How to Make Money Online Fast | Fastest Way to 10K Per Month

How to Make Money Online Fast | Fastest Way to 10K Per Month

– So you wanna make money online, maybe get to 10,000 a
month as soon as possible? Well, great, because that’s
what I’m gonna show you in this video. Hey, it’s LeahRae from I’m an entrepreneur social media expert. I’m here to teach you
exactly the fastest way to get to $10,000 a month online. When you’re looking to
build an online business, there’s really a ton of
different directions you can go. So, I’m not gonna say that
those directions are wrong. They’re definitely not. With infinite decisions and directions that you can take your business, this video is just gonna
be simplifying it down. If I had a friend come to me and say I wanna get to $10,000
a month as soon as possible, tell me exactly what to do. So I’m gonna simplify the process. So I’m not saying the
other stuff is wrong. I’m just saying if I had to start over right now from scratch, this is exactly what I would do so you can take that with a grain of salt, but you can use this information
to create a great business and get to $10,000 a month
as quickly as possible. One thing that I think a lot
of people have to remember, when you’re starting an online business, unless you actually went
to school for marketing, and typically, it’s not very realistic to the online world anyway, but most of us are coming
from different fields. I got my education in nursing which has really no
application to what I do today. So you’re starting a new career field and you have to understand there’s going to be a learning curve, there’s going to be some
tough nights, some long hours trying to figure stuff out
and put stuff together. So if you wanna make money
as quickly as possible, you want to simply what you’re
doing as much as possible and that is why I would suggest focusing on affiliate marketing to get to $10,000 a month
as quickly as possible. Now, affiliate marketing
is where you simply are referring people to
purchase someone else’s product. You didn’t create the product. You don’t have to deal
with customer service or any of that kind of stuff
that is a lot of headache. You can earn a lot of money doing it, but it is a lot of headache
so let’s keep it simple. Don’t worry about that stuff. Only focus on affiliate marketing where you refer people to
someone else’s product or service and you can make money. With affiliate marketing, in order to make the most
money as quickly as possible, you wanna focus on digital
products not physical products. Digital products, you’re looking to make 30 to 50% commissions from a single sale. So if that’s a $100 purchase,
you’d make 30 to $50. Compare that to a physical product where you’re typically
looking at five to 7%. So on a $100 product,
that’s making five or $7. 30 to $50 is a lot
different than five to $7. So if you focus on digital products, you’re going to make more money faster. So what are digital products? They can be training
programs, fitness programs, PDF downloads, video series, e-books, music, pictures. Things that people would purchase and they would receive it directly online where the could access it online or they could download it from online and you’re not actually
having to ship them anything. Those are all digital products. Digital products have very low cost to send to a customer,
to give to a customer, so the creators of these digital products can offer a lot higher
affiliate commissions. You also wanna find an affiliate program that allows you to focus on one skill. The big picture with
internet marketing in general is driving traffic, people who are likely to be interested in your offer, to an offer where they purchase
and you can make money. Well there’s a lot more to
it, obviously, than that, but if you are the one that
has to create the sales letter, the sales funnel, the checkout cart, the payment process or
all that kind of stuff, that’s a lot of technical skills to learn plus it’s a lot of
marketing skills to learn like copywriting and how to close a sale. So it’s easier to work with a program to start making money right away in a program that actually
does the selling for you where you can just solely
focus on driving traffic. Driving traffic is plenty
to learn how to do itself. Long term, you can work on
those additional skills, but it’s great when you can
just focus on one thing first. If you can learn how to drive
traffic, you can make money. So you’ll make money faster with a great affiliate program
that handles the selling and the followup and
everything else for you. When you’re looking at programs and what specifically
the industry or specialty or focus that you wanna get into online, I really love training programs. It’s not the best fit for everybody, but I love training programs
that teach marketing. Why? Because it’s one of the
fastest ways to make money because you are a product of the product. You need to learn how
to market, obviously. You’re brand new, you’re
just getting started, you’re starting a new career. So if you’re working with a program that teaches you how to market and you’re using the training
the product that they offer to learn these things, it’s really simple to create an audience and a following and to teach these things to other people and then to refer people
to the same product. ‘Cause if you really
believe in the product, it’s really simply to refer people to it. Todd and I are the top
affiliates in a program because it taught us
almost everything we know. We love it. So it’s really simple to refer people to because we truly believe in it, ’cause it’s done a ton for us. Whenever you’re choosing an
affiliate product or program, you definitely need to believe in it or it’s not gonna work. So training products are a great option. With these training programs, you can start earning as you learn. So you’re still learning what to do, but by showing what you’re learning, you can create content
on YouTube, on Facebook, in Instagram, Twitter, wherever you are, and use that information to attract people who are likely to be
interested in the offer and then you can make the referral. So training programs that teach you how to become an affiliate marketer is a great place to start your
affiliate marketing career and is one of the fastest ways to be able to start making money. Another thing that you should
look for in affiliate program if you wanna make big money
as quickly as possible is that it as a value ladder. A value ladder simply means that there is a low end front offer. Something that’s not much money that you can refer people to. It makes you job as an affiliate easier. You simply refer people
to a product or a service. It’s not a ton of money, so people are likely to
buy if it fits their needs and helps serve them, and then as you’re a
customer of this program, the system will continue to offer them more and more opportunity
to make further purchases, more valuable products
that they can purchase at a higher value and at a higher price. So as an affiliate, it
works out really well ’cause you’re focused on
these low-end sales over here. You’re bringing people into the system and all of a sudden, you’re
getting back-end sales coming through that are
very high commissions. And that’s one of the very fastest ways to make big money online is with a high ticket back-end offer that a great value ladder has to offer. So that’s something that
you should always look for in a program when you wanna make money as quickly as possible. Now, when you’re first getting started, totally focus on that
one affiliate program That’s it. Learn from it, implement what it teaches, attract an audience and
drive traffic to the offer. Simple. Now, as you get a little more developed, you’re creating more content, you can actually sprinkle in some different pieces of content for kind of secondary affiliate offers. Maybe tools that serve that same audience. So if you’re focusing,
like what I suggest, on a training program that teaches people how to market online, you can be an affiliate for things like an email auto responder system, like active campaigns
or a program that offers customizable capture pages
like ClickFunnels or MLSP so that not every piece of content goes into the same offer. You can sprinkle in some additional stuff once you kinda have
your feet underneath you and you’ve got a lot of
content already created. Now that you know what
program you wanna work with, you’ve chosen a program first, you know what industry
your focus is gonna be, this next step is to create
your YouTube channel. YouTube. If you wanna grow fast, I really, highly suggest YouTube. Blogging’s great, podcasting is great but if you are my best friend coming to me saying I need to make
$10,000 as quickly as I can, this is what I would tell you to do. So create your YouTube channel and then simply teach
what you’re learning. Teach what you’re learning. So you should be going
through the training program that you’re an affiliate for and taking snidbits and pieces of it and sharing it with an
audience and create videos and consistently create content. Optimally, daily, or five days a week, but three days a week or one day a week, whatever fits into your schedule. Be really consistent about it and just create good content. Whenever you do create
content, distribute it because you’re gonna be
starting out with no followers, no subscribers. So share it out on Facebook, even if it’s just your personal profile. Instagram, Twitter, wherever you might have a following already, or you just personally
networked with people. You can also distribute
it on things like QRL or in Facebook groups or wherever people are congregated that would likely be
interested in that content. Well, as you get your content
process really narrowed down, you’re being consistent,
you’re getting decent at it, don’t worry, it’s okay
to suck at the beginning, you’ll get better, but as you get the organic stuff down, you can actually start
to layer on paid ads. This is really helpful is
helping you scale quicker because guess what? Nothing happens overnight. It doesn’t. Organic stuff is awesome, being able to just have people find you daily, through your videos,
through your content, and make purchases and you
make money, it’s fabulous, but if you wanna make money
as quickly as possible, you can layer on paid advertising to grow your channel,
to get more subscribers, to push people to your offers. So after you’ve got the core stuff down, you do wanna look at layering
on paid ads on top of it. Well, as you’re creating content and you’re pushing people to an offer, you do wanna make sure that
you’re building an email list. So you need a capture page system and a great affiliate program
will provide that for you where they’re capturing
people’s email addresses and they’re starting
to build an email list that you can write to
daily or three days a week or whatever, whenever
you’re creating content, let them know about it and then you can also mix in offers. So with your email list,
give ’em plenty of content, build up that know-I-can-trust
factor with them and then occasionally sprinkle
in some offers here and there that would serve your audience. Now I wanna be really frank
about how long it took us. I don’t think it needs to take this long, but it took us quite a while. When we first got started, it took us about six months to be able to consistently make just $500 a month in our business. And we were working hard. It wasn’t just a little
bit here and there. It was consistent, solid work, but a year later, we were at six figures. So it took us about a year
to get to $10,000 a month. However, we took a lot of
zigs and zags along the way and if we had this plan,
what I just laid out for you, we would’ve gotten there a lot faster. So if you focus on this,
exactly what I taught you here, you can go much faster than
what we did in our business. Of course, we invested in ourselves. We did a lot of training. We learned, we studied. We looked at what other people were doing. We became students of the industry and kept better ourselves along the way. So you definitely wanna do that if you’re serious about this
and you wanna make money. So if you wanna make $10,000
a month as soon as possible, look at affiliate marketing, focus on online marketing programs as your first affiliate offer. That’s gonna teach you what to do. It should have great,
done-for-you marketing, taking care of the sales. Look for a good value ladder that’s gonna bring you in high end sales so you can just focus on that
low ticket front-end offer. Work to build up your email list. Provide content. Building an engaged audience. And you’ll be there before you know it. Now, you have to understand
delayed gratification. If Todd and I hadn’t, we
wouldn’t have done this. I mean, if it took us six months to make $500 a month, and
you are putting in 20, 30, 40 hours a week into something
like we were at the time, most people will get pretty disheartened. You have to understand this
really, really does work. We’re living proof of it. We have tons of friends
that are proof of it. It does work, but you have to understand that you have to grind
it out at the beginning, keep bettering yourself, keep learning, keep producing content and
you will create success as long as you stick
with it and keep growing and keep working. The amount of money that
you can make online today is frankly insane. I went to school as a nurse. I worked really hard
in the nursing program just to get my degree and to take my test and to do all that kind of stuff and I really couldn’t
make that much money. When I was working in Missouri, I think it was $19-something an hour as a four-degree RN. After four years of over
$20,000 a year tuition. That’s real life hard work and that’s what people get paid. Think about what we’re doing online. It’s way easier! You’re studying what people are doing, you’re learning some skills and you’re shooting video,
you’re creating content, you’re doing some setup. Only this stuff, in real life
terms, guys, is super easy. Right, it’s not back-breaking. You’re not gonna throw out
your back lifting a patient. So understand that there
is a learning curve. Instead of doing four
years of nursing school, you’re gonna have to put
in six months, a year, whatever it is to study and become a master of your trade,
going back to school. And that’s what training programs, comes right back to it, right? Why training programs make sense as your first affiliate offer. Because you’ve gotta learn this stuff. You gotta go back to school
to learn internet marketing. It’s a whole different world. If you put in that work, you focus, you stick with it, you can create an amazing
business and an amazing lifestyle. Six, seven eight figures, it’s all possible if you stay focused and you keep learning
and you keep producing, keep working hard. I hope you do. It’s amazing stuff for
our lives and our family, allowing us to move across country, and both of us being stay-at-home parents with our two young boys. I wanna encourage you to do this. If you’re ready to create
that six, seven, eight, whatever figure business that you want, you want total time freedom
and financial freedom, let me know, because I wanna
cheer you on and root for you. Go ahead and throw in the
comments if that is you. If you are going to commit
to making this happen. Now if you wanna take a closer look at a great affiliate marketing program and a great affiliate offer
that has a fabulous value ladder which is a great choice for
your first affiliate program, you definitely wanna click the link at the top of the description to check out our number one recommendation and some really great
training to help you out. Now, please note that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you can your family deserve. So, if you’re new to the channel, you’re gonna have to subscribe so that we can help you do that. Say hi, so we can welcome
you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from Head over to the next video
right up above me here and I’ll see you later.


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