How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing – The Right Way!

How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing – The Right Way!

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys we’re gonna be talking about email marketing I’m gonna be showing you guys
how to set up your email marketing campaigns so they’re successful and you
actually make sales with it because I see a lot a lot of people using email
marketing and doing it the wrong way they’re doing it incorrectly and they’re
not seeing the results or the sales numbers that they want and then they
complain about it you know saying email marketing doesn’t work it’s a scam it’s
whatever but guys email marketing isn’t the problem some of the biggest
companies in the world use email marketing to make millions and millions
of dollars every single year you just need to know how to do it correctly and
do it the right way and you’ll be successful with it as well so it’s
exactly what I’m gonna be showing you guys in today’s video in just a second
we’re gonna happen to my computer I’m gonna show you guys the wrong way the
people were doing the old marketing and then the right way that you should be
doing your email marketing with that being said if you guys are new to the
channel and please subscribe right now because I blip brand new videos every
single day I can almost guarantee will help you guys out so with that being
said let’s dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys it’s an email
marketing all right what is going on guys we were now in my computer as you
can see a bunch of boxes and the words email marketing because like I said
that’s we’re talking about today this is my little whiteboard drawing thing that
I’m gonna be using for today’s video then you guys see a lot of boxes
probably wondering what the hell is going on but trust me I’m gonna fill
these in and by the end of the video this will all make sense
I promise so first things first guys I told you I would explain the difference
between bad email marketing and the ones that are doing it the wrong way and then
good email marketing and the way that you should most likely be doing it with
that being said the first box the first step is actually the same for both good
and bad email marketing because a lot of the
times with bad email marketing what happens is the first step is really just
the opt-in page is getting people onto your email list of course you can’t do
it you can’t do email marketing without a list you need people on a list send
email to of course well that’s why the opt-in page is number one I’m gonna take
my little pencil here I’m gonna this is not gonna be pretty guys I wanna be
honest I’m doing this as a mouse I’m gonna try to make it as neat as possible
but it is not going to be good not gonna be good at all
so opt-in I promise that was gonna be but I’m
sorry about that guys this is not gonna be very pretty
we’re not watching this for the creative artistic genius for watching this for
the knowledge and for the value that’s not I’m here to deliver not artistic
genius unfortunately but opt-in page so guys if you don’t know what an opt-in
page is I already bookmarked this you guys I’m gonna show you guys this is
right now this is one of the opt-in pages that I use for my funnels I
actually built this with click funnels you can use click funnels if you want
there are a bunch of opt-in landing page creators on the Internet
I personally use click funnels for all mine if you want to sign up for click
funnels there’ll be a link in the description where you can get a two week
free trial if you want don’t have to but there’s the ones I use you guys an
opt-in page is pretty much just like a one page website with a person who
visits this only do two things they can either one and they can leave the page
or two they can read this they can they can like it they can tell you know what
I want to download and follow this person’s step-by-step business and earn
that much a month so your endo and you’ll enter the email address right
there and they’ll press get free access now as soon as they press that they are
now on my email list now of course guys your opt-in page is gonna look a little
bit different than this of course you can use click phones like I do to build
one but of course depending on what nice you’re in it’ll look different obviously
this is for like a file your marketing this is for online business but if
you’re like the health nation like the weight loss niche your thing will be
something else you want to use something that people actually care about in that
niche you know like a weight loss a free weight loss ebook maybe a workout
routine maybe a diary teen something like that so it’ll say download and
follow my step-by-step diet plan and workout regimen for the next three
months to lose ten pounds of fat and then same thing get get free access now
as soon as I press that button and sign up for your email list and now on your
list and we can move on to the next step which is actually to be sending emails
of course so guys a court opt-in made a little arrow again not gonna be pretty
but it’s an arrow okay opt-in then I’ve three boxes here and then I’ve one a
little bit separate so that one’s gonna gonna put in there out of there right
now just for later so guys the first email you’re gonna send it’s pretty much
does anybody welcome email you know you don’t want to hit them with an offer
immediately this is really the wrong way of doing it doing email marketing I’m
gonna explain this really fast I’m not gonna cover this too deeply because
nobody really wants to learn the wrong weird email marketing but this is what I
see a lot as soon as somebody opts into an email list
what this what the wrong purchase at the back we had to do it what they’ll do is
they’ll send an affiliate offer immediately I’m gonna represent that
with a dollar sign because they’re trying to make sales try make money but
they’re gonna hit them with an offer immediately as soon as they sign up they
want email ten minutes later soon as I sign up an
affiliate offer there’s some we’re using weight loss again to some like some
Clickbank product they just found they got a link for it and they sent it in an
email to this new to the new to their new lead and that’s the wrong we’re
gonna do it now let’s say you know maybe they’ll come back maybe that long maila
buy in the future so the purchase what the person does is data send them with
another I floated offered a to I floated offering day three affiliate offer day
for affiliate offer and it’s just it’s just non-stop spam this guy’s this is
the wrong way to do email marketing because this is what’s gonna happen if
you’re just spamming people with affiliate offers after a FOID offer
after affiliate offer a few things are gonna happen they’re not gonna like you
they’re not gonna like being on your list and then because of that they’re
not gonna open up your emails they’re not gonna be clicking your links you
won’t be making sales and then they’ll probably even unsubscribe from your list
completely because there’s getting so much spam all you’re really sending them
is name you’re not giving anybody any value why would they want to stay on
your list if all they’re doing is any spam with promotional offers the entire
time it’s the wrong we’re gonna do it guys so don’t do that do not just like I
see at all time that’s what I really mean right see I see people doing you
know marketing the wrong way I just see them sending affiliate offer after
affiliate offer after this promotional emails nothing but spam at the end of
the day it really just comes down it just spam that’s the wrong I’m gonna do
when working guys I’m sorry but if you’re doing that you should really try
to change it up a little bit because it’s a my opinion the wrong way there
are ways when you can just send out spam all the time and make sales but also you
really really know what you’re doing and I would recommend against it this what
extract recommended for you to do now I’m gonna show you guys the right way hi
guys so today number one as soon as somebody opts into your list they just
clicked you know they click get access now and they’re on your list now so ten
minutes later whatever it is pretty much immediately you want to hit them with an
email the first thing you want to do is kind of a welcome email because they
they just they this is their first time really even seeing who you are they’ve
never heard you before this they just sign up for your email list they want to
know who you are so put a welcome eat was loosely a nice
little welcome email you can include for mine
robbed and his only work but if you promised them you know like a diet plan
like a free ebook or something make sure you send that in the first email
emailing and take a link to download it or something that way you’re actually uh
giving them what you promised you’d give them when they signed up the first thing
again this is not gonna be pretty done was I’m not bad but that one was bad
alright everything fast you know write this down welcome email
because like I said the first thing you’ll or something and in the walking
email you can obviously send them like the first thing you promised you would
like I said the free ebook or something but you also want to try to include
something by yourself just they can kind of understand who you are a little bit
you have to give you them your entire life story but like hey my name is this
I’m this old this is kind of my experience in this niche you know it’s
weight loss or something you could easily say like yeah I used to weigh
like 300 pounds I lost 60 pounds and this is how I did it because that’s just
in assuring you mean that’s just that’s the story you want to tell obviously
that’s just like some made-up story you have to tell your own story but that’s
it that’s the welcome email maybe a little bit something about yourself and
then maybe you can even add a little bit of value in there so this this is
technically gonna count as a value meal as a value email sorry this is really
bad guys I’m sorry my hearings so bad with this mouse but I’m really I really
apologize alright so first day is done now the next it’s gonna be day – it’s
all right over here day – and because just so we can understand that was
really bad I’m so sorry guys day – okay so what are you sending on day two on
day two you want to send them some sort of value you want to be giving your list
value you don’t want to start spamming them with affiliate offers immediately
you want to hold off on that for a little bit you want to give them value
because you want them you want to build up trust you want them to like you and
how do you get somebody like you you give them things you give them things
for free in this case we’re giving them value giving them knowledge something
that they can take and use in the in that niche so again if it’s weight loss
I’m gonna keep using this to keep the example consistent
nobody’s weight loss you might send them you know like a ten Attell list of like
ten low calorie meals that’s that’s perfectly good valium out
something that somebody can they can read that they can take it and it gives
them value because now they can take that list of ten of those those ten
meals maybe they can go make one for dinner tomorrow maybe they can make one
making it maybe they can make all ten yeah I mean it’s really just to give
them value but you gave them something now which is good so same thing guys my
right value really fast on here but that’s all this is about email day three
same exact thing same exact thing some sort of value and guys make sure you
keep it consistent with your niche at least a little bit you can kind of
expand out a little bit but I’m trying to make it as consistent as possible
because you want you only want to build a relationship with this person you want
this person to like you because the only way they’re gonna buy from you is if
they like you if somebody’s coming up to you on the street for example and just
hitting you with all these offers saying buy this buy that buy this you’re not
gonna like them very much even Tom and get out of your face who wants that
nobody likes being sold to that’s the idea who guys you’re not trying to sell
to these people all the time you want to build up a relationship a friendship
where they can come to you with questions you can help them out and just
provide a lot of value that’s the kind of age does you want to build here
because then when the time comes we want to sell something to them that’s when
they’ll buy just because you send them like 50 emails telling them to buy
something does not mean they’re gonna buy it and that’s that’s the bottom line
here guys you not supposed to be spamming here usually giving people
value alright it’s not that they do it that’s day three done apologize okay so
that’s pretty much the bio it’s called the value sequence that’s the value
email sequence right there guys the first three days the first three to four
days – four days I think you want to be sending people a ton of value nothing
but value do not want to send any affiliate offers you don’t want to spam
them with anything you just want to be sending them but you want to be helping
them out and after day after day three day four this comes to the next arrow
and this is the day where the dollar signs come in this is the day where you
make me actually send that affiliate offer that I feel like an email that
promotional email whatever you want to call it that’s the day where you
actually send them an email and say hey I have this product I am promoting this
product and you just promoted to them and that’s the day we actually make the
sales eight one two four is just about building up our relationship with this
person because before this they just opted in to your email list they have no
idea who you are they have no idea like what your story is what you do what
you’re selling anything about you you need to build up a relationship before
you just start spamming them with emails telling them to buy all these things
because they’re not gonna try that nobody buys things and people like don’t
trust that’s ultimately what it is so on day five that’s when you send the the
affiliate offer the over the offer email well the one you’ll actually make sales
and money off of you say hey I have this thing I think it’s great I think we
should buy it and then they buy it or they don’t
but regardless we’re gonna move on to the next set of boxes because I always
said what we need to do that’s pretty much like the first week that’s like
five days of solid email so now you’re probably wondering alright well I sent
my five-day sequence that’s what I call the five to email suit goons now what do
I do what’s next and you mean what am I gonna
be doing what am i sending them after that and honestly it’s quite simple
because the process pretty much just repeats itself I’m gonna draw an arrow
all the way down here that’s the next step right there and guys it’s the same
exact thing pretty much all you’re doing I’m just going to draw a V for a value
value of ve for value email same thing today was that day six a value email day
seven value email and the reason you’re doing this guy’s is because you’re just
you’re helping the process you’re building this relationship more and more
you’re providing value you’re building up trust you’re gonna need people to
like you because ultimately what you want to have here you want to have a
nice and happy list you want to have a list of people that actually happy to
see you emails they’re happy to see that you’re in their inbox you want to open
your emails you’re gonna click the links you send they want to be happy on your
list because if they’re not they’re not gonna open your emails
they’re not gonna click the links that you send to them they’re not gonna then
I’m gonna say subscribe to your list there’s gonna unsubscribe and that’s not
what we want because obviously we’re trying to build as less as big as we can
and we’re trying to keep them happy because when people are happy that’s
when they’ll buy from you not when they’re mad so guys like I said process
repeats itself another three or four days and at this point you know have to
do for you can do like three days of solid value emails and then the same
like for for the fifth day that’s when you send the affiliate offer these sell
thing that you’re selling and that’s really what it comes down to guys it’s
value value value affiliate offer value value value a fluid offer and the
process repeats itself so when you come out my zoomed out my pole guys which we
want to do now is this really comes back up again go back up we start the process
again they are disappeared below whatever to do
to bring the bum backs and guys a really awkward hour I’m sorry but that’s pretty
much what you want to do the process needs to repeat itself completely and
then after that you just keep doing the same thing after you do this go back to
the beginning value value value a floated offer down here value value
value I floated offer and you can do this for months guys this doesn’t need
to be like a 10 day sequence I know a lot of people will cap their email lists
or their email autoresponders to like a seven day sequence or our 10 day or 20
day even like a 30 day but there’s no reason you need to cap yourself you can
create as many emails as many emails as you want as long as you’re keeping your
list happy as long as they’re happy to be they keep opening emails and keep
clicking the links you’ll keep making sales you’ll have you’ll have a nice
growing healthy list of people you can sell to consistently and these guys this
is the right we’re gonna do email marketing this is actually helping
people you’re actually providing value to these people and I just sang them
affiliate offers because like I keep saying guys when you just do that
they’re gonna unsubscribe and then you’re not gonna make sales you’re not
gonna see any results and you’re gonna be mad about it and you may be wondering
why guys this is why you can’t just spam people nobody likes to be spammed when
you’re sending people value all the time when they seen on your name pop up in
the inbox and you know they’re getting something good they’re gonna open it
they’re gonna click whatever your whatever you’re sending them to and
they’re gonna enjoy it that’s the goal here guys you want to have a nice big
list of happy people and that’s it guys that’s pretty much the video this is the
right way to do email marketing in my opinion again I’m not the law here I’m
not something I’m not telling you I’m some guru but this idea marketing this
how a lot so I see a lot of other big people doing email marketing right now
and it’s working for a lot of them so why can’t work for you guys just get out
there making a most sequences all you really need for this guy’s is like I
said an email autoresponder of course because you need some way to send these
emails and then an opt-in page you have those two things and you’re pretty much
set up to go you guys get out there if you have any more questions or concerns
please leave a comment in the comment section I’ll be sure to answer that but
that being said guys wraps up this video if you’re new here please subscribe to
the channel because I upload new videos every single day with that being said I
will see you in next video peace


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