cannot remember right now, but something happens to your brain, when you think of something more and more, and those things come to your attention more and more. Someone help with the exact word.

  32. I try several times to sell products online but failed several times, this is not an easy task, i also do click bank affiliate marketing but failed, how you are doing ?

  33. That's why I say if it wasn't for the internet all these Thotties would not be famous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Why you think all these female models post pictures on their profile? It's cuz they get paid for it by brands to get us horny men attention to click on their likesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. This method is average, but not better than Kids Have Money. I recommend to search for "kids have money" on google, you can earn a lot more with that social network

  35. I would like to thank you for the great tutorial, by now I
    am looking for to improve myself so I can achieve the learning I got from you….


  36. I would like to thank you for the great tutorial, by now I
    am looking for to improve myself so I can achieve the learning I got from you….


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